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LOTRO:More Doors Opening…

25 Jul


Good news from TURBINE (not as oxymoronic as I thought!): Its official LOTRO is going to MORDOR, the land of shadow!

NAKT was the first to bring it to my attention 🙂 : https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/5185802/posts/1095437140

SO I jumped over to LOTRO PLAYERS to confirm: http://lotroplayers.com/2016/07/22/turbine-planning-something-big-for-mordor/


Good news wakes me from my LOTRO snooze…

I dug up my old Mordor Brewery idea and decided that they would would like to celebrate by whipping the slaves of Núrn into overproduction of the finest special edition beer ever fermented in a MMO – I do wish they would do more brewing in LOTRO! So here it is:

SORT PORT (Danish translates to Black Gate)

The Darkest Stoutest pint ever conceived of, so dark that it glows blackly in the shadows.

Ingredients: Mount Doom roasted barley and volcanic rock flaked barley, and so pale a malt, it’s almost ghostly, complete the mash. Common yeast and the most pungent hops round off the brew. Additionally some of the unfermented wort is soured in the sulfurous doomy airs to be forced back into the beer just before bottling, carbonation was found not to be needed, it has a peculiar chemical perculation or its own!

This really is a pint where we can say it is, ‘Warts and All!’

Something BIG is coming …Hurray for LOTRO and oh my I must get busy…my highest leveled Char is Tsukuld my lv85 RK!




LOTRO: 2 Liebster again!

5 Aug


Haffle from Level Up Haffle (formally the Malaysian Gamer blog) has liebered me …it’s no hassle so I’ll hustle some answers!

Tsuhelm/TsuEveCreative, quirky, fun and entertaining with everything Lotro and Eve, Tsu’s brilliant mind will be suited for this!’

WOW if I ever write a book I want that on the cover! THX 🙂

The Questions

How did you get into blogging?

I had tried to blog at its height when I was out travelling: 2 years Spain, Europe tour and then South America. But I was uninspired and soon stopped. After settling down in Argentina, bored at work, I had just started to get into LOTRO big time, I decided to start a gaming blog, this time I simply couldn’t get the dammed top back on and my madness has been pouring out ever since… surely a mismanagement of time at work but I do not regret a single word blogged!

Describe yourself using a song…

FIRESTARTER – Prodigy…all punky and spiky on the outside but inside am just a big old soft pop kinda guy!

Favourite video game character and why.

Oh this is gonna be a tough one, historically would be Sonic cos it was the first ever gaming character that caught my imagination in game and without!

What was the first video game you played?

Probably space invaders…

My top 15 games, chronologically ordered: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/lotro-how-the-hell-did-i-get-here/

Favorite snack while gaming?

Beer…or whiskey… not really a snacker more of a glugger!

If there was one video game out there that you’d like to see made into a movie (that isn’t already a movie or in production), what would it be and why?

Vagrant Story cos I just want to see more of the twisted world of Valendia, and if they made a movie they may even make another game!!!

Describe your perfect holiday.

Beach, waves, surf, beer, frisbee, happy kids n wife, good food, good weather (but not so good that it removes the waves!) and friends. FUN! Maybe a good book or some portable gaming. Throw in a great pub and a pool table, a swimming pool and I am pretty much in heaven.

Beer, wine, liquor or alcohol free?

Beer (although I have cut back to only on special occasions), so nowadays its wine, wine, and wine. I do have rather good taste in cocktails too… I find nothing wrong in drinking a well-crafted cosmopolitan! Oh and a nice single malt is a luxury I rather like from time to time, the closest I can afford in Argentina is a glass of JD every so often!

If you could work at a game company/developer of your choice, which would it be and why?

SEGA or SQUARE … cos I am not WORTHY! I would be a willing door mat for them!

What was in your opinion, the worst video game you’ve ever played?

Too many to list, way too many!

Kindle or books?

BOOKS! Pages were invented for turning…My fav books post

Ikeas Bookbook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOXQo7nURs0

The wrap…

If you think you are suffering from deja-vu you are not:


OK Haffle I am not gonna pass around the liebstick but as you are now going to be blogging about your other gaming interests as well, how about sharing your TOP ALL-TIME 15 GAMES… I wonder if it resurrects this old doozy!

