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Would ya LOTRO n EVE it?

17 Jun

TSU's EVE N Thorizon

updating lotro n eve

My gaming choices updating together, tried playing together but my wife’s computer just couldn’t handle it: well it struggles with either solo so I am not that surprised!





But if I had a better computer I think they would pair up quite nicely as at times EVE can be quite a time sink for such little activity, rewarding activity but there are only so many timers you can follow!

Tick Tock

.. aha run Tsukuld, my Dwarf Rune keeper in LOTRO through a couple of quests, grind some slayer deed and be able to hop over to EVE at a moments notice to start the next timer a ticking…

Tock Tick

One day i will make this a reality…if you can…

‘Adam and Eve it’!

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LOTRO: Hobbit Poppin Only!

8 Jun

My new gaming regime is suffering immensely, the stresses and strains of RW and family life, in fact I find my work more flexible in regards to my blogging needs than my wife and kids are to my gaming needs. Instead of my old 13.5 hrs ish of gaming a week I just had a week of about 7 hours!

So having just started to wet my toes into deeply immersive EVE Online I am left with negative playtime for LOTRO and this is a shame as I am finding out that I love both games (at least so far) and they provide different rewards.

EVE is only winning as it has a 30 day free trial period that is slowly ticking away…indeed after technical issues to begin with and RW family time I think I am halfway through the free time with only 5 days of limited gaming!

During this period I have popped into LOTRO for free hobbit presents and to say hi to kinnies…

LOTRO is obviously a game I ‘know’ and can jump straight into, whereas EVE is at the moment, and as I keep discovering, a bottomless hole of stuff to learn. The LOTRO reward is obvious and almost immediate and the EVE reward is in slow, sometimes painful, realizations and occasional ‘Eureka’ moments. After 5 days in EVE I have yet to finish the tutorial and I have been known to complain of LOTRO’s tutorial and starter area which can be blasted through within an hour at most!

I will be back in LOTRO sooner rather than later, the breath of fresh air or more appropriately the emptiness of vacuum, is reinforcing my love of LOTRO.

So Tsu will continue to boldly go where no Tsu has gone before whether it be outta space or in Middle Earth…


7 Jan

T&C,true romance

‘Troilus and Cressida*, that most vexing and ambiguous of Shakespeare’s plays, strikes the modern reader as a contemporary document—its investigation of numerous infidelities, its criticism of tragic pretensions, above all, its implicit debate between what is essential in human life and what is only existential are themes of the twentieth century. … This is tragedy of a special sort—the “tragedy” the basis of which is the impossibility of conventional tragedy.’ Joyce Carol Oates

*The Guardian also had an article mentioning some of the better stage versions: HERE.

Mr. Oates could be talking about LOTRO…I was looking for the etymology of the idiom ‘stake my reputation’, something that TURBINE were thinking of doing with REP ITEMS…put them to the stake…a slight exaggeration, but certainly a restriction to their use in response to perceived ‘abuse.’ 

My first reaction was to think of Vlad the Impaler…(Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476/77),also known, using his patronymic, as (Vlad) Drăculea or (Vlad) Dracula. He was posthumously dubbed Vlad the Impaler (Romanian: Vlad Țepeș, pronounced [ˈvlad ˈt͡sepeʃ])how dare TURBINE call its players using games systems they designed abusers! They quickly climbed down on this…and even withdrew the suggestion with mention of a review in the new year.

LOTRO PLAYERS broke the news on Dec 23, 2014:


This is my rejigged LOTRO FORUM post from:

After a LOT of reading [9 pages now] I am slightly disappointed at some of the comments here…LOTRO´s F2P system is AWESOME! (Yes maybe a wee bit generous! More on this later.) I truly believe without the many F2P players the game would unfortunately not be in the state it is today…er OK that is maybe not that great but imagine worse… The system attracts players to the game (who may or may not spend RW dosh OR even SUBSCRIBE and it also fills(well kinda) servers with activity.

