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LOTRO: Bear Necessities

13 Jul

bare neccesities

Tsudryt on Landy has found a new daily grind to drag out for as long as possible…wolf slaying in Trollshaws. To spice life up he can also do a daily bear and worm hunt…

Its a jungle out there:

‘Baloo: Now look little britches all you have to do is Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities Old Mother Nature’s recipes That brings the bare necessities of life Wherever I wander, wherever I roam You know I couldn’t be fonder of my big home The bees are buzzin’ in the tree To make some honey just for me When you look under the rocks and plants And take a glance at the fancy ants Then maybe try a few [Speech] Mowgli: Hey Baloo do you eat ants. Baloo: Oh you better believe it little britches And you’re going to love the way they tickle Hey baggy you hungry Bagheera: Mowgli look out. Ensemble: The bare necessities of life will come to you Mowgli: But when. Baloo: They’ll come to you! Ensemble: Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Baloo: Forget about your worries and your strife Ensemble: I mean the bare necessities That’s why a bear can rest at ease Baloo: With just the bare necessities of life Baloo: Now when you pick a pawpaw Or a prickly pear Mowgli: Ow Baloo: And when you prick a raw paw Well next time beware Ensemble: Don’t pick the prickly pear by the paw When you pick a pear Try to use the claw Baloo: But you don’t need to use the claw When you pick a pear of the big pawpaw Have I given you a clue? [speech] Mowgli: Golly gee thanks Baloo. Bagheera: Pawpaw ha of all the silly gibberish. Baloo: Come on baggy get with the beat. Ensemble: The bare necessities of life will come to you.! Mowgli: They’ll come to me. Baloo: They’ll come to you! [Speech] Baloo: Hey Mowgli How ‘about scratching’that old left shoulder while you’re up there, Mowgli?

Now just a hair lower. There, right there. That’s it. Ahh..

This is beautiful. That’s very good. Kid, now we’ve got to get to a tree, this calls for some big scratch! Mowgli: Gee You’re lots of fun, Baloo!

Baloo: Right on it

Yes! That’s delicious! Oh, ooo! Just a little bit more-

Mmm. yes. ha-ha. ooo. Mm. Mmm. ha-ha. ooo. yes! Oh man, this is really living’. Baloo: So just try and relax,in my backyard Because if you act like that bee acts,You’re workin too hard. And don’t spend your time just lookin’ around For something you want that can’t be found When you find out you can live without it And go along not thinkin’ about it I’ll tell you somethin true

Ensemble: The bare necessities of life will come to you Baloo: They’ll come to you! [Speech] Bagheera: Ahh. I give up. Well I hope his luck really holds out. Ensemble: The bare necessities of life will come to you. [Speech] Baloo: Hey Mowgli, how ‘about you start singing with me? Ensemble: Look for the bare necessities, The simple bare necessities Baloo: Forget about your worries and your strife [Speech] Mowgli: Yeah, man! Ensemble: I mean the bare necessities, That’s why a bear can rest at ease Baloo: With just the bare necessities of life Baloo: Yeah Ensemble: With just the bare necessities of life Mowgli: Yeah, man!’


LOTRO: Misdeeds Mountains, 12!

16 Mar

Tsukuld continued the wrap up of misdeeds in the Misty Mountains


Small creatures in Misty Mountains…

Giants in the Giant Halls were hunted down, slightly confusing at times but Giants are hard to miss!


Like a puppet on a string!


Dead giant…

Then it was time for bears, back and forth between Lornstone, to Giants Needle to Southern part of Iorbar was wandered over again and again.


Amazing what length you will go to to scratch an itchy arse…


Bear in the air!


Bear angle…


Getting under the skin…literally!


My wife always complains that I miss her head of photos as well!


Then it was time for trolling…Imlad Norm was run again and again.


New sport, flaming ball chasing!


Its my ball!


U dropped your flaming ball!


Dead Troll!

And finally worms in the Writhenbores area, in one entrance, down and around and out the other entrance. Walk back to 1st entrance, killing yet more worms and repeat.


Dead worm (dragon)!

So deathtoll for this slaughterous weekend were 100+ Giants , 200+ Bears 240+ Trolls, and 240+ Worms… without any deed boosts… was tedious at times but job is now done…

I woke up late this morning, alarm was set for 5 not 4! So had little time to slay wargs, I did get the last locations for the Forbidding Heights Deed, including the Starkath warg area, but the wargs were thin on the ground, I would prefer to wrap them up at Caldwell Pool

Next Goblin Town exploration and Bilbo’s Buttons deeds…


LOTRO: Who let the BEARS out?

7 Nov

LOTRO UPDATE 15 has arrived and a few had some difficulties updating but other than that nothing has really changed…

I have had minimal LOTRO time this week, enough for hobbit presents basically so here is some YOUTUBE video madness…of course being UPDATE 15 themed all featuring bears…

MUSE uprising – the bears r coming!

Hopefully the Beornings do not cause too much damage…

Jungle Book – The Bare Necessities – Balu the bear

Beorning gear is hot stuff in game…

Legendary Kung Fu fighter

So WOW is not the only games with bear action! Beorning legendaries…(TURBINE please fix LI’s soon!)

