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LOTRO: Drum, Dum, Fun!

18 Jul

拉普山小種 #19

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)


Drum ’emote’ earnt by running the ‘Grand Stairs’

LOTRO Players poetry blog

Dgenxali presents Tolkien poetry 🙂

‘His pointy hat and long beard,
Smoking his pipe weed,
Riding his white steed,
He is loved by all, not feared’

Excerpt from ‘Olorin’ (Gandalf)

I suggested he start a podcast and ended up searching YOUTUBE for spoken work LOTR poetry…I ended up discovering a trove of Christopher Lee songs (some LOTR related):

The Tolkein Ensemble – Song of Gondor

The Magic Of The Wizard’s Dream


Bio Break hooks up with the dum gang on Landy and has fun!

Having fun is important especially in group play…the dums have always been good at it!


Raiding in MMO’s

Burro speaks his mind…

Raids, Instances, Dungeons, Group runs…bash bash, confusing maul….over. Where are the ‘fun’* instances.

*discussion on what is fun only complicates issue?



Wow a MOBA I would try…

…but I would watch a film version too, check out the trailer.

I would kinda like this if the strategies work!
‘Shadow of the Colossus’ esque, can you climb on your base…fight off attackers from your gigantic monster?



LOTRO: Wild Street Fighter Ork Bee Star Wit Sponge…

11 Jul

拉普山小種 #18

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)

ANCIENT GAMING NEWB does it again: New players coming to WOW

Read this quotation:

‘It isn’t that the genre doesn’t have a big enough audience, but that MMOs are like sponges.  They soak up players and hold onto them.’

So MMO’s R like moist sponges! (I love it!) Indeed you have to squash em really hard to get all the players out… makes sense…some players will stay even in the deadest of worlds…

I have yet to get 1 RW friend to play LOTRO my wife just laughs at me and walks away when I suggest she try…my best chance is to indoctrinate my sons but they are too young and it is unsure whether LOTRO will last into their mature gaming years…I am talking 10-20 years from now…what will MMO’s be like then? Will there be MMO’s then…? Scary thoughts…

It Bee a Tree wit Hides a Hive

‘To be or not to bee
Birds n bees
Bees n Trees!
Please! Please!’

Made me think that would be a great new hobby for LOTRO: bee keeping…farm honey for cooking, special bees in special places for honey infused with special effects…

Bee pets…

Now I am getting silly…er ok sillier…

Pet bees, killa bees… attack pet!

Stat upgrade for U14

lv100 equip stats? How does she do this?
Giseldah amazing job!


dates are not confirmed…

11 – 13 : Lootbox Weekend
18 – 20 : 25% Mark Acquisition Boost
22 – August 8 : Summer Festival
8-10 : Hobnanigans
15-17 : LootBox Weekend
22-24 : Buried Treasure
27 – September 1 : 100% Bonus XP
2 -16 : Farmer’s Faire
5-7 : Hobnanigans
16-24 : Bilbo’s Birthday
19 – 21 : Tale of the Shipwreck mariner
26-28 : Lootbox Weekend

Withy Spar Tournament

Kinship event on Withywindle server..this Sunday (July 13, 2014) gonna get a lv30 char and wife and family permitting go along to Weathertop to get beaten to a pulp! Oh 9am BA time…oh please let the wife n kids sleep extra long!

Nice link to a LOTRO comic not seen before: GREYHAMMER

Nice looks like painted LOTRO screenshots 🙂

Wanna fork an Ork OR hav a Ork on a fork on a tshirt?


U can: Andang – LOTRO PLAYERS attire here

Get better at Games?


I was dissapointed by this common sense article but did like this awesome comment:

‘I actually reckon the best games are where you are concious you are playing the programming and the programming is great.’

And really:

‘Back in the early days when I was an an avid Word of Warcraft player (this was before Blizzard killed their own game with the noxious Cataclysm expansion) it was common for players in dungeon groups to manually roll for dropped loot items via using the /roll command – The one who rolled the highest bumber won the loot. I remember constantly seeing people typing ‘/roll’ again and again, doing it multiple times prior to a boss fight.

