Mordor Second

15 Feb

Never political me…

Love it!

One Response to “Mordor Second”

  1. NaktiesKarys February 21, 2017 at 08:27 #

    Of course, Mordor second. Let us take an “Mordor first” look.
    Mordor has a multi-cultural society. [Almost] peacefull coegzistance between Orcs, Uruks, Goblins, Trolls.
    Mordor has unified speach, so that different species could freely communicate.
    Mordor has good PETA policies: Wargs are respected, Nazgul beasts are taken care of.
    Mordor promotes industry, unlike some primitive forges of Bree. Can you compare at least Isengard to Bree?
    Mordor promotes inventions. Black powder at last.
    Do not forget about heraldry (White hand and an Eye) – it should presume, we have Orc heraldry experts drawing banners / coats of arms.
    Arts: everyone saw [almost] beautiful statues in Angmar. Who has created? Yeap, Goblin, less likely – Orcs.
    There is no unemployment in Mordor, no rich or poor – everyone is equal before boot…sorry, Eye of Sauron. Furthermore, Sauron the Nice provides with free food, housing, equipment in exchange in short war service [mostly because you die soon, but let’s not mind it].
    Sauron gives free gifts – something all your Gandalfs are not known for.
    Mordor has quality video chat (“Palantir v.1.1”).
    Mordor has really quick air transportation, operated by Nazguls. If you have One ring – transportation is free of charge.
    Mordor goes for diplomacy – care to remember peace treaty between Isengard and Rohan? It was “free people” that broke it after all.
    Mordor has a protective wall against any tresspassers. And these who tresspass would be…well…eaten. Still better than prison…
    In Mordor everyone has equal chance to grow up to highest ranks. No racial prejustice, like in Elven society, nor civil wars like between Humans.
    As you see, Mordor is almost a perfect place for peacefull relaxation, holidays or even service…

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