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CoC: PuttiN the N into ing!

20 Jan


Still low th8… new base design nicked from my clan war opponent this weekend!

I am gettiN bored with basic farmiN Giants 21 Barbs 15 and Archers 68 WB 6 and BK lv8 and whatever is in CC normally archers… GettiN average results nothiN amaziN and still not findiN any inactive bases (Treasure for the takin’!)

Was readiN about GoHO att earlier and Ho attacks …maybe time to switch to hogs…I love the idea of strategically takiN out defences in clockwise and counter clockwise motions…

I was wonderiN if using a batteriN ram of giants could be used instead of the golems to attract fire in the centre instead?

Will experiment and as normal probably fall back to farmiN as described above…

Maybe time to play again with Giant Healer: 4 Healers (can churn these out 1 each from barracks now :)) 14 Giants and 13 wizards…soon to be lv 5, my wb is still only lv4 but looks like that will be my next research project! I cant depend on getting CC troops I desire so they are just bonus 🙂

For further readiN, a nice list of att types here:




CoC: OOPsdate 11!

7 Jan

CoC after update 11: The snow is still falling in game and resource boosting for the festive season has been extended.


But SUPERCELL have not been so super since they released U11.

New shields and guards…

TOWN HALL inside please…

Farming… Difficult now and resources once farmed are quite likely to be lost again… especially as the process of farming quickly depletes any shield… more farming needs doing… takes longer to find a farmable base and is noticeably harder to farm the base. The occasional dead treasure chest of a fat unprotected base wearing it’s wealth on the outside have become rare beasts indeed.

The overall effect of this? Disenchantment from all… not enough resources to build, to expand, too much wasted time between ‘actions’ in a slow game that is a killer.

And, as normal for game companies, SUPERCELL ignored their player base since the update and the critics became more critical as the silence persisted. Yesterday they finally responded with an underwhelming apology and list of plans to fix resources. For me it was nice to see a company not fold or back down on changes they had made to alter the game: no reversion to old mechanics, shields and guards will remain but resource management will be worked upon… Ok good you have a vision but it would have been much better customer relations to pump out this message right away and keep pumping it out to all the critics…

Gaming companies, when will they learn; communication is more important than code!

I recommend this youtube vid for another perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhAQtAo4FCY

Well as many players have been saying the changes do NOT destroy the game only change it. So adaption is needed, changes to playstyle a necessity and expectations of a constant ‘easy ride’ removed. I have now simplified my attacking style from a quite complex healer backed giant raid backed up with archers barbs(inc king) n minions to a much more basic GIARCH attack. 21 Giants, 88 Archers and 6 wallbreakers – whatever is in the clan castle a mix of archers normally and 1 rage, 2 heal and 1(2) poison spells. It’s not EPIC, it doesn’t excite me as my old attack did when all the diverse elements all work as planned but it generates a consistent inflow of elixir and gold… even Dark Elixer has not been an issue since I turned th8! And I am approaching crystal league for the first time and I am not even trying!

My base design is basic and I am sure needs improvement but it has been functional and has even surprised 1 or 2 attackers… it is stronger than it looks! Although the idiot that threw over 30 hogs to their death was beyond belief…


I don’t have a daily 3 hour commute to fill and thankfully as my attempts to BARCH/BAM, with my lowly unmaxed th8 troops, were a disaster. Quickly topping up resources with quick farming attacks has gone! But I do miss the intense fast activity this provided in an otherwise slow inevitable rise to the bigger th’s… although at 1 point I did think I had got stuck in a negative spiral with my attack troops costing more than my loot and being raided constantly!

But the Philipino clan, TSU, keeps chugging along. We had some drama over new-year with a co-leader abusing their power but all has settled again and the down to earth clan is slowly chugging forward. A little bit more organization of clan troop donations could help all but generally we all help each other as much as we casual gamers can.

I cannot see myself removing CoC from my mobile anytime soon.

PS: My nr1 son installed CoC on his tablet and I helped him over the first few days and I really enjoyed the thrill of building a base quickly, to see upgrades happen within an hour was a joy… that thrill is unfortunately lost later on… a pity! He has since bored of CoC and is back playing more basic, childish fair…





Tsuhelm’s farming methodology and eventual nomenclature

16 May

Tsuhelm has being optimising his Farming technique…

Started off with the Square,

‘Sow turn, sow, turn, sow, turn, sow, turn now harvest!’

4 crops sown and collected..

Progressed to the Pentagon and then pushed it to the Hexagon before blasting to a Octagon.

Ok so Tsuhelm can hack it…lets try some more:

Green Onion - decahedron

Green Onion Decagon

10 sown and 10 harvested.

