Ideas to be explored, all to do with LOTRO

Hunter Skill Rotations

Hopefully in depth look at best skill rotations for Hunter

Champion Skill Rotations

As I use them for TP grinding…

TP Checklists

Create handy compact and useful checklists broken down for areas…

Bree – almost done

Ered Luin – completed

Shire – ongoing…

Lone Lands…to start

Travel Times 

Map resource of travelling times for optimized quest/deed grinding. Thinking, “Brightly coloured worms criss-crossing the map – more work of art than useful tool.”

SHIRE: Maybe start with some of the smaller quests…pie delivery/restoring the quick post in shire?

I have been reading that I can instert this excel into the blog…coming one day!!!

LOTR tour

Resource for F2P players to fully explore the LOTR story. Guided tour anyone, “Hop on the open topped ale cart, your guide will join us soon.”

Windfola stats

Where to find, how to present, 24 hour most users online, weekly, weekend, monthly, yearly.

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