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24 Aug


Once upon a time a long time ago, healers triggered air traps… before I played COC! Now they will again in the proposed changes coming soon…



I am surprised by this planned nerf…

claws off our healers.png

In a game where SPAM is coming to dominate the only real training for strategic play since you first get her is the HEALER. Yeah the QW is OP but in quite a different way to a SPAMMED bowler/miner army which is mindless OP! I like the variety the healer adds to the attack, a unit that has no attack herself… more of this kind of unit please!

But as many have pointed out the Queen Healer combination should still be doable, just not so OP, clever spacing of those air seeking mines to prevent QW! I was even thinking it may be possible to trigger them by sending out scouting minions… new nick name CHAFF!


Even if it does end up workable, here I is crossing my fingers, I still think it is a simplification of the game, another lurch to the dumbing down of COC… I am finding as I progress in the game (now on the road to maxing th9) that it drags and drags, if I hadn’t changed to a more active clan I would seriously be slowly letting my COC fall off!

FINAL WORD: SPAM is still the order of the day!



GAMING: Pokémon GOne?

29 Jul

‘I just don’t see the appeal, is it some kinda mass hypnosis?’

Not even having arrived yet in Argentina and already some reports are stating the NEW GAMING CRAZE that is Pokémon GO! may already be on the decline… cor arn’t we a difficult crowd to please, us modern gamers? Fickle we is…

I have to be honest with you all I am desperate to have a go, and will rush out to play (if my phone can handle it) as soon as it does officially arrive. BUT I do hope (eventually) there is some implementation of the original Pokémon gaming that I so loved the first time around. Although even then I was on the mature end of the Pokemon gamer and missed out on the social side then!

Until then I will keep trying to get back into LOTRO – kids permitting – they are even asking to play themselves (more on this strange development in an upcoming post)…

I will keep hammering away at MCOC, now developed mastery skills in evade and parry and finally the actual fighting game is more fun as well! My Alliance is getting more and more serious in being competitive and that’s going to take quite a bit of energy.

COC is slowly going nowhere fast, but I still am attached to my TH and want to see it prosper…

And finally CR has picked up slightly in my GameDAR as I was accepted into my fellow bloggers clan: Supreme Cream and life in a busy clan is so much different to a dead one…more on this as well in coming weeks 🙂

Have a great WEEKEND all 🙂





GAMES: There can only be 1 LEMMY!

28 Jan


GIF doodling to pass the time at work, so much to do and no will to do it! Now I am blogging instead of cracking on… OOPS!

RIP to Ian Fraser Kilmister who died at the end of last year and is still popping into my thoughts! As does one of my all time fav tunes: Motörhead – Ace Of Spades

WOW I had yet to use this tune in my blog and have been intending to do so since FEB 2015! From a comment conversation regarding a very long post I did, MISDEEDS1 (When LOTRO and BLOGGING was all GOOD!)

But what a great game LEMMINGS was…

Bitter lemming lv12 tricky

I so want my kids to play this… and wow I found a browser version…


I hope to be getting the kids into this tonight!

Happy Xmas :)

24 Dec

Just GIF’ing around 🙂

It be the eve of humbug… fixed computer at home sans audio – need to install audio drivers I think. LOTRO to be downloaded (well that is a day gone!) but should be back in LOTRO world sooner rather than later… just need to keep the wife n kids distracted!

Have fun all and enjoy 🙂

CoC: New Hero… Design Competition

27 Oct


SUPERCELL have created a small competition to draw your own idea of what the new HERO will look like:


STARTING IMAGE: So a super wizard then!

LINK: http://forum.supercell.net/showthread.php/889530-New-Hero-Art-Contest%21/page18

Prizes are 1000 gems for this stage and the ultimate winner will receive 5000 gems…

So get doodling…

My doodles:


ddd2 ddd3 ddd6

And my daily commutes and occasional CoC play have raised my base from 50-59: (including the forth builders hut at last!)


So another month until anyway near getting to th8…at least and the game is starting to drag as the build times stretch out… but I do have a horrible commute to fill!

LOTRO: Field of Rings

13 Jul


Tsukuld decided to head off into town… Thornhope

Ok let’s go into an occupied, small burnt down village  choka with Orks, Uruks and Goblins and find survivors! REALLY? And yes there ARE survivors to be found! I was most shocked to find a small girl and NOT have to escort her out! Really: ‘OK girl, I found ya…now run along …don’t worry you’ll be OK..Cheerio!”


Ninja RK moves while treading water!

Tsukuld took a fancy to frying pan woman…


It just goes to show if you venture forth they will come: a field full of flying gold rings!

A field of dreams…

LOTRO: Dark Tower as never GIF’ed before!

22 May


Barad-dûr doodled again on the way home from work and GIF’ed quite amateurishly while ‘working‘!


Coloured too!

Hope to be able to get some LOTRO done this weekend…need permission from my wife…

I’m in trouble with my wifey…

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

Lovely forgiving wife 🙂



LOTRO: My little fishy Rohan war pony adventures

14 May

Dancing Scout…must be on drugs!


An Orc with a FISH! That’s really FISHY! I must investigate!


