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LOTRO: Withy transfers R GO!

2 Dec


Its been an age but finally I can move my Withy characters to Laurelin.


Clear as day…

Kin should be moving en masse so I should be able to get crafting help for my poor hobbit Opopa.

Opopa can then continue his adventures with BINGO…I am so far behind that it will probably take until 2017 to catch up and by then I hope Tsukuld will have reached level cap… which will be the first time I have ever done that in an MMO…

So this weekend I hope to be back on the LOTRO trail…

If my wife can get her newly fixed computer fixed again in time!


LOTRO: Bear With Hairy Feet

18 Feb

Don’t worry I am not bare and showing off my hairy feet!

(NOTE: I do not have hobbity hairy feet! I digress which is quite normal for me…)

lick my hairy feet

Don’t lick my hairy feet!

A detail above from an amazing outfit (BELOW) created by The Starry Mantle who has just re-tagged the whole of the blog to enable us to find some of the many many amazing costume posts therein contained.


This is a huge huge job (one I keep putting off myself and that why my tags and categories are a wee bit of a disaster…) and what a job has been done…now if you fancy finding something furry you can just select fur. Which is how I found this fantastically cute hobbit/bear!


Which bed should I sleep on…I must be baby bear!


How many bears can you count?

I tried again searching for something scouty! and even the results are presented nicely…look at this great detail used to entice me in to looking at the full blog 🙂 I did and I want that mask!


So Cosmetic junky or not give the The Starry Mantle a visit, there are some great, great, GREAT LOTRO shots there 🙂

LOTRO: What a bounder, bounding around as not to be bound, does he know no bounds?

4 Sep

Bounder:  (mainly British, informal) a man whose behavior is ungentlemanly; a cad!

To bound: to hop up and down

To be bound: fixed or enclosed, tied up!

Bounds: the limits of what is possible or acceptable

All TP alts are on standby – 1 nominated character on each server collecting hobbit presents and ready to run off and start TP grinding…: Withywindle – Tsu???? (new Dwarven Rune master…oh forgotten name…), Silverlode – Luflaf and Laurelin – Opopa (RP but doing what a hobbit does best…nothing much…)

Windfola: Tordy buying and selling of Rep items on AH has backfired slightly: 14 stacks of items which suddenly stopped selling…and the prices are falling…so from 30+GP to about 6GP…Tsuhelm suddenly became ‘Guild Super Duper Woodworking Craftsman of the Year’…ok he became: ‘Grand Master of the Guild’ and he has yet to even craft a single Westfold recipe…indeed needs Black Ash to complete crit master tier so he can start to complete Supreme Crit crafting… only realized when he was unable to ‘hand in’ guild craft rep items…OH well, can use in guild recipes…

Landroval: Is the time sink of choice at the moment. Tsuhhere is also buying and selling on the AH but more successfully: 15+GP

Having fun with kin: although I have yet to do any in game ‘gaming’ with them! Sungiffu RP hunter will hook up with the Fellowship of the Secret Fire tomorrow wife permitting…And I have been receiving Forrochel rep items to help me get her some furs from kin members 🙂 Tsudryt is running through Evendim…(see separate blog..coming soon …I hope)…he is now LV42 and the only thing slowing him down is that damn obstinate completionist nature…

Bounders tokens are flowing – about 550 donated and I dropped about 250 last night in the city of Annuminas…I hope to get all deeds done before the server reaches its target of 1,750,000 tokens…I think Landroval is about half way!

EdgeCase  from the: The Lord of the Rings Online Team, Turbine, Inc. posted:

‘This is, indeed, a bug. You should be able to continue turning in tokens to the Bounders after you’ve unlocked the Boon. We’ll be fixing this at the same time as the other deed bug, where it isn’t bestowing properly to low level characters.’