I truly believe in the adage; ´If you build it they will come.´ Tis a crying shame that of late LOTRO is more: ´If you build it and slowly neglect it they may go away!´ But: ´If you build it and slowly neglect it while giving lots of stuff for FREE they may go away more slowly!´

My kinnie NAKT commented on the FORUM: ‘There is no need to change system that does work perfectly and is appreciated by great many players.’ I agree full-heartedly and indeed NAKT is an example of F2P player that gives so much to LOTRO without paying a cent…and I raise my hat to him.

Back to the issue at hand, REP ITEMS…and by default TP grinding.

I TP grind, in a slow, slow way; I have only ever deleted 1 alt after a TP run, Fredem on Windfola was over lv30 and it took quite a time to play and I miss him, sad old man!

I do throw REP ITEMS I gather at my alts for TP, I do find it very useful…I do farm REP items at times, I kinda like the grind… sometimes better than the continual(inevitable!) level progression to ´ENDGAME´… I have even been known to BUY N SELL on AH…(This works only on busy servers, Withywindle AH is almost empty!). I have never really used SKIRMISH vendor for REP ITEMS…and as stated many times in this thread the serendipitous low price of REP (in MARKS) and quick Beorning Intro have made the old create, feed and delete TP generator method faster than ever before…especially combined with a 30ish level run through Bree, Ered Luin and Shire (possibly some of Lone Lands) and with Cartography deeds quite a lot of TP for FREE!

[Mar-Evayave created a summary of possible options to resolve the REP ITEM situation: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?561430-Reputation-Items-An-Analysis&p=7293091&highlight=#post7293091]
ASIDE (option H – Lengthen the Beorning intro or making this intro be more like the tutorials that other races go through (and then have the Beorning do the standard Archet intro afterward)): I find the original STARTER areas tedious and char generation in LOTRO is old school and slow, if TURBINE really want to get some new blood into the game this really needs a facelift. I would love for ALL starter areas to be freely skippable, but obviously that would(could) have further ramifications to the GAME…

As leaving the REP ITEMS alone looks less and less likely I suppose the 2 options given D (Making rep far more expensive in the Skirmish Camp.) or F (Find level restrictions more favorable to us) are my preferred choices…

We have:

Give it away, Give it away, Give it away NOW!

I would hate to see a complete over-the-top:

Take it away, Take it away, Take it away NOW!

cos then TURBINE would have to:



LOTRO: F2P Model Better Than All The Rest?

26 Jun


SO once we shake off Tina Turner’s anthem

After listening to a  discussion on LOTRO Players news Ep52 Swansplosion regarding F2P in LOTRO, I really got thinking…

Free to play

Wikipedia explains:

‘Free-to-play (F2P) refers to video games which give players access to a significant portion of their content without paying. There are several kinds of free-to-play games, but the most common is based on the freemium software model. For freemium games, users are granted access to a fully functional game, but must pay microtransactions to access additional content. Free-to-play can be contrasted with pay-to-play, in which payment is required before using a service for the first time.

The model was first popularly used in early massively multiplayer online games targeted towards casual gamers, before finding wider adoption among games released by major video game publishers to combat video game piracy and high system requirements. Without up front payment, publishers may charge money for in-game items or integrate advertisements into the game.’

So a system used and abused on mobile and social apps has gone mainstream and infected the game publishing companies with a new raft of revenue possibilities. There is no doubt that a small subscriber base and large F2P player base can be more profitable that just a medium sized subscriber revenue stream. (IF done right of course…)

And how does TURBINE’s F2P system hold out?

Well as many no charge for initial download of software…can play for as long as you want, no timer ticking as in the old DEMO days, all content is there…you may not have ‘purchased’ (more later) but you can still wander through it and surprisingly still kill mobs, and be killed by which I suppose is more immersive than a virtual and invisible wall! I remember getting to Rivendell for the 1st time at lv20 something after 4th or 5th attempt dodging over leveled mobs, including stealthed ones, a real sense of achievement was attained.

You can play most of classes(2 classes later) and all of the races (full details of the new class/race, Beorning, has yet to be disclosed so may change in the future…).

