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Ork on my fork: RORK!

11 Aug


At work likes to roar “Rork!”

Ork on my fork: Porky Corky!

11 Aug

pig n ork!

‘FEEDS OFF PORK AND CORK’ cork eatin_motion


11 Aug

When life is too busy to complete your projects its time to cut back and relax…right?

NOT in TSU’s world…

LOTRO play is minimal, slow crawl to server mergers has started…

Opopa LOTRO fan-fiction bogged down in devilish philosophical detail…Chapter 3 is over a week late…it will BE, it will!

Doodlings from my commute to work have been pushed aside by inane Clash of Clans android play… JUST STOP!

My Eve Online play has sunk into the depths of minor skill tweeking… and creative doodles in response have also started to decrease… Rixx my online muse has also taken a vacation, I’m confident it will pick up again soon…

WORK has got super busy, and will only get worse on the run up to Xmas… 1 QC editor left and 1 on placement to New York! OK that’s not healthy!

So it’s time to get that illustrated Ork poem done… !

Draft digi doodles to base drawings on have started to coalesce out of my head…

ork on my fork

Oh yeah, Mork the Ork on my fork is BACK!


There is an ork on my fork
Is a bit of a dork
Called Mork from York
Feeds off pork and cork
At work likes to roar “Rork!”
That ork on my fork
Worked forking pork
Not po’kin and fo’kin cork
For k, (in Spanish, ‘por k’
Porque? no se!) Wor’ k! Cor! k!
That ork on my fork
Forked tongue ork twisted
Torked norking sork zork
Korky oorky gorky tork
Borkin’ mad that Ork
On my Fork

Q: What is the Colour of Magic? A: Terry Pratchett!

13 Mar


Terry Pratchett

Wit wit and subversion of narrative convention.
Wit what sophistry and not narrow invention.
Word terrier, creator of Mr. Nutt, a good nut.
A nutty creation, an ork not borkin mad forkin.
There can only be one, Mr. Nutt.
Not a dork, not on my fork, not this ork.
This ork fork’d verbiage, not cabbage…or pork.
Not seen academic,  pandemic of ical words.
Cleva orks should be heard not seen, read not red or dead!
Mork the ork salutes ya wit fork.
In deed, all orks salute you, creator.
Dis disc of reality appreciated your discworld.
Happy trip to the flipside, flip fantasia.

Well Sir Terry Pratchett popped his clogs, and OH how I will miss him.

I am behind in the reading of his books that induce me into hopeless fits of hysterics and guffaws that turn heads from afar. I will of course catch up one day, I will raid the small shelf of Discworld  books living at my Mum’s in York at the first opportunity.

“Some pirates achieved immortality by great deeds of cruelty or derring-do. Some achieved immortality by amassing great wealth. But the captain had long ago decided that he would, on the whole, prefer to achieve immortality by not dying.”

Terry Pratchett has achieved immortality through his writings.

“It was octarine, the colour of magic. It was alive and glowing and vibrant and it was the undisputed pigment of the imagination, because wherever it appeared it was a sign that mere matter was a servant of the powers of the magical mind. It was enchantment itself.

But Rincewind always thought it looked a sort of greenish-purple.”


LOTRO: Misdeeds, 8 Ork Wit Fork

10 Mar

Tsukuld continues misdeeds (yes it is dragging on and on) in Angmar.  Uruks were found, Carn Dûm proved too slow so headed to Mor Maudhúl where found 14 to 16 Uruks, its going to be slow…Uruk slayer basic done, 170 to go!


Uruk goes legs up!


U scare me but will kill ya anyway!


Where is my fork?

Orc Slayer was also completed in deed they were toasted!


LOTRO: Ork Log Blok’d Blog

24 Oct

Tsuhelm a LOTRO BLOK!

Having a really frustrating week in RW (work), RW (health) and RW(life well wife!), and that is feeding back into my motivation to play LOTRO…

The fall festival is falling and as I love the haunted burrow it is sucking up the LOTRO time I do get…

And that is dripping down into my blog….which has become a bit blocked…

I have tried throwing chemicals and hot water at the problem…caffeine in hot coffee!

