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LOTRO: The Way of The War Pony!

6 May

DING! Level 80 at last…

Tsukuld’s progression in ROHAN continues unabated… Mounted combat is a chore and my RK prefers to hop off his little pony at the first sign of trouble and blast away on foot! The mind boggles (oh yes it does…it boggles quite a bit really!) why on earth an RK cannot access the same skill set his little war pony than he can on foot AS WELL as the extra mounted skills…

Tsukuld exploring the very orc infested landscape of Rohan mounted on his new super powerful medium little war pony has simply forgotten how to fire off his normal skills which have been replaced by weaker (in most cases) and less rotationally friendly for the rest… mounted skills that target a foe as that foe is passed by and others are picked up… a rolling mass of enemies that is able to hit him as he flies off..slows, and then turns around…to fire off next mounted skill but by now Tsukuld has ended up on his bottom, as the pack closes in to finish off the weakened RK… dismounted, near death and hoping to blow bubbles to survive…


This black and grey horse looks GREAT…just needs a glowing red eye! Can I have one please?


Tsukuld the pyromaniac, better to burn it than let the enemy use it!


The Nazgul & fellbeast intrigued me but played no part at all in the action!


Rohanian camps are very odd: who on earth could sleep in a tent pitched at the open entrance of the camp! Not even any guards!


Ok injured Rohan soldier, lets park him infront of the main entrance and hope no mounted adventurers come charging in!


Gnarly warg matron was no match for Tsukuld ON FOOT!


Strange Yorkshireman found down a cave with his mini pet lurcher!


Find the GLOWERS…OMG someone has the strange mad humour I have… painful!


‘Glowers’ found quite easily! Now for some ‘glower’ arranging!


The Incompetents: Tsukuld sent out to find some of the most useless mercs ever! Ok I will help them!

‘If you are caught unprepared by a sudden rainstorm, you should not run foolishly down the road or hide under the eaves of houses. You are going to get soaked either way. Accept that from the beginning and go on your way. This way you will not be distressed by a little rain. Apply this lesson to everything.’

Hagakure‘The Book of the Samurai’

‘The way of the warrior is death.’

LOTRO: Like a virtue traited for the very first time!

27 Mar


Tsukuld was again in full skirmish swing-