LOTRO: Middle Earth Beer Festival 2015

4 Jun

OK its not in LOTRO….


Would kill for a pint of this…


I would kill for a pint of any of these..

Middle Earth Beer Festival 2015

Thursday 11th June to Sunday 14th June 2015

Hurst Green Village Hall, Ribble Valley, Lancashire,

England, Great Britain.

LOTRO: LPN and Beer Brains!

6 May


LOTRO PLAYER NEWS will soon have its 100th episode! The new hosts have settled in well and a very good fun dynamic has now developed. Go listen to them having fun…


Episode 95 led to a comment from myself which was commented upon in episode 96 which I have since commented upon again…leading to this posting…TSU is never one to simplify life!

IN ep95 Pineleaf suggested that Orks were to blame for the deforestation of Mirkwood…

I blame TURBINE myself for not growing enough trees in the first place…

Pineleaf suggested:
‘That orks chopped trees.’
Ork on a Fork in denial,
Pines and leaves…

I gave the team all a beer (see below) but this led to confusion, really from me…HA HA!

Beer name explanations fit inducing?

Tsu word play is odd I must admit
Beer names explained would induce a fit
Don’t search for sense in senselessness
Don’t seek inebriation in normalness
But merriment and enlightenment
Can be found in Lotro Player a’news’ment…


Useful links:



Arathaert Ale

Like an arrow to the heart: powerful brew.

Ara                         = arrow

Heart                     = heart 🙂

Karvett Stout

Pour this beer on your collar: a truly distinctive beer

Karvatt                 = cravat (forerunner of the modern tie, a band of material wrapped around the neck)

= caveat – ‘a warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations.’

Maven Beer

A hearty beer that hits one in the stomach quite expertly

Maven                  = maven (MAY-vin), from Yiddish, means a super-enthusiastic expert/fan/connoisseur.

Mave                    = stomach in Danish…

Teriadwyn Ale

A pale ale which requires bravery to drink

Wyn Derived from Welsh ‘gwyn’ meaning “blessed, white, fair”.

And closest Welsh name I could find: Terrwyn means brave.

Pineleaf Lager

Piney with a fresh yet sharp hint of forest that prickles the tongue.

Pine                       = piney, associate with forest… pine leaves in a drink would tickle the tongue…

Andang Ale

A red ale, almost flaming beer, with a spicy finish.

Andang I think from CSTM where it was explained that it was Malay for flame… and spicy is just indicative of burn induced…finish is ‘Finish’ The sense and perception of the beer after swallowing.

Lilikate Lager

A beer with melodic mix of italian grappa and london gin overtones, and a tricky tinki hidden in the background.

Melodic                = she likes her music, Italian and London flavours due to her links to Italy and GB, and of course where does tinki come from…


Drac elA

A bloody punch in the face of a beer

Ela                          = ale reversed and

Drac’e’la              = drac’u’la ,

Braxwolf Porter

A dark ale which imparts the beneficial qualities of the hair of the wolf that bit you the night before, before making you run off to howl at the moon!

Hair of the dog is a hangover remedy where the guilty party(beer) is imbued again to remove after effects of too much consumption the night before…oh and wolves howl at moons!

Ethelros Ale

A brainy beer from Wales, not a pale imitation. Made from coals in da valleys!

Brains is a popular beer in Wales, sponsors the Walsh Rugby team. Coal industry was once a mainstay in the valleys of Wales! Made from Coals in da valleys is a play on ‘Made from girders by Barrs’ for Iron Bru, a Scottish soft drink!


Tsu Ale

A complex dark ale, hoppy and cloying yet zesty!

Cloying A beer with a sticky or sickly sweet character that is not balanced. Often associated with too much malt or not enough hops to balance

Hoppy Having the character of hops. It can refer to high hop aroma, flavor and bitterness. Hop aromas can range from flowery to fruity, to herbal, but aromas should be clean and fragrant. Hop Flavors have a wide range as well. Bitterness should be clear, clean and sharp

Zesty A beer with noticeable active carbonation.

Complex A beer that gives a perception of being multi-layered in terms of flavors and aromas.

Basically TSU is sticky(cant get rid of easily), hoppy (all over the place), zesty (full of life) and complex (yeah it will mess wit ya heads it will!)

