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LOTRO: Misdeeds 14 My Little War Pony 0

19 Mar


First wrapped up Warg slayer deed at Caldwell Pool. Then back toward Gloin’s Camp to wrap up Snow Beast slayer deed!

ScreenShot00023 ScreenShot00025 ScreenShot00027

And hurrah at last Tsukulds misdeeds draw to a close…Misty Mountains deeds have been done!ScreenShot00030

And I of course opened the metadeed chest to find pick-a-mount box, never had one of those before and I could pick the red skeleton horse 🙂ScreenShot00031

Its been a long ride completing all these deeds, now it is over I am very pleased with myself. I know Tsukuld has a good basis of ‘traits’ to build upon (all about lv10) and is now ready to ride off to Rohan where of course the skely horse will be replaced by ‘my little war pony.’

Mounted combat at last, lets see if I like it!

LOTRO: Tree in full HD!

21 Nov

‘He gathered the huge pinecones from the branches of his tree. Then he set one alight with bright blue fire, and threw it whizzing down among the circle of the wolves. It struck one on the back, and immediately his shaggy coat caught fire, and he was leaping to and fro yelping horribly. Then another came and another, one in blue flames, one in red, another in green. They burst on the ground in the middle of the circle and went off in coloured sparks and smoke. A specially large one hit the chief wolf on the nose, and he leaped in the air ten feet, and then rushed round and round the circle biting and snapping even at the other wolves in his anger and fright.’

J.R.R.Tolkien – The Hobbit


the game that was preceded by


has arrived

AMAZINGLY, no problems updating data, patching etc., I left the LOTRO LOADER doing its job while nr.1 son watched Netfix…risky I know but everything turned out rosy!

I didnt get any time to play until both kids had crashed…nr.2 son started to get irritating as he just could not get comfortable and I was ITCHING to play LOTRO…

First things first…Captain Tsudryt…I must admit he HAS taken over from Tsuhelm as my ‘main’ ( I had been fighting this for so long…) but the urge to get cracking with Tsudryt was just irresistible and it only occurred to me afterwards that Tsuhelm had been neglected…I will try to look at his Hunter lv44 and Dyort’s Champion lv 42 trees tonight.

Any way into the trees….

I created a boring DPS ‘Lead the Charge’ build and then I created a hybrid ‘Leader of Men who are Charging’ build… I liked the ease of use and was very happy that it didn’t cost anything to undue unwanted changes…I expected micro-transactions here…so you can play around a lot until hitting the apply button…it would be nice to have a summary panel that lists the consolidated changes and a skill preview would be nice…

Some traits/skills were too difficult to get…too expensive in terms of spending in main line versus secondary…

Some of the later choices would be nice to be able to unlock in more than one line so keeping the cost to a 1/pt rather than 2 to point and most of these I think reflect style of play rather than all out effectiveness…(I am at work and am unable to remember all the names and subsequent bonuses so a more detailed picture of my tree will come at a later date!)

Xmas is coming I can make a special Christmas Tree…

I took my tree for a test drive afterwards and it simply drove over the Orcs I met in Moria…This morning I decided to take my lv60 Captain with his tree into the Training Hall Instance in Dolven View – its lv57 but has some tough Orcs in it! It was so easy no that half way through I challenged the Battlemaster and even though it summoned a Taskmaster and 6 Recruits, with the help of Bob the Archer I was able to walk away unscathed…

…so my Captain is not complaining about his skill tree…only question remaining is which skill tree is he wearing at the present moment? Tomorrow I will walk up to the Battlemaster and kick it in the ‘nads’ so instigating a full pull on the Orcs in the hall and lets see what happens…I suspect I am going to walk it…trees are wonderful!

HD is not just about Trees

Housing Storage has changed…I missed out on getting a tree house er… house and chest before HD arrived, Tsukuld my Rune Keeper on Withywindle was desperately trying to generate GP to buy a house and chest…with 6GP on Wednesday morning he gave up…OOPS! (Deluxe house with 2 chests was at this price…I nearly got it…but I could have bought a standard house with it’s 30 slot chest. and had 4GP in change…yesterday I bought a standard house and 30 slots of storage for just over 7GP!

I fiddled with Tsukuld’s tree but couldn’t make any music…at lv22 has so few pts to spend and really struggled to find a build to like…and also realised as premium player I need to spend TP to open up the ‘bonus skills’ earnt by progression up the tree!

So far so good…

Just as long as while up a tree Turbine does not start a forest fire, and then process to fan it into an inferno!

‘”Burn, burn tree and fern!
Shrivel and scorch! A fizzling torch
To light the night for our delight,
Ya hey!
Bake and toast ’em, fry and roast ’em
till beards blaze, and eyes glaze;
till hair smells and skins crack,
fat melts, and bones black
in cinders lie
beneath the sky!
So dwarves shall die,
and light the night for our delight,
Ya hey!
Ya hoy!”
And with that Ya hoy! the flames were under Gandalf’s tree. In a moment it spread to the others. The bark caught fire, the lower branches cracked.’

J.R.R.Tolkien – The Hobbit

For a jolly relaxed re-reading of chapter 6:

Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire

go here: http://markreads.net/reviews/2011/10/mark-reads-the-hobbit-chapter-6/

And he ends the description of these strange events with a fantastically surreal quotation from Dori in the Hobbit:

“Also eagles aren’t forks!”