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LOTRO: TP Grind for Quest Pack DONE!

10 Apr

Thanks to a 1 legged hobbit on RP server Laurelin, Opopa in Breeland, saved the day and did enough slaying of spiders, bandits and orcs (all completed including ADV); as well as basic deeds for wights and barghests; ruins, dunedain and barrow down exploration; and finally Bree rep. I was able to get Lothlorien Quest pack in the 20% sale at 556 tp with 1tp left over!

Burglar play was quite fun…especially liked that he looks like he runs as if on speed – is that the hobbit run animation? Not helped by useless daggers (lv10!) and was amazed to see how expensive a busy server AH is! 7gp for lv20 cyan jewelry! And it may be busy but no lv20-30 daggers on sale!


If you can help my poor helpless 1 legged hobbit on Laurie give him a PM, even better invite him into a nice kin! I am sorry he is a bit of a lazy beggar, a drunk and a thief… a true RP hobbit burglar!

quest packs

Only 4 more packs to go at the moment… Next up will probably be Wildermore and Gondor so can finally get to level cap with my RK…lingering in Rohan at the moment at lv77! Obviously will probably distract myself by wandering off and doing something else before then… TP grinding sounds useful… but also have Forochel and now Lothlorien to explore…

Oh wonderful LOTRO distractions…

LOTRO: Mad Tsu Shire part 3

9 Apr

Madtsu almost wrapped up the Shire… The mad shire part 1 will never ‘be’ unfortunately as I was so excited about getting to the shire I must have forgotten to take any screenies! So no pics of Madtsu going mad chopping up wolves, flies and bandits in the Shire…

But anyway… Madtsu is going mad running back and forth at the whim of hobbits of the shire… hating those pies!


Mad spider chopping!


Mad goblin makes the chop!


Last bag of post on its way!

Not much left until metadeed :) But still 6 pies to go :(

Not much left until metadeed 🙂 But still 6 pies to go 😦

I managed to finally get Madtsu to be a living Bounder! At times it felt like I would never complete 75 quests…with 6 pies left to go it looks like Madtsu has been too helpful!

LOTRO: Mad TP grind Shire Part 2

8 Apr


Madtsu is running the Shire for TP, yes this is part 2 as am missing the screenshots for the part 1 (Buckland to Shire, wolves and flies deeds)… This is no speedy TP run as I am trying to grab every single TP possible which means doing quests, and hobbit quests are to be honest rather irritating! I didn’t intend to, when I started, but I will try to finally try to complete a Pie deed run, I have never ever completed it on any char during 3 years of play and I think I have  about 15 alts (4 servers) all over level 20! I must be mad…well this char is MadTsu McMad!


Finds stage plays with big firework!


Slug slaying: honest more buzzing flies r killed than slugs!


Kneel down before me evil dwarves!


Oh silly Sally dilly dallying around. Such a silly billy although not a goat but a sow!

U16 has pet sheep, here practice of having a pet pig…

With TP generated in Bree and Ered Luin finally bought Forochel, now trying to get 1 more quest pack while the 20% sale is on in the store…

The grind continues..maybe I bring you part 1 tomorrow and also part 3 if your really lucky!


LOTRO: Mad Tsu and Familly

1 Apr

Madtsu is running through Ered Luin, started at lv16…and the advantages of being ‘on level’ (well ish) demonstrate themselves in the YELLOW champs ability to take out big crowds together…and on level can easily pick up a nice pack of cannon fodder by running by.

So first stop is to hop to house in Thorin’s Hall, grabbing dwarf exploration deed by simply running around Thorin’s Hall and using stable travel to get to Gondamon via all stops on the way…(See basic guide at bottom of post for more details)

Next Thrasi’s lodge and here I diverge from the normal Ered Luin TP run in that I decide to take out hendroval and dwarf bandits now. My mad champ does not let me down and soon slices his way through the 2 slayer deeds, (it felt like I spent longer trying to find a rabbit in a trap!)


So onward to the beginning, Celondim, simple quests and grey mobs… but by the Vineyard Gobs are green and queue up to be slaughtered:

ScreenShot00116 ScreenShot00117

And in Duillond the gobs are still green, only just and quickly fall to mad sword swipes:

ScreenShot00118ScreenShot00120 ScreenShot00121ScreenShot00122

Gordamon and time to complete wolf slaughter, there is a small wold den on top of the hill just outside the North gate (follow cliff to right and then head back along cliff top to find it… round them up and KILL!


