CoC: Treasuring the Lootcart

28 Jan

SO last update has been implemented and we now have Treasury and a Lootcart that appears after being attacked.



OK thats 333k elixir safe…only a little bit more to go!!!!

The treasury is great and I wish I could move more of my resources into its safe(r) walls… I have been working to get my drags upgrade to lv3 and no matter what I do I am simply unable to maintain 2million plus elixir… with the treasury I will get there eventually… the five star bonus is nice and roll on clan war this weekend… if we actually win one would be nicer.


Did u know loot smokes!

The lootcart is a pretty weird system… it recoups a small amount of your lost resources but without reducing the attackers reward… so it just springs into existence. I’m sure Terry Pratchett could have explained it… somehow! But the net effect is slightly less loss of resources and that I can like.



It took me some time but there is a counter until next star bonus is available after you start to find a village to attack! (Bottom left.)

Clan TSU has lost a few good players during the last couple of weeks and we have not grown enough new players to replace them. Activity is down as well 🙂 I am now counted in the top 5 players and I suck at clan war (my main reason I want lv3 drags!)


OK in top 6! 

My farming technique is now using a mix of wizards and archers with giants: GiWiA??? Amounts vary a lot due to clan donations, I am trying to dig myself back to having a slightly less selfish ‘troops given to used ratio’… I am 2000 troops behind at the moment and by far the ‘greediest’ clanner and with so little progression to show for it!


On a weirder note I mentioned that I intended to upgrade my WB to lv5 and am pretty sure I started the upgrade soon after… I realized after my Wizards were upgraded that they were still lv4… I must admit it is possible that my dizzy brain is mistaken but I am pretty sure they should be lv5! I will send a ticket to SUPERCELL but am pretty unhopeful… I wish I had taken more screenies during that period as I have no pictoral proof!

Oh well…


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