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LOTRO: What does this gamer wanna?

10 Aug

I am going through one of those irregular moments in a gamers life when what he has is not enough and yet he cannot for whatever reason find what he wants!ScreenShot00237

So I spend a few moments each day wandering the Trollshaws with my cappy Tsudryt on Landy, deed grinding, ad hoc quests left uncompleted, NO CHALLENGE AT ALL as he is over 20 levels above this area… but the sense of adventure is there(even now 3/4 years later am still finding new stuff in old places!) and the sense of completing something is there (deeds).


This little hobbit feels invisible! “Please sir, a dagger please?”

Opopa on Laurelin the cause of my creative blockage, his fan-fiction story, The Adventures of Opopa, chapter 3 is still ongoing 3 weeks after I started it! He himself is having not so much fun trying to get his mitts on better equipment in Bree. The AH is dead a possible indicator that the server mergers are needed sooner rather than later!

LOTRO: Server Status!

4 Aug

So Bingo arrived and I have been focusing a lot on Opopa, my hobbit burglar on Laurelin, I have been neglecting this poor hobbit for an age… and now I have started the Adventures of Opopa fan-fiction I have ideas that require me to get him moving…so there will be more OPOPA stuff in the future which can only be a good thing…keep reading… I created an index page:

adventures of opopa

The wonder of doing an ‘e-book’ is you can change the cover from moment to moment!

Opopa will not so lonely any more…as Tsukuld will probably be moving with his kin to Laurelin due to server mergers. Or closures as some pedantic commentators persist in calling it…why not call a glass half full of lovely beer a dirty smelly glass of disgusting evil liquid…why don’t ya…? Negative trolls you are all! Tsukuld has started exploring the Eaves of Fanghorn, and as all forests should be he keeps losing his bearing, exacerbated by not spending more time there…


Who is that geezer?

Tsudryt wrapped up the Trollshaws wolf slayer deed on Landy: 14’ish wolves a day and finished 1 day earlier than predicted.


Good job Tsudryt and Harold!


Crawlers next…

My original char Tsuhelm (and his extensive support staff!) on Windfola will have to move to one of the remaining US servers… as yet I am clueless as to which I will choose…as all he does is collect Hobbit Presents at the moment there is no rush!


Tsuhelm the carefree hippy!

LOTRO: Tail-Cleaver!

15 Jul


Tsudryt continues with the wolf slaying madness and reached the first check point: basic slayer deed done and now he can use the title: ‘Tail-Cleaver’. I think not…

So 240 more howling wolves to go, at about 15 a day that should 16 days so with weekends about 3 weeks!


LOTRO slayer deeds have never been done so slow…

and poor Tails:

tails cleaved


LOTRO: Bear Necessities

13 Jul

bare neccesities

Tsudryt on Landy has found a new daily grind to drag out for as long as possible…wolf slaying in Trollshaws. To spice life up he can also do a daily bear and worm hunt…

Its a jungle out there:

‘Baloo: Now look little britches all you have to do is Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities Old Mother Nature’s recipes That brings the bare necessities of life Wherever I wander, wherever I roam You know I couldn’t be fonder of my big home The bees are buzzin’ in the tree To make some honey just for me When you look under the rocks and plants And take a glance at the fancy ants Then maybe try a few [Speech] Mowgli: Hey Baloo do you eat ants. Baloo: Oh you better believe it little britches And you’re going to love the way they tickle Hey baggy you hungry Bagheera: Mowgli look out. Ensemble: The bare necessities of life will come to you Mowgli: But when. Baloo: They’ll come to you! Ensemble: Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Baloo: Forget about your worries and your strife Ensemble: I mean the bare necessities That’s why a bear can rest at ease Baloo: With just the bare necessities of life Baloo: Now when you pick a pawpaw Or a prickly pear Mowgli: Ow Baloo: And when you prick a raw paw Well next time beware Ensemble: Don’t pick the prickly pear by the paw When you pick a pear Try to use the claw Baloo: But you don’t need to use the claw When you pick a pear of the big pawpaw Have I given you a clue? [speech] Mowgli: Golly gee thanks Baloo. Bagheera: Pawpaw ha of all the silly gibberish. Baloo: Come on baggy get with the beat. Ensemble: The bare necessities of life will come to you.! Mowgli: They’ll come to me. Baloo: They’ll come to you! [Speech] Baloo: Hey Mowgli How ‘about scratching’that old left shoulder while you’re up there, Mowgli?

Now just a hair lower. There, right there. That’s it. Ahh..

