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LOTRO: Merry Pippins Found In Rohan!

21 Jul


Tsukuld had a productive morning in ROHAN… a16.2

After waiting 20 mins while my wife’s computer loaded the newest version…LOTRO 16.2 has arrived 🙂 There are cosmetic weapons to be had…at last! But first wrapping up Entwash was the priority. And that required me to climb on Tsukuld’s little war pony… it has been ages since he had done this and he was a little clumsy to begin with… in retrospect may have been easier on foot as I don’t think any of the horse thieves were actually mounted!

Horses protected, I lost 2 I think… them orcs will be making salami tonight. (Did you know some authentic salami is made from/includes horsemeat?)


I was caught slightly unprepared for the 85 ding! A shame and Book 11 forward done as well… I must clear up some of these EPIC quests as they are starting to fill up my quest tracker…ScreenShot00056

So another trait point earnt… Entwash Vale completed…

I ended up handing in TASKS and deconstructing LI’s… always tedious…

But LOTRO is fun at the moment, I am starting to get my hunger back…

I think I will go out for some Pizza for lunch to celebrate with, maybe with salami on top!

LOTRO: The Malaysian LOTRO gamer Update 16!

19 May

malaysian LOTRO gamer

The Malaysian Gamer is back with this awesome quick yet deep personal opinion ‘review’ of LOTRO Update 16: Ashes of Osgiliath. READ IT NOW 🙂 I found in inspiring 🙂

Got some nice vids too: here he is soloing a Mumak:

LOTRO: Ashes Of Osgiliath is NOW AVAILABLE!

5 May


The loader has now been updated to tell you that the UPDATE 16: Ashes to Osgiliath is: NOW AVAILABLE…

LOTRO: Osgiliath Open!

4 May


According to FB all WORLDS are open…

I cannot affirm that as I am stuck at work…

Have fun all those that can 🙂

LOTRO: U16 Ashes to Osgiliath…Patching!

4 May

its here

Well the Notes are:

LOTRO: U16 waiting almost over…

4 May


Its almost here…

Notes will be out later…

While you are waiting go and play STREETFIGHTER ONLINE hosted by the GUARDIAN newspaper! (but not on twitter!)

And after work, home to download updates…

LOTRO: Ashes to Ashes of Osgiliath!

2 May

ashes to osgiliath 2

´Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
We know Major Tom’s a junkie
Strung out in heaven’s high
Hitting an all-time low´

2 days to go and the quality of promotional artwork is questionable…but I will give them this they are at least doing some! Better late than never…
´My mama said, “To get things done
You’d better not mess with Major Tom.´

David Bowie – ´Ashes to Ashes´


LOTRO: From the ashes it will RISE again…we hopes!

1 May


Well with 3 days to go TURBINE have updated the loading page with some promotional art for Ashes of Osgiliath (BELOW)… Update 16 is almost here…


LOTRO: On course for collision of oliphaunt dimensions!

30 Apr

Oliphaunt on collision course2


LOTRO: Devs may go forth and diary!

30 Apr


U16 is almost here and dev diaries have been released: