LOTRO-less in DK

14 Jul

Wow its been a long time since I added to this blog… needless to say a lot has changed. My application to stay in Sweden was rejected even though I had found work in Denmark which gave me an income to support my family there – actually I was technically accepted and was provided with a Swedish social security number the week after I left Sweden for Denmark but this in no way helped my family situation as the authorities, those happy smiling faces that are swedish bureaucracy, had already rejected my Argentinian wife and more shockingly denied the Britishness of my British passport carrying children. There is something wrong in the state of Sweden me thinks, don’t worry Sweden I hold no grudge to you personally… NOT that I will endevour to stick the knife in from time to time… as you greeted my family which turned into a full blown grating!


So now working and living in DK again after over 10 years away. Odd to be back and to be honest happy to be back. Still not plain sailing – the global traveller that I am is now finding that the world has changed and its harder to move around especially with family in tow. But super nice apartment in super expensive Østerbro has served us well and now moving again to Frederiksberg for I hope the last time this decade. My kids have settled in to a fantastic school and are even speaking danish already. My wife has struggled with the language but never deterred is getting there and has landed FT work so we are in the Danish system and here to stay. HU-fucking-RAH… its been a funky trip!


Still no LOTRO 😦

I did try to install it on the cheap laptop we bought in DK (EVERYTHING is done ONLINE here without a computer/smartphone you cannot even communicate with the school or Kommune (local council)) but it did not work… not powerful enough 😦

But I am still casually gaming on my phone…



Yeah still GRINDING but no way as much as before. I joined a local Danish alliance which turned out to be too time consuming and after yet another shitty 5 star crystal pull… Spidergwen …duped, my second after Ant-Man I decided enough was enough and I quit but after a day I was back in my own alliance with my son’s accounts as fellow team members and there I still am but things are more relaxed, we dont grind, no-one bitches at me and most of all win or lose in alliance events all that matters is having FUN!

The alliance has grown, it certainly has alot of deadweight but as long as they pop in every 10 days it dont matter and we plod along growing a little every day, suits me fine.


I now have 35 five-star heroes, still only 2 dupes but SpiderGwen has been revamped and kicks butt, she is best champ fallowed closey by my Venom and Blade. So now armed with more potent champs I am able to handle the trickier content if I can be bothered and occaisionally I have a little push and I am getting better slowly.

Most importantly without the BULLSHIT stress I really do like this beat-em-up, its a nice generally balanced game.


Clash of Clans_2019-07-10-22-04-11

Had over a year away and only recently came back … some improvements put in by SUPERCELL but nothing amazing. My clan kept me in which surprised me and they were all happy to see me back which is the main reason I have stayed and now I am nearly finished with upgrading all my walls and will move to th11… maybe it will get truly ENJOYABLE again… or not… but I am willing to try and find out now.


Clash Royale_2019-07-10-22-05-00

Its an on and off thing… still think it could be better but meh I pop in every so often and sometimes I have nice match ups and then other times I can have long runs of meeting up with OP opponents which just bore me… so many people must have spent a fortune on this game!


I have regular co-op games with my nr2 son who is still so good at this game but cant say I find myself drawn to it… it lacks a raison d’etre… 

I did try to build an old school D&D dungeon in it for my kids but found it so frustrating and slow and that populating the dungeon was just impossible so it died a death!


PS4 is on the horizon but aimed at the kids rather than myself but I am hoping with my kids growing and now with 2 incomes we will find more leisure time so that I can get off the casual (ish) mobile games and get some proper gaming done again. I may even save up for that GAMING PC! I dream of LOTRO’ing again… I do, I really do!

But what with biking around with the wife and kids, swimming, and work I dont have that much time to spare.

TIME the nature and progression of events and the enemy of the busy gamer! 

Oh and dont get me started on politics, populism and the ongoing fucking BREXIT!

2 Responses to “LOTRO-less in DK”

  1. taltoz July 15, 2019 at 06:17 #

    Hey hey its good to see your still gaming buddy 🙂
    I’m glad to see you and your family are doing well in your new home.

  2. Braxwolf August 4, 2019 at 20:50 #

    TSU! glad to hear you’re still around. I was worried that I’d have to stop following your blog! Take care of that family, bud

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