The reason they did this was in order to “get all the bad rolls out of the way”. It was felt that rolling some low numbers in advance would ensure that a high number when it counted. I ended up doing the damned thing myself after a time… even though I knew it was completely daft.’

WOW players did this….! I mean: WOW! WOW players did this…!


I found this Guardian article, I really liked the ‘procedural content generation’ (PCG)


One of my all time favourite games is back…been blistering my fingers since 1991 (not of late sadly :()

‘Only time will tell what cracks lie beneath the surface. In the meantime, however, it’s impossible not to admire the elegance with which Capcom has tackled some complex systemic challenges, and the effect its solutions have had on the way the game feels.’

An old game that continues to grow and develop, not always in ways that were intended…now I wish TURBINE would do the same as CAPCON and let LOTRO evolve as well…

Getting a 9 from Edge and so wish I could find a good arcade to give it a proper bashing…


‘But the recent history of the MMOG is a story of games caught between audiences, brands and genres.’

Oh yes indeed that is where MMO are: you can also throw in billing methods to that cocktail…

‘Advanced play means chaining together ‘rotations’ – efficient runs of spells and abilities – while moving, dodging, watching your periphery and managing your resources.’

Sounds complicated, nice.

Overall an 8 was awarded…pretty good… not a 10 so will wait to see what time brings…or where LOTRO goes…

Game controller …er for LOTRO…brain whirring…

Tis not the suit that maketh the man, tis the joystick!

A LOTRO Forum post old and short…an AID (Alternative Input Device)

Kittykittyboomboom (where art thou? In rift by the looks of it!) from 2012 PS3 controller

I dream of a levitating sphere with full muscle resistance, complete body motion sensing and force feedback with direct visual cortex input and 360 degree sound but at the moment will settle for a gaming mouse with an extra button!

LOTRO: Swan Exploding Malphunksion & MORE!

24 Jun

拉普山小種 #17

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)


Healing the Masses 2 great blogs this week (er last week…recently?)

The Quest for Quests

Discussion on how we play MMO’s…leveling is it worth it? Group or Solo?

mamushka lotr

Links to links

a mamushka doll of gaming links

Linked to Braxwolf who has been playing with LEGO

which led me to listening to the LEGO movie song…

Yeah ‘Everything is Awesome’ in LOTRO too…(forgetting LI mistakes…)

Bow feathers

Wandering in Arda great costume with a bow with feathers…rather than the more normal arrows with feathers…

Rune Keeper

Very helpful guide to RK and giving me some ideas…

LOTRO PLAYERS NEWS – Swansploision!

episode 51 mention my Orc congrats comment I left on episode 50!

More importantly a great discussion of the LOTRO F2P  system…thought provoking…indeed I has so many thoughts I will be creating a blog post in the near future….


Sock it 2 me

U14 gonna introduce some new customizable equipment…ever seen pimp my ride?

Produktion Malphunktion

New Live producer better than a dead one I suppose! Really welcomed a producer starting a dialogue with the FORUM audience…risky…


LOTRO: Fork In 50…

13 Jun

拉普山小種 #16

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)(& Sci-Fi TV!!)


(pic nicked and kaleided from Warhammer Fantasy Miniatures Gallery Blog)


celebrating 50 years of service…er OK 50 episodes… and amazingly when Pineleaf read out my silly ORK poem was featured as the highlight of the year 🙂 🙂

‘The ork on my fork
suffering from lag
waving a flag
not quite niftily
‘Well done on fifty!’

Very chuffed I is.

Other comments I picked up:

Beorning start zone?

woods or zoo..does a boerning shit in the woods…?

Weatherstock is coming:

‘Begin at the forsaken inn
Four gins partake in…’

Still Alive Video

Andang picked this awesome video…demonstrating great use of the in game camera to film a short film.

OK a video with flares and John Travolta can be found here (until it is remade in LOTRO!)


Back to my RK this week and so the following was interesting


When your RK is hot keep him fiery:

Fire Rotations


Mojo – Missy Mojo has it

NBI initiative is over and Missy Mojo won Readers Choice Award.

No LOTRO  but this Norwegian has oodles of personality that carries over into her gaming blog. Good stuff, go and check it out.