There are game restrictions in F2P and of course by making micro-transactions with real money (In this day and age what is real money?) these can be minimized. The micro-transaction channel – the LOTRO store is not as intrusive as many state…come on have you played f2p android games…THAT is INTRUSIVE…occasionally the store links are noticed more than they should and that extra Legendary Item slot purchase store pop-up instead of closing  LI window is irritable…

The GREAT thing about the F2P model is the ability to earn TP points (TURBINE points) with which more of the game(and required elements even expansions) can be purchased, it stops short of being able to provide means to subscribe.

Play versus Player is restricted in LOTRO (I have never tried it :() but it has always been accessible as a monster while F2P so called ‘Monster Play’ (You do have to purchase most of the monster types though) and now time can be bought to take your own characters into battle against these monsters!

Many Skirmishes and Instances are available from the get-go and until the HD expansion this year that has included ALL Epic Story quests which enrichen LOTRO play by weaving along and interacting with Tolkien’s Fellowship characters. SO no payment is needed to play with Gandalf, Frodo or Borimir! Even Gollum makes appearances.  The HD change was specific to some battles and I am not sure if it can be avoided, and continued for free afterwards…

Areas have their quests and deeds locked to F2P players (except for the so called starter areas, Bree, The Shire, Ered Luin and The Lone Lands) these need to be purchased with TP to continue with normal quest. Normal mobs in unlocked zones are still killable as well as Epic and it is possible still to progress just not as freely and therefore ‘quickly’ with the area. I levelled to 30ish before buying North Downs.

As a F2P you also can progress to VIP (basically a subscriber but there have been lifetime member offers in the past) and 1 purchase of any product in cash will promote the user from F2P to PREMIUM, also relapsed VIP’s end up as PREMIUM which retain many of the bonuses of VIP on characters used while VIP. (Obviously its a little complicated but more details can be found…)

Overall I think the LOTRO F2P model is FANTASTIC…

There are many varied other F2P games out there. I have experience of Dofus, it has free area but is so restrictive but really makes you want to start subscribing…SWOTRO has a F2P that puts me off even trying…and my best friend plays!, maybe LOTRO F2P is too good and any other less generous just sucks!

For really horrible models play some so called free android games…that is commercialized F2P gone wild…indeed play to win becomes the norm…

I play DoT (Defenders of Texel) and this game is designed to fleece people, gold farmer in reverse…I find the challenge in not buying anything and do not hope to try and compete with idiots that can spend 100’s of dollars on a game that is basically braindead and shallow…it also restricts you to playing ONLY while you have energy AND battle points both of which can be bought …thankfully they recharge over time and my ‘grind mentality’ can cope…but could you imagine trying to play LOTRO but had to log off or sit down and wait for hours on end before continuing play? With the depth of gameplay (lacking of!) and general quality, compared to LOTRO I do not understand how it can possibly generate such money….for me it just makes my commute less painful, and I doubt LOTRO will be playable on a phone for some time to come…

Time for MY story:

Me myself and I came to LOTRO because of the F2P, I was looking for a MMO, I liked LOTR, I could run it on my wife’s computer and it was FREE. So a serendipitous bunch of circumstances all aligned to enable me to start playing LOTRO.

My previous MMO experience was limited to 2 games: I had bought FFXI and subscribed a few months, and DOFUS that I had downloaded and played for free before subscribing for over 2 years while travelling, it was F2P to lv15 (well free all the way but area accessible was only to lv15 so it made life very restrictive after that, my Lv149 sacrier sits in this zone still, cant remember my log in!)

So I started my LOTRO adventure without spending a penny…and I loved it and then I discovered that I could continue to play for free and actually generate TP to slowly get better and better features in game…when I started this blog I was still playing with the challenge of remaining F2P. I enjoyed the thrill of eking out the TP as you can see from these early posts:

‘the joys of F2P’

‘level cap and storage frustrations…but TP coming in’

‘TP grinding ered luin with an ALT!’