This is beautiful. That’s very good. Kid, now we’ve got to get to a tree, this calls for some big scratch! Mowgli: Gee You’re lots of fun, Baloo!

Baloo: Right on it

Yes! That’s delicious! Oh, ooo! Just a little bit more-

Mmm. yes. ha-ha. ooo. Mm. Mmm. ha-ha. ooo. yes! Oh man, this is really living’. Baloo: So just try and relax,in my backyard Because if you act like that bee acts,You’re workin too hard. And don’t spend your time just lookin’ around For something you want that can’t be found When you find out you can live without it And go along not thinkin’ about it I’ll tell you somethin true

Ensemble: The bare necessities of life will come to you Baloo: They’ll come to you! [Speech] Bagheera: Ahh. I give up. Well I hope his luck really holds out. Ensemble: The bare necessities of life will come to you. [Speech] Baloo: Hey Mowgli, how ‘about you start singing with me? Ensemble: Look for the bare necessities, The simple bare necessities Baloo: Forget about your worries and your strife [Speech] Mowgli: Yeah, man! Ensemble: I mean the bare necessities, That’s why a bear can rest at ease Baloo: With just the bare necessities of life Baloo: Yeah Ensemble: With just the bare necessities of life Mowgli: Yeah, man!’


LOTRO: I finished with the BOG!

10 Jul


Oh yeah! And I finished with the bog slaying faster than I had anticipated when I started the wrap up I predicted 120 days – but many days I couldn’t resist just killing 1 more…


So what to do next, I had thought about heading south to kill some trolls but looks like I may have done that already…

LOTRO: The Training Hall Comic

14 Nov

No Tsudryt isnt doing stand up in Moria…that would be funny…



Want to see my walk-through? HERE

(oh and I stole 1 pic from LOTRO-wiki of the Taskmaster Orc….)

LOTRO: More Moria…Hidden Stuff…

12 Nov

Captain Landroval Series #15


‘But now it’s too late there’s no escape, from what they have done.
Come on!
I’m goin’ deeper underground, there’s too much panic in this town.
I’m goin’ deeper underground, there’s too much panic in this town.
I’m goin’ deeper underground.’
Deeper Underground-Jamiroquai


The Great Delving – DONE but spending a lot of time here…there…in fact here and there!

The Silvertine Lodes – DONE

Durin’s Way – ONGOING!

Tsudryt only got to lv58 this weekend not the planned 60 😦

I blame my Nr.2 son who got up very early (cutting short my LOTRO Sunday by 2 hours!) and insisted that he be able to watch ‘Manny Manitas’ his favorite kids cartoon at the moment (Handy Manny)!

More painful was that thinking I had loads of time I had been messing around with getting prospecting and weaponsmith crafting leveled a little…including an hour trip to Eregion to find Ancient Iron Ore…never harvested this before and Tsudryt ended up wandering all over…

Bought crafted relics of agility for halberd and belt…looking for some might…but all that was for sale in AH.

The other night managed to get to 58 …after dying twice doing a Tucky run, due to falling asleep at the keyboard…I called it a night thereafter.

The last 2 mornings Tsudryt has been running around Dolvens View: he wrapped up Advanced Horny Deed in the Library, with the help of a lv85 harvesting like mad, he must have been irritated at my slow efforts, as he just invited without any chat…normally a turn off for me but I could see the speed he was going so I just joined in and COR did it fly by…was hard to drag myself away as I could see Bounders bags and rep items piling up…but I was here to do deed and deed was done. The 100 bounders tokens collected here have almost wrapped up deed3! On the walk back I killed an Orc that stupidly tried to stop me…and that completed the Orc advanced killing deed…a nice surprise I didn’t think I was anywhere near!

To help with levelling I have been running the following skirmishes: ‘Attack at Dawn’ which is getting tricky as some of the big mobs are requiring new strategies to defeat and ‘Tuckburough’ still nice and relaxing …when awake!

Legendary Item Title Quests:

And I also do the daily crafting repeatables in Dolven View


Training hall: 12 Orkish Recruits, 8 Orkish Veterans and 3 Vigilant Taskmasters and 1 Uruk Battle-master…when orange was very challenging like running into a tornado; now it’s a bit of a breeze, it is still a breath of fresh air that lows relics and xp Tsudryt‘s way!