That wolf bit through me!


Here is a You Tube vid of a champ with about a 70 mob pull!

And now for something completely different…

During my travels on Withy I take screenies of other Familly kin members I bump into:


2 kinnies serendiptious extreme!


CEBU always has an alt in the AH!


Taltoz shared 5 pages from the forgotten inn Journal of Captain Rabghul for 5tp and 20 meds which I needed for my last piece of armour 🙂


Taltoz helped with my mark and med problem by running Tsukuld through some BB’s…                   If u build it Tsu will use it!


Basically all I did while doing the BB’s, I thought I was doing ok until I realized that Taltoz was also killing stuff with a ballista! Really they should give a kill report at the end!

You have arrived at the BOTTOM!

As I stated above I would include the guide to Ered Luin I use for TP grinding…


Am in the process of optimizing as I still spend too long doing this run, over 2 hours!





LOTRO: Living On The Edge of VIP

24 Dec

VIP free trial #5


‘If you can judge a wise man

By the color of his skin

Then mister you’re a better man than I


Livin’ on the edge

You can’t help yourself from fallin’

Livin’ on the edge

You can’t help yourself at all

Livin’ on the edge

You can’t stop yourself from fallin’

Livin’ on the edge’

Aerosmith – Living On The Edge

Day7 pt2

Oh wonders will never cease…actually did get to play some LOTRO this night, just an hour but enough time to basically wrap up preparation for planned TP grind to start over the Weekend.

Day8 pt1

As quickly as possible I logged in and out on all  chars for Hobbit presents, Tsudryt did a little bit of buying and selling and weaponsmith guild rep crafting!

Then…the long awaited day had arrived…it was 5Am on 21st December 2013 time to create a NEW TP grinder…

…too exciting…

Gullorodspiseret was created.

1min 10secs used on creation: Human Champ Random..#1 ugly, #2 ugly #3…that is Captain Jean Luc Picard!

Captain Jean Luc Picard (left) and Gullerodspiseret (right)

Captain Jean Luc Picard (left) and Gullerodspiseret (right)

5 mins was used setting up UI and options on this new char!

41mins 1 sec and I finally start the instance to end the Archet area.

46 mins finished instance, hurrah am now in the real world…er real game world of LOTRO!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a  mini gift of Valar that jumped you past this (VIP can jump the ultra basic intro quest already!) Fellow blogger, Pasduil, pointed out that there is, its called the Veteran Status. 100Tp single use per I grind max 50TP an hour this would be a loss but useful to know! (Read his adventures with a champ and using the Gift of Valar here.)

Guide to be used:


1 hour: leave Archet area after minor exploration (picking up Brownes’ Folly, Blackwold’s Roost (and Ancient Cairn therein)


1.05  straight to Combe and horse to Bree and run into the Auction House

1.09 using Shared Storage get most of equipment…then half equipped log off to log on to Waywynn my Armourer…

1.24 Shared across armour for lv 7 and 10 as well as some overflowed jewellry. Back to Combe and off again. Picking up all quests and running into Chetwood.

In his new purple best!

In his new purple best!

1.31 killed a red squirrel by accident!

1.41 brigand deed pt1 tp5

1.56 lv10

er..looks the same...

er..looks the same…

2.05 handed in quests and received more in combe…back to Chetwood

2.20 bandit adv deed 10tp

2.35 Back to Combe..wrapped up alll quests (not epic…now off to Staddle)

2.38-Bree Land Adventurer Deed pt1 10Tp

2.42 Log out to resupply, need lv 12 and 15 gear. Cloaks and sword done up to lv15…missing swords for lv18 as no barrow iron!

2.49 Time to go to Real world, must clean a pool (TRY as pump was acting up!)

8AM er..25TP in 3hours…

Day8 pt2


Day9 pt1


Scaly armour…reminds me of roof slates…ugly! And the helmet, don’t get me started on the helmet!

5am more crafting done and we R off again

Tour of bree or not? …ok do IT!

0.14  2bandits in beggers back alley killed and crest found

0.19 tour done…back to Combe and bandits

0.40 pipeweed collected…deeper in to find statue and collect heirlooms (Bruner Stoutthrush on the E path into Bree also has an easy bandit related quest: Family Treasures.)