Tsu’s previous beer posts





18 Feb

Tsuhelm is on his hols 🙂

He is not but would like to be in Cádiz!


Cádiz is a city and port in southwestern Spain. It is the capital of Cádiz province, one of eight which make up the autonomous community of Andalusia. Cádiz, the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain and one of the oldest in western Europe, has been a principal home port of the Spanish Navy since the accession of the Spanish Bourbons in the 18th century. The city is a member of the Most Ancient European Towns Network. It is also the site of the University of Cádiz.


(Relaxed so much I failed to post this before but hey will post it now anyway!)

My dream home, and the place I spent 6 months while I ‘studied’ Spanish…well I spoke better Spanish then than I do now after living over 5 years in Argentina!

I spent most of my time on one place, in all weather conditions, and it wasn’t a bar, or tapas spot of which there are many (more later) and it wasn’t my bed in which I spent many an hour recovering from the excesses derived in the latter…but it was simply the La Playa de Santa María del Mar.

Where I learnt to bodysurf, I spent as much time as possible here in the waves, in fact when the sea was still I got melancholic! I also did quite a bit of throwing frisbee, beer drinking & socializing. I did very little Spanish practice…

My day would begin hungover (recaca), I would have my first coffee and tortilla in the bus station cafe before catching the bus around the peninsula to La Playa de Santa María, craning my neck around to the first views of the Atlantic to see if the sea was going to provide waves today! I would continue either way, I could always throw my Frisbee into the wind and surely at some point find company there. But with waves crashing my excitement would build until I had shod-off my clothing and was ‘fluorescent’ short attired again and plunging into the waves, dodging (board) surfers and again trying to collect the waves that would propel me onto the beach again…hopefully missing the submerged rocks…came a cropper a few times…nothing major. But the addiction of ‘water flying’ had bitten deeply and as soon as one wave was ridden I would be out again. I swam for hours… I would pause to rest, grab some water, check my belongings on the beach, or see if any friends had turned up, we had a small group of casual body surfers that gathered in the same spot most days…although I think I was the most stupid that was undettered by bigger waves even in bad weather!

After a long day swimming (and frisbeeing) I would generally end up in the small bar on the road above the beach for an ice cold Heineken, a break from the delicious Cruz-campo which is the local beer, watching the sun set. Then back to flat to rest, grab some food and head out again. At the time Woodstock was my fallback drinking den, I knew the staff and the locals, indeed when no waves I would normally commiserate here by doodling the day away… Nahu, Bar Cuba and/or any bar/tapas joint open depending on who was out and about that night. I rag tag loose group of expats, students and locals… flamenco, good eats and fun all readily available… mix in Football games (Spain won the European Championships that year) and Cádiz CF are probably the ‘pro’ team I have seen play live more than any other…

Best tapas place: Casa Manteca

Best food: I recommend getting the little ferry (you can also take a train!) to El Puerto de Santa Maria and just in front of the ferry is a split fried fish restaurant, one side is for shellfish and the other for fish fish! All are simply delicious, washed down with beer or wine and for the full ‘fish & chips’ effect get some papas fritas!

You can also get over to Sevilla quite easily, more than worth a couple of days.

Overall an amazing place to vacation, pity I am not there…because its CARNAVAL NOW!


LOTRO: Tsu’s Yule Festival Guide

13 Jan


Just in time I have managed to find time to put together my YULE GUIDE! OK it is the last day but I will eat Tsukuld’s virtual hat if the 2015 Yule guide is much changed from this one…

So in the beginning you need to get to Frostbluff (Winter Home or as I call it, winter wonderland!), you can use the stable (seasonal only) in Bree, Thorins Hall or Michel Delving or use a Yule festival travel scroll. Once there you need to do the introductory quest which is very straight forward. The Yule Celebration of Winter-Home

Now you are ready to do the Yule festivities: to earn TP to BARTER for rewards and/or to earn XP to level characters…

This year Tsukuld was the only one who did most of the quests each day, my other alts on Withy also did the minimun required to get the daily sack of presents… I also did this super fast on Tsuhelm on Windfola, Tsudyrt on Landy and Opopa on Laury.


