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LOTRO: Tsukuld lv75 Rune Keeper: Stats and Equipment!

26 Mar

Well Tsukuld is actually lv76 already not from ROHAN but from skirmishing…after wrapping up misdeeds and being uninspired by mounted combat (YES it is very early days!) I decided to check equipment and have some obvious changes to be made:

Cosmetic Actual

There is not so much discussion to be found nowadays about lv75 RK’s but an old Forum thread, from 2011 so old versions of LOTRO (when the max was 75!)…pre game changing stat and combat changes in HD…


‘I am about halfway “done” but my goals are:
20000 offense
5500 crit
8000 morale
5000 finesse’

Only in crit and finesse am I there and my offense and morale is way off…

I have obvious changes to be made with my equipment as its simply too old (in regards to level!)



‘Counselour’ should be ‘Counselor!’

And the following table is a bit small so click on it to read the actual stat gains from each item.TSUTABEQ

So my aim is to get RK level 75 gear for my RK which has turned out quite costly in terms of MARKS and MEDS…

I can just about afford 1 more item and will grind away for another this weekend to get the 4 piece set bonus 🙂

But I will also beg, borrow and steal some replacements for some of my weaker gear…

Effect of Traits and Equipment on Damage

14 Aug



Find out how much of effect the Traits have on DMG ergo will they help me level faster.


In different ‘set ups’ but with the same weapon and with no buffs or bonuses Captain Tsudryt will beat the hell out of a Training Dummy and record the amounts of ‘damage’ inflicted.



Other Data:





So Traits do make a small difference – 5%, remember 2% comes from Race trait – Man Sword Damage Bonus.

Equipment a much larger difference – 21%

In combination – 40% (I guess the crit bonuses add up, any other explanations?)

And then I equipped my best sword for Tsudryt’s level (Lv33) and WOW – 229%

Final thought: Get a good sword! (or Halberd!)

Naked Captain Tsudryt Training Disrupts A Flock of Smeagols

14 Aug

After an argument with Nr1 Son (he refused to go back to his own bed!) I got up and had some extra time, it being 3am, so repeated my investigation of Traits and Equipment on Damage in Bree training hall…(hope not to lose the data on way to work this time!)



Wow, walked into the training hall to this, I sat down and took this screenshot…

Then sleepily I got on with my research, an hour later I finished (see next post) and while checking figures I realised that I must has disrupted a band practice: I am so sorry ‘A Flock of Smeagols’ what a stupid and thoughtless thing to do! I am sorry if I ignored any tells or say, I was on the combat channel for the stats…OOPS!

I tried to find the band to message them, I posted on Forums and FB. I hope someone in the band notices…

Like I said on the forum, it was silly behaviour, I wont let it happen again! I see a band playing, I will sit and listen or go and do something else, at very least ask permission to do what I wanted to do in case it may disturb…

Feeling guilty!