Spring Barley Clock

Spring Barley Dodecagon – or the ‘CLOCK

12 sown and 12 harvested.

‘The Clock Method’

Sow, turn to 1 o’clock position, sow, turn to 2 o’clock position…until sow, turn to 11 o’clock position, sow, turn to 12 o’clock position  and start harvesting.

Can you do more?



‘When you do so much farming in game that you see a field of wheat in the RW and you want to ‘equip’ your farming tool and ‘harvest”

WTF am I doing? Crafting=time sink!

15 May

Last night Tordy had a nice evening session to continue TP run of the Shire..indeed he did kill a Troll and do another post quest…but after arriving in Michel Delving and handing in quests he ran off to the Craft hall/space to cook, after shockingly realizing that there was no post box there, he ran to AH and then came back to cook.

Lots of cooking!

Combined with Tsuhelm’s gardening, sorry farming activities in Staddle they have quite an output…the only problem being that it is a TIME SINK

 Urban Dictionary: Time Sink

‘A term used for videogames that require a great amount of time to be invested in them. A defining characteristic of a time sink is that due to the immersiveness of the game, the time spent playing these games feels small when in reality, the gamer has been playing for hours.’

Do I really need any of the cooked items? As in REALLY need?

In fact do I need to craft at all?

Tsuhelm stopped woodworking as made more gold selling wood direct. Dyort only makes a profit on Guild swords and oddly lv25 Fine Gondorian Sword (lots of champ grinders out there!). Arwynneth has had difficulty selling even Guild cloaks of late and as she is the only one with Craft Guild unlocked. Over the last few months she has been sucking all of my savings up for hides for daily craft reputation item. Soon to be a Master of the Guild and start on Westfold stuff…I obviously lack the ability to gather these hides myself my highest char being Tsuhelm at lv41! Shards also lept in price and contributed to increase in costs…

Crafting: Expensive TIME SINK…

So crafting is a huge distraction in LOTRO… a waste of TIME.

I will CONTINUE to Craft of course.

Tsuhelm will continue to fill fields with seed – he managed a new record of 12 green onions sown and collected today in 1 round! I call it the ‘clock method’

…[screen shot coming soon or in fact check out this blog post: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/tsuhelms-farming-methodology-and-eventual-nomenclature/]

Arwynneth will continue to craft guild items and suck all my GP away!

Dyort will every so often go mad with swords…well making them rather than using them.

Tordy will continue cooking all of Tsuhelm’s produce…as well as improving his Jewelry skills as that was his intended role.

Warden not yet created will hammer out Heavy Armour…

Some as yet not available char slot character will be created to study the diverse lore of Middle Earth in a ‘scholarly’ way!

ALL recipes WILL be found, so irritating, ALL Craft Guilds will be UNLOCKED.



Room 101 – Lotro update 11

14 May

This is my 101st blog so the following is appropriate:

‘Room 101 is a place introduced in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. It is a torture chamber in the Ministry of Love in which the Party attempts to subject a prisoner to his or her own worst nightmare, fear or phobia.

‘You asked me once, what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.’

Lotro Updates are quickly becoming my own greatest fear… a shame really.

I managed to Log in on second attempt (I already knew about the language change trick which I think worked for me.)

Hobbit Gift

I opened my first …wow ‘Copper Scraps’…well that is 500 sp so not going to complain. Today Dyort got three ‘5% att bonus scrolls’. I will not say bad things about free stuff, I like the lottery if that is ever up, but is a bit tacky…Now I won’t be complaining if I ever get some sturdy keys…15 boxes in storage now!

Update Icon update!

WTF…vibrating icon when items are pending…going to have to shrink or hide that…I preferred the old icons…

Last night the wife and sons crashed early(ish) so I got 2 hours of unexpected LOTRO play…so what did I do?

Farming in Staddle

Tsuhelm farmed…yes how exiting is that…never done it before…needed to find a guide to work out how to do it…the following was great…it is going away with the updates to LOTRO website so grab it now if you need to:


100’s of vegetables later – mainly yellow onions, but cabbages and taters too, I moved onto grains…aha where the hell are the grain fields?…found them in the end…

Not exactly exiting …kinda quiet …

Am ready to start on Expert Farming: Cauliflower and Green Onions will be sown and harvested soon!

The morning after

This morning continued Tordy TP run in the Shire (full blog coming soon)…

Lotro keeps crashing and/or kicking me out…I am sure it’s an after effect of the update.

I hope LOTRO sorts out the issues quickly…

I keep on walking voluntarily into my own room 101…one day maybe I will not…