I have used brute force… but only hurt my head.

Now I am just writing…. hope that it doesn’t just add to the blockage!


Ork bloking my blog
A bloke blogging from York (not as yet…)
Maybe the ork blocked the bog with a log!
Must flog that ork who left log
Whats this, a fog?
Cant tell a frog from a log let alone an ork from a fork.
Lest the ork test my jest…
Zesty pork talk clogging my blog

Still blork’in mad…

Got a Blork’d blog?
Who you gonna call?

Spiderpig lotro

The weekend is almost here… I obviously need it!

So hope to get some good LOTRO gaming in, aim to earn lots of TP, Ilcaptanotsu to wrap up Bree and head off to Ered Luin with my archer multibox, Marimere, in tow…why?…why not!

Have a great weekend fellow bloggers, be careful out there and don’t let the orks log your blog!


23 Sep


I couldn’t resist!

LOTRO: Surreal Goblin Horde

14 Aug

Goblin Horde

Still no computer to play LOTRO!

So been messing around with Alice in Wonderland (LOTRO post planned…yet to be penned) which led me to Max Ernst, one of my favorite Surrealist painters…

La Horde (1927) a great example of one of his Grottage paintings

Grottage is Frottage with paint
Textural rubbings
Played with

The result in ‘La Horde’ has been described as a demonic army on the march.

I like to see it as Tolkien’s goblin horde

The same as a ork horde.

A horde of orks on forks….


LOTRO: Burning Bras, Embedded Orcs, Edge Of A Crack, Gandalf’s Hat!

31 Jul

Or: screen shots from Wrapping up Moria with RK pt1

In the Flaming Deeps while destroying Orc furnaces

Uh...he looks mean!

Uh…he looks mean!

Scary statue...

Scary statue…

Wrapping up the Flaming Deeps just North of the Crossroads of Ash:

Orks on the Rocks

Orks on the Rocks

Tail sticking out

Tail sticking out!

While completing the Tribute of Light quest in the Second Hall in Nud-melek:

unlit bra

I got to thinking that it was made clear that the sex of dwarves is unknown to all and so I thought it funny that here it was possibly Tsukuld was demonstrating her independence of males:



Tsukuld returning to his male stereotypical dwarvish ways… encountered a certain bridge:

Tis broken of course!

Tis broken of course!

Svanr upset

Svanr took the fall of the great bridge hard…look he is crying!

When Svanr has calmed down about the loss of the bridge he send you off to investigate this side of the chasm:

Cracks edge


The Orcs here are of the Largzurm variety, just how many types of Orcs are there in LOTRO?

LOTS check out the wiki!

Those Ghash-hai orcs we found earlier in the Flaming Deeps would be quite at home here at the edge of the crack!

While digging into Orc types i came across the Brasse’s guide to MORIA which is quite simply stunning

'Must see: The Bridge Shard. While there are many interesting things to see here, this image shows an unusual detail… peer hard and you can just make out what appears to be a grey, pointed hat.'

‘Must see: The Bridge Shard. While there are many interesting things to see here, this image shows an unusual detail… peer hard and you can just make out what appears to be a grey, pointed hat.’ I MUST GO BACK TO SEE THIS MY SELF!

It is a pity that it was last updated in 2010 but what a great site!

Today slept late no LOTRO at ALL!

LOTRO: Wild Street Fighter Ork Bee Star Wit Sponge…

11 Jul

拉普山小種 #18

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)

ANCIENT GAMING NEWB does it again: New players coming to WOW

Read this quotation:

‘It isn’t that the genre doesn’t have a big enough audience, but that MMOs are like sponges.  They soak up players and hold onto them.’