‘TP for character slot…freedom to TP grind’ also riding skill traits slots bought…

GP cap

new bag so store shopping list

F2p to premium

Since those early days I bought RoR as well…HD I got with TP and since the introductory offer last x-mas have been VIP…keep meaning to go back to Premium and keep forgetting to cancel…have yet to find a real reason to want to be VIP.

But for true hardcore F2P dedication have a look at this blog: Natkie has a level cap champion and others on their way and has always been F2P: AWESOME!

What can be done if anything to invigorate LOTRO F2P?

Obviously in its present iteration it appeals to many but is there anything that could be done to make it even better?

Producers of 2014 have stated that this year is for consolidation of issues and groundwork, I think for such an ‘old’ MMO a very good idea…

Festivals and Housing need some love…both things casual players can get quickly involved in.

Skirmishes…I think for new players Tucky and Gondy are more than enough!

I would love a Big Battle lite to be created for F2P, if you stand by this system then you should put your programming where your mouth is and if it is so good then players will want to do more…ie buy HD!

Starter areas have been spruced up of late, it was voiced on LPN that some find Lone lands bland and boring? I like Lone Lands but giving more areas is a possibility especially that now that level cap is rising we can understand if free content gets up to Moria eventually but probably at a loss of TP rewards…maybe these measures uncommitted players are cut out? Those that stay will eventually spend money and stay with the game…

Another weakness is the GRIND implicit in LOTRO play, if you dont like grinding ultimately no matter how good the F2P you probably will struggle to play LOTRO, how this grinding burden can be lessened without damaging a core mechanic that many other players, my self included, enjoy is a mystery…

My biggest gripe about the present system is actually bizarrely enough that while VIP I cannot buy areas with TP generated…especially in Store sales…VIP has been equated to renting whereas with TP purchases you actually become an owner! VIP still holds no great attraction to me…will not cry too many days when I drop down to PREMIUM….Oh no I wont have some extra rest XP for first few task item turn ins each day…

Icing on the F2P model would be a better VIP system rumour is that Turbine is trying again to get VIP VIP! Landscape post is good but not exactly essential. My fealing to Lifetime VIP was like a kickstarter investment…so I think that is OK, why shouldn’t those early supporters have the better privileges…

Biggest F2P hicup so far was the HD epic story being made purchasable…that I think is still a mistake…aha as stated above make those BB free!!!!!


The best gaming mag ever…Edge explains 15 rules of F2P success (not all really applicable to MMO…surely who is standing in line at a star*ucks and playing LOTRO?)

I do like this one:

‘ Be evergreen

Your game must never end. Free-to-play games are only successful as long as people are playing them; if your game ends, you’re not giving them any reason to stay. Player acquisition is the hardest – and most expensive – part of free-to-play; let your game end, let players leave, and all that money is wasted.’


Radical application to LOTRO:

‘Kill the tutorial

Those making paid games can spend an hour introducing players to the mechanics of a game; in free-to-play you only have a matter of minutes to make an impression and you’re not going to do that by walking them through what every button does. Lovell asked who in the audience had played Fallout 3, and said: “I couldn’t make it past the 45 minute, dull as fuck tutorial. Getting out of the Vault was the most boring thing I’d ever done and I couldn’t play Fallout 3 as a result.”’

Get rid of or at least make Archet intro…SKIPABLE! (without buying vet status!)


Games industry international….REALLY ok will bookmark this one… Why free-to-play won’t eliminate paid games!

Love a comment posted by Samuel Verner Game Designer:


And after the LOTRO f2p switch: ‘LOTRO revenues up 3x since free to play switch’


Glory days…Since HD things have been changing and thankfully now TURBINE have started to be more open with feedback and plans…

That horrible bug bear about WB license to LOTR has been cleared up … so back to game and mithril coins have been implemented…[edited 27Jun14- forgot to follow through with my idea…it happens!] another kind of micro-transaction that as it stands can be useful at times. The gameplay has been simplified (too much with HD) and thankfully difficulty tweaked upward with the last few updates…ONGOING for some classes and builds but I would say overall better. Forums full of discussion of TURBINE pandering to casual solo players…and that could be the case , it is one way to read the tea-leaves but I still have an open mind about if they provide a quality game for FREE players will play it and over time grow to love and support it…with hard cash when needed.

