LOTRO: Withy transfer…LOTROzone!

30 Dec

withy transfer


I got LOTRO to work after just a little fighting with Windows 7 permission issues! I used my old install on the secondary harddisk of my wife’s repaired computer… she now has a full TB of new HD to fill with photos! I can upgrade to windows 10, should I do so?

So I completed the transfer of all my chars from Withywindle to Laurelin without a single issue (or not found as yet!) My kids were instantly all over me wanting to jump, swim and ride mounts around. I was completely at a loss at what to do! So I headed off with Tsukuld to the yule festival, I got there only to be mugged by my sons again… so I am back in LOTRO but have yet to do anything at ALL!

And finally… in response to HAFFLE who WON a HOBBY HORSE (!!!!) in this year’s Yule Festival.

‘Haffle, Haffle, give me your answer bro
I’m half crazy jealous of ur hobby horse…
It won’t be a stylish journey…
I can’t afford the time to get one…
But we’ll look sweet
Upon the seat
Of a hobby horse built for two!’






3 Responses to “LOTRO: Withy transfer…LOTROzone!”

  1. Haffle December 30, 2015 at 13:43 #

    Oh man I am obliged to respond to that now! =p And welcome back to Lotro!


  1. Nat King Cole-ish Response for Tsuhelm | Level Up Haffle - December 30, 2015

    […] my response to his response about me getting a Lotro Hobby Horse this […]

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