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LOTRO: Hobbit Poppin Only!

8 Jun

My new gaming regime is suffering immensely, the stresses and strains of RW and family life, in fact I find my work more flexible in regards to my blogging needs than my wife and kids are to my gaming needs. Instead of my old 13.5 hrs ish of gaming a week I just had a week of about 7 hours!

So having just started to wet my toes into deeply immersive EVE Online I am left with negative playtime for LOTRO and this is a shame as I am finding out that I love both games (at least so far) and they provide different rewards.

EVE is only winning as it has a 30 day free trial period that is slowly ticking away…indeed after technical issues to begin with and RW family time I think I am halfway through the free time with only 5 days of limited gaming!

During this period I have popped into LOTRO for free hobbit presents and to say hi to kinnies…

LOTRO is obviously a game I ‘know’ and can jump straight into, whereas EVE is at the moment, and as I keep discovering, a bottomless hole of stuff to learn. The LOTRO reward is obvious and almost immediate and the EVE reward is in slow, sometimes painful, realizations and occasional ‘Eureka’ moments. After 5 days in EVE I have yet to finish the tutorial and I have been known to complain of LOTRO’s tutorial and starter area which can be blasted through within an hour at most!

I will be back in LOTRO sooner rather than later, the breath of fresh air or more appropriately the emptiness of vacuum, is reinforcing my love of LOTRO.

So Tsu will continue to boldly go where no Tsu has gone before whether it be outta space or in Middle Earth…


LOTRO: EVE has past for now, now morning LOTRO

27 May
Dark tower_line

another dark tower doodle


After a week of discussion(LOTRO held hostage!) my gaming timetabling has been finalized…

Monday to Thursday: morning free for LOTRO: before work 1 to 1.5hrs

1 evening (after kids tucked away) wife permitting free for LOTRO: 2 to 3 hours

Friday and weekends: sleep in, possibility depending on kids and wife for another afternoon or evening session:2 to 3 hours!

My old routine netted me: 5-7.5 hours weekdays, 4-6 hours weekends a range of 9-13.5 hours.

It also left my pretty knackered by the weekend; prone to attacks of uncontrollable sleep attacks while watching TV with wife. The kids of late had been cutting short my weekend early play sessions.

New routine should net: 6-9 hours weekdays and 2-3 hours at the weekend: 8-12 hours… A LOSS of 1 hour…

This new schedule should create more quality time with the wife, I will again get to enjoy weekend sleeping in with wifey (note to self: must find a way of getting kids to entertain themselves for first hour or 2 on weekends! Used to be my job to entertain while wife slept in – now that can be shared!) My only doubt, and its a doozy, is whether I will get the evening session and weekend session as promised! If I could just get a whole afternoon free for a mega session of LOTRO at the weekend I would be much, much happier!

LOTRO: Dali for a day!

5 May


Thanks to THINKING PLAY for nominating me for the CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD:

‘If there’s any such thing as a creative blogger it has to be Tsu, the Salvador Dali of LOTRO blogging’

WOW I just got compared to Dali and that dropped me to the floor!

‘Dalí was highly imaginative, and also enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork, to the dismay of those who held his work in high esteem, and to the irritation of his critics.’


‘TSU is highly imaginative, and also enjoys indulging in LOTRO and blogging behavior. His eccentric manner and mind bending postings sometimes draw more attention than his gaming content, to the dismay of those who hold his work in some kind of esteem, and to the irritation of critics…’

And to be honest I am easily distracted, and over stimulated and with no-one to please but myself… leads many times to blogging anarchism… and can be messy and off topic…even weird… I don’t think I can stop doing it though 🙂Surreal Elephants

I wonder what Dali would have made of all this digital decadence?


AND how does this award work, trivia this time then more chain lettering…

Five Possibly Interesting Facts About Me

1 I do not drive!

Which is strange. My dad was a car fanatic! At age of 10 I had two and a half years on a farm in Scotland and I learnt to ride a scrambler over hills, as well as an Argocat (similar steering to a tank I have been told) and fork lifter! Outboard driven boats and under strict supervision the speedboat too! But when offered to drive the Land Rover around the field I was scared shitless and always declined… in later life I always managed to live in big cities with good (ish) public transport… now my wife keeps suggesting I learn (get a licence) and yet for some reason I do not want to! I am not a big fan of driving games, but I surprised mates when I did really well in a go-cart competition entered in jest: I spun off in the final!