Head Burro featured me this week (RP dead parrot found in GW2) so I will give him a nod as well 🙂

The Flow of Gaming is Mechanically Inclined to Babylon 5

A nice blog but featured here for its Babylon 5 clip…must see this show again…

The 1st good battle seen: Severed Dreams

The end always gets me:

Earth attack force: “Do not force us to engage your ship,”

Delenn coolly responds: “Why not? Only one human captain has ever survived battle with the Minbari fleet. He is behind me. You are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else.” 

The task force tucks tail and runs…’



LOTRO: LI’s And Dehumanization in Games

6 Jun

拉普山小種 #15

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)

Its been a month and a day since my last Lapsang Soushong…

I have been slow to get back into the LOTRO Forums but did read these gems:

Sex, LI’s and Digital Tape…er!

OK Legendary Items in LOTRO…er HATE em and hate em some more but they do serve a purpose in that they do function when built… on LOTRO Players made this great guide 🙂

Sullo helped me out by naming the Armour: ‘Tsu, that’s the the “Ceremonial Leijona Armour”, from the Lossoth in Forochel.’

I want some…



Not taking the human out of gaming! Lets put some personality into it! AI while your at it…or at least into the Quests and NPC’s…


World of Darkness…World of Chaos

The Ancient Gaming Newb catches a great story from the Guardian on WoD…how it became WoC…possibly because of management at CCP.

Me like acronyms…so some silly ideas for new  MMO’s:

WeE: you will wet yourself!

Wo!: Just stop!

WaK: hit it with a stick!

WiT : poor form of irony! Crafting system using words!

WiP: rawhide, western.

WaS: a truly retro MMO!

WiZ: an MMO based around wizards on rockets!

WiG: most MMO’s give you haircuts …but what about power infusing periwigs!

I’m sure the list is near endless…





LOTRO: Shakes Pears For Um Posts & Blo G’s!

24 Apr

拉普山小種 #14

Stuff about LOTRO

I am still celebrating Shakespheare’s 450 years so apologise for those that don’t like prose…

From the Blog-sphere:

‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.’
William Shakespeare, Henry IV


HeadBurro Antfarm discusses Legendary Weapons in GW2…why is it in my LOTRO stuff…find out!

Legendario is a fantastic RUM! It is aged for 7 years just like LOTRO.



”Come not between the dragon and his wrath.”
William Shakespeare, King Lear

GamingSF discusses DIFFICULTY

Defy Cult why?


For um’s!

‘We must not make a scarecrow of the law,       
 Setting it up to fear the birds of prey,    
 And let it keep one shape, till custom make it    
 Their perch and not their terror.’
William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

Dwarf Town in Bree a Pet project

ScaryCrow’s project needs picking up…but nothing to do with bringing pets to LOTRO (or trees for that matter!)


Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.’
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

SUGGESTIONS end up in Swift travel and VIP discussion

‘You have deceived our trust,
And made us doff our easy robes of peace,
To crush our old limbs in ungentle steel:
This is not well, my lord, this is not well.
What say you to it? will you again unknit
This curlish knot of all-abhorred war?’
William Shakespeare, Henry IV


26 pages of squishyness!


‘Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?’
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

ARROWS that stick in!

LOTRO has arrows that stick in targets …thats sounds good? Confirmation needed…I have now seen it …well they stick in me!


A final Point …To Win or not to win: just play the game!

‘All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you’

‘First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.’

‘What win I, if I gain the thing I seek?
A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy.
Who buys a minute’s mirth to wail a week?
Or sells eternity to get a toy?
For one sweet grape who will the vine destroy?
Or what fond beggar, but to touch the crown,
Would with the sceptre straight be strucken down?’
William Shakespeare, The Rape of Lucrece

LOTRO: 13 Lapsang Souchong Teas for Update 13!

15 Apr

拉普山小種 #13

Stuff about LOTRO



Well was last week and it may be Whiteberry doing the writing but I thought it very thought inducing.


Hard Ones

Games that is Casual Aggro has a great post about it.



Check out my thoughts here about playing with Rangers covered in Custard. Er…




Calculates your various stats…like it says on the box.