Kon from Bleach

We need some funny LOTRO beorning moments please…


I dont play SWTOR they have bears as well?

Tetsuo’s Nightmare…AKIRA

Lets hope LOTRO does not become a nightmare to play!

LOTRO: Ursa Major

5 Nov

Ursa major

So its the 5th of November…I remembered…

Bonfire Night in Britain…fireworks and burning effigies of Guy Fawkes

UPDATE 15 has arrived and finally an in game pic from TURBINE


Uninspiring to the max 😦

Installation hic-ups aside, and there have been few of those of late thankfully, tonight in this land far away from incendiary madness, I hope to be able to enjoy an updated LOTRO. I am looking forward to the patch notes and am hoping for some updates that will better my LOTRO experience…of late I find my time in game less and less enjoyable…I have simply lost the ‘fire’…


Boo! -Tsuhelm having some fun on Windfola…not cashing in tokens!

The Fall festival ended with none of my characters bothering to cash in the fall tokens…

Tsukuld my RK is waiting to experience Mirkwood…

I have a cappy and hunter about to start dwarf bandit butchery in the port of Kheledûl…(TP run for Tsukuld…)

So I wont be getting a beorning just yet…1000Tp needed.

Ursa major will just have to wait until I have finished playing my RK…

But I did learn 1 fact today that may actually be useful in RW:


How to find the north star…by following the line that bisects Ursa major, and ergo how to identify the Ursa minor constellation; The North star is the end of the handle of the little pan…er little bear!

LOTRO: The Bear & Croc!

4 Nov

bear n croc

Go and celebrate the Beorning arrival in style at The Crocodile, SEATTLE, November 5Bear’s Den will be playing…there should be fireworks of the musical kind 🙂

Have a listen:

Stubborn Beast


Bad Blood

Enjoy…U15 just a day away…

LOTRO: Update 15 Bearing Up!

29 Oct

hofmeister LOTRO

Hoffmeister was a LAGER (beer) I remember from my youth, advertising obviously does work as I can’t remember ever drinking any…I doubt it is still on sale.

Well Update 15 will be arriving next week…on November the 5th of all dates to pick, being British I will not forget:

The Fifth of November

‘Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!’

(You may have encountered this rhyme in V for Vendetta!)

Guy Fawkes actually came from my home town, YORK!

So we can look forward to :

banner-720x156oh Oops that’s the ‘The 15th Annual Geriatrics and Long-Term Care Update will take place on Friday, September 12 through Sunday, September 14 at the Reynolds Center on Aging on the campus of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences’

We missed it!

No just pulling your leg…

Just realized that there is no graphic released for the LOTRO UPDATE yet!

Nothing in the update is really exciting me but we do get a new race/class to play 🙂


So you better get used to using these phrases( all used in Hofmeister advertising :))

Follow the bear
For great lager follow the bear
I’ve got a bear behind
Ive got the bear essentials
Im bear all over
Bearing Up
Grin and Bear it
Get your bearings
Bear Power
I went 3 rounds with the bear
Cant bear to go home

AND to keep the bear flavour going (I would love to be keeping the beer flowing at this moment!):

Bear necessities…

‘Look for the beorning necessities
The simple beorning necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the beorning necessities
Old Mother Nature’s recipes
That brings the beorning necessities of life’

Baloo’s song from the original Jungle Book

FINALLY a silly poem…please bear with me:

A Beorning is not simply a bare bear
Don’t be yawning, its not boring
Being a beorning in Update 15
Life as a care bear or a were bear
Or simply Winnie the Poo bear
Don’t be grizzly, or go polar…
Go down under for a cola with a Koala
To be or ning is the question…
In the beginning your own pit to play in
At the end a whole middle earth to quest in.
Go wild little beorning, fly be free
Gather your bear necessities
Go anthropomorphic and drink tea
Ursine wonders lately introduced
Unlikely to WOW with kung fu panda thrills
Three trees of skills to be loosed
At present it’s a bear market for LOTRO…
But everyone will love your new teddy
Let out a huge bellow
Don’t be a bugbear like Yogi, leave peoples picnic baskets alone…
Bear hugs all round…
Here’s hoping update 15 will astound…

LOTRO: Bear With Hairy Feet

18 Feb

Don’t worry I am not bare and showing off my hairy feet!

(NOTE: I do not have hobbity hairy feet! I digress which is quite normal for me…)

lick my hairy feet

Don’t lick my hairy feet!

A detail above from an amazing outfit (BELOW) created by The Starry Mantle who has just re-tagged the whole of the blog to enable us to find some of the many many amazing costume posts therein contained.


This is a huge huge job (one I keep putting off myself and that why my tags and categories are a wee bit of a disaster…) and what a job has been done…now if you fancy finding something furry you can just select fur. Which is how I found this fantastically cute hobbit/bear!


Which bed should I sleep on…I must be baby bear!


How many bears can you count?

I tried again searching for something scouty! and even the results are presented nicely…look at this great detail used to entice me in to looking at the full blog 🙂 I did and I want that mask!


So Cosmetic junky or not give the The Starry Mantle a visit, there are some great, great, GREAT LOTRO shots there 🙂