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LOTRO: BEWARE Shrew droppings!

15 Jul


The introduction of Giant shrew pet obviously has its downsides! Unfortunately for Tsukuld not a very pleasant downside!

Tsukuld had been busy wrapping up Thornhope in Entwash, only Unbridled Wrath left to do when I decided it was time to dump some of the junk that had collected in his bags… which led to tasks been handed in and an LI being deconstructed and finally to checking out the post box, I have been away from LOTRO playing EVE the last month and a half and wow my alts have been returning unopened mail by the cart load! So it was time to start the old inventory shuffle, best place for that is crafting hall in Bree…

And then it was time for work…not exactly exciting but needed.

Oh and THX for Taltoz’s small parcel of relics…always find a use for them.

LOTRO: Officially Eaworth DONE!

3 Jun

Tsukuld finally wrapped up the Eaworth quests and can move on in Entwash Vale…


That portal again…to the shadow world not the SECRET WORLD…cannot enter!


Portal dismissed!


The Wyrm-Father



Another LI was deconstructed, then checked post box and realized that it was overflowing with returned crafting mats from alts…oh great that could take some time to tidy up!



LOTRO: Morning Never Came – Awesomeness!

28 May

I was gobsmacked by the quality of this video created from ingame LOTRO footage!

I wish my Rohan experience was as visually crisp!

And oddly enough the settings for most of the video are still fresh in my mind as they are for the most part to be found in East Rohan. Indeed the portal is as mentioned in the post I just made: PORTAL FOUND! Its in the Game!

Thanks to LOTRO Players for featuring it as their video of the month… I would be tempted to vote it best ever!

Check out Nukemz Youtube channel for more!


LOTRO: PORTAL found! Its in the Game!

28 May


Tsukuld is back and continues his thorough exploration of Rohan… oddly since arriving in Entwash Vale I don’t think he has even mounted his little war pony once…

SO Tsukuld arrived in Eaworth  – which in my mind of being brought up with EA games sounds like EA worth, and a jingly ‘its in the game ‘floats through my head…

Tsukuld chases down the floating golden rings over NPCs for their diverse quests and while chasing a toy sword, that’s eaten by a dog, stolen by an orc and seemingly eaten by a drake! So obviously time to explore Wyrmdelf, unexplained yellow treasure hunter that cannot be attacked is just inside whereas his mates are paired up throughout the lair and are quite kill-able, indeed Tsukuld always likes for his enemies to be standing close together, so he can throw a flaming rock there way, followed up with a cloud of fire and ice grenade before going into his normal rotation…

Landscape quests were picked up to to kill 8 drakes and break 15 eggs, and a deed was rewarded for finding all hatcheries. Getting to the top of Wyrmdelf, exits onto Fang Tor (for the where evil dwells deed) and Tsukuld got to take down the Wyrm-father!

Ok back to EAworth…or not, end up entering the Wódfen…landscape quest for killing salamanders and crebain, there are plenty of crebain to be quickly taken out in small flocks. Finally an undead dungeon to explore… another deed to find 13 rooms, I missed 3 and spent quite some time floating around to find it. Another point of interest are the ‘Locked Chests’ (creatures) not an ode to FF’s Mimics, which are killed for XP! They also mess up TAB targeting… but why the hell are they here?


I wonder how dangerous that chest is?


Target the Draug not the chest…IDIOT!

There is also a PORTAL at the end of the dungeon that does…er NOTHING…


Wonders where it goes…or what comes through it…from the stains I am guessing purple people eaters!

I found out later when I got back to EAworth to find my LOOT overflow full of Dark Talismans…an item which when used starts a quest…also a dagger quest item that requires Tsukuld to head back to the Wyrmdelf!

No time for backtracking…yet…onwards ever onwards…the end for East Rohan is still far away…

But first ..time to continue helping out EA Worth…

Its in the Game!