Yes I think TURBINE truly needs to sell LOTRO – get the great F2P model sold to potential players…that is how I came into the game, saw reviews that mention the great F2P model (ok and game had also recently won some awards…)

Agree that a earthquake advertising coup of for example: free to lv 50 combined with new class, Beorning would lead to a flood of fresh blood which would be great and surely lead to more revenue!

Desperation took us down
Uneasy lies, the head
That wears the crown
You can’t see it

I saw the mourners passing by
These wicked men
Beneath the sulfurous skies
Oh what can it mean?’

Amebix – ‘Knights of the Black Sun’

Listen here…


The Song ends:

‘So from the rooftops call it out
You were always free
Yes from the rooftops call it out
And ever may you be’

Amebix – ‘Knights of the Black Sun’



LOTRO: The end is the beginning..of VIP!

30 Dec

VIP free trial #6


Day 12 to 14

Well managed to play quite a bit of LOTRO over the so called festive period…Wrapped up Ered Luin

elf archi

Gotta love the Elf Architecture…unless you fall off a stairwell!

hendy slayer

Yep 90 handies have met their maker!

feeding lynx

Great quest…little baby lynx…to sick mum…ignoring the fact that you will be killing them by the drove in the Lone Lands!

I didn’t manage to keep record of my progression, my enthusiasm for timing Gullorodspiseret’s TP run ran out!

But am still having fun with Jean Luc…

loot box contents

Loot box that gives you back a sturdy key! Love it!


And still pretty well tooled up!

Finally done the introduction to skirmishes: mainly so could use the traders for a might cloak and some jewellery!

skirm painting

Jean Luc is pointing in this ‘painting’!

smart soldier

Er would you trust this soldier? Will be swapping him for an archer ASAP!

1310 TP total…295 to begin with and 500 from VIP so managed to grind out 515 TP, surely no way near 50TP per hour and there are more to come as even though Tordy has over 100GP in the nank for some reason Windfola has gone really quiet and the AH simply does not have enough ‘Rep Carrots’ for sale to create fast rep TP!

Jean Luc has only gotten half way through most of his class deeds…and has yet to wrap up Barrow downs and Old Forest before moving on to Lone Lands and Evendim…

The TP will flow…some more…and will I ever be able to delete this char…maybe rename the poor Captain!

When is a captain not captain? When he is a champion that looks like a captain!



As predicted I ‘forgot’ to cancel my ‘free’ trial and am now VIP…30USD + charges that the Argentinian Government will hammer us with is yet to be coped with but am sure we will not starve…

So final thoughts:

Free Riding skill is great, just a silly race against the clock around Hengstecer’s farm at lv20 (I failed 4 times as I couldn’t find gate 9!)

Free XP: makes levelling too fast! I out levelled Ered Luin while running Ered Luin with only the most minimal of XP to be earnt!

Traits: all slots are available as earnt simply fantastic J

All areas available…well for now…and I didn’t really use that feature as I was basically grinding a lowbie!

All skirmishes available: this is better and a real seller: will play around a lot more J

30 slots in AH has been very useful (I had 15 beforehand!)

Currency and bags were already maxed…

Training Intro skip-able: great but a huge time saving would be to be able to jump to lv5…I now is Veteran Status available from LOTRO STORE…but how about making free of permanent for VIP?

Gold Hobbit Present: only once was it better than my silver hobbit present and they are nothing to rave about!

Wardrobe: great managed to free up loads of space

Swift Travel: actually not really used…mind I found it most irritating in Evendim…so let’s get there and be able to take the boat!

2 more char slots: ok these will be used J

Destiny Points…have been told not to forget and guess what I forgot, still no experience of using these…must check to see how many I have!

Monster Classes: er didn’t try…although wolf or spider?

All Crafting guilds: er 3 month goal get there with all chars!!!

Log in: priority, really?

