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LOTRO: Gently Holistically Improving Community

27 Jul

3rd version due to spelling mistakes…oops!

A reworking on the comment I made on the LOTRO PLAYERS Article, which I found linked on the LOTRO FB page – go and like it 🙂

Turbine Reaches Out to the LOTRO Community 

Cordovan, the new LOTRO Community Manager (Looks like Frelorn went during the last TURBINE cuts :()has been posting on the  LOTROCommunity forums, an alternative forum to the official LOTRO forums. WOW this is a great step forward.

I arrived relatively late to the LOTRO party and I think the LOTRO community shine had started to wane. Don’t get me wrong it was then shining brightly, it is still, now 4 years later, an inspirational force to be reckoned with but it is far from the multi-faceted and connected happy family it had once been 🙂

Any attempt at stimulating interaction between the many diverse LOTRO community groupings can only be praised 🙂

Because of its ‘mature’ nature (age not content!) of LOTRO it has led to the creation of many diverse groups with varying opinions and points of view upon almost all aspects of the game… finding a common thread and unifying them all maybe impossible but at least approaching them and starting the conversation is amazingly positive 🙂

There are PVP’ers, RPG’ers, solo’ers, PVE’ers, cosmeticers(?), film makers, musicians, hardcore and casual gamers, bloggers, podcasters and twitchers, youtubers and every spin-off and combination, among others we cannot even imagine (I did once imagine of an in game LOTRO Acting Troupe – Commedia dell’arte!) And they all have vested interest in LOTRO, they all have strong opinions and nowadays they all voice them separately.

There are so many creative LOTRO blogs, websites, resources out there, some may have gone to sleep and some (like my own) ticks along slowly but they are still useful and incredible informative. Having others to share creative gaming ideas, not always LOTRO ones, I found so inspiring and many a time it incentivated me back into LOTRO to try something new or different.

Their creativity, leads to our creativity which can be feedback into our LOTRO gaming 🙂

It’s a positive vicious circle, or a virtuous circle even!

Cordovan’s post:

“Hello! I wanted to create an account here just to introduce myself, and see what’s going on. I know there’s been some animosity between the community folks and this forum in the past, but AFAIK it didn’t involve me (much?), so I figure this new era of sorts is a good time to say hello. I’m the current Community Manager for LOTRO and DDO (and to the extent AC is still supported, Asheron’s Call.) I’m an old-school gamer and pen and paper nerd. Ask me about my THACO!

There’s a lot of work to do in the LOTRO community in the coming weeks, and I plan to do it. If you have a short bullet-list of what you feel is most important for the community (not development, that’s a different thing), lemme know.” – Cordovan

And leading on from that, as it does so many times with Tsu’s LOTRO blogging, I found something that sparked a memory; the use of holistic by Cordoven led me to instantly remember Douglas Adams’ – ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’. What an awesome book, please read if it passed you by, if you laughed out loud to Hitchhikers, like myself, you will love it!

Holistic: characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.’

Well I can get behind that and I hope it is possible to apply to the LOTRO community 🙂

And as I digress down Tsu’s rabbit hole of a blog post I found another quote from the same book:

“Sir Isaac Newton, renowned inventor of the milled-edge coin and the catflap!”
“The what?” said Richard.
“The catflap! A device of the utmost cunning, perspicuity and invention. It is a door within a door, you see, a …”
“Yes,” said Richard, “there was also the small matter of gravity.”
“Gravity,” said Dirk with a slightly dismissed shrug, “yes, there was that as well, I suppose. Though that, of course, was merely a discovery. It was there to be discovered.” … “You see?” he said dropping his cigarette butt, “They even keep it on at weekends. Someone was bound to notice sooner or later. But the catflap … ah, there is a very different matter. Invention, pure creative invention. It is a door within a door, you see.”
Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

I just had to investigate further: to find out if Newton really did invent the catflap?

But as always Wikipedia provided the answer: ‘In an apparent early modern example of urban legend, the invention of the pet door was attributed to Isaac Newton (1642–1727) in a story (authored anonymously and published in a column of anecdotes in 1893) to the effect that Newton foolishly made a large hole for his adult cat and a small one for her kittens, not realizing the kittens would follow the mother through the large one.[6] Two Newton biographers cite passages saying that Newton kept “neither cat nor dog in his chamber”.[7][8] Yet over 60 years earlier, a member of Newton’s social circles at Trinity, one J. M. F. Wright, reported this same story (from an unknown source) in his 1827 memoir, adding: “Whether this account be true or false, indisputably true is it that there are in the door to this day two plugged holes of the proper dimensions for the respective egresses of cat and kitten’ – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet_door

An old girlfriend of mine used to crack up telling a story of how a friend used to keep her keys in her cat flaps… I suppose you had to be there!