LOTRO: Defense of Faldham

19 May


Tsukuld got to defend Faldham, he had to do this on the back of his little war pony and the challenge was non existent…

The lyrics ‘Turn Around’ popped into my head as this was basically Tsukuld’s mounted combat strategy…

TSU – Total Eclipse of the Eye of Sauron

(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit pissed off cos I can’t find the mounted orcs
And they’re never coming around….
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit tired
Of listening to the sound of mounted foes in the distance out of sight
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit nervous
That the best of mounted combat is missing me by
(Turn around)
Every now and then I get a little bit terrified
And then I see the mounted orcs coming back
(Turn Around, look mounted orcs in the eyes)
Every now and then I fall apart (dismounted!)
(Turn Around, look more mounted orcs in the eyes!)
Every now and then
I fall apart (dismounted again!)
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit restless
And I dream of some wild mounted combat
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit helpless
And I am back in a res circle
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit angry
And I know I’ve got to summon my little war pony
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit terrified
And then I see the mounted mobs
(Turn Around, look mounted orcs in the eyes)
Every now and then
I fall apart, get dismounted
Turn around, look more mounted orcs in the eyes
Every now and then
I fall apart, get dismounted again!
And I need my little war pony
And I need him more than ever
And if I hold on tight
I’ll be holding on forever
And I’ll only be doing it right
‘Cos I’ll never be doing it wrong…
Together we can take down the line of mounted orcs
Mounted combat in the shadow of Mordor all of the time
(All of the time)
I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark
Living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
I really need you my little war pony
Forever in Rohan gonna start now
(Forever in Rohan is gonna end one day…)
A total eclipse of the Eye of Sauron
A total eclipse of the Eye of Sauron
(Turn Around, Saurons’ Eye)
(Turn Around, Sauron’s Eye)
(Turn around)


Bonnie Tyler – “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”

OR for more stupidity yet still apt have a listen to:

Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round  (Like a Record)

BUT BEWARE the video contains 80’s HAIR!


To the victor the spoils…


after task items handed in…

All that singing and spinning and turning around and Tsukuld ended up dinging level 83

Yet another step closer to completing Rohan, and a step closer to level cap!

LOTRO: My little war pony: faldham!

19 May


Tsukuld arrives in Faldham, delayed by daily distractions, chasing Mounted orcs and handing in TASKS…was rewarded with the Hot Shot Deed for handing in 500 Task quests! The Elfward is happy to see him even if Tsukuld insists on standing on the tables!

Tsukuld quickly turned out to do more quests… this time mysterious evil bears to be killed:ScreenShot00011


Tsukuld on his little war pony, doesn’t happen that often. Are those giants ahead…nope…just windmills!

Next its time for picking up tools, boarding up windows and killing of more orcs.


Orc camp ahead!

By the end of the weekend Tsukuld was just about to do the last instance of the Norcrofts…Defence of Faldham.

LOTRO was down due to maintenance today(yesterday!) so no play this morning…

In fact after analyzing the LOTRO WIKI page EAST ROHAN QUESTS I realize that Tsukuld is halfway to Hytbold in terms of quests done 226 out of about 250!

See next post for the story so far….




LOTRO: Living in Cliving – Helping Father and Daughter!

15 May

Daddy – Reeve Athelward

Tsukuld was wrapping up in Cliving in the Norcrofts area of Rohan.

The last few quests are all about helping Reeve Athelward and his daughter, Ides.

Wrath of the Reeve

Is an instance where Reeve Athelward runs around and attracts nice groups of orcs to attack…he can handle himself and with Tsukulds help this is too easy!

Daughter Like Father – the Reeve sends Tsukuld to Rohirrim Training Grounds to help his daughter.

A Worthy Trainer

Tsukuld find s the daughter hiding up the hill at The Vacant Mill – I had thought she may be back in the Mead hall…long trip there n back!


Daughter – Ides has ideas to be a Shield Maiden…WHY NOT?

The Shield-maiden’s Training

Instance where Ides runs around hacking at bears and then does the same for Orcs Scouts

Some mounted Orcs required Tsukuld to get mounted and chase after them…

Desire Above Strength

Another instance,  urak hai had attacked the  training camp…Tsukuld fried em quite easily!

Back to Cliving…back to life…back to reality!