So MMO’s R like moist sponges! (I love it!) Indeed you have to squash em really hard to get all the players out… makes sense…some players will stay even in the deadest of worlds…

I have yet to get 1 RW friend to play LOTRO my wife just laughs at me and walks away when I suggest she try…my best chance is to indoctrinate my sons but they are too young and it is unsure whether LOTRO will last into their mature gaming years…I am talking 10-20 years from now…what will MMO’s be like then? Will there be MMO’s then…? Scary thoughts…

It Bee a Tree wit Hides a Hive

‘To be or not to bee
Birds n bees
Bees n Trees!
Please! Please!’

Made me think that would be a great new hobby for LOTRO: bee keeping…farm honey for cooking, special bees in special places for honey infused with special effects…

Bee pets…

Now I am getting silly…er ok sillier…

Pet bees, killa bees… attack pet!

Stat upgrade for U14

lv100 equip stats? How does she do this?
Giseldah amazing job!


dates are not confirmed…

11 – 13 : Lootbox Weekend
18 – 20 : 25% Mark Acquisition Boost
22 – August 8 : Summer Festival
8-10 : Hobnanigans
15-17 : LootBox Weekend
22-24 : Buried Treasure
27 – September 1 : 100% Bonus XP
2 -16 : Farmer’s Faire
5-7 : Hobnanigans
16-24 : Bilbo’s Birthday
19 – 21 : Tale of the Shipwreck mariner
26-28 : Lootbox Weekend

Withy Spar Tournament

Kinship event on Withywindle server..this Sunday (July 13, 2014) gonna get a lv30 char and wife and family permitting go along to Weathertop to get beaten to a pulp! Oh 9am BA time…oh please let the wife n kids sleep extra long!

Nice link to a LOTRO comic not seen before: GREYHAMMER

Nice looks like painted LOTRO screenshots 🙂

Wanna fork an Ork OR hav a Ork on a fork on a tshirt?


U can: Andang – LOTRO PLAYERS attire here

Get better at Games?


I was dissapointed by this common sense article but did like this awesome comment:

‘I actually reckon the best games are where you are concious you are playing the programming and the programming is great.’

And really:

‘Back in the early days when I was an an avid Word of Warcraft player (this was before Blizzard killed their own game with the noxious Cataclysm expansion) it was common for players in dungeon groups to manually roll for dropped loot items via using the /roll command – The one who rolled the highest bumber won the loot. I remember constantly seeing people typing ‘/roll’ again and again, doing it multiple times prior to a boss fight.

The reason they did this was in order to “get all the bad rolls out of the way”. It was felt that rolling some low numbers in advance would ensure that a high number when it counted. I ended up doing the damned thing myself after a time… even though I knew it was completely daft.’

WOW players did this….! I mean: WOW! WOW players did this…!


I found this Guardian article, I really liked the ‘procedural content generation’ (PCG)


One of my all time favourite games is back…been blistering my fingers since 1991 (not of late sadly :()

‘Only time will tell what cracks lie beneath the surface. In the meantime, however, it’s impossible not to admire the elegance with which Capcom has tackled some complex systemic challenges, and the effect its solutions have had on the way the game feels.’

An old game that continues to grow and develop, not always in ways that were intended…now I wish TURBINE would do the same as CAPCON and let LOTRO evolve as well…

Getting a 9 from Edge and so wish I could find a good arcade to give it a proper bashing…


‘But the recent history of the MMOG is a story of games caught between audiences, brands and genres.’

Oh yes indeed that is where MMO are: you can also throw in billing methods to that cocktail…

‘Advanced play means chaining together ‘rotations’ – efficient runs of spells and abilities – while moving, dodging, watching your periphery and managing your resources.’

Sounds complicated, nice.

Overall an 8 was awarded…pretty good… not a 10 so will wait to see what time brings…or where LOTRO goes…

Game controller …er for LOTRO…brain whirring…

Tis not the suit that maketh the man, tis the joystick!

A LOTRO Forum post old and short…an AID (Alternative Input Device)

Kittykittyboomboom (where art thou? In rift by the looks of it!) from 2012 PS3 controller

I dream of a levitating sphere with full muscle resistance, complete body motion sensing and force feedback with direct visual cortex input and 360 degree sound but at the moment will settle for a gaming mouse with an extra button!