Emerald shards

are available from the skirmish vendor now. That should make someone happy…

First Age Symbols

And to replace it first age symbols are going to be nigh on impossible to get… Same somebody is not happy about…

I am sitting on the fence as should be rare but not hidden away completely…

And I agree with Yula the Mighty (who wouldn’t!) who says, ‘IIRC – The level cap goes to 100 in Update 14. All the level 95 gear will be junk when the level cap goes up. Not much point in getting a first age.’

Squishy RK?


‘In lightening spec, use your Fulgurite rune stone a lot. It draws agro, procs a slow on nearby foes, and stuns them shortly thereafter with a stun that isn’t broken by damage. For healing when specced lightening…If you invest a few points in the fire line, Self-Motivation will give you something like a 30% heal. With the right LI legacy, you can pop that heal every 30 seconds. The heal you get from sustenance isn’t really all that big, but it’s useful in that it can be used every 15 seconds. The thing to remember when using Sustaining Bolt, though, is to use it at the lowest attunement you can. Blowing full attunement for an extra few hundred morale is totally not worth it imo. In though fights, use Concession and Rebuttal quick. You get minus 4% damage for each orb that is active, it puts an slow on your target for 5 seconds after a stun with SW, a tier-three WoL debuff on your foes with a single WoL use, and it adds a really nasty DoT to EC. In a pinch, you can pop Steady Hands (at full attunement) and a bubble if you’re in between Self-Motivation heals. Try using some coffee consumables for run-speed bonuses. It can make kiting some mobs a lot easier.’



‘Check your virtues! Use only virtues that give mitigations and/or resistance (charity, compassion, fidelity, honour, innocence, zeal). Make sure your virtue levels are appropriate. I do not know the exact numbers but with lvl 50 and moria each virtue should have at least lvl6. Do not buy virtues in the store.’

Good stuff hope more advice comes soon as Tsukuld (RK lv45) will be heading off to Moria soon!




LOTRO: Fanboys, Poets and Raw Unmitigated OPP Crop Circle Fowl

3 Apr

拉普山小種 #12

Stuff about LOTRO


LOTRO PLAYERS NEWS ep40 Run Away Another Day

My blog post reviewing the show which was Brax’s pick of the week 🙂

I liked Andangs comment about neurons exploding all over the place…don’t worry folks even I thought this post was a bit too explosive thought wise…no less fun…but a very raw experience.

Fan boy, me..Ethelros…

Don't make me mad!

Don’t make me mad!

They asked for my RAW notes – must be nuts have a look at the bottom of the page (and that is cleaned a little!)

My POEM was read out and they laughed but I think a Pine-leaf poetry show would be cool…

DO they want us to SUB? 
Sullo has very good response…

And this week I found out that Turbine auto renews the subscription…have yet to explain to wifey the extra 3 months of VIP that I didn’t even want!


Mitigations change U13 Bullroarer thread 
The need to balance LOTRO discussion heats up…actually not fixing classes first before working on broad mechanics does sound a bit stupid.

Is the game harder in U13

Will be great if it does as a challenge is truly needed. Someone commented negatively about f2p – offended me!

p4 of discussion of the changes being made to try and do this…will it be enough…soon find out!

Over levelling Content
OPP…over powered players…

Crop Circles

Amazing picture…going to get farming and make my own. In the discussion I realised for first time that the same crop is used for all crops…how cheep of them…

April fowl…really I would have preferred bobble heads as GW2 got…


100acre wood…[I have no idea…]
Ethelros fanboy…

Sauff London
Great start ..this is gonna be fun
Draculleta fan club sign…DO IT! (not on Youtube ‘vid’…i wound back to check!)
Swift travel! Screenshots…yeah!
mixing LOTRO and real world FB…yeah only when it demonstrates OTT playing can be embarrassing! emotes to screenshots…who won?
VIP I dont count TP earnt as a VIP perk if I do not need to spend it!
VIP all skirmishes…
Pine leaf was wrong…
Positive fools
Suicide is painless.mash unit in LOTRO…NEW CLASS…

awesome notes!

rapid fire thoughts…

escort quests…
npc’s r stupid…AI AI AI.
Pine leaf ridiculous
old sally is crazy pain in arse…lalia and sara oakheart…pig n sheep in Shire…
Why an NPC is rescued and then wants to go back into mob camp for whatever is a pain…
Escort quests…ever done a good one? Off top of head I had some great ones in Battle Zone II (RTS/ACTION) – got to be hard but not impossible and AI must make sure NPC is not stupid!