Support: odd this that VIP get it while Premium only for 30 days after purchase and F2P none…silly I would think all players should get full support and that should be a top goal for TURBINE!

Checking to see if I missed anything and found this forum thread: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?377885-What-happens-if-answers-about-the-account-types it basically explains the ups and downs of different play types and what changes when you change…


17 Dec


VIP free trial #2 

‘You’re the real thing
Yeah the real thing
You’re the real thing
Even better than the real thing’
U2-Even better than the real thing

Day3 pt2: One played zero LOTRO

Home from work, 35°C, new shoes tearing holes into heel of feet making 7 block walk a torture, straight into screaming Nr1 Son, who had just received 3 nasty insect bites on back of leg and a nasty looking bite on the back from Nr2 Son! Calming of kids required, but first shoes from hell removed, wife suggests I entertain them in the pool, entices me into action with a cold glass of beer (she knows me quite well :)). Wife quickly gets attacked by ant…they are nasty here…WAIT!

This is a LOTRO blog!

Suffice to say after kids entertained, failing to suck pool bottom clean(faulty equipment!), feeding of kids and parents, the odd DIY quick task, and finally getting the kids to sleep I DIDN”T get to play LOTRO.

Instead, unwinding on sofa with wife,  watched first 3 OR 4 episodes of Jericho on Netflix…



REBUS help:(highlight to read)line 1(easy): You to can be 

REBUS help:(highlight to read)line 2(hard): viper miners ore = viper minus or OR as in this case er = vip, 3 of em = free vip


Being VIP doesn’t make me less stupid!

I had forgotten that there was an update and instead of running the update before retiring for the night I spent half of my morning LOTRO time watching small green bars, there was even a couple of minutes of mounting tension that maybe it had STUCK, but it completed and I could log in to collect some of yesterday’s hobbit presents before continuing to collect today’s hobbit presents. (The switch over here in Argentina being 5am at the moment, I must leave by 0515 so any missed are collected tomorrow…yeah it confuses me too!)

Tsudryt did his weaponsmith guild crafting items, almost getting to Artisan of the Guild…so can craft legendary relics! He then got into a little chat about Captain Tree’s, weirdly there were 2 other players online from my kinship (The Secret Council of Fire), all Captains; Eosh (lv85), Ulvic (lv50) and yours truly (lv60).[must check names…lol] I found out that I have been running a really weird experimental build of Leader of Men with 20 pts in Lead the Charge…Red+Yellow=ORANGE…perfect as that is Tsudryt’s colour 🙂 I thought I was is much more safe Lead the Charge all the way! Better RED than Dead!

Then checked postbox for AH sales and expired returns…happily some worn dwarf stuff had shifted…hope it continues…Oh dear…no more time…time to go to work 😦

While getting properly dressed I collected the rest of the hobbit presents (only Tsukuld was left outstanding…)

Day4 pt2 prediction

Pool bottom still to be sucked clean…faffing around with pumps and tubing…gonna be stressful 😦

Lawn needs mowing…outdoor extension cable needs wiring up to reach end of the back lawn…10m cable enable me to do the first 2 meters…20 more to go!

A-frame swing needs building…lumber purchased…this will have to wait…

And including the basic kid and wifey tasks it is not looking promising for LOTRO…

Being VIP is great but surely the package should also include a gardener, pool boy, nanny for the kids, for the wife, well she can pick between the gardener or pool boy (ONLY JOKING!), and consequently I can get down to some serious LOTRO’ing!


‘Take me higher
Take me higher
You take me higher
You take me higher
You’re the real thing
Yeah the real thing
You’re the real thing
Even better than the real thing’
U2 – Even better than the real thing


16 Dec

VIP free trial #1

Day 1

All pumped…playing LOTRO as a VIP…

log in to Tsukuld…wrapping up SHIRE TP run …er its the same…

Oh look I have Blue extra XP in my XP bar so will earn XP quicker…er ok! Woot!

