COC: What the…?

17 Sep

Yeah I am having a forced leave of absence from LOTRO (…and EVE) due to wife’s PC dying… in its last days I was occasionally able to log in to get my LOTRO hobbit gifts but was unable to do much more before the CPU overheated and died…

And what timing, my mum was over for her annual visit for 3 weeks and even though I managed to take a weeks annual vacation in conjunction with my Mummy’s visit work is chronically understaffed and ergo I am working like a mad beaver. Not even time for silly drawings :(… well we all need downtime and I still pumped out a few of them.)

So how is this little gaming junky surviving… well not so well!

My only gaming at all has been on my android phone…grabbing those idle moments to experience the black on white pleasure of seeing:og_mainpage

…flash by, to be replaced by the pleasant green and cartoon like town replete with walls n small animated denizens. Yeah I have my little virtual ‘town’ in Clash of Clans… you could say that I have been playing with my CoC!


And I am really enjoying it, not in the same way I enjoy an immersive game of LOTRO and not in the way I enjoy getting frustrated in EVE Online… but in a relaxing, ever growing, slowly changing trip towards the next Town Hall level up and its consequential awards and game changing implications in base design and battle strategies. Its a slow ZEN like activity, where not doing much and having to wait is actually rewarding. And I do have an almost guaranteed 3hrs of commuting to fill each day…

There are of course moments of intense action (attacks) and times of complete frustration (Oh did I really just fuck that attack up that badly!) and even moments of sublime stupidity (Why did I just use nearly half of my slowly earned gems to finish building those barracks – compounded by even more stupidly letting my nr.1 son play One Eye (Pudding Monsters) on phone only to find him in CoC spending the other half of my gems!)

I am now about to upgrade to TH7… all my structures are maxed out (well except for my gold mines and they are catching up fast!)

I am in a nice relaxing mainly Filipino Clan…’Tsu Clan’, they didn’t name it after me but it is nice to see ‘TSU’ slowly rising up the clan leaderboard 🙂 The other clan members are helpful and nice, very chatty mostly in Taglog, but this post is due to this mornings chat with Bhagwan about me having sons and being ‘older’ than most within the clan… I gather I am probably the Grandad of the clan but that is just another wonder of online gaming that fun can be had by mixing with gamers of all ages. None of it really impacts the gaming itself rather it just adds to the experience.

4 barbies

I do not know how long my wife’s computer will need to be fixed but I do know that I will probably be playing CoC for sometime to come, long after my morning sessions of middle earth in LOTRO and occasional deep immersions to outer space in EVE Online have started again.

United colours of CoC

United colours of CoC!


2 Responses to “COC: What the…?”

  1. Haffle September 17, 2015 at 23:38 #

    Sorry to hear about the PC, but great post on CoC. I’ve had it installed on my phone for almost a year now – the office has a clan and regularly pesters me to join in. Maybe I should too during commutes to work.

    • tsuhelm September 18, 2015 at 06:45 #

      I wish my office had a clan… my colleagues are all gaming luddites…

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