Ah so not so much of a problem then…

Also forum rumours that there has been a slowdown in drop rates of bounders tokens…I didn’t notice any difference but them I am not actively grinding bounders tokens…

‘Big girl in the red dress

She’s just trying to impress us

And she’s got the barley fever

But she doesn’t make a sound


She’s just bounding around

She’s just bounding around


Down the court road early

With the hustlers big and burly

There’s a million of ’em selling

And the buyers can be found


They’re just bounding around

They’re just bounding around’

The Stranglers – ‘Hanging’ Around


LOTRO life: Just Bounding Around…

Naked Captain Tsudryt Training in Bree

12 Aug


Aha! He is naked underneath his cosmetic outfit!


Sticking it to a dummy!

Training in sun and minstrel

Training to music!

The idea was to compare the amount of damage inflicted without any stat buffs, equipment or traits!

It worked fine until I lost all my data on the way to work!

Will repeat tonight…or try to very wife dependent!


Tidying up after vacation 2!

30 Jul

The holiday is over, and was quite successful in a non LOTRO way! I am now back at work, in fact very busy at work…

I did manage to do some early morning LOTRO’ing everyday but just one major evening session in 10 days!

TsuDyrtCaptain Landroval project has eaten up most of my time available, finally arrived to Lone Lands…own Post coming soon 🙂 Has being doing Tucky skirmishes- tier 2 without any problem, am tempted to try a tier 3…his Archer and Herald do most of the work. Almost lv30!

Waywnn has been playing around in the Tuckborough skirmish and is now lv25

Tordy  AH buyer and seller in Bree crafting hall! New major addiction is to check AH for bargain reputation Items, have now got Tordy to Kindred with Mathom society and could get Waywnn as well but holding back as he has yet to do my Shire TP grind! Also all Rep items for all factions are picked up if the price in right 🙂

Tsuhelm is crafting in Esteldin, close to Woodworker Guild, Tsuhelm will soon be churning out Lebethron and Yew guild bows for sale…good as he needs to feed his wood needs! Ilex wood needed now!

Dyort is not doing much at all: Crafts batches of Gondarion Swords when cheep Rich Ore is found on sale…

Arwynneth is still out in the Lone Lands…enjoying the silence.

Luflaf is hobbit presenting and his TP grinding friend, Llucyd is sleeping on Silverlode.

Tsuhhere is still relaxing on Landroval, his Captain is busy and shifting hides to him ready to be crafted!

Opopa,  is STILL doing what a one legged hobbit burgler does best in Michel Delving, which is nothing at all other than relaxing in the Bird and Baby. This little hobbit has a charmed life, a present everyday, Laurelin, I apologize in advance for my hobbit causing any trouble in the Shire, he surely will!


LOTRO: Summer time Exodus

19 Jul

Its Summer time (Northern Hemisphere) and the LOTRO community has gone quiet…

Well I will be adding to the drought as here in cold Argentina I will be having a weeks vacation to help out with the kids as Nr1 has no school the wife is having a hard time.

As always vacations for me mean unfortunately LESS LOTRO! So I will try to do as much as I can and survive until the end of the month…its only a week! (The last time the stress and strain of vacation resulted in a month long abstinence from LOTRO ie. “play it and die” attitude from my dearest, she has mellowed of late but I sense the sons may have un-mellowed her a wee bit!)

So I will try and keep exploring Trollshaws with Tsuhelm who is getting tired of Woodwork class, Dyort as well on Windfola is itching to do more than craft swords, Evendim beckons for him,  and I will try to keep TsuDryt (or TsuDyrt I can never remember…can I change name?) Captain rolling along on Landroval, I will try to to do something with Opopa on Laurelin, he is my RP hobbit who is so real to life that he does not go far at all, in fact at the rate he is going he will get fat, at the least develop a huge beer belly!  Even Luflaf on Silverlode is ready to go off and earn some TP.

Lots to do and with my wife at the controls so little time…

What else…?

Finally the Shared Storage came up on sale 🙂 20% off. I have been waiting since I (my wife) bought RoR, have had TP in the bank, it has slowly trickled out with Tsudryts development, luckily a small trickle back as well. Will see what next weeks sales bring before getting anything big! I tried the new storage out straight away and it is nice 🙂 No more mad posting of task, craft or sale items.