Bound to a pole, this merchant was lucky not to have been impaled on it! Nice Orcs, they even let me walk through their camp to the rescue!


Randy goings on at the farm….


DO I tell the truth or lie…oh dilemmas! Tsukuld, “Your Randy daughter ran off with Randy.” I was half expecting the dad to admit that he suspected and its all OK! NO…he plans to put a stop to any more RANDINESS!


The AI of the enemy is bad but the NPC’s AI is non existent…look folks an enemy mob…no no problem…Tsukuld will kill it as its only attacking me not the helpless incompetent NPC’s!


DING 82…actually mounted on my little war pony!

LOTRO: Misdeed 3, Screaming!

27 Feb


Tsukuld continues his misdeeds in Evendim… Irritating Goblins were stunned and then fried…only 270 of the annoying things hiding out in Tham Andalath…without a deed boost!


As featured in the GIF above this little Goblin is a SCREAMER! Actually annoyingly so…


‘throw another skull on the fire…’


A lot of toing and froing!


Punch for the moon…


It being Everswim there was some swimming done, here to get to Rushingdale, last part of the Wilds of Evendim Deed!

So Wilds of Evendim was done which needed me to head back to the Eavespires and wander into the wood troll infested Twisted Woods…


I of course picked up all available quests to edge closer to getting the Warden of Evendim Deed

Markers of the Sunken City

Not been to the city so was confused but the 1st three drop from Angmarims…


getting there slowly…

Slayer of Evendim

Half way…

The misdeeds of Tsukuld continue, hopefully Evendim will be wrapped this weekend!




LOTRO: Wake Up Time To Die In Moria!

16 Jul

‘I’ve felt worse but I’ve felt better
A human see saw to the letter
It makes me feel so bad
So nice, so nice
Wake up
Time to die’

Pop will Eat Itself – ‘Wake Up Time to Die’

WARNING: Wife’s computer is near DEATH!

Scary days are back when I can get kicked from LOTRO at any moment as the computer decides it prefers to crash…from experience this will continue with increasing frequency until it dies… being a tech moron I will not be attempting to fix it myself and this month is tight for money (inflation in Argentina devours my salary, well the kids, wife and living expenses help and it was my nr1 son’s 4th bday this month!)

So please hang on computer. (It does reinforce the need for my wife to free up memory from the plethora of photo editing programs and flood of edited photos that overflow from it…)

I do suppose if comp dies I will finally go out and get a job in Europe, no LOTRO (and associated blog…LOL) to distract me from that…and I have promised myself a new gaming computer and the new ELITE game when I do get my arse back to civilisation…er Europe!

OK back to LOTRO

Gifted with my first 1st Age...thanks TALT :)

Gifted with my first 1st Age…thanks TALT 🙂

Awesome a lv59 First Age Stone! Waiting for other Family members to turn up so celebrated with a little busking:

Need a band name...er 'The Family [Rune] Stone'

Need a band name…er ‘Sly and the Family [Rune] Stone’

Update 14 arrived on Monday and I have been waking late so little play…

Amazingly last night I was able to play and was invited to a group instance in Moria, tis busy at the moment, a lot of raiding taking place. I have no idea what instance we were doing! It was on level so tricky! Initially no-one knew what they were doing and we died and died but eventually we settled into a routine, got the small team of 4 working well and then POP the computer shut down…

Logged back on and POP the computer shut down….

Logged back on and got back into LOTRO but my fellowship had vanished (I had been kicked, surely everyone had died without me (right?))

So I was able to get moving again in Moria, I had missed the Waterworks by accident so went back to the Rotten Cellar…

and POP there went the computer again…time for bed!

Got up with my first alarm and set off into the water works…I had forgotten how much I enjoy this giant area. They really took the rule book about how to design dungeons and ripped it up with Moria and the Water Works really demonstrates this…It is a huge open space:

big dwarf little dwarf

Can u spot the dwarf?

A couple more gifs… the animation helps you appreciate the backdrop:

waterfalls        ww

‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to
I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all
But I think you’re moving too fast’
TLC – ‘Waterfalls’

Now all the water works needs is HUGE water slide…

Glass spiders...makes me want to listen to David Bowie...

Glass spiders…makes me want to listen to David Bowie…

‘So where were the Spiders?
While the fly tried to break our balls
Just a beer light to guide us’
David Bowie – ‘Ziggy Stardust’

So a quick run and already cleared half of quests…could not find the ‘Brooch of Lorien’ supposedly trapped in webs near the Lost temple, that I did find, I’m pretty sure it will turn up.

Tsukuld is now level 61, have not noticed any real changes since U14, my fiery stone should be doing more damage… he also upgraded some of his armour in the skirmish camp and also upgraded many of the legacies tiers with a ‘scroll of lesser empowerment’ bought for 294 marks in skirmish camp as well, it makes a huge difference to LI point spending – thx as ever to Talt for that nice piece of knowledge.

I am really enjoying the Water Works lets just hope the dammed computer works!

 ‘Painful to live in fear, isn’t it? Wake up, time to die!’

Leon (Brion James) – ‘Bladerunner’