Aha! A gold present…I claim it and get same rubbish I normally get from normal hobbit gift! And this is a weekly gift…so will get 1 more possible 2 while ‘3 VIP’ is running…

Tsudryt in AH uses full 30 AH slots to sell Moria rep items..still overflowing with worn dwarf carvings…buying them up in hope that they become rarer later…hope I do not get my fingers burnt with em…

Tsuhelm wrapped up troll slayer in Lone Lands and moved onto Bog slayers in Agamaur.

Day 2

OK back to grinding TP on all alts…

Tsukuld has finally completed the Shire and is now back in the Lone Lands, ready to start levelling again!

I realise after logging into LufLaf who is collecting hobbit presents each day as he runs from Bree to Forsaken Inn that as a VIP I could get riding skill for free…From LOTRO WIKI:

‘Proving Your Quality, from Éogar, son of Hadorgar, Horse-master, at the Hengstacer Farm in northern Bree-fields’

Makes me think I am going to have to do this with all alts while I am VIP… Intend to create at least 4 alts from scratch so that is a lot of levelling …er…maybe next week! Luflaf arrived at Forsaken Inn by foot…riding skill will have to wait…

Took Tsudryt to Weathertop Skirmish (Stand at Amon Sul) (While writing this I Found a guide by Lotro Players resident Skirm expert over on CTSM…pretty good stuff!) He will add this to his AH duties and Weaponsmith guild crafting as needs Eglain rep…until he wanders back to complete Agamaur.

Day 3 

I overslept this morning and was only able to log in to collect hobbit gifts for 2 chars…while tying shoe laces on my new shoes(thanks wifey!), I ran out of the door and still managed to be on time to work!

So far VIP is pretty much same… I suppose I am not really doing much at the moment…need TP for Isenguard!

VIP’ish things to do:

Riding skill all chars…

Level alts in craft guilds…at least some of them…

Check all chars traits are filled…

Use wardrobe! I suppose I will lose this after trial…lets see if I need it (I suspect once I start to use it I will NEED it!)

erm…more stuff to come…

LOTRO: Summer time Exodus

19 Jul

Its Summer time (Northern Hemisphere) and the LOTRO community has gone quiet…

Well I will be adding to the drought as here in cold Argentina I will be having a weeks vacation to help out with the kids as Nr1 has no school the wife is having a hard time.

As always vacations for me mean unfortunately LESS LOTRO! So I will try to do as much as I can and survive until the end of the month…its only a week! (The last time the stress and strain of vacation resulted in a month long abstinence from LOTRO ie. “play it and die” attitude from my dearest, she has mellowed of late but I sense the sons may have un-mellowed her a wee bit!)

So I will try and keep exploring Trollshaws with Tsuhelm who is getting tired of Woodwork class, Dyort as well on Windfola is itching to do more than craft swords, Evendim beckons for him,  and I will try to keep TsuDryt (or TsuDyrt I can never remember…can I change name?) Captain rolling along on Landroval, I will try to to do something with Opopa on Laurelin, he is my RP hobbit who is so real to life that he does not go far at all, in fact at the rate he is going he will get fat, at the least develop a huge beer belly!  Even Luflaf on Silverlode is ready to go off and earn some TP.

Lots to do and with my wife at the controls so little time…

What else…?

Finally the Shared Storage came up on sale 🙂 20% off. I have been waiting since I (my wife) bought RoR, have had TP in the bank, it has slowly trickled out with Tsudryts development, luckily a small trickle back as well. Will see what next weeks sales bring before getting anything big! I tried the new storage out straight away and it is nice 🙂 No more mad posting of task, craft or sale items.

OH yeah another thing that needs to be mentioned when you go to Premium there is no longer a wait to send mail to another char different from the last mail…I found this really irritating as F2P and now if you realise you forgot to send something you can do it instantly, of course I have shared storage now as well….my inter char communication skills are improving!

OK people…have a good week…

“I will be BACK!”

Who was it that said that…


LOTRO: Riders of the Storm!