2 Crime in Spain OR Stupid Drunk Person!

I love SPAIN and I would willingly get blindly drunk again after celebrating my return to Cadiz, after a trip to the Mediterranean, after falling asleep (with almost all travel possessions) on a park bench in the middle of the night to wake up with a lighter burden to carry and an incredible hangover! (Macbook, camera, Gameboy DS, passport, and clean clothes, including a very nice designer cream jacket all donated to the Spanish underworld!)

(A long time ago, drunk again in a bar in CPH I put my new tailored ¾ length Armani Coat on a pretty Greenlander girl, it walked away cutely into the night…  pockets contained an iplayer and canon ixus!)

I drink only wine in moderation these days!

3 I burnt down my parents bookcase at the age of 4!

Playing with matches is dangerous and my parents suspected me of becoming a pyromaniac at an early age. The enflamed bookcase was close to killing us all! Toasted sandwiches on homemade bonfire on an expensive afghan rug at a friend’s house didn’t help. I have so far managed to resist my firebug tendencies, although I love a good bonfire and learnt very quickly how to get the ‘parilla’ (Argentinian barbeque) going: although cooking on it is a skill I have yet to master!

4 Impaled on scissors!

I once fell off a wall carrying a pair of scissors: I managed to jam the scissors so hard into my jaw (through my cheek) the doctor was too scared to pull them out… I have a small scar inside my cheek!

5 Fifteen seconds of Fame…

I was quizzed as part of an Argentinian TV show on the way home from work: my crap Spanish didn’t pass so an attractive assistant was called in to question me in English, only adding to my embarrassment… I had no clue to the answer and this worked out well as the contestant won more money because of it!


Avaruussuo: Finnish and very creative blogging, lots of Photo stuff but important to me, every so often chucks out some landscape screenies that amaze…must be the photographic eye!

The Wandering Tales has gone really quiet of late and I really miss the super colourful screenies so if an influx of readers wants to incentivize… I will be more than happy 🙂

The Last Huntress of The Dreadward Tribunal and In the World Lived a woman: (2 for the price of 1!) I must admit in my busy RW life I do not always get the chance to read all of the great LOTRO fan fiction here but I love it just the same …and the screenies are cool too!

Wandering around Arda will always get my vote for being creative, creative with costuming in LOTRO as well as screenshotting the awesome results. Maybe a little elfy at times but always ideas to steal 🙂

Ding!: A recent find of mine and a general gaming blog that struck me as very professional from the outset, layout clean, appropriate visuals and good writing: so creative got picked up to write online…I hope the blog keeps going as well

BloodBourne Supremacy!

15 Apr

made from km

Its not everyday that I get stimulated to play a game from reading The Guardian newspaper, indeed their normal game coverage and especially the game reviews are abysmal nowadays but the following article has pushed me one step closer to getting a PS4…admittedly their are a lot of steps between Argentina and Europe, unable to afford a PS4 until that jump is made!


I am all hot n sticky for Bloodbourne…, it’s a pseudo sequel to the Dark Souls games by same producer! I have yet to play any of these (HONEST!) and all of them look and sound simply awesome…my cup of tea!

Checked out the following blogs for reviews:

HOLYVIDEOGAMESBATMAN: A nice blog CLEAN blog posts, picture, 2 columns of words – nice and professional! The ‘about’ section contained a ‘I am a walrus’ quote so I followed straight away 🙂

GAMEOVERGAMESUK: And a nice video review: is this a vlog then?


LEIBSTER: Lippy libby liberal leaning liberated LOTRO’ers licked libation.

10 Mar

Party Business Leibed me…? As grumpy at ‘WHY I GAME‘ pointed out its basically a chain letter, one which I think almost all bloggers I read have been liebsterd already and I am hoping that the Leibster bug is not getting too tedious… so will show restraint… just like my blog title… an example of ‘literation aint it!


Taking liberties with liebster award logo…


How did you get started blogging?

Was bored at work, already told off by the boss for wasting time with silly games so decided to start writing about playing games (in fact it was my 3rd attempt in a number of years to write something!)

What’s the origin of your blogger’s name?

Commander Tsunami was my first in game character, thanks to Elite! (Also made a mistake in translation see here)

What’s your favourite MMO character and why?

I have developed quite a penchant for my RK Tsukuld whom I have been playing rigorously of late but Tsuhelm my hunter on Windfola still has a tether to my heart, just wish the server was not so quiet, going back to solo play there is just too lonely compared to withy and an active guild as there is always a friend on even even during my weird play times.

What was your very first MMO character and why did you choose that race?

My first ever was Tsukate in FFXI … a Mithra, a just liked the idea of playing a cat woman, maybe too much Thundercats when growing up, too much Darkstalkers (Felicia) at the arcade or just that I liked cats (OPP- Naughty by Nature )

What’s the most fun class you ever played?

