COC: My Mantis…

2 Oct


Been th7 for nearly 2 weeks and enjoying it…

LINKS that helped me build my base:

The praying mantis is working nicely…today started work on tesla nr2!

Slowly upgraded army camps so have 195 troop space and barracks will be next so I can finally pump out wizards… I don’t know if I really will pump out these fire ball wielding maniacs but its nice to know I can when I want, and can’t wait to use in WAR! Must upgrade em soon!

Upgraded archers and giants to lv 4, and healer is getting her first upgrade… tougher better healers r nice!

Spell factory upgraded…was tough surviving a week without spells but not having them makes raiding more efficient…too easy to waste E on spells when not really needed! Now 3 spells… I like the rage spell but half hour to ‘learn’…will use for WAR.


Got my dark elixir container almost full of the black stuff…not Guinness unfortunately! My little pump is insufficient for my cravings so targeting of DE containers is the name of the game when not running out of E!

My army composition is approx: 1or2 healers, 1 -3 wizards, 18-22 giants, 6-8 wallbreakers and the rest archers…(30-60)

What’s is that an ArcGi or Giarch?

Tactics…identify air defense (after checking clan house which I normally forget…but am happy that I found u can zap defense troops with lightning…unless flying!) take out nearby buildings with archers, and send in the giants…with 1 in front in case of traps…drop a healing spell.. send in a couple of wall breakers… hope wall explodes and giants head in to air defense… air defense down send in a healer. …(I sometime use em both together!)


Watch which way giants break and try to add support from archers in that direction, even if they are just drawing fire away from giants… If healer is taken out and other air def is still up, wait and use healing spell if needed…when other air def down or far away send in last healer if available.

Wrap up… send in last troops if needed or running out of time.

When it works tis awesome, when the giants spread all over its can be a mess, especially if I forget to check clan defense and get a nasty surprise that takes out giants (I hate getting a dragon even when drawn out I can waste too many archers!)


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