Had a Soul to Soul moment there…

Just a little ride down to Faldham for yet more quests and still a LONG way to go….

To see how long, have a gander at LOTRO wiki East Rohan Quest page:



LOTRO: My little fishy Rohan war pony adventures

14 May

Dancing Scout…must be on drugs!


An Orc with a FISH! That’s really FISHY! I must investigate!


Bound to a pole, this merchant was lucky not to have been impaled on it! Nice Orcs, they even let me walk through their camp to the rescue!


Randy goings on at the farm….


DO I tell the truth or lie…oh dilemmas! Tsukuld, “Your Randy daughter ran off with Randy.” I was half expecting the dad to admit that he suspected and its all OK! NO…he plans to put a stop to any more RANDINESS!


The AI of the enemy is bad but the NPC’s AI is non existent…look folks an enemy mob…no no problem…Tsukuld will kill it as its only attacking me not the helpless incompetent NPC’s!


DING 82…actually mounted on my little war pony!

LOTRO: Dark Tower Doodle Done AGAIN then my little war pony time!

13 May


Having still not finished the first Barad-dûr, doodle I started another but this time on better paper. I still intend to do a more ‘architectural’ drawing but as I am doing these on my lap while commuting via bus and train more traditional architectural representations are out!

Anyway finally got back into LOTRO this morning… only for an hour an a half and Rohan is turning out to be quite enjoyable… still bemused by mounted combat which, solo at least from my limited experience, confusing and irritating, when a worthy mounted foe is encountered combat becomes hap-dash and confused, skills and rotations seemingly unimportant, strategy goes out the door… and the plague of ill placed enemy mobs littering the fields of Rohan just add to the chaos. My little war pony is being ridden occasionally and a couple of quests have integrated mounted combat well. The logic behind a region for mounted combat would really be helped with much more open spaces and fewer mundane encounters, that and the mobs in Rohan generally exhibit chronically bad AI, they will ignore an ally being friend within feet of them in a camp, which just detaches the immersion yet another level.

Something else I noticed is that there are a lot of quests in Rohan… an almost never ending supply… they are quickly finished and don’t require too much of the normal excessive back tracking!


By Rohan kids have been added to the game!


4 horsemen of the apocalypse tiptoe through town…


That floating golden ring may give away your hiding position…as will Tsukuld, he don’t care!


I am not sure we got the right killer…but was forced to pick one! So much for role-playing! Tsukuld apologises, “Sorry luv…I don’t think ya did it either but someone gotta rot in jail a while whiles we sorts it out…hopefully will be able to set ya free soon!”


Just like a painting!


Look at that …a plant collecting quest…nerver had one of them before!!!!!


Where’s the PARTY?


Them be big statues…


If you look closely up Tsukuld’s nostril you can almost see his brain!


Wagon train…not exactly tricky!

Tsukuld’s adventures in Rohan will go on and on!

LOTRO: 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse leads to deconstruction while others imbue!

8 May


The best quest I have been on so far in ROHAN…Tsukuld got to join the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and kill some mounted opponents! I suppose that is what it is like to hunt in packs when mounted! It was actually fun even though I was still no use to anyone in the saddle. I hoofed it one way fired off a mounted attack and then hoofed it another, trying to stay with the others. I was not at any moment turfed to the ground and killed so that makes a refreshing change!

Afterwards I realized that I needed to reforge some LI’s. Oh and LI points had been reset…I had been playing nearly a week and didn’t notice… I thought it was slow going yesterday! Being a lowly lv81 I do not get to imbue my LI I get to destroy it in the good old fashioned way which for me is always really nerve-wracking! Is it the right LI being deconstructed, did I remember to take off the relics…did I keep the right legacy… and then rebuild the new LI…oh more stress…not enough points! Well the final result were these rocks below:


Not that bad..Pocket Rocket II ready to go, just need a good LI title which entails  yet more grinding…oh well!

Still working on my Teslacles (electrical rocks!)… need a few more electrical legacies and will have a nice lv75 2nd age to zap foes on the move…basically to help with old slayer deeds!