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LOTRO: Server Status!

4 Aug

So Bingo arrived and I have been focusing a lot on Opopa, my hobbit burglar on Laurelin, I have been neglecting this poor hobbit for an age… and now I have started the Adventures of Opopa fan-fiction I have ideas that require me to get him moving…so there will be more OPOPA stuff in the future which can only be a good thing…keep reading… I created an index page: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/the-adventures-of-opopa/

adventures of opopa

The wonder of doing an ‘e-book’ is you can change the cover from moment to moment!

Opopa will not so lonely any more…as Tsukuld will probably be moving with his kin to Laurelin due to server mergers. Or closures as some pedantic commentators persist in calling it…why not call a glass half full of lovely beer a dirty smelly glass of disgusting evil liquid…why don’t ya…? Negative trolls you are all! Tsukuld has started exploring the Eaves of Fanghorn, and as all forests should be he keeps losing his bearing, exacerbated by not spending more time there…


Who is that geezer?

Tsudryt wrapped up the Trollshaws wolf slayer deed on Landy: 14’ish wolves a day and finished 1 day earlier than predicted.


Good job Tsudryt and Harold!


Crawlers next…

My original char Tsuhelm (and his extensive support staff!) on Windfola will have to move to one of the remaining US servers… as yet I am clueless as to which I will choose…as all he does is collect Hobbit Presents at the moment there is no rush!


Tsuhelm the carefree hippy!

LOTRO: Gandalf is a Dude!

1 Apr

Gandalf is a Dude

LOTRO: Bugsy Baggins

3 Oct

Bugsy Malone lotr

Lord of The Rings merged with other movies…

I have done the Dude before (twice!) but what about a Bugsy Malone mix…The Nazgul could be the cops…the Dwarves could be the chorus line…

Fat Sams is obviously Rivendell…that would make Fat Sam Elrond!

Frodo would be Bugsy Malone…

Gandalf could be Blousey Brown!

Frodo: Have you eaten?

Gandalf: Ever since I was a kid.

Frodo: Then how come you’re so skinny, wisey?

Gandalf: Because I watch my weight.

Frodo: Yeah, I do that when I’m broke too.

That leaves Dandy Dan being Sauron…

Sauron: [voice-over] And now my friends, listen to what I’m telling you and listen good. There’s only room for one Mr. Big in Middle-Earth and that’s me, Sauron. And fellas, the time has come for us to play our next card, and believe you’s me, Gandalf and his dumb bumbs ain’t gonna stand in our way.

And it ends with: ‘You give a little LOTR’ where all participants burst into a happy song…together!

An other idea would be

Time Bandits and LOTR…

A boy (Frodo) joins a bunch of dwarves in an adventure to thwart evil (Sauron) aha…not going to be that hard me thinks…

Sauron: When I have the map, I will be free, and the Middle Earth will be different, because I have understanding.

Minion: Uh, understanding of what, Master?

Sauron: Digital watches. And soon I shall have understanding of video cassette recorders and car telephones. And when I have understanding of them, I shall have understanding of computers. And when I have understanding of computers, I shall be the Supreme Being! God isn’t interested in technology. He knows nothing of the potential of the microchip or the silicon revolution. Look how He spends His time! Forty-three species of parrots! Nipples for men!

LOTRO: Moria Departed… At Last!

9 Sep

Back to LOTRO: Some screenshots…

bridge from the other side

Tsukuld makes 1 last trip to that bridge

Balrog has wings

‘Please explain the white cursor pointing at the Balrog’s crotch!’

Oh my a Balrog…and Gandalf but it is just a faded memory of the events that passed.

Bye bye

Tsukuld waves goodbye (he will of course be back for some deeds left uncompleted and a number of instances!)


The LAST RIDDLE…dont forget to read the plaque as you shoot past in your rush to get outside again…I did and had to come back to find it afterwards.

spat out

Yes Tsukuld was spat out that mouth from Moria!

Its green

Lothlorien… very pretty and GREEN!

2  is a crowd

A fellow Family member also enjoying the fresh air…

Eh up lad ur outta library

Ok so back to Rivendell to have a chat with Elrond…OMG not in the library! Spoiled as in the end you have to go back and finish speaking to him …yes you guessed it in the Library!

If there was a LOTR CLUEDO  game I would guess Elrond was done-in, in the library, with all the weapons, by all the characters of the fellowship…it is just so annoying to keep going back there…

SO out of Moria and life in LOTRO is getting good again although at this moment in time I am collecting ores in Angmar as I want to get Tsukuld collecting ore nodes as he levels…

LOTRO: Hanging Out With The In Crowd

16 Apr

Tsukuld is ready to depart from Rivendell and head into Moria…but first must meet some ME celebrities.

gandalf n frodo

Frodo: What do you think of Elven civilisation? Gandalf: I think it is a great idea!


aragon n that carpet

The purple carpet treatment…must look like I am interested or is that interesting?

gimli the 'man' er dwarf

He is the ‘man’!…er dwarf!


This guy is too cool!

legolas levitating

Your tall enough elf…less of the levitating!

But before then Tsukuld is running support only for Tsucan, lv12 Warden and Tsuchump, lv12 Champion.

I need 950TP for Friday morning to get Helms Deep in the 50% LOTRO store sale!

So a grind run of EPIC length is about to start…thank you Easter Bunny for coming early to Argentina…Thursday and Friday free..no work!

Warden levitates_boaring!

Tsucan can levitate too! Boring you say…oh Boar!

When Helms Deep is in the pocket…(Deep pockets needed for Helm!) will continue to play with U13 changes…