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GAMING: Pokémon GOne?

29 Jul

‘I just don’t see the appeal, is it some kinda mass hypnosis?’

Not even having arrived yet in Argentina and already some reports are stating the NEW GAMING CRAZE that is Pokémon GO! may already be on the decline… cor arn’t we a difficult crowd to please, us modern gamers? Fickle we is…

I have to be honest with you all I am desperate to have a go, and will rush out to play (if my phone can handle it) as soon as it does officially arrive. BUT I do hope (eventually) there is some implementation of the original Pokémon gaming that I so loved the first time around. Although even then I was on the mature end of the Pokemon gamer and missed out on the social side then!

Until then I will keep trying to get back into LOTRO – kids permitting – they are even asking to play themselves (more on this strange development in an upcoming post)…

I will keep hammering away at MCOC, now developed mastery skills in evade and parry and finally the actual fighting game is more fun as well! My Alliance is getting more and more serious in being competitive and that’s going to take quite a bit of energy.

COC is slowly going nowhere fast, but I still am attached to my TH and want to see it prosper…

And finally CR has picked up slightly in my GameDAR as I was accepted into my fellow bloggers clan: Supreme Cream and life in a busy clan is so much different to a dead one…more on this as well in coming weeks 🙂

Have a great WEEKEND all 🙂





LOTRO: Misdeed 10, WORMSIGN!

12 Mar

‘Usul, We have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen.’

DUNE quote

Tsukuld rushed over to Sálgaitë, obviously Middle-Earth’s number one vacation spa for worms, lounging in the sun or bathing the salty waters, tis a proverbial infestation! Great place to complete the worm slayer deed.


Feeding time…

Hotty Tsukuld, with LI bonuses is much better for tough opponents but cannot fire skills off on the move. I had 44 mins of my slayer deed left so changed to pikachu mode and proceeded to zap away at all and sundry. In zap-zap mode am not one-shotting but can run around and gather a nice flock of worms to take out together, Vivid Imagery and Essence of Winter AoE skills adding the finishing touch, and wrapping up leftovers with the nice n spectacular Static Charge. I wish I had enough skill points to get a Volcanic Runestone from the fire-line, as I would just drop one of those and let that finish the pack off while running off to get more worms. And I regret not having leveled an LI to boost pikachu, my ‘Teslacles’ are still undeveloped, maybe with a good pair I could really start to one shot kill everything!

Angmar Metadeed completed, time to unpack bags and travel to the Misty Mountains.

When checking in-game post discovered that Tsukuld was starting to get crafting mats returned to him from alts…so spent next 30 mins shuffling and sorting out posts and items…on 2 alts only, 3 more to sort out!

Strange tradition in LOTRO before travelling to a new destination you must UNPACK!


LOTRO: Having an Eppy Logging! (Got me Teslacles in a Twist!)

4 Feb


Eppy (alt. sp. Epi): To get very upset indeed and usually freak out at someone. A violent outburst.
Derogative term derived from “epileptic fit”.

Tsukuld started off where he left off in Mirkwood, epilogues to be wrapped up:


Tsukuld found the elf just hanging around… headed off North into Dol Guldur and straight away found the Warg Pens…then did Ringwraiths’ Lair skirmish to find Dungeon and Sword Halls which may be easier than exploring but having to complete the skirmish (as I always do) is slightly more long winded! I did the Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate skirmish next for Orcs and after completion I was still missing about 10 so Tsukuld headed further into Dol Guldur and found amazingly some green Orcs to kill, on level they must be super tough!


Back to Laeglang and done and dusted…then to Braiglinn in Lotherian near where the boats left for Mirkwood…now have an epilogue to complete one of these 6 man instances…

Issuriel’s Flower

Travelled back into Lothlórien, still unlocked as I have yet to buy this area! Issuriel up a tree with Legolas and Gimli!

ScreenShot00004 ScreenShot00005

Travelled back to Moria made way to the Peaceful Path, took some silly stable routes but got there in the end! Found Bróin resting in bed, gave him the flower from Issuriel, he blushed.


Greyhammers: (ongoing) Kill an Orc in area (goblin or half orc); Mirkwood, Lothlórien and Moria done… but Eregion, Trollshaws, Misty Mountains, Bree-land, Lone-lands, Evendim, Forochel, Angmar, Shire, and Ered Luin to go!

Still needing to complete 3 or 4 epilogues but will need help so will have to wait…


Before Tsukuld goes to play with horses in Rohan I still need to sort out:

Crafting: Tailor: Can make critical Eastermet stuff but have only 1 recipe! Prospecting: I left Tsukuld busy smelting in Bree crafting hall, so that I should have leveling my prospectors skill so that I can collect Riddermark Ore… I had a ton of Skarn ore to process! I also need to rationed out to appropriate alts, I am pretty sure that I am running out of storage space…maybe do some alt crafting too to free some space!

Traits n Virtues: I checked my Deed log and ‘boy oh boy,’ do I need to get busy, I don’t think Tsukuld has completed a single zone since he started!

