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LOTRO: Misdeed 10, WORMSIGN!

12 Mar

‘Usul, We have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen.’

DUNE quote

Tsukuld rushed over to Sálgaitë, obviously Middle-Earth’s number one vacation spa for worms, lounging in the sun or bathing the salty waters, tis a proverbial infestation! Great place to complete the worm slayer deed.


Feeding time…

Hotty Tsukuld, with LI bonuses is much better for tough opponents but cannot fire skills off on the move. I had 44 mins of my slayer deed left so changed to pikachu mode and proceeded to zap away at all and sundry. In zap-zap mode am not one-shotting but can run around and gather a nice flock of worms to take out together, Vivid Imagery and Essence of Winter AoE skills adding the finishing touch, and wrapping up leftovers with the nice n spectacular Static Charge. I wish I had enough skill points to get a Volcanic Runestone from the fire-line, as I would just drop one of those and let that finish the pack off while running off to get more worms. And I regret not having leveled an LI to boost pikachu, my ‘Teslacles’ are still undeveloped, maybe with a good pair I could really start to one shot kill everything!

Angmar Metadeed completed, time to unpack bags and travel to the Misty Mountains.

When checking in-game post discovered that Tsukuld was starting to get crafting mats returned to him from alts…so spent next 30 mins shuffling and sorting out posts and items…on 2 alts only, 3 more to sort out!

Strange tradition in LOTRO before travelling to a new destination you must UNPACK!


LOTRO: MisDeeds 1

25 Feb

Tsukuld with the help of Taltoz, Family kin leader, who ran my little RK through a couple of instances to get him to LV75…ding-a-ling my little war pony is ready to ride…


That dinging got me to bonging:

‘Bing bing bang a bang a bang bing bong bing a bing bang a bong
Binga bing a bang a bong bong bing bong bing banga bong
Bing bing bang a bong bong bing bing binga binga banga bong
Bing bing bang a bang bang bing bong’
MinistryJesus Built My Hotrod

…and instead of heading of for mounted combat I chose to use my extended LOTRO time each morning during my 11 day vacation (that was the plan that didn’t really get realized!) to wrap up some older areas I had neglected…or at least try to get some of the deeds done.



Had fun in Old Forest… not so much in Great Barrows but then I bumped into a kinnie running some alts around and I tagged along in follow and that was that… BREE METADEED DONE!


Rath Teraig explored…SARNUR left for another day…


That smelly PIE deed was left alone…leftovers that no-one wants!



The right to fight wights
Twisted or not..
RK vs Wight: fight night!


Tsukuld has a TWIN?


After wrapping up 99.99% of Red Maid I was stumped for a while to where the heck the spring was! For the History of the Red-maid Quests (Vessel of Purity, For the Love of Nature , Reclaim the Lost Maiden.) Twas outside and you bring the purified water into the instance… I had confused the quests… Thanks to LOTRO WIKI and patience of kinnies who I think tried to explain this to me repeatedly…OOPS!

So Lone Lands Epic quests wrapped as well as METADEED 🙂



Only Exploration deeds to be done and done they were rapidly, a few EPIC quests were done as well but as soon as METADEED was done Tsukuld was off…


Now the going got heavier as Tsukuld had basically hopped over the Trollshaws… and my little RK decided to take all the quests given along the way, the many auto daily slayer quests made reaching Kindred with the Elves of Rivendell a breeze (was close already from rep items), was the first time I had quested here since the revamp and must admit it does flow mush better.

The slayer deeds here are all a bit of a drag though…

1st: WOLF slayer in the little wolf den with slow spawn rate and irritatingly stealthed!
2nd: TROLLS are easy (when OP) I remember struggling on level on other chars…
3rd: WIGHTS are easy enough, run back and forth in Nan Tornaeth BUT only at night…  day broke and had to come back again later to wrap up!
4th: WORMS (not crawlers that look like worms but wyrms!) find the small lair around the circular lake at Cirith Ulunn… and run around alot!
5th: CRAWLERS these carrion are found all over Trollshaws but nowhere is really good for quickly farming but basically kill all that you encounter and wrap up serendiptiously while doing ‘worm’ slayer above in Cirith Ulunn.
6th: GIANTS go to giant town also good for worms (not crawlers!) but I had done that already…and amazingly there are tons of resource nodes for Lebethron and Dwarf Iron! Too many to farm alone!

Completed quite a few quests, some of the EPIC book and got the METADEED 🙂



Is that you Tarpolo? Get that Bog Lurker off your head! You don’t know where it has been!

I did intend to head into the Misty Mountains next but instead decided to go for a swim in Everswim…popped back to Bree to sort out some of the mountains of crafting mats I have collected…also put up lootbox stuff into AH for any kinnies that may find them useful…Tsucan my neglected warden (lv16!) finally leveled his scholar to Expert, oh shucks now he needs to go to Rivendell…ok bags empty Tsukuld onwards…



What u staring at Tsukuld…?

nicesky landscape

Everything is so pretty in Evendim…

Deed grinding is ongoing and trying so far spectacularly unsuccessfully to avoid picking up quests, since arriving at Tinnudur and moving North to Ost Forod, have taken and completed them all…my only defense is that there is a Warden of Evendim deed for doing 90 quests!

I found Whiteberry’s Tales of Arda deed map section again yesterday, all of these deed maps are awesome!

Bandits(Tomb-Defenders) done on the island of Rantost, Gauradan done in the hills of Emyn Uial, and Giants also slaughtered here. Salamander slayer continues on Tyl Ruinen… there is a slight infestation of em!

Tsukuld hopes to wrap up here by the weekend before heading to ANGMAR and MISTY MOUNTAINS…will it never end?

‘No more speed, I’m almost there
Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care’
Golden Earring‘Radar Love’