After coming to LOTRO I played my hunter almost for a year before really getting with MMO play and started up a champ and boy tis fun to line up a huge crowd of enemies and mow them all down at once.

If you could cut and paste your favorite games into one mega-ultra-super MMO, what would it look like?

I am old and still yearn for a digital D&D RP dungeon crawl, no landscape really needed just the core nature of leveling up as you descend deeper into the huge dungeon preferably with a die-hard group of friends and a DM that created story on the go to suit the actions of the group. (‘Moria’ squared with massive AI improvements in all areas.)

You can snap your fingers and visit any city in the world. Where are you?

CADIZ, Spain… Presently in Buenos Aires Argentina.

You’re on a desert island and only have one album, one movie, and one book. What are they?

Don Quixote (in Spanish), Subway (1985), Puccini’s Madam Butterfly (maybe I would regret this and become even more insane!)

What ability or skillset do you most admire in others but personally lack?

I love the ability to make a plan and stick to it, I am seriously lacking in the second part, in fact I come up with plans and plans, many of them so cunning you could stick a tail on em and call em foxes…but I very rarely put them into action or if I do, stick to it.

Are you a cat or dog person?

Cat (well see above but both cats and dogs like me!)

You can learn one language, in addition to those you already know, in a second. What language is it going to be?

I consider this quite often, my wife is intending to learn Italian so that would be nice but I reckon if I could learn it in a second I would learn Chinese I want to learn Japanese and Korean too. I learnt my second language late (Danish at tender age of 27) and it changed many of my perspectives on life, my third Spanish is sadly a slow ongoing project to my wife’s chagrin!

I will answer but not perpetuate… well OK if you want to take my QUIZ you are more than welcome 🙂

Multi-guess, read the word and answer quickly, tis silly …of course 🙂


Higher the score the closer you are to me…be scared be very scared!

LOTRO: Ilcapitanotsu & Commedia De Fart!

3 Dec


Interviewer: Here I am with an Ill captain Tsu… from Withywindle server and member of the Family kinship…presumably nothing to do with the murderous cult? I hope you’re feeling better… and his female herald (checks notes)…Fred?, and Huntress guide, Marimere.

Illcaptanotsu: (Standing proudly, chest puffed out, legs spread heroically*, big plumed hat waved energetically, flanked on either side by flag waving herald and bow wielding hunter): Maybe u hear mi? I is… Capitan Spavento della Vall’Infernae e Salvador de los Vírgenes Borrachos (Fred and Marimere eyes roll) also known as Escobombardon e Fanfarone

Marimere (interjects): He does indeed eat a lot of beans…

Illcaptanotsu (flustered):…Il’capi’tano’Tsu,  don’t you make comedy of mi arté, or I stick my foot riaght upya bottom! I ave bigga boots on! I isa not sick…wot stupid man is you…all weak and scrawny like…you a musician or some lessa creature? …The Family kinship, in my umble opinIon is the best thing to ‘appen ever…friendly, fun, ‘elpful and generous ta boot, which I will, as warned apply to ur butt ifa ya don’t show mi respect!

Intervierwer (assuming a fake humble smile and asking with false humility): Of course sir, but prey tell us of your LOTRO Update 15 experiences, a Captain Tsudryt **(looks at FRED, recognition sinking in illuminating his face)…did share his opinions of change in the past… Herald, you know this Captain Tsudyrt**?

Fred: Yes sir, I herald for him as well, he languishes still in Moria, camped out on the Landroval server, he is ready to progress but is waiting for the right time and people…I on the other hand am always on call to aide others and jumped at the chance to aide another Captain Tsu. So here I am in the service of Il capitano…(she waves affectionately at ilcapitano who is obviously, impatiently waiting to become the main focus of the interview again)…he drinks less and thankfully does not have such a fixation for bright orange!

Interviewer (looks over at the leather clad, bow wielding woman behind the captain): and you?

Marimere: I am but a humble huntress, I have joined with the captain to aide in speeding his progress through Middle Earth, initially I was employed as a tracker to hunt down elusive prey but as I know quick routes to far destinations and as I am always willing to share my bag space to carry his excess belongings, I travel light. I normally just follow behind the good captain, and find myself in little peril, unless of course he has been at the beans when I may make myself more active upwind so to speak…

Interviewer (gives a knowing smile and turns back to the impatient foot tapping (and boot wielding!)  captain): so sir can you tell me of your experiences in LOTRO after the recent update 15…?