The Mithril Slave: Mine-guards, Brutal Overseers, at least 14 Goblin-slave Miners and the Mine-overseer. The Mining Slaves is less fun due to trickier layout…its dark and I keep missing the wooden ramps…(basically a broken figure of 8..) 14 slave orcs which rather than appreciating the gift of freedom attack but they also die easily…

The Ghost-forge – Not tried as yet

The Morroval-outcasts – Not tried as yet

The Spider-nest …imbued sapphires and adamants for the others…I bought 1 imby adam on AH before but failed completely to save dwarves from being eaten by spiders…a shocking experience which drives me to do it again…just need those adamants.

Seen some amazing mass slaughter Youtube vids: search The Spiders Nest LOTRO.

The Library of Steel – Not tried as yet

Crafting Quests

Hadudbâb …er half way along the wavy lined path with no mobs…2 dwarves and an elf stand around…there are 2 doors to 2 different libraries…basically once a day accept all the quests and run in and upwards killing almost everything and picking up books as you go along…kill final boss and return for Iron Garrison Token…exchange them for XP items for LI of barter for ‘Golden Flowers’ from the elf…useful later I have heard.

Moria crafting Instances

Hidden Deeds

At the Crossroads…I fell down the well…and was surprised to complete a deed! ( Tsudryt fell down the well at least 3 times afterwards…too much of a rush I think!)

A Deep Well: Title: Well Travelled [sic] and 5TP

Other hidden deeds in Moria

The Pits of Moria

Find the bottoms of the Pits of Moria.

Find the bottom of a pit in The Great Delving

Find the bottom of a pit in The Silvertine Lodes

Find the bottom of a pit in Jazârgund

Find the bottom of a pit in The Redhorn Lodes

Find the bottom of a pit in Western Nud-melek

Find the bottom of a pit in Eastern Nud-melek

5 more TP

Hidden deeds…not in Moria…


For too long, Boar-kind has plagued the land. In your efforts, you have shown a desire to drive them from Middle-earth. Reward Title: Pork-chopper and 10TP

I have known about this deeds for ages but could never remeber where the final boar was to be found…now I do: Angmar (There is only 1 boar here, called Grimgore, which can be found just north of Aughaire.)

I think this is my outstanding Boar..oh dear I sense a boar hunt!


Bounders bags coming to an end…HD arriving so soon!

Need to get Opopa and Tsukuld on Laury and Withy respectively, to lv 20 so that can convert tokens to landscape tokens…best thing I can think of…have universal tool… Tsudryt is about 25 tokens away (see above)

Legendary Items

The four LI’s Tsudryt has been ‘growing’ in my LI slots are getting close to being harvested…approaching level30…so reforge and level then DECONSTRUCT…forums say harvest at 31…(ignoring those that say 61!)

‘I’m goin’ deeper underground.
Well I got to go deeper.
Got to go much deeeeepeeeer yeah ha.
Heh they’re gonna wreck it down yeah..
Step doooo ba-dudum daaw da daaw da da-daaw heah, yeh we gotta bring it down yah.

Deeper Underground-Jamiroquai

LOTRO: Mashing up lotro-wiki Mines of Moria

23 Oct

Tsudyrt continues to run away from Captain Landroval…Captain Landroval Series #14

‘Mine all mine

Yeah, and the search goes on
The more I look
My world keeps gettin’ smaller
Staring at the sun, searchin’ for the light
Almost ended up blind’
Van Halen – Mine All Mine 


Not giving up his new Legendary Halberd!

Tsudryt explores The Great Delving, looking for Durin’s Threshold and Shemeldurj, not to be confused with ‘she that has melding urges’.

Tsudryt had a Welcome to Moria from Bedbugs, which he promptly killed. Then after Honouring the Fallen and Setting Up Shop in An Ominous Tunnel in A Deep Place he had A Deep Thought, recovering from the aftereffects of thinking too much he decided to set off In Pursuit of others to Examine a Dwarf-axe found laying on the ground east of Túbi Thickfist. A Watchful Glance of which directed him to progress to the Goblin camp at Snaga-maudhûl where Sealing the Gate against Rumours in the Tunnels was the first priority. Stealing Back to go Ever Forward, Tsudryt progressed to Lamâb-dûm where  An Ancient Hope that the Scent of the Hive or The Noise of the Gredbyg would draw out The Hive-Queen. The Queen was destroyed easily so Tsudryt headed To the Dolven-view and then went to explore the wonders to be found at The Palace of Náin. In deed he got some New Growth after he had to  Examine an Unusual Fungus found on same level of palace as Lamâb-dûm, his vision went all funky! He still managed to succeed in Lighting the Way again he had  to Examine something, this time a Moria-mirror found on upper level of the palace.

