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LOTRO: Ran Away with it!

15 Dec

Run away!

Mirkwood at last: TP Grind Pays Off! With a little help from my friends in my Kinship: ‘The Family.’

Tsukuld is finally able to explore the Mirkwood expansion 🙂

Ilcapitanotsu, Marimere (multibox huntress) and Fred (ever faithful herald) ground out a bit more TP from the Barrow Downs, completed Ruins of Bree deed and cashed in Rep items kindly donated from Taltoz to get enough for Mirkwood on sale: 20% off 🙂 Only this weekend there was an additional 30% off coupon valid for 2 purchases so I actually got Mirkwood Expansion for half price, enough to enable me to get another 5 inventory spaces for my ever filling bags!


I was also helped by Manthos, Champion killa, to get to kindred with Thorins Hall…another 50TP and quite nicely now able to buy the fast goat for Moria (but that will have to wait!) Manthos Ran me around Sarnur a quite a few times… he went to Angmar afterwards for Angmar rep but I had to call it a day and pacify my sons who had started fighting over lego!


all lined up!


Manthos the death dealing spinning top!


Evil dwarf & pet minding their own business chopped down!


Ching ching!


“Wanna mess wit CapitanoTsu eh? Well over Manthos’ dead body…anda dat notta gonna ‘appen dis day, me tel ya!”

SO I was very happy with my LOTRO TP grinding weekend, I can put my cappy and huntress multibox pairing to sleep for a while and get back to leveling Tsukuld. Lv69, already done Mirkwood introduction and was raring to go…

This morning I logged in and started to empty his bags, what a load of rubbish had piled up in his idleness, it was all made more complicated as his vault and shared storage were both almost maxed, I had also at some point rearranged the bag contents and it took time to put all the items I use back into the normal slots.

Baggage done was time to move back to Mirkwood…but I decided to have a quick refresher Tucky run and boy was I glad I did, the skill layout of my fiery RK was all over the place (My number 1 son’s doing I am sure!) and I actually struggled to get my RK rotations rotating the way they should. The Elite Murbarash burnt my hot RK to ashes…it didn’t feel right! More practice is needed me thinks before I head back into battle in the Mirkwood…

LOTRO: My Feet are Happy as 2 windows of LOTRO are better than 1!

21 Oct

Well my NEWB F2P account huntress Marimere has linked up with Ilcaptanotsu…

‘Will the Krill: You hear that? They’re doing it again!
Bill the Krill: Doing what?
Will the Krill: This.
[starts to dance and laugh frantically]
Bill the Krill: Fascinating. What is it?
Will the Krill: I have no idea.
Bill the Krill: [starts to dance as well] Wow! What’s it for?
Will the Krill: Perhaps it’s a momentary relief from the existential terrors of existence.
Bill the Krill: Oh.
Bill the Krill: What?
Will the Krill: It brings out my happy!’

Happy Feet 2 – quotation!

2 windows of LOTRO fun…

…my first experience of multiboxing in LOTRO…

And as I am doing it unsupported (NO software) , alt tab (am pretty fast with this as lots and lots of excel sheet hopping the last 15 years!), it is still a stop start kinda affair.


Using Ilcaptanotsu as my main, his war herald, Fred, and Marimere following. If needed Marimere can let off a few arrows but is faffy to then follow again…so she just tags along, gets XP and drops and most importantly has tracking skills which DO NOT interfere with follow, so can find those tricky mobs for slayer deeds…well its been a great help for Sickle fly slaying at least… (I imagine slug slaying in the Shire will be sped up as well!)


Looking bleak and bare…graphics on low to help with running the game!


Nice NEWB outfit Marimere

While Neekering (slaying neekers!) I used Marimere as main, drawing weakened mobs to the war heralds coup de Grace, Fred set on agro also took out a few stragglers as well…so for well populated areas this works quite well, alt tab to Captain for extra oomph! Sorted…

more oomphf

This morning my wife’s computer refused to run LOTRO longer than a couple of minutes so I grabbed my Hobbit presents and ran…

Which reminded me of my lucky 1 legged burgler Opopa …not saying having 1 leg is lucky rather he was lucky with his freebies, he already has a 100 mithril coins and then:


1st gift might tome II…nice

Next day, another gift: Might tome III …even nicer!

Would make Opopa the one legged burglar quite mighty if I used them…will hang on to them for now…

Will be taking Opa through the Haunted Burrow again this year, hope to get to lv20 and start getting some new mathom armour…lv20 stuff…

Its good to get free stuff while playing…

‘Will the Krill: I want to be free, Bill.
Bill the Krill: There is no such thing as free, Will.’

Happy Feet 2 – quotation

So Fall Festival is in effect…time to get running that burrow…why…er why not?

It brings out the happy in me 🙂