Each Day Mara Sandydowns will give out a Sack of Presents (also 2 tokens and some XP :)) The Quest is automatically granted when you enter Winter Wonderland, or upon login if you are there already! This year there were some great gifts, although I mainly won Marks. I was hoping for a Hobby Horse…I didn’t get one this year 😦



Run to Basil Wyndham (sitting down on steps in main party area)…run up steps until end and turn right to find big oven and 3 large wooden kegs of beer, get close and click on a keg to pick it up…run back the way you came but check in case a WATCHER is there (or approaching) other wise run to the messy table and jump up and over the wall to the left to land facing the drunk on top of a keg who is needing a refill, DONE…run back to Basil to complete the quest and be rewarded with XP and 4 tokens, now run back to Mara Sandydowns (hobbit in festive red near the bonfire at the northern entrance)



And some diverse Keg running shots:

ScreenShot00009 ScreenShot00084 ScreenShot00094 ScreenShot00096 ScreenShot00100 ScreenShot00104 ScreenShot00105 ScreenShot00107 ScreenShot00108


Opopa forget to deliver the keg of beer…or did he?


FIREWORKS is the next quickest quest to do, when I have done the keg run but for whatever reason missed the daily present I relogged and did this. Gareth Rust sends you off to distract wealthy party goers with fireworks so you can pick their pockets…oddly not very YULE!

ScreenShot00067 ScreenShot00068

MOVING ON BEGGARS is also quite heart wrenching but quite quick to do, basically after talking to Guard Kember you must tell the Beggars to ‘Move on’…

ScreenShot00065 ScreenShot00064 ScreenShot00087 ScreenShot00062 ScreenShot00063

TIDYING UP is also fairly simple, you have to tidy up the mess that the eating contest is creating; DIRTY DISHES, LIQUID SPILLS, and REEKING GARBAGE, 3 of each can be found at, on or around each TABLE, Basil (of KEG fame) is responsible for this task.

ScreenShot00074 ScreenShot00076

The final relatively quick quest is the EATING CHALLANGE(s), but it can be frustrating, even waiting for the restart cooldown can be too much at times! Ona Kay will tell you to start and you get to eat 5 items from the table, each item takes a different time to eat. Berries fast, Mushrooms slightly less fast and Eggs manageable, avoid bread and pies…and grab the mystery drink when you can…after completing a table collect reward BUT dont stop YET! Jump on a mount to the next table and you get to do it again and again and again and AGAIN! 5 tables to be consumed…Do not be surprised if status effects start to blur the monitor as there is a downside to such binge eating. Tsukuld found that table 2 sometimes didn’t refresh with fast foods but other than that this was a good way of getting quite a lot of tokens 🙂


Tsukuld is still pretty new to Theater life and only managed to join in once, but if you have friends and an active kinship can be a very good yule quest to do.




The rest of the Yule quests all fit in quite nicely together:

Next to Basil is Mabel, she offers 2 quests; one Stuffing the Stuffed, which requires you to make Bread (next to Kegs), pick up Eggs (er from chickens!), Pick Berries and Mushrooms;

ScreenShot00078 ScreenShot00130 ScreenShot00142 ScreenShot00146

…and the other is Unwilling Firewood where you kill grumpy wood trolls for firewood!


On the way you can build a snowman, there are 5 different types to build, each requiring various items to be found. The broken snowman needs just a piece of coal (next to the kegs) and some sticks (near snowmen).

ScreenShot00090ScreenShot00037 mitt dest

Daley Utteridge, close to Mr Mischief(Gareth Rust), sends you out Cold as Ice, to kill 4 Wintery Weather elementals… look VERY similar to the cosmetic pet GRIMS…


Guard Kembar not only doesn’t like Beggars but he also has a thing about annoying Abominable Snowmen…so you get to wake up (by cheering!) and move on yetis as well! I realized near the end of the festival that you can mash the cheer and complete the quest straight away!



 Snowball fight: Not done as yet!





LOTRO: Update 15 Bearing Up!

29 Oct

hofmeister LOTRO

Hoffmeister was a LAGER (beer) I remember from my youth, advertising obviously does work as I can’t remember ever drinking any…I doubt it is still on sale.

Well Update 15 will be arriving next week…on November the 5th of all dates to pick, being British I will not forget:

The Fifth of November

‘Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!’