Epic Quests: Also none completed, I do not intend to complete em all at this stage but wrap up a few of the started ones.

Legendary Items: Need to get my First age lv 75 rocket rocks and handbag sorted! Also thinking of getting a pair of electrical rocks, I will aptly name them my ‘Teslacles’, and a Pikachu purse to keep em in!


LOTRO: Rune-Keeper=Pikachu!

7 Mar

‘So I will drive these roads in thunder and in rain’
Faith No More – ‘Epic’

I used my RK, Tsukuld on Withy just for fun (oh and TP :))before HD, afterwards I found it very tricky but have recently gone back to him and am having a great time…

The skill rotations I used to use don’t work, attunement simply vanishes now… skills do different things…I decided to investigate…

First stop: Forums…nothing specific..I even asked for help: JeauxLOTR basically says play around with both lines…ie go and work it out!

Found this video on LOTRO PLAYERS… still nothing set in stone…

So I have been having some fun this week trying to get some skill rotations working.

I have found that my lazy LOTRO play style of using mouse to trigger skills is holding me back a bit…must get used to using numericals…and have changed my skill slots on the UI to aid in this.

SO here we are…

The early days…up to lv30…er…Tsukuld, family member on Withywindle lv31 RK.

Traited Yellow – Solitary Thunder …so lightning is his game…pikachu…


I used LOTRO wiki for most of the research…hyperlinks included

And this TUNE is just perfect for RK play: Faith No More – ‘EPIC’…so volume up…lets play!


Fiery Ridicule 30m range…+1% dam/attunement…+9% max…FIRE DoT every 2s for 6s –stacks 3 times! +1F 1.5s I, 1s CD

Must use more often but need to be standing still.

Scribe’s Spark 20m range…+2% dam /attunement…so maxed +18%… LIGHTNING +1F 3s CD

First offensive skill…don’t need to stop to fire off when

Shocking Words 20m range… LIGHTNING 0A 20s CD

Stuns but uses all attunement…

Shocking Touch 2.5m (MELEE) LIGHTNING 20s CD -3A

When a pesky mob gets too close and can’t or don’t want to run (kite) then stun em…

Distracting Flame 30m FIRE DoT every 3s for 15s +3F 1s I, 20s CD

Slightly decreases threat…

Essence of Winter 30m FROST 5m radius & DEBUFF 1.5s I, 15s CD

Inflicts -30% heal and +50% power cost to mob for 15s…I like to think of this as a grenade!


Sustaining Bolt 20m  +dam/attunement & DEBUFF 15s CD

Resets attunement, -5% power cost to self for 15s and + MORALE [CHECK?]

Writ of Lightning 20m 1s CD dam & DEBUFF

-5% LIGHTNING mit, +8% skill inductions, +5% att duration, stacks 3 times [the last 2 due to Shocked set bonus]

Ceaseless Argument 20m range… +1F

Quick to fire off and quick to recharge..no COOL DOWN…keep on moving  🙂

Fulgurite Runestone 3f +STUN

Place a rock that fires off a bolt of lightning


This is my pet rOCK
I call it OCK!
It shOCKS does my rOCK,


+LIGHTNING dam on all skills due to Lightning Affinity set bonus


Prelude to Hope


Epic for the Ages

Big heals/attunement

Word of Exaltation

Morale bubble…

Scribe a New Ending 20m

Every 2s for 6 s removes disease fear wound poison for whole fellowship (or self :))

Break The Bonds 2min CD

Shakes off crowd control to self…

Nothing Truly Ends

Resurrection skill … use on NPC’s while soloing instances…

Armour of The Elements (Skill) +1300 tactical mit, 30% chance reflect 9s stun, 992 morale bubble…

Uses 3 attunement…when things get hairy RK’s get in a bubble…

Final Word

Interrupter skill…


Part of the fun of playing an RK in Yellow Line is to see your dwarf running around zapping things without stopping…when mobs are ‘one-shotted’ – or ZAPPED this is quite simple but when the mobs are a little tougher this almost becomes an art, the art of kiting is involved. So how do we kite? (Yes I know wind, string and light object is useful!)

Longman’s explains: kite VERB [intransitive and transitive]           American English             informal

1              also       kite up to raise the cost of something [= hike up]:

2              to obtain money using an illegal check (cheque)

OK I didn’t know that…but still not what we want…

Kite definition: Urban Dictionary: In an MMORPG, you can grab a mob’s attention and keep walking away from it which pulls it along. Not unlike a kite.

Ok not the most authoritative source but surmises nicely…more in depth here.

The etymology suggested that it could be related to ‘check kiting’ as given by Longman’s second definition, but I think it is basically from the image of pulling a mob from a distance and controlling it thereafter. Agree K.I.T. ergo ‘KITing’, killed in transit is very implausible…

Just in case you want to fly a proper kite: HOW TO FLY A KITE!


basic rots


Hypothetical ROTATIONS

hyperthetical rots


Please if you are reading this and have some advice please share 🙂