So Cordovan has flung open the door (and maybe the catflaps!) to the community and I hope it grasps his outstretching hand to work together and put the communal house in order. LOTRO community was the GREATEST, is GREAT and can be the GREATEST again.

“Let’s think the unthinkable, let’s do the undoable. Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.” 
― Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

TURBINE, Cordovan and LOTRO Community please don’t eff it up again!

LOTRO: 13 Lapsang Souchong Teas for Update 13!

15 Apr

拉普山小種 #13

Stuff about LOTRO



Well was last week and it may be Whiteberry doing the writing but I thought it very thought inducing.


Hard Ones

Games that is Casual Aggro has a great post about it.



Check out my thoughts here about playing with Rangers covered in Custard. Er…




Calculates your various stats…like it says on the box.

Emerald shards

are available from the skirmish vendor now. That should make someone happy…

First Age Symbols

And to replace it first age symbols are going to be nigh on impossible to get… Same somebody is not happy about…

I am sitting on the fence as should be rare but not hidden away completely…

And I agree with Yula the Mighty (who wouldn’t!) who says, ‘IIRC – The level cap goes to 100 in Update 14. All the level 95 gear will be junk when the level cap goes up. Not much point in getting a first age.’

Squishy RK?


‘In lightening spec, use your Fulgurite rune stone a lot. It draws agro, procs a slow on nearby foes, and stuns them shortly thereafter with a stun that isn’t broken by damage. For healing when specced lightening…If you invest a few points in the fire line, Self-Motivation will give you something like a 30% heal. With the right LI legacy, you can pop that heal every 30 seconds. The heal you get from sustenance isn’t really all that big, but it’s useful in that it can be used every 15 seconds. The thing to remember when using Sustaining Bolt, though, is to use it at the lowest attunement you can. Blowing full attunement for an extra few hundred morale is totally not worth it imo. In though fights, use Concession and Rebuttal quick. You get minus 4% damage for each orb that is active, it puts an slow on your target for 5 seconds after a stun with SW, a tier-three WoL debuff on your foes with a single WoL use, and it adds a really nasty DoT to EC. In a pinch, you can pop Steady Hands (at full attunement) and a bubble if you’re in between Self-Motivation heals. Try using some coffee consumables for run-speed bonuses. It can make kiting some mobs a lot easier.’



‘Check your virtues! Use only virtues that give mitigations and/or resistance (charity, compassion, fidelity, honour, innocence, zeal). Make sure your virtue levels are appropriate. I do not know the exact numbers but with lvl 50 and moria each virtue should have at least lvl6. Do not buy virtues in the store.’

Good stuff hope more advice comes soon as Tsukuld (RK lv45) will be heading off to Moria soon!




LOTRO: I do not need to moderate my opinions that I express, do I…WHY?

27 Mar

Supposedly a REVIEW of ‘LOTRO PLAYERS NEWS Ep39 – Passive Aggressive Eeyore’

When listening to LOTRO PLAYER NEWS as I do weekly I always jot down some notes normally for the purposes of making some kind of informed comment on the show notes…sometimes these trigger poems…sometimes an interesting idea to expand into a blog for my own little blog. This show started as normal but the discussion about Community specifically LOTRO community really hit home and stimulated me to write a review of the show itself but also to discuss the main theme …LOTRO GAMING COMMUNITY.

My first note: Ethelros, ’…talking about crap!’

The show started normally, introduction to the commentators, the normal crew plus guest from Norway, LOTRO RP’er Achazia. So news about upcoming U13 I focused on the fact that ‘Task items’ would be released from LV restrictions which I though was COOL. Task items…oh lord so much trash to keep…may actually become tradable…profitable in AH?

Ethelros then cut to the meat of the show...COMMUNITY

Contains Moderate Peril discusses Community Too…here as linked to by LOTRO PLAYERS

While describing himself on Forums he had, ‘Become less full on…diplomatic, pragmatic, tries to be polite.’ Brax stated, ‘It was interesting to watch.’…Ethelros being polite? On the Show?

How you express views in any situation must normally by ‘internally moderated’ by the ‘expressor’…unless they suffer from Tourrettes…

We expect LOTRO PLAYERS NEWS to be a good news provider we expect objective coverage, neutrality, but this being a niche LOTRO fan show it is bound to obviously drift into the subjective views of the commentators and having the right balance of commentators is essential. if they were all TURBINE fan-boys the show would be pretty valueless (opposite also true if LOTRO bashers would soon be lost in a cascade of vitriol) I respect Ethelros’ outbursts of dismay that have erupted in previous shows it gives him a character and depth needed for us the listener to interact to and even connect with. It gives the others in the show a tool to express their own views.

Other community voices can moderate as much or as little as they want, beauty of independence but of course common-sense dictates that the writer unless solely writing to themselves must apply some sort of moderation.

We present an image of what we think our ‘image’ should be…kinship chat and personal chat, blog, show… moderate…yeah sure…even subconsciously we do this.