(You may have encountered this rhyme in V for Vendetta!)

Guy Fawkes actually came from my home town, YORK!

So we can look forward to :

banner-720x156oh Oops that’s the ‘The 15th Annual Geriatrics and Long-Term Care Update will take place on Friday, September 12 through Sunday, September 14 at the Reynolds Center on Aging on the campus of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences’

We missed it!

No just pulling your leg…

Just realized that there is no graphic released for the LOTRO UPDATE yet!

Nothing in the update is really exciting me but we do get a new race/class to play 🙂


So you better get used to using these phrases( all used in Hofmeister advertising :))

Follow the bear
For great lager follow the bear
I’ve got a bear behind
Ive got the bear essentials
Im bear all over
Bearing Up
Grin and Bear it
Get your bearings
Bear Power
I went 3 rounds with the bear
Cant bear to go home

AND to keep the bear flavour going (I would love to be keeping the beer flowing at this moment!):

Bear necessities…

‘Look for the beorning necessities
The simple beorning necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the beorning necessities
Old Mother Nature’s recipes
That brings the beorning necessities of life’

Baloo’s song from the original Jungle Book

FINALLY a silly poem…please bear with me:

A Beorning is not simply a bare bear
Don’t be yawning, its not boring
Being a beorning in Update 15
Life as a care bear or a were bear
Or simply Winnie the Poo bear
Don’t be grizzly, or go polar…
Go down under for a cola with a Koala
To be or ning is the question…
In the beginning your own pit to play in
At the end a whole middle earth to quest in.
Go wild little beorning, fly be free
Gather your bear necessities
Go anthropomorphic and drink tea
Ursine wonders lately introduced
Unlikely to WOW with kung fu panda thrills
Three trees of skills to be loosed
At present it’s a bear market for LOTRO…
But everyone will love your new teddy
Let out a huge bellow
Don’t be a bugbear like Yogi, leave peoples picnic baskets alone…
Bear hugs all round…
Here’s hoping update 15 will astound…


5 Aug


Driving me to drink…



LOTRO: Yule Festival 2013 …HUMBUG!

19 Dec
Ugly horse, cut along dotted line to get pantomime cosmetic, R you a front end or rear end?

Ugly horse, cut along dotted line to get pantomime cosmetic, R you a front end or rear end?

I am not the cheeriest Yule Person in the world…well until I have had a skinful of beer and then I can get entertaining!

CStM as always have an amazing guide to it, there is a lot to do by the looks of it!

(and thanks to LOTRO Adventures for bringing it to my attention :))

The best part of festivals for me is that lots of players run off to participate and leave the regions nice and quiet for me to play in 🙂

But this year my TP grinding eyes latched on the following:

• Frostbluff Flower Petals: Throw flowers at actors. Several tiers to this one.
Tier 1 throw 5 times – 4 Festival Token, 5 TP, 10 bags flower petals
Tier 2 throw 10 times – 4 Festival Token, grants title “Petal Pusher”, 5 TP
Tier 3 throw 25 times – 8 Festival Token and a non-consumable “Flower Petals” with a 1m cool down timer, 5 TP
• Frostbluff Rotten Fruit: Throw rotten fruit at actors. Same tier structure as the flower petals. Tier 2 grants title “Fruit Hucker”. Tier 3 gives 8 Festival Token (previous tiers give 4) and a non-consumable “Rotten Fruit” with a 1m cool down timer. All three tiers give 5 tp each
Tier 1 throw 5 times – 4 Festival Token, 5 TP, 10 pieces rotten fruit
Tier 2 throw 10 times – 4 Festival Token, grants title “Fruit Hucker”, 5 TP
Tier 3 throw 25 times – 8 Festival Token and a non-consumable “Rotten Fruit” with a 1m cool down timer, 5 TP

So that is 30TP! Per character!

At last a reason to become a Thespian!

Of course also 4 maps to be gotten…er having never done this festival before not sure of the best way to grind them out…need 60 tokens!

Mordor Brewery: Evil Beer Company

5 Jun

Just a suggestion…[adapted from my Cookery Crafting spreadsheet!]

Couldn’t get the Morder Brewery Logo to show…Oh well…