OH yeah another thing that needs to be mentioned when you go to Premium there is no longer a wait to send mail to another char different from the last mail…I found this really irritating as F2P and now if you realise you forgot to send something you can do it instantly, of course I have shared storage now as well….my inter char communication skills are improving!

OK people…have a good week…

“I will be BACK!”

Who was it that said that…


LOTRO: Walking with Rhythm in Breeland!

18 Jul

Tsudyrt continues the chase after Captain Landroval…Captain Landroval Series #4

Staddle to Bree to Midgewater Marsh to Barrow Downs

Picture inspired by recent lotro’ing

Tsudryt Wrapped up Midgewater swamp, no he didn’t do a Christo…

Bree to Staddle

Wrapped up all outstanding and refused any more, make a stand let those pesky hobbits sort out their own problems! He is a bad boy!

Staddle to Midgewater to Bree to Staddle

Pesky neeker and sick flies to be slayed, the latter I had yet to start, popped a 30 min deed accelerator and wow that was actually quick, completed both just as it started flashing off! Today there were lots of sickies to find, other days I have really struggle. Visited Marshwater Fort, recommended as tourist attraction, so doing finished Ruins of Breeland and after playing on the Altar, History of Dunedain was completed. Also killed sappers, found sick fly wings and spiders of all kinds.

Only outstanding thing to do was wrap up the Epic prologue, Amdir on the loose [funny as already killed him in main Epic quest…] so off to find Ranger Mundol hiding in a cave! Found just as he died from wounds inflicted by Amdir…he manages to send you back to Midgewater Fort with his last breaths…where you finish a small instance, ‘To a Ranger’s Aid’, where again the Ranger Reniolind is killed by Amdir…Er …die Reniolind! Die, die, die, please…instance broken…Reniolind must be tired of dying as in my case he survives! Door to wrap up is closed and I cannot finish Epic Prologue 😦

[I try to submit a ticket next day but support say I need to fix it ‘in-game’…will try to remember…]

Combe to Staddle to Bree to Barrow Downs

Wrap up more quests in Staddle a little bit dejavu esque…I don’t see any black cats walking by so continue…

Bree to off load lots of junk…decide to run into Barrow downs to quickly get exploration deeds and kill some barghests…, stupidly in retrospect! By the end of this quick excursion all 6 bags were full, Emnity of dead II almost completed, barghest advanced deed only just started and new intention to grind Tarandons Tomb for Rep items…OOPS not exactly power leveling stuff!

Captain is performing real good…improvements, have opened up 3 traits, at lv23 I will get another Class Trait, going to go RED.

LEVEL 10 Traits: aiming for…

Zeal – (Maximum Morale +440, Physical Mitigation +518.4, Armour Value +240)

Fidelity – (Tactical Mitigation +648, Vitality +24, Maximum Power +48)

Loyalty – (Vitality +48, Maximum Power +95, Armour Value +240)

Discipline – (Might +48, Resistance Rating +1379, Physical Mitigation +288)

Valour – (Maximum Morale +440, non-Combat Morale Regen +645.336, Might +12)

To get before going to Lone Lands:

Slayer                   Bree-land – Brood-hunter (advanced) Zeal +1

Slayer                   Ered Luin – Goblin slayer (advanced) Zeal +1

Slayer                   Ered Luin – Hendroval slayer (advanced) Discipline +1

Slayer                   Ered Luin – Spider slayer (advanced) Zeal +1

Exploration         Ered Luin – Scouting the Dourhands Fidelity +1

Slayer                   The Shire – Goblin slayer (advanced) Valour +1

Slayer                   The Shire – Wolf slayer (advanced) Discipline +1

Exploration         The Shire – The Sights of the Shire Fidelity +1

Will continue to walk with rhythm, will attract all the mobs I can and will mash em with my big 2 handed sword:

‘If you walk without rhythm, you never learn, yeah

Don’t be shocked by the tone of my voice

Check out my new weapon, weapon of choice’

Weapon of Choice – FatBoy Slim


LOTRO: A lot more chasing and a ton of bandits!

