CoC: PuttiN the N into ing!

20 Jan


Still low th8… new base design nicked from my clan war opponent this weekend!

I am gettiN bored with basic farmiN Giants 21 Barbs 15 and Archers 68 WB 6 and BK lv8 and whatever is in CC normally archers… GettiN average results nothiN amaziN and still not findiN any inactive bases (Treasure for the takin’!)

Was readiN about GoHO att earlier and Ho attacks …maybe time to switch to hogs…I love the idea of strategically takiN out defences in clockwise and counter clockwise motions…

I was wonderiN if using a batteriN ram of giants could be used instead of the golems to attract fire in the centre instead?

Will experiment and as normal probably fall back to farmiN as described above…

Maybe time to play again with Giant Healer: 4 Healers (can churn these out 1 each from barracks now :)) 14 Giants and 13 wizards…soon to be lv 5, my wb is still only lv4 but looks like that will be my next research project! I cant depend on getting CC troops I desire so they are just bonus 🙂

For further readiN, a nice list of att types here:


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