Ilcapitanotsu: It is sad but tru that many capitano’s di arté are nuttin but chickens dressed as men…all featha no eggs…notta mi! I fighta and I leada men and da women, I is MODerno in mi attitudes to the fairer sex as FRED anda Marimere surely will attesta. I yell my intentiones out to the enemy and I join bodily in battales most mortales and mi fineries doth not conceal mi scares…(shows off most minor of scars…)

Indeed Il capitano is dressed well, no cloak for this man that would conceal his long tunic of navy blue with shiny stars embroidery of silver thread. This tunic over, heavy armour, simply crafted but well-polished and oiled…

Ilcapitanotsu: Wella update fiftin it no affect me much really, no beary types have I encountered, those Beornings I expected to be flooding the fields of Bree, as I am not YET the greatest capitano in Middle Earth the later changes have also not’a affectado mi mucho, the distant lands of Gondor are butt’a like a condor circling soma distant montaña…(looks off into the distance…)

Ilcapitanotsu (Focus back to the interviewer, continuing): Other changes I have not noticed, they chang’d summit about mi banner and I donna use em… now line-a-sight don’t effect it … all about rangé again.

Interviewer: Ok so Update 15 is not really affecting you, can you give us some thoughts about LOTRO generally then?

Ilcapitanotsu: Where to start…wella mi main goal is to earn TP*** cossa mi player(in da Real World!) is now ‘PREMIUM’ again and I must say that Archet is boring as hell and why anyone is expected to want to play LOTRO after spending an hour there is a wonda…I suppose I survived so others must too…

Marimere: Can I please add to this, I recently did the Archet run and as I am based on a completely new account I was amazed at how ungenerous the initial few hours of play are…I mean, 3 bags…really! Lucky I am not into makeup and perfumes…my freebies from LOTRO all pretty useless to be honest took up a bag after a few levels…I binned them all!

Ilcapitanotsu: Yeah yeah…, us veterans should be able to dodge this area for free if you aske mi! But I do like Bree, so mucha a do here. That Mayor hombre sent us on a silly tour de bree, ah notta estupido, I know how use auction house n stuff, but I wasted plenty time crafting  jewelry in crafting hall. Jewels n baubles be important… afta that we all took to Ered Luin and had plenty fun… back to Bree and off killin Orcs was we… now in the Barrow Downs killin wights for Bree rep anna tell ya going well it is…

Interveiwer: Have you had much experience of fellowships?

Ilcapitanotsu: Eh! Ama red blooded hombre anna don’t like that question…I don’t mess with a fellows I likka the ladies, proper higolo I…(Fred whispers into his ear, noticeably red with rage, il capitano calms down)…Oh you mean fellowship grouping, ya? Whirlstorm, a Lore master helpe us outta ina Taradans with lotta killin of broodhunter spids… his over grown legume stalker fing was quite scary…indeed killa brussel sprout springs to mind… cabbage on legs…I like mi ‘repollo’…

Fred and Marimere (in unison, holding their noses and looking sick): WE KNOW!

Ilcapitanotsu:  Same player also has Stormsong, now I got nothing wrong with minstrels they rock and indeed many are more powerful an mi myself…even if they screech and maka lotta noises…now a’capitan needs be noisy in battle too…

Fred and Marimere (in unison, holding their noses and looking sick): WE KNOW!

Ilcapitanotsu (looking oddly at the 2 ladies): Butta need to shout anda screama…(sees their faces) oh ya meana those noises (blushing!)…tis healthy to let loose and indeed in the thick of battle it would be dangerous to be full of such quantities of gases…

Marimere (laughing!): sometimes it is dangerous after you have emptied yourself of those infernal gases!

Interviewer: And what does the future hold for your illustrious self and ladies?

Ilcapitanotsu: Wella more undead to be re-slaughtered in the Barrow Downs, me wanna wrappa that uppa before travelling to yonder Lone Lands and possibly the North Downs… better get moving then, (waves his entourage to depart, bows gracefully and lets out a loud, odorous fart)  Hasta leugo, arrivederci…I bid thee farewell.