Why do I blog? Is it beneficial to myself? (Probably not my job!) I like doing it and I like sharing the Game, LOTRO, that I love so much, an online game shared with other people for a long duration. Even while I have been playing solo I have followed the forums and other sources for help and advice about the game I am playing…encountering a group of people undertaking a similar activity in a shared game world even if their characters do not directly interact with mine they create a connection.

I must admit I like the official forums… I got into LOTRO forums just from trying to dig info regarding game or servers…

These conversation threads help formulate ideas…without such the game would be less involved. I do try to be sensible within those virtual pigeon holes and respect others… even the most stupid childish rants I accept and just ignore as best I can… although I truly believe most should just get a life. “Oxymoronic acts of slagging off a game so strongly you claim to dislike in its official forums, again and again, why do they waste their time?”

NOTES: bipolar forums…unofficial LOTRO forums… forum is fun…not picked up the negative outlook I just ignore the moronic +ve and -ve posts…

Me, myself and I can’t be bothered with, they are generally negative. If anyone knows of any positive or balanced ones I would love to browse them.

a LOTRO diary (not a dairy…LOTRO milk anyone…?)

It is true that LOTRO PLAYERS has slowly pulled together various community feeds under ONE umbrella, I like being alone in the wilderness (I also like to shelter up every so often for news :)), I like my independence and the ability, like the last 2 weeks, when I didn’t blog naught!

But it is free to BLOG even if it is a diary of LOTRO activities or screenshots just doing it will open up a new world of creativity. I am still doing it in fact not BLOGGING is now actually harder than Blogging! Andang gives some good advice to bloggers to be in preparing a Backlog of content…well er… nr1 and nr2  sons destroyed my notebook (written!) with 10-20 posts in it (and my Ill-fated RP huntress stories!). Oh well…

NOTES: 1hr02mins Brax talking cut off – was interesting…

I wonder how many LOTRO forum posts Ethelros has made, ‘Too many’. I hope I don’t create a flock of trolls that follow your posting…ah…couldn’t find him, maybe he uses a different name?

GLFF – I don’t use it at all. Indeed I struggle with the chat window at times while playing…many times I haven’t moved and my chat says: ‘ssssaaaaddddd’ and I am not SAD! Other times I am trying to ‘chat’ and just start hitting shortcuts!

Andang: skill with mouse…er why not? …if casual, but if playing a warden or PVP, ok get those keys sorted.

Laugh at Ethelros…SILENCE…er..LOL… podcast spaced out or what! Moving on…well done…

Create a podcast. Ethelros was scared he had ‘an annoying voice’…these internal fears are there in all endeavours and I am sure it does not prevent anyone from speaking in day to day life (OK I am sure that there are some extreme phobias out there but…) Again it is our own self-image and how our voice sounds to us when not spoken by us…it is a really freaky mind fuck if you think about it. Scary to admit but that face that you see in the mirror is not the same face the people in the world see it…indeed no two people see the same face the same way. It is all in the MIND! Same with your hearing and your own voice…

Interesting Psychology: PERCEPTION (SELF)

‘Be careful when you open your eyes. It is likely that what you see you will take for granted. What you see is what looks normal. But what is normal? It depends on what you see. This circular relationship is what is motivating a Nevada scientist to find out how vision affects our perception about the world around us.’

Meet Experimental Psychologist Michael Webster.

“Thatcher Effect” 

And why the mind works is also one of the main reasons we group up in and out of game, and goes further why we then start arguing about it:

‘The theory posited that we have distinct, and opposing, drives to belong to groups and to assert our individuality. As we feel more included in a group, our need to differentiate ourselves becomes more salient. This motivates us to identify with distinctive groups that can satisfy both needs simultaneously.’

Marilynn Brewer University of New South Wales, Australia

Back to Blogging…

If you get the blog bug you can go back and look at your early stuff. Reading old posts can be cringy but also fun! (I so need to sort my blog out! MESS MESS MESS!)

My 1st Blog…putting me blog where my mouth is!

And of course most of all ENJOY it!

Enjoy the community, enjoy receiving and sharing info, enjoy the stupid jokes, enjoy writing, screenshot taking, costume sharing…

Enjoy this silly blog post REVIEW(?)

Enjoy this poem:


Ramble on good buddy!
Finally a Community
Pine-leaves ‘TOO POSH!’
We ended up with ‘EEYORE!’?
Lilikate throaty sore
Andang and Brax soar
Draculetta wants no gore
Achazia discusses RP lore
On LP there is no bore
Community comes to the fore
Ambivalent, not me…
Rambling on and on
Forums full of bipolar bears,
care bears and grizzly bears.
Some wear feeling bare
Others complain if they dare
Some post pics of mares
But to be fair
Blogs and Websites a rare pair
Rambling, me, like a mad hare
Community. Yes please!
Ambivalence… please ease!