Tsudryt’s vision returned after he returned to The Dolven-view where after restocking and reforging his legendary weapon he headed out to find some Claws of the Deep. He had to Clear Tunnels so that The Road is Ours before Scouting Ahead.

Back at Dolven-view he found some Dwarves offering to upgrade his legendary weapon all he had to do was some Legendary Item Title Quests: he chose to do the The Training Hall, but the others didn’t interest him:The Mithril SlavesThe Ghost-forge, The Morroval-outcasts, The Spider-nest and, The Library of Steel. The destruction of trainee Orcs was simple enough but their taskmasters all 3 of em proved too tricky, the battle hardened leader kicked Tsudryt hard out of the area.

Tsudryt retreated to Gazatmur and discoved that the Servant of the White Hand, after having to Examine the Mark of the White Hand dropped by goblins at Gazatmur. Were Enemies Forever and that they needed to be told, “Go And Stay Out!”. The Goblin Overseers stood on Shaky Foundations and were unable to stand their ground! A Long Echo was heard which led to Tsudryt Opening the Waterways and Securing the Library, before heading off to The Cooling Chamber to cool down. In a Instance: The Cooling Chamber transported Tsudryt To the Deep Descent this Vector to the Silvertine Lodes was quite unexpected. Before heading off to the ‘lodes’ he explored Katûb-zahar  and solved Riddles in the Library. He had to Examine Falgeirr’s Papers found on ground at the entrance before passing them on back at the Dolven-view.

Finally heading off to The Silvertine Lodes, the The Deep Descent where Tsudryt hopes to be Banding Together with others to continue his exploration of the Mines of Moria!

Mashed up from:

Captain Tsudryt is already lv51, almost lv52, has a lv22 halberd and lv20 emblem and 4 legendaries about to be reforged for the first time…

‘Ow, anything you want, any dirty deeds

He’s got everything except what I really need
Keepin’ me temporarily satisfied
But not one thing I’ve tried
Filled me up inside or felt like mine
Mine all mine’

Van Halen – Mine All Mine

Mine all Mines of Moria!

LOTRO: Legendary at last, Cephalopod watches no more!

16 Oct

Tsudyrt continues to run away from Captain Landroval…Captain Landroval Series #13

 ‘And as I still walk on,
I think of the things we’ve done…’
Del Shannon – ‘Runaway’

Tsudryt GOT his hands on his legendary weapon…so continues to wrap up Volume II, book 1 of the Epic quests.

Volume II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria
Chapter 11: Worth Beyond Measure

I ran a Tucky skirmish to finally get to my new growing halberd to lv10, I died twice which was strange…I think I was just out of practice. So off to find a Forgemaster…in Thorins Hall.

Aside: Tsudryt has been homeless for quite sometime, today he became proud new owner of 1 Roaring Road (basically close to the door as possible), deluxe house with 2 storage chests, now I wish I had a wardrobe for all the various pieces of bound equipment he has but cannot place in his housing chest! So after today getting back to Thorin’s Hall will always be a easy, good as he needs to visit the Weaponsmith guild quite a bit.

Chapter 12: Forged Anew

Reforged Halberd and then have to head back to entrance to the Walls of Moria to speak to Ráthwald.

Chapter 13: The Watcher in the Water

Ok so onward to kill that watcher squidy tentacled thing. Seriously unimpressed by this creature, I was really hoping for so much more. Tsudryt waded into the water and indeed for most of the fight I could only see the top of his head, swing swing, swing; tentacle dead, and repeat…break to talk to a dwarf and then all over again for multiple tentacles…

No knock backs, no being picked up by tentacles, no having to hack a tentacle to save a dwarf, no point! No cephalapod nightmares induced!

Chapter 14: Khazad-dûm at Last!

Spoke to Tulk inside the Doors of Durin, YES INSIDE Mines of Moria 🙂

Nice movie, I think one of the best I have seen so far…Mr. Balrog looks mean here…in fact I think he deserves his proper name …

Durin’s Bane, the Balrog of Moria.

Tulk gives me my Captain’s Emblem but I cannot equip yet as it needs to be identified! BAck to Thorins gate…but not yet…

After wrapping up the first book of Volume II of the Epics I felt I should also wrap up the Fall of Moria instance that I failed before…even though I was running out of time…

The Fall of Moria

Instance: The Fall of Moria – Solo Session Play

In the end I am told to escape from the Balrog and the passage is blocked…I died here last time…this time I calmly waited for Mr.Balrog to come and eat me and then the blocked passage unblocks and am free, a quick chat with the Elves, who are pissed off that Mr.Balrog is free, and with Durin’s son, Prince Náin or I suppose King Náin now! He vows his revenge but strikes my as a bit of a coward! The parting words being,”Khazad-dûm will not fall!”

