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LOTRO: Misdeeds, 8 Ork Wit Fork

10 Mar

Tsukuld continues misdeeds (yes it is dragging on and on) in Angmar.  Uruks were found, Carn Dûm proved too slow so headed to Mor Maudhúl where found 14 to 16 Uruks, its going to be slow…Uruk slayer basic done, 170 to go!


Uruk goes legs up!


U scare me but will kill ya anyway!


Where is my fork?

Orc Slayer was also completed in deed they were toasted!


LOTRO: Misdeed 6, EvenDIM DONe!

6 Mar

Tsukuld did it at last, wrapped up all deeds in Evendim to earn the metadeed 🙂

Well I only needed 40 more trolls and was able to handle that even with my nr.2 son on my lap who insisted on jumping and taking control of Tsukuld at the most inopportune moments!

ScreenShot00037ScreenShot00034 ScreenShot00035

Completed the Leaders of the Invasion, in which I had to lead enemy troops to the captured sites in Annúminas and then let them take the sites so that the leaders would spawn…a very illogical action. The advanced leaders will require some instance to be completed this weekend 🙂


Upon completion I checked to see how much TP I had banked so far and was horrified to discover that I had only 347TP!


WTF at last count I had over 600, I bought some 5 mithril to end the everswim pain!

I checked the order confirmation in my mail acc and it was midday on a Saturday and suddenly the horror of the situation sunk in, one of my sons (unlikely to have been the wife, will give her the benefit of the doubt) had jumped from the unclosed loader into LOTRO and accidentally bought me an extra character slot…that will teach me to leave a young son unsupervised on the computer!


Whats worse its sad when you buy an item from the store for it to go on sale the next week but its is twice as SAD when your son buys you an unwanted item that goes on sale the week after!

So where next? ANGMAR infact I am there already and it looks like Carn Dûm is gonna get quite a lot of play over the weekend!

The misdeed grind continues…


LOTRO: In-congruent Residential Zoning!

24 Sep

Tsukuld is still trying to wrap up Angmar, it just goes on and on…

Well now he found Carn Dûm and getting there was illuminating…(remember all mobs are greyed out, TURBINE knows why…I don’t!)

Hinbar – Angmarim faithful controlled…the bad guys…

U lost mate2

And Urugarth has more Trolls, Orcs and Champions…



new horse open pass

‘Rhunendin is one such town, guarding the western approach to the Witch Kings former capital of Carn dum. The Angmarim remain faithful to their banished lord, and serve his steward, Mordirith, called the false king by the Hill-men who dwell in Angmar. Rhunendin is a mighty bastion against those who would overthrow Angmar once more…’

Get to Carn Dûm and find a friendly settlement Tármunn Súrsa…


So basically 2 gates marked with the Eye of Sauron and controlled by Morthrâng, protect this little hamlet… WTF…Oh yeah go and visit your friends, peace be with you waves the nasty hooded geezer below!

Friendly chaps in Angmar, never trust a book by its cover…even if they emanate evil!