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Ork on my fork: RORK!

11 Aug


At work likes to roar “Rork!”

Ork on my fork: Porky Corky!

11 Aug

pig n ork!

‘FEEDS OFF PORK AND CORK’ cork eatin_motion


11 Aug

When life is too busy to complete your projects its time to cut back and relax…right?

NOT in TSU’s world…

LOTRO play is minimal, slow crawl to server mergers has started…

Opopa LOTRO fan-fiction bogged down in devilish philosophical detail…Chapter 3 is over a week late…it will BE, it will!

Doodlings from my commute to work have been pushed aside by inane Clash of Clans android play… JUST STOP!

My Eve Online play has sunk into the depths of minor skill tweeking… and creative doodles in response have also started to decrease… Rixx my online muse has also taken a vacation, I’m confident it will pick up again soon…

WORK has got super busy, and will only get worse on the run up to Xmas… 1 QC editor left and 1 on placement to New York! OK that’s not healthy!

So it’s time to get that illustrated Ork poem done… !

Draft digi doodles to base drawings on have started to coalesce out of my head…

ork on my fork

Oh yeah, Mork the Ork on my fork is BACK!


There is an ork on my fork
Is a bit of a dork
Called Mork from York
Feeds off pork and cork
At work likes to roar “Rork!”
That ork on my fork
Worked forking pork
Not po’kin and fo’kin cork
For k, (in Spanish, ‘por k’
Porque? no se!) Wor’ k! Cor! k!
That ork on my fork
Forked tongue ork twisted
Torked norking sork zork
Korky oorky gorky tork
Borkin’ mad that Ork
On my Fork

Q: What is the Colour of Magic? A: Terry Pratchett!

13 Mar


Terry Pratchett

Wit wit and subversion of narrative convention.
Wit what sophistry and not narrow invention.
Word terrier, creator of Mr. Nutt, a good nut.
A nutty creation, an ork not borkin mad forkin.
There can only be one, Mr. Nutt.
Not a dork, not on my fork, not this ork.
This ork fork’d verbiage, not cabbage…or pork.
Not seen academic,  pandemic of ical words.
Cleva orks should be heard not seen, read not red or dead!
Mork the ork salutes ya wit fork.
In deed, all orks salute you, creator.
Dis disc of reality appreciated your discworld.
Happy trip to the flipside, flip fantasia.

Well Sir Terry Pratchett popped his clogs, and OH how I will miss him.

I am behind in the reading of his books that induce me into hopeless fits of hysterics and guffaws that turn heads from afar. I will of course catch up one day, I will raid the small shelf of Discworld  books living at my Mum’s in York at the first opportunity.

“Some pirates achieved immortality by great deeds of cruelty or derring-do. Some achieved immortality by amassing great wealth. But the captain had long ago decided that he would, on the whole, prefer to achieve immortality by not dying.”

Terry Pratchett has achieved immortality through his writings.

“It was octarine, the colour of magic. It was alive and glowing and vibrant and it was the undisputed pigment of the imagination, because wherever it appeared it was a sign that mere matter was a servant of the powers of the magical mind. It was enchantment itself.

But Rincewind always thought it looked a sort of greenish-purple.”


LOTRO: Misdeeds, 8 Ork Wit Fork

10 Mar

Tsukuld continues misdeeds (yes it is dragging on and on) in Angmar.  Uruks were found, Carn Dûm proved too slow so headed to Mor Maudhúl where found 14 to 16 Uruks, its going to be slow…Uruk slayer basic done, 170 to go!


Uruk goes legs up!


U scare me but will kill ya anyway!


Where is my fork?

Orc Slayer was also completed in deed they were toasted!



7 Feb

Tsuhelm is on his hols 🙂

He is not but would like to be in YORK.


York is a historic walled city at the confluence of the Rivers Ouse and Foss in North Yorkshire, England, and is the traditional county town of Yorkshire to which it gives its name. The city has a rich heritage and has provided the backdrop to major political events in England throughout much of its two millennia of existence. The city offers a wealth of historic attractions, of which York Minster is the most prominent, and a variety of cultural and sporting activities making it a popular tourist destination for millions.


My hometown, It is also home to a certain ork!

My 1st stop would be at my Mum´s: for a nice cuppa tea, depending on the time (after 5…) a cold glass of Soave being my Mum´s tipple of choice. Later some good food, maybe out for a curry or even Fish N Chips… Would probably spend the evening in easy conversation, watch a little British TV and RELAX or another family tradition would be to go and catch a movie at the CityScreen.

Next day I would catch up with my Sister (and her family as well :)) and Aunt.

Now time to catch up with mates, even old school friends (I just missed a reunion :()  would wander into town along the Ouse (Not ooze!) and partake in bibations available at one of the many pubs in town, they say there are enough for each day of the year and then some…I would almost certainly end up in the Evil Eye (purportedly Johnny Depp´s watering hole of choice when he was working on Charlie and the Chocolate factory here in York!)

I could also pop over to Leeds but that would be another post….

Robin Williams – Mork From Ork!

12 Aug


The original
Mork from Ork
Mork the Ork
Ork on my Fork

I was shocked and saddened to hear the news today…

Robin Williams has gone…

I loved Mork and Mindy, later I loved his standup shows (never saw one live!) and his films.

Robin Williams – Fly be Free

(watch here)

What you love
you let fly
let be free

What you cherish
you let fly
let be free

What you hold closest
you let fly
let be free

What! Cooking an omelet?
Fly be free…

‘Excuse me, sir. Seeing as how the V.P. is such a V.I.P., shouldn’t we keep the P.C. on the Q.T.? ‘Cause if it leaks to the V.C. he could end up M.I.A., and then we’d all be put out in K.P.’

Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams), Good Morning Vietnam


What a wonderful world, slightly less so today but we will cherish and love you, hold you close to our hearts for ever.

What a wonderful world – Louise Armstrong

(Listen Here)