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EVE: Outta Space and Raven

27 May

The Ancient Gaming Noob continues to excite me with his EVE online coverage: this time a post about Ravens!

It all kinda frustrates me as another attempt to get outta space failed, due to my RW hardware but this old tune by one of my fav bands, The Prodigy, popped into my head:

and thereafter another fav band, The Stranglers:


Fly Straight With Perfection
Find Me A New Direction
You Never Realised The Things They Say
We’ll Never Realise Until We’re Dead
The Fires They Burn Along The Coast Of Triumphs
The Ebony Embittered Souls Of Children
We’ll Seek Another Way Before Too Long
But Will You Stop My Wind Before I’m Gone
And When You Find Me All Alone
Your World Has Never Been My Own
And When You Find Me
And When You Find Me All Alone
Your World Has Never Been My Own
My Friend Your Black And When You Fly You’re Wild
I Am White Sometimes I Behave Just Like A Child
The Northern Seas Are Cold But They’re Our Own
We’ll Sail Your Southern Seas Before Too Long
When I Was A Viking
My Friend He Was The Raven
The Stranglers – “The Raven”

Tordy starts Ered Luin TP Run

10 May

Tordy got to Thorin’s Halls, yes wrapped up the first part of Breeland…ready to start TP grinding Ered Luin.


Tordy at the Door

It helps to have a house in Thorin’s Halls Homestead.



Tordy and Po 2

Tordy and Po guarding home