CoC: Sillies…

18 Sep

So still no computer at home… I am hoping that I will be able to hop onto LOTRO on the fixed computer after work today…

So until then some more CoC stupidities:

barbi biyatch

Still waiting for TH7… 3 more days so will not be ready for ClanWar this weekend 😦 I did find out my firework air defence unit was still able to be upgraded, so that now has 5 days of being offline while it gets hammered into shape 😦

The app upgrade yesterday cost me half a day of coffee break attacks while working as I couldn’t get a fast enough connection to download it! But I did have a string of great attacks on the way home from work… my Barbi (25ish), Archer(35ish), Giant(14), WallBreaker (7or8) Wizard (1 or 2) backed up with 1 or 2 healing spells: all at level III Tot E cost: is 60-80k… and I was making about 70k (profit!) an attack… This morning for some reason I was having a bad patch and I started losing 40k per attack… I will eventually get my balloon research to level III, which leaves only my neglected Goblins at level II.


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