1.00 Breeland adv deed pt2 10TP

1.45 fly basic 5TP

1.50marsh queen killed…used to be much harder…separated boys n men…

1.54 spidy basic and advanced 15 tp

1.55 history dunadain 10tp

1.57 neeker pt1 5tp

2.05 purple goblin..lone lands…started gob deed! Sturdy key 🙂

2.23 Back to Combe completed all well that ends well…and bree adventurer…15tp

Now time to do the run around and wrap up…

Bree wrap up

2.57 lots of nr death …being chased by flocks of orange skelys missed bottom exp point had to go back! Satred prince pages deed…barrow down exp 5tp

3.05 realised I had forgotten 1 goblin to kill for champ lv15 quest..Far East on edge of Midgewater Marsh!…still trying to think how to get back there…

3.07ruins of bree 5tp

3.08 waypoint to combe…horse to bree..hop off in saddle…}

3.30 fly slayer pt2 10tp

3.35 neeker slayer pt2 10tp

8.35 AM: 3 n half hours, 90tp

Day9 pt2

Deed boost still running…now in the Shire

Shire wrap up

more spiders to the North between slugs n gobs!

0.03 swift to shire

0.10 wolve basic 5tp

0.18 wolf pt2 10 tp

0.30 spider 5tp

0.41 spider2 10tp

0.55 fly 5 tp

1.08 fly2 10tp

11pm: 1hour, 45TP

Day10 pt1

4.30am start…dashing around the shire…

4.35 farms 5 tp

14.00 brigand 5tp

23.00 brigand 10tp

26.00 willow …then stage! map is reversed!

0.35 wall…missed sights 5tp…

Home to thorins hall!

0.50 places of dwarves…5tp

Winds of storm 5tp…when?

5.20am (time to go to work!) 45mins, 35TP

23rd dec13

Day10 pt2

2100 45 mins of stupidity in Rath Teraig Gondamon and though it would be a little short cut to Celondim…it was not!

…spiders done and most of goblins…got killed by elite gobs…my own stupidity. Nr 1 son should not enjoy killing spiders so much…he loved it!

10PM: 45mins, 20TP

Day11 pt1

0430AM ok normal Ered Luin guide being followed


13.00 wolf 5tp

25 ally of Ered Luin 10tp

33 gobs in the vineyard adv 10tp

5.15AM: 45 mins, 25TP

Am running this at level 17 but very close to level 18, most of mobs in this part of Ered Luin are now greyed out…which makes picking em all up and smashing them a bit slower… without the extra VIP XP would be slightly lower and maybe would actually be quicker.

Champ comment: my tree is all yellow


almost maxed Blade Damage, and am actually loving Raging Blade. The Sound is great and it simply decimates packs of low mobs…


Maybe I am not generating TP as fast as I would like but I am enjoying this run.

Living on the edge is great in LOTRO…

‘Something right with the world today

And everybody knows it’s wrong

But we can tell ’em no or we could let it go

But I’d would rather be a hanging on


Livin’ on the edge

Livin’ on the edge

Livin’ on the edge

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’

Aerosmith – Living On The Edge

LOTRO: Riders of the Storm!

5 Jul

 ‘Riders of the Storm

Riders on the storm

Riders on the storm

Into this house we’re born

Into this world we’re thrown

Like a dog without a bone

An actor out alone

Riders on the storm’

Riders On the Storm – The Doors 


I added to cart 🙂

My understanding wife, who let me cry on here shoulder when I realized I had missed a super offer in Gamestop for $5 Mithril Edition of LOTRO let me buy this, before this sale came along I was contemplating buying the full price mithril anyway!


‘Legend tells of a legendary RoR edition whose LOTRO contents were the stuff of legend.’

Adapted Kung Fu Panda quotation…

After purchase I instantly received the update code so I applied it and checked payment status: F2P no more…now PREMIUM!


I did the hobbit prezzie hokey pokey…

All servers do have 1 more slot…I sense a scholarly moment approaching, Scholar coming soon to windfola! Dwarven rune keeper?

AH has 5 more sale slots, I have 15 on each char now.

Priority logging in…er no difference detected!

Waywnn sent money to Tordy via the post…OH yeah this make AH duty a bit easier!