16 Jul

Tsudyrt continues the chase after Captain Landroval…Captain Landroval Series #3

Chetwood South

Picture inspired by recent lotro’ing

It was a great weekend for LOTRO; Friday night a small session (had missed the morning session due to alarm failure!), Saturday nice long morning session and then sublime Sunday and normal Monday morning before work!

Sublime Sunday

5 to 9 AM: 3and a half hours of uninterrupted LOTRO, no sons waking up and demanding attention (the half was for coffee and toilette!).

16 to 17 PM: 2 hours of wife and son free LOTRO, house to myself – volume up and beer! The wife had taken Nr1 and Nr2 sons to a bday party (lost 1 hour to housework but crafted while doing this!).

22 to 00 AM(PM? witching hour…midnight!): 2 more hours of LOTRO, kids sleeping and wife exhausted from coping with my lovely monsters at the aforementioned party!

Focused on Landroval and was able to get Tsudyrt to lv20, heavy armour time :)…as well as weaponsmithing and prospecting crafting Journeyman and Apprentice tiers!

Tsuhhere, in support, crafted from lv12 to lv14, almost finished Apprentice tier of Tailor.

Zig and Zag travelling continued, running back and forth, yo-yo’ing around.

Combe to Bree to Combe to Chetwood South (again and again) to Combe to Staddle to Chetwood North to Bree…

Bandits, Boars, Bears, Wolves, Spiders and lots more bandits. Copper and tin ore nodes and light hides collected.

Lv15 went to Bree to track down Captain Trainer.

Bree to Southern Bree-Fields, Brigand’s Watch, to kill an Oath Breaker, I realized once there I should have waited to combine with the maid rescuing quest that was coming up. Anyway was a doddle, back to Bree to claim a new Halberd.

Bree, Prancing Pony for Epic Quests and wow Strider sends Tsudyrt back to Combe! More bandits taken care of, Tsudyrt refuses to go to Buckland just now and decides to head to the Grimbriar’s House and starts the Bandit and Sword quests from there.

Southern Bree-Fields to Bree to Southern Bree-Fields…

Grimbriars’s House and Thornley’s Work Site for quests about a sword and er…bandits. Edge into Northern Bree-Fields before going back to Grimbriar’s and around and around, quick visit to Bree to off-load and back again. All wrapped up, maiden rescued and stolen goods returned. Lots of Boars and Bears, heaps of bandits!

Southern Bree-Fields to Andrath to Bree…

Grimbriar send Tsudyrt to find Scouts in the South, Andrath, South-Guard Ruins, he even stumbles into a burial mound here that takes him to visit Barrow Downs South. Kill Nekkers, Boars and more bandits some of them Half orc bandits, and some wights and barghests…

Southern Bree Fields to Brandy Hills to Old Forest to Southern Bree Fields to Northern Bree-Fields…

Back to Grimbriar’s, to Adso’s Camp, a small adventure in the Old Forest to Bree to Saerdan’s Cabin to Andreg at Old Greenway Fort. As well as boars, bears and lots n lots of wolves; yet more bandits! Back to Bree lv19, lots of crafting to lv20. Heavy armour bought and equipped, even better set ready for lv22! Super new Savage sword bought on AH. Tsudyrts jewelry needs upgrading, he doesn’t have a pocket item equipped at all! Tsuhhere crafts a minor reinforced Maid-at-arms Armament: +150 armour for Kateerbob [Clue..Blackadder…]

Bree to Nourthern Bree-Fields to Bree.