How about the NPC actually protect u…rescue an NPC and work together to take on bigger prey and add more npcs to build up a fake fellowship…would have to be solo only!
NPC follows behind and gives further quests…not really at risk…
multiple bills … kill bills…
mental stimulation…

baby sitting…
Grim reaper in LOTRO…?

AI coding…in LOTRO!

Tsuicidal…some of the solo quests are much easier with different classes…


And why do they go back and get stuck again…even if u cannot do them again… no way to hide them once quest done…

Run away to live to run away another day!
Making fun of your hands or fans…

Build that Community 🙂


Poetry Spin off show? Indeed Pineleaf poetry show!

Congrats on 40!



LOTRO: Lucky Eleven Pets LOTRO PLAYERS In The Dungeon, Its A Keeper!

28 Mar

拉普山小種 #11

Stuff about LOTRO



I listned to and then wrote a review for the LP NEWS I was fascinated by U13 Bullroarer 3 NOTES: Swift travel to Trollshaws…oh Yeah! Also good article on Does TURBINE want us to SUB?

LP also linked to MMO Reporter VIDEO of U13 stuff, also covered by MASSIVELY

Bring on the NON COMBAT Pets I say

‘Cosmetic pets? It’s about time! Turbine said that it’s keeping it small at first to see how the tech handles it and to gauge player reaction. All three of the pets are quest rewards; none of them can be purchased in the store.’



I could find nothing written about these new suggestions…weird…only an old thread dismissing the idea!


LI’s – Do they make you HAPPY?

That old Legendary Item thread was added to

and for something completely different:


Not the new class in LOTRO methinks!

Not the new class in LOTRO methinks!

Android version…now this is F2P gone wrong!

Missed this off my top 15 games: Dungeon Keeper…appropriate link ‘How the Hell did I get here? post’

Smack those imps…sequel had you torturing your dark mistresses – they enjoyed it!


26 Mar

拉普山小種 #10

Stuff about LOTRO


My first ‘Family’ Newsletter was an eyeopener…it starts:

‘More crap talked than a room full of Samuel L. Jacksons on a Monday in Prison! It’s the Not-so ‘family-friendly’ Friday Fearless Family Flyer!’

After I finished laughing I read through the ‘crap’, nice job…my second was a bit more mundane 🙂 Not only are they busy and friendly, they are also FUN. Family website


Highlights from LOTRO PLAYERS NEWS ep38 : we were wrong

Pine-leaf logic… hand bags…huge bags…old bags…6 bags…3 bags…full…Trollshaws orcs at night…normalized…Swift travel NOT added!

Not heard ep 39 yet… 😦

Update 13 on April 14

LOTRO SCREEN SHOT COMP on FB, 500TP up for grabs…



FORUM post by Sapience


Massively have written about the new class  and Re: Ranger Jealouspirate commented here :

‘Actually, Hunter was made specifically to fulfill the LotR “Ranger” archetype. It was only named Hunter instead of Ranger because Rangers in LotR are so rare and powerful that wouldn’t have made sense to have thousands of them running around.’

Agree so much!

And the forum new class discussion, page 23 now, reduced itself to silly jokes about the new hairdresser class…I was above all of this jappery …standing head and shoulder above the crowd…OK maybe I wasn’t!

AND FINALLY we needed a poem so I found one…

Oliphaunt: by Samwise Gamgee

‘Grey as a mouse
Big as a house
Nose like a snake
I make the earth shake
As I tramp through the grass
Trees crack as I pass
With horns in my mouth
I walk in the South
Flapping big ears
Beyond count of years
I stump round and round
Never lie on the ground
Not even to die
Oliphaunt am I
Biggest of all
Huge, old, and tall
If ever you’d met me
You wouldn’t forget me
If you never do
You won’t think I’m true
But old Oliphaunt am I
And I never lie’