RoR (like a lion, happy and loud!)

All chars were now with an auto quest to go to Combe stables…

All chars had a 6th bag…and a 5th bag for free!!!!!!


All Chars had The Steed of the Eastemnet & matching War-steed appearance…

I had 2081TP to spend…OMG…Trollshaws purchased straight away…want Misty Mountains and Shared Storage..but cannot afford both! So with over 1500TP will be grinding for more soon!

Armour of the Eastemnet (full cosmetic set) but no cloak or leggings! Tsuhelm tired of freezing in his summer, hippy best changed into this …very nice but I was really hoping to get the cloak as well…checked and that was pre order only…looks cool though!

Title: Friend of the I am actually already a friend of Mark…ah a deed…

Crystal of Remembrance – to be stored away for when I get a legendary weapon…I presume will be better to keep to ‘final’ legendary weapon!

Exclusive Rohan Content:…Oh I want to be a horse!

The difference between Premium and F2P is real small, maybe Turbine (WB) should work on that, the first purchase is the key, as once that is cracked the player will continue…well if the store works…I have never had a problem. What would have incentivated me to upgrade earlier?

More char slots: already has… I didn’t know I would get more after I have TP ground mine…

More AH slots: already has…I didn’t know I would get more after I have TP ground mine…

A one off reward: oh yeah

A cosmetic outfit: yeah, if good.

A mount: no unless really cool!

A premium welcome pack of diverse scrolls etc: yep that would be nice.

A one off TP gift: yeah

Mithril coin gift: yeah

Anyway I am a Premium Subscriber and happy…

Premium: adjective

Of very high quality

Premium: noun

1: the cost of insurance, especially the amount that you pay each year

2: an additional amount of money, above a standard rate or amount

3: be at a premium: if something is at a premium, people need it or want it, but there is little of it available or it is difficult to get

4: put/place a premium on something: to consider one quality or type of thing as being much more important than others

5: good quality petrol

Yes I am a petrochemical/hydrocarbon guzzler when it comes to LOTRO!

LOTRO, Warden raising Fist in Air, Evendim is ground out!

28 Jun

‘Raise your fist in the air- Raise your fist
Raise your hands up higher- hands up high
Raise your fist in the air- Raise your fist
We are hounds, hounds of fire.’

Doro (German Rock diva!)

Week’s TP grind done!

Waywnn trudged it out last night what should have been a blast turned into a slog… should have skipped lots of quests while wrapping up north of Bree, Orc slaying Deeds, part 3 (final) Bree land adventurer and the Dunuden deed for 40TP – 3TP more than needed to get Evendim Area.

Waywnn, levelled to 21, Wardens are tough and fun to play but really wish they had more of a AoE effect! Slowly learning the combinations, and they do slowly beat down any crowd of admiring fans! I was even getting 6 or 7 Orcs beaten down at a time last night and walking away, more slowly than my champ but much more interactive!

Gather up a mob of mobs and then Fist, Fist, GOAD, Fist, Shield, WAR CRY, then let loose with whatever! (at this stage I don’t think it matters, always trying to get unfinished class deed gambits first.)

WARDEN research links:

Waywnn is a fist waver! Lot of screaming as well, have to make sure the volume is low or wake up kids!

After late night for slow TP grind I treated myself to a sleep in, so got up at 420am…

Was actually busy just logging in to all chars and checking post, hobbit presents and what on earth they were up to….

Big clean up this weekend…will try to keep active chars to a minimum otherwise I just confuse myself…today I had to log into Tsuhhere twice to check stuff.

Evendim and Angmar to be explored: amazed to find that Tsuhelm and Dyort had already started with 2 and 3 quests, respectively, completed under the Wanderer of Evendim…odd that!

The LOTRO world keeps expanding 🙂

‘Our history speaks in thunder from a thousand village halls
In blood and sweat and sacrifice, in honouring every call
So the forces gathered against the thorn a-piercing in their side
A brave new world is beckoning…’

Charge – New Model Army

Life is good…and I have 3TP to spend!


First Grapes and then Maps…

27 Jun

Completionist Berry is!

Here is an amazing collection of DEED maps: I think that is all of them!

Rohan Maps are greyed out so maybe not complete as yet…

puts my efforts to shame…they are so clear and easy to follow.