Interviewer (taken on a slightly green palor): Bye…

*Truly heroic pose as described in BLACKADDER S3: Sense and Senility

‘M: Yes. The ordinary fellow stands like well… as you do now.
M:  Whereas your hero… stands thus.
(The actors assume a heroic stance – legs spread wide, hips thrust forwards. The Prince follows suit.)
PR: Right. Well, that’s sort of like this…
K:  Excellent, Your Highness. Even more so…
PR: What, oh, like that? (Even wider, standing as if on a ledge. A creak sounds.) What was that noise?
M:  It wasn’t *me*! We are used to standing in this position.
(Another creak.)
PR: It came from over here. (opens a trunk to find Baldrick) Anarchist!
B:  Cleaner!
PR: So you’ve had a wash, that’s no excuse! (starts strangling Baldrick again)
E:  (Enters, amidst the screams) No sir, that is Baldrick spring cleaning.
PR: But he’s, look, he’s got a bomb!
E:  That’s not a *bomb*, sir, that’s a sponge.
PR: Oh yes, so it is. Well, get it out of here at once before it explodes.
(Exit Baldrick, carrying the sponge very gingerly at arm’s length.)’
And later:

‘K:  No, no, no, no… Your Royal Highness. What have you forgotten? 
PR: Oh now look, if I stand any more heroically than *this*, I’m in danger of seriously disappointing my future Queen. 
K:  No, no, Your Highness, not the stance… the *roar*.’

Great Series and here is a great blog that has all the scripts: AllBLACKADDERscripts


*** Turbine Points used to purchase in-game items, in my case I need the expansion Mirkwood for LV60-65.

Images stolen from: Nymphenburg


LOTRO: Game Issues Again…

19 Nov

Oh that’s good 🙂

Lots of issues since Update 15, servers have been down a few times I think and several log-in issues have been experienced…game is supposedly laggier than normal as well…

And me?

Due to time differences between US and Argentina my normal routine has been thrown a little as I used to get up, start LOTRO, log in, make coffee(or tea), get dressed and collect Hobbit Presents for all servers that I have chars on…

Silverlode, Windfola, Landy, Laurelin, and end on Withy…

Not playing with my RK at the moment I would switch to my cappy and then load up my huntress (another account so yet another Hobbit Pressy).

At the moment I need to dress (Oh no! No more NAKED LOTRO!), make drink and then play until 5am when hobbit presents become available… and at the moment I am getting up late but before 5 so I cant see the point of playing before collecting presents… 😦

So little LOTRO play, roll on long weekend (Monday off -thanks Argentina :)) so hopefully the servers are OK and I can get some good LOTRO’ing in!

LOTRO: Who let the BEARS out?

7 Nov

LOTRO UPDATE 15 has arrived and a few had some difficulties updating but other than that nothing has really changed…

I have had minimal LOTRO time this week, enough for hobbit presents basically so here is some YOUTUBE video madness…of course being UPDATE 15 themed all featuring bears…

MUSE uprising – the bears r coming!

Hopefully the Beornings do not cause too much damage…

Jungle Book – The Bare Necessities – Balu the bear

Beorning gear is hot stuff in game…

Legendary Kung Fu fighter

So WOW is not the only games with bear action! Beorning legendaries…(TURBINE please fix LI’s soon!)

Kon from Bleach

We need some funny LOTRO beorning moments please…


I dont play SWTOR they have bears as well?

Tetsuo’s Nightmare…AKIRA

Lets hope LOTRO does not become a nightmare to play!

LOTRO: Ursa Major

5 Nov

Ursa major

So its the 5th of November…I remembered…

Bonfire Night in Britain…fireworks and burning effigies of Guy Fawkes

UPDATE 15 has arrived and finally an in game pic from TURBINE


Uninspiring to the max 😦

Installation hic-ups aside, and there have been few of those of late thankfully, tonight in this land far away from incendiary madness, I hope to be able to enjoy an updated LOTRO. I am looking forward to the patch notes and am hoping for some updates that will better my LOTRO experience…of late I find my time in game less and less enjoyable…I have simply lost the ‘fire’…


Boo! -Tsuhelm having some fun on Windfola…not cashing in tokens!

The Fall festival ended with none of my characters bothering to cash in the fall tokens…

Tsukuld my RK is waiting to experience Mirkwood…

I have a cappy and hunter about to start dwarf bandit butchery in the port of Kheledûl…(TP run for Tsukuld…)

So I wont be getting a beorning just yet…1000Tp needed.

Ursa major will just have to wait until I have finished playing my RK…

But I did learn 1 fact today that may actually be useful in RW:


How to find the north star…by following the line that bisects Ursa major, and ergo how to identify the Ursa minor constellation; The North star is the end of the handle of the little pan…er little bear!

LOTRO: The Bear & Croc!

4 Nov

bear n croc

Go and celebrate the Beorning arrival in style at The Crocodile, SEATTLE, November 5Bear’s Den will be playing…there should be fireworks of the musical kind 🙂

Have a listen:

Stubborn Beast


Bad Blood

Enjoy…U15 just a day away…