5 Jul

 ‘Riders of the Storm

Riders on the storm

Riders on the storm

Into this house we’re born

Into this world we’re thrown

Like a dog without a bone

An actor out alone

Riders on the storm’

Riders On the Storm – The Doors 


I added to cart 🙂

My understanding wife, who let me cry on here shoulder when I realized I had missed a super offer in Gamestop for $5 Mithril Edition of LOTRO let me buy this, before this sale came along I was contemplating buying the full price mithril anyway!


‘Legend tells of a legendary RoR edition whose LOTRO contents were the stuff of legend.’

Adapted Kung Fu Panda quotation…

After purchase I instantly received the update code so I applied it and checked payment status: F2P no more…now PREMIUM!


I did the hobbit prezzie hokey pokey…

All servers do have 1 more slot…I sense a scholarly moment approaching, Scholar coming soon to windfola! Dwarven rune keeper?

AH has 5 more sale slots, I have 15 on each char now.

Priority logging in…er no difference detected!

Waywnn sent money to Tordy via the post…OH yeah this make AH duty a bit easier!


RoR (like a lion, happy and loud!)

All chars were now with an auto quest to go to Combe stables…

All chars had a 6th bag…and a 5th bag for free!!!!!!


All Chars had The Steed of the Eastemnet & matching War-steed appearance…

I had 2081TP to spend…OMG…Trollshaws purchased straight away…want Misty Mountains and Shared Storage..but cannot afford both! So with over 1500TP will be grinding for more soon!

Armour of the Eastemnet (full cosmetic set) but no cloak or leggings! Tsuhelm tired of freezing in his summer, hippy best changed into this …very nice but I was really hoping to get the cloak as well…checked and that was pre order only…looks cool though!

Title: Friend of the Mark..er I am actually already a friend of Mark…ah a deed…

Crystal of Remembrance – to be stored away for when I get a legendary weapon…I presume will be better to keep to ‘final’ legendary weapon!

Exclusive Rohan Content: http://casualstrolltomordor.com/2012/06/ror-legendary-pre-order-exclusive-rohan-content/…Oh I want to be a horse!

The difference between Premium and F2P is real small, maybe Turbine (WB) should work on that, the first purchase is the key, as once that is cracked the player will continue…well if the store works…I have never had a problem. What would have incentivated me to upgrade earlier?

More char slots: already has… I didn’t know I would get more after I have TP ground mine…

More AH slots: already has…I didn’t know I would get more after I have TP ground mine…

A one off reward: oh yeah

A cosmetic outfit: yeah, if good.

A mount: no unless really cool!

A premium welcome pack of diverse scrolls etc: yep that would be nice.

A one off TP gift: yeah

Mithril coin gift: yeah

Anyway I am a Premium Subscriber and happy…

Premium: adjective

Of very high quality

Premium: noun

1: the cost of insurance, especially the amount that you pay each year

2: an additional amount of money, above a standard rate or amount

3: be at a premium: if something is at a premium, people need it or want it, but there is little of it available or it is difficult to get

4: put/place a premium on something: to consider one quality or type of thing as being much more important than others

5: good quality petrol

Yes I am a petrochemical/hydrocarbon guzzler when it comes to LOTRO!

‘Crafty Guild Lockpicking’ TP grind

11 Jun

1 week off after my last pressured TP grind and Turbine do it to me again…they offered Craft Guild unlocking at 30% off!

guild craft

207TP each!

I have previously unlocked Arwynneth Tailor Guild at full price and had been planning to unlock Weaponsmith Guild and Woodworking Guild for some time.

Over the weekend I generated enough TP with minimal play to get Woodworking guild unlocked..now progressing nicely with Weaponsmithing…


If I can get more TP  to unlock more I will would be amazing to get enough to unlock both Jewellery Guild and Armourer Guild as making a choice between them will be very hard!

Another cunning plan should get me the following:


SO far so good, Arwynneth and LufLaf are cruising Barrow Downs!

Had no time in the evenings to play hope I manage to get some before Thursday as that really helps…is very kid dependent and they are being horrible to my wife in the day which has the knock on effect that the evening is more occupied with them.

Will keep my fingers crossed.