U can still enter the CStM grape counting contest as well 🙂

LOTRO: outta pub, nabbed some flowers and DIDN’T die!

27 Jun

This morning Opopa staggered out of the bird and baby and outbid others in the Auction House for some new equipment…he almost went out on an adventure but he decided that later it might rain and his wooden leg would act up so hopped back into the B&B for another pint…he is living off the generosity of the hobbits who just keep on giving: really 16 ‘10% speed scrolls’…cor he will be zipping around on 1 leg for ages, if he ever stops partying!

TsuHHere bought some new jewellery and headed out to wrap up part 2(adv.) of Bree Land Adventurer by helping out those friendly Hobbits in Staddle. Oh what fun: kill some boars, collect some flowers, kill some bears run back and forth as matchmaker, steal back stolen weed. Now ready for final part and then fly and neeker slayer deeds in the swamp!

Waywnn also nearing the end of the 2nd part of Bree Land Adventurer…but in Southfields (he skipped low Bree levels to go direct to Ered Luin – in hindsight a mistake!), so killed some boars, killed some bandits (adv slayer deed!), collected metal, hides and lost papers…got to lv20.

Waywynn was rewarded with Undying title for er…not having died! The first time I have ever got it…not so appreciated if you read the forums

A mild morning of LOTRO: 25TP, 30more needed…

Outlook: easy

‘One final heart-break
And blinding lights will guide our way
Free us our blind state
They will call us by our name


Undying – Demon Hunter

Horse Rustling due to LOTRO Lottery!

26 Jun

To begin with I must say thanks to Turbine and I think that I heard through the grapevine, that is CStM, that I should be thanking Sapience specifically as he does all the graft (Manually!…) for the Lottery win:

Completely Steal These Mounts

Ended 06/25/2013 04:05PM EDT

Tordy Lvl 22 Lore-master, Windfola

Arwynneth Lvl 33 Champion, Windfola

Opopa Lvl 11 Burglar, Laurelin

6 stolen mounts, new title should be horse rustlers! 

So good start to the day!

I checked in on Arwynneth and found out that she is busy in Lone Lands with lots to do…

She hacked and slashed giant spiders under Minas Eriol, cutting out eyes, burning bodies and collecting spider cocooned treasure! Blended smaller spidy brethen when encountered and quite speedily did the first part of Spider slayer deed. After finding her way out of this little spiders den and selling all junk collected in Forsaken Inn, she handed in quests at the Eglain Camp just North of Minas Eriol.

With 1 quest needed for 2nd part of Lonely path deed she went off to kill Nishruk the elite goblin leader. Arwynneth actually used her Elven stealth ability for the first time to avoid some gobs, it would have been quicker to slaughter em as she crept by them so slowly. Nishruk was no match for Arwynneth’s glorified wall of blades (deed also completed!) so returned to complete walk down that path that is lonely…only 1 final stretch of loneliness to go…

20TP in the bag…check store for total…402TP available…check sale for price of Evendim….476 needed…oh dear 54tp needed still. Er…4 more LOTRO sessions available: 2 almost guaranteed morning slots of 1-1.5 hour and 2 less likely late evening slots, wife and kid dependent!

Prospects:  Looking ok...

In fact I have so much going on in LOTRO at the moment it is a bit confusing. I have uncollected post, sales, crafting ongoing, Dyort is half way round a Rich Iron harvest, lost in East of Esteldin, Tsuhelm is crafting also in Esteldin, close to guild of woodworkers…but can probably move back to Bree for a while. Tordy is on AH duty in Bree and Waywnn is running around Bree wrapping up Men of Bree quests…and contributing to TP grind.

Opopa is in Michel Delving, collecting presents and now stealing horses…a right little burgler he is! I hope he is not spending too much in the Bird n Baby!

Luflaf AH duty, Llucyd is also Bree questing and deeding…TP grinding!

Tsuhhere is ALSO around Bree questing and deeding, new swords should help, as would better armour…TP grinding!

Hopefully there is nothing for me in the next LOTRO store sale as I would like to clean up a bit…this weekend is wrap up time and next week I would like to focus on just 1 or 2 chars…

Well lets see…

Fingers crossed for the waffle weekend from CStM…


‘The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath,

The drums will shake the castle wall, the ring wraiths ride in black, Ride on.’

The Battle of Evermore – Led Zeppelin