Well done King Náin…

‘My little runaway,
Run, run, run, run, runaway.
Run, run, run, run, runaway.
Run, run, run, run, runaway.’
Del Shannon – ‘Runaway’

So Tsudryt needs to get his Emblem fitted and now he needs to get a sturdy Goat for Moria adventures…so to Thorins Hall and then  Sarnúr.

‘To end this misery
And I wonder–
I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder,
Why, why, why, why, why she ran away,
Yes, and I wonder…’
Del Shannon – ‘Runaway’

LOTRO: Banging Head Against Wall Of Moria

15 Oct

Tsudyrt continues to run away from Captain Landroval…Captain Landroval Series #12

‘All in all it was just a brick in the wall.

All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.

“You! Yes, you! Stand still laddy!”‘

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall pt.1

Tsudryt, really wants to get his hands on a legendary weapon…so continues to try and wrap up valume II, book 1 of the Epic quests…I forgot to mention that I was shocked at the poor voice acting in this the introduction to Moria, simply dwarves with North American Accents a bit too far out!

Filgogân Quests

Expedition: Unwelcome in Hollin

Expedition: Orders for Half-orcs

Expedition: The Common Thread

Expedition: Unpleasant Business

Well ….easy to get lost and I hadn’t even realized I had picked up all the quests I needed when I completed all the quests I needed.

Lots of orange orcs to squeeze!

Because I had done both the optional Expedition quests I could do the following:

The Fall of Moria

Instance: The Fall of Moria – Solo Session Play

Get to be a lv60 dwarf in olden LOTRO times…and we get to run around doing silly quests just like modern times in LOTRO!

Finally get to the Mithril Mines and thought it very unlikely that King Durin was down showing visiting elves around when Mr. Balrog showed up…

I think a cinematic with Mr. Balrog running loose in the city causing mass destruction and Mr. King Duran Duran could then have some kind of epic confrontation!

The reflex, wild boys, view to a kill, ordinary world and falling down all so appropriate…

In the end I am told to escape from the Balrog and the passage is blocked so I went running around (took some screenies) and uh-oh died!

This is not good as now I have to re-do the whole bloody thing! And it is not exciting…although the Balrog was OK!

‘I have seen the writing on the wall.

Don’t think I need anything at all.

No! Don’t think I’ll need anything at all.

All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.

All in all you were all just bricks in the wall.’

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall pt.2

Instead of repeating Tsudryt continued the legendary journey!

Volume II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria

Quest:Chapter 4: Outside the Gate

Gave the rest of the dwarves their lunchpacks

Have a chat with Warr (running out of ideas for names…) Uh ah Uh ah!

Sent to find some pickaxe handles..

Chapter 5: Handling the Situation

Help Bori and Bosi with some trunks of wood…easy…

Find some sharp stones…easy

Chapter 6: Cousin Brogur

Talk to Brogur..done send you to investigate wolves/wargs

Chapter 7: Wolf-voices on the Wind

Kill more wargs…now these wargs look black to me so strange they drop albino furs and skins…

Find a dead warg close to entrance to that ORC infested cave…return

Chapter 8: Before the Doors of Durin 

Talk to Bosi, set up a base camp north, defend bosi from wolves/wargs

Pick axes to Warr infront of door, even get to put them in a crate…all that running around and they don’t use em…

Stop dwarves from throwing stones into the dark lake…stupid dwarves…surely they have better things to do…

Bosi arrives, you get to remove the last 2 pieces of rubble…oh thx guys!

Tentacle attack! Run for help…Not exactly on the scale I was expecting…oh well…Tsudryt ran off for help…

Chapter 9: A Weapon of the Elder Days

Aha…go to pick up weapon and some parts…just outside gate to the wall to Moria

Chapter 10: Forgotten Lineage

Tsudryt as feared was not offered a doubled handed sword so he chose the Halberd, took it to elves in Rivendell…then forgemaster…equiped…slotted a relic….

Chapter 11: Worth Beyond Measure

ONGOING…lv 8 from warg and wolf hunting in Eregion…maybe Skirmish would be a good idea?

So almost there…just a few more bricks for the wall and I am waving around a legendary weapon already (not a huge difference noted so far…)

‘All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.

All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

“Wrong, Do it again!”

“If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you

have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?”‘

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall pt.3