Boars, Bears, wolves and lots of Orcs! Wrap up all quests here, Orc slayer deeds done – super fast. Back to Andreg to who sends Tsudyrt back to kill more Orcs and oh yeah more Bandits! Lv21 nearly 22 back into Bree. I left him crafting his way to lv22…I had to go to work…


Thoughts on Captain Tsudyrt

He is doing great although the amount of time devoted to him has annoyed the wife a wee bit!

The Captain in conjunction with his herald is chopping through large groups of mobs, I think I took out 10 orcs…just! Not as fast as Champion and takes more damage as the mobs are taken down 1 at a time ( champ takes them down simultaneously!)

I wish Tsudyrt had 1 more attack skill, even the racial upper cut would be useful (that is a first!)…really getting stuck and having to wait for cool downs…a little frustrating.

Rescue missions are much easier with a captain as the Enemy Defeat Response heal also heals them, not been scared at all about the stupid NPCs…


Midgewater, Bree Land exploration, Barrow Downs, Shire and Ered Luin: only for essential deeds not really levelling…

Captain Landroval is waiting for Tsudyrt At the end of Lone Lands, almost there…


‘[What is it?

It’s it ] *7

What is it?


You want it all, but you can’t have it

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

It’s in your face, but you can’t grab it

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)


[[It’s it

What is it?]*3

 (Yeah, yeah, yeah)]*4’

Epic – Faith No More

LOTRO: The chase continues, oops back where I started!

11 Jul

Tsudyrt continues the chase after Captain Landroval…Captain Landroval Series #2


Picture inspired by today’s lotro’ing

Flashes of Captain Scarlett! and Captain Caveeeemaaaannnn….pass through my brain, scary stuff (great shows from my childhood, thanks to Gerry Anderson and Hanna-Barbera Productions!)

He left Archet yesterday (and mistakenly came back again today, reminder to self, remember to bind milestone skill in Combe after leaving Archet!) and started collecting quests in Combe. Today he added all available quests, including Epic prologue then he chose to become a weaponsmith and instantly regretted it, should have become an Armourer, it is going to get expensive to get new armour later..oh well at least he can now harvest metal nodes as he levels.

He then popped into training hall (continuation of the same building as the Comb and Wattle Inn) for Herald of war and Pressing attack, oh a mini AoE attack, well it ‘can’ hit 2 mobs! A crit will put him in a ‘Battle Hardened State’ er will have to investigate what that is…[is mentioned a lot but no real explanation is given other than when in it you can then launch lv30 Blade of Elendil…]

Picked up posted new items from Tsuhhere (tailor helping him along by doing Auction Hall duties.) New pair of  crit Stout shoes lv10 and crit lv7 armour to replace worn out normal versions…(going to have to start crafting lv12 and 15 med armour soon…need med hides, hope to sell light hides and buy med, oddly the latter is cheaper due to quantity on the market…me think!) Two 2-handed swords lv1o equipped, level 12 taken to be equipped in the field! Finally crit earring, necklace and bracelet, bought on AH, are equipped.

Headed out into Combe lumber camp, killing all bears and boars encountered…I leave the badgers alone! Pick up more quests…and close a couple picked up in Archet.

Heads East into Chetwood North, encounters wolves and spiders, finds missing uncle Filbert Burrows who wants you to rescue his handkerchief! Poor Filbert he stands with wolves on one side and spiders on the other, no wonder he never leaves that spot, day and night, come wind and rain, he remains!

Tsudyrt and his Herald venture deeper into the Wolf den, Tsudyrt runs around and aggros as many as possible before running back to save the herald, sometimes the Herald follows and a nice ‘ruck’ is developed. No real AoE attacks but with the herald in action the wolves are chopped down 1 by 1 or even 2 by 2, enemy defeat response used to power up and heal only if necessary.

Find sally’s necklace, kill bandits, find fishing pole, disrupt more bandit camping activities, out in the open like this asking to be attacked…letter from backpack taken and strongbox picked up, up a rise to find that handkerchief, kill the thief and reclaim it!  Into the bandit camp and Bandits fall easily beneath combined might of Tsudyrt and his Herald. Bandit slayer deeds quickly completed, lv 12 attained and new sword equipped.

