LOTRO: BEWARE Shrew droppings!

15 Jul


The introduction of Giant shrew pet obviously has its downsides! Unfortunately for Tsukuld not a very pleasant downside!

Tsukuld had been busy wrapping up Thornhope in Entwash, only Unbridled Wrath left to do when I decided it was time to dump some of the junk that had collected in his bags… which led to tasks been handed in and an LI being deconstructed and finally to checking out the post box, I have been away from LOTRO playing EVE the last month and a half and wow my alts have been returning unopened mail by the cart load! So it was time to start the old inventory shuffle, best place for that is crafting hall in Bree…

And then it was time for work…not exactly exciting but needed.

Oh and THX for Taltoz’s small parcel of relics…always find a use for them.

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