LOTRO: What does this gamer wanna?

10 Aug

I am going through one of those irregular moments in a gamers life when what he has is not enough and yet he cannot for whatever reason find what he wants!ScreenShot00237

So I spend a few moments each day wandering the Trollshaws with my cappy Tsudryt on Landy, deed grinding, ad hoc quests left uncompleted, NO CHALLENGE AT ALL as he is over 20 levels above this area… but the sense of adventure is there(even now 3/4 years later am still finding new stuff in old places!) and the sense of completing something is there (deeds).


This little hobbit feels invisible! “Please sir, a dagger please?”

Opopa on Laurelin the cause of my creative blockage, his fan-fiction story, The Adventures of Opopa, chapter 3 is still ongoing 3 weeks after I started it! He himself is having not so much fun trying to get his mitts on better equipment in Bree. The AH is dead a possible indicator that the server mergers are needed sooner rather than later!


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