Uses travel skill to go to Archet…wa! Oops…have to run back to Combe, running out of time, 1 hour of LOTRO’ing, lv’ed 2, 15TP earnt and jobs a good un!

Off to work…

Finally I added a link on LOTRO forums to try and get some more captains exploring Landroval…

Music inspired by today:

‘The zig zag wanderer had a zigzag child

Zig zag traveller for the mercy mile

Found his wheels and nature scene

Quenched his thirst, (in a?) way it never been

Zig zag wanderer (rep.)

You can dance, you can prance

Freeze those timbers, drop some beams

Hide my shield, throw away my lance

Zig zag child, mercy mile

Zig zag dream, zig zag dream

Zig zag’

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band – Zig Zag Wanderer

LOTRO: Captain Landroval: catch up not ketchup!

10 Jul

Tsudyrt continues the chase after Captain Landroval…Captain Landroval Series #1

Captain TsuDyrt

Yeah I know stupid name! Why oh why did he get this name, I cannot even remember the twisted logic I had used to create it, normally there is some kind of idea behind it. Too close to Tsuhelm and Dyort for my liking and that was not my intention! Dyrt is expensive in Danish and I (my wife :)) had just bought RoR but that was at 50% and I still think that was a bargain…Dyr – animals…

Oh well here he is the man of mystery on Landroval, he is going to be nr1 priority until I catch up with Captain Landroval, luckily he has been stuck in Lone Lands…so is still a possibility, only depends on my wife and kids really! I have a vacation coming up but that normally reduces the time I spend playing…nothing makes much sense in my world!

‘ I take you with ketchup!, Yeah, but first you gotta catch up!’

Happy Feet quotation…

He is my first Captain and although I miss the champion AoE attacks he is very sturdy and gets the job done. The 2 handed sword, when swinging is cool, don’t like the scabbard-less monster dangling on his back the rest of the time…looks dangerous! Tsudyrt from his beginning costume, red and gold, (really!), is in your face so I think I will try and maintain the garish colours and strange looks that the LOTRO armours give him…he is sporting an orange fez at the moment! Shy he will not be!

Rolling ruck (or rolling maul!)

‘When the perfect rolling maul is on the move it is almost impossible to stop. It is like discovering the secret of perpetual motion.’

‘It is like setting a scrum on the hoof with lots of enemy agents trying to blow the whole thing up.’

– From…

Tsudyrt being a captain is into sports, in his case Rugby…he is the ball-carrier that moves around, unstoppable, a 1 man rolling ruck, surrounded by mobs that simply cannot bring him down. He uses initial shout to attract more mobs and continually attacks new mobs to add to the chaotic maul! Nearly overdid it in the Blackfort Ruins with bandits and wolves, but managed to survive with the aid of a potion! Let’s see how it works on the Bandits and wolves outside of Combe – for bandit deeds and hides…

A description of Captain skills on this blog (presumed dead – pity as useful and nicely written…)

And a full list of Cappy skills on the lotro-wiki.

Basic Rot(ation)

Battle Shout, Devastating blow, Cutting Attack, Defensive Strike, Sure Strike, War-Cry/Routing Cry/Rallying Cry – Find myself having to wait for cool downs on skills and auto-attack takes out mobs…

Finished Introduction chore then wrapped up Archet, including spidy deeds, arrived into Combe, lv10.

Tsuhhere is supporting him with AH duties and med armour crafting…so far sword up to lv12 and some jewellery, he is new to tailoring and can only make 1 pair of lv10 armour: a pair of shoes! Will try to crit…no fibres, so will need to buy them from AH…Decision to make Tsudyrt a…Armourer or Weaponsmith?

Hobbit Boogie: NoN! Can’t remember the last prezzie that was not ‘nothing of note’!

Tsuhelm slowly crafting woodworking guild rep items, Waywnn empties bags of all task items in Bree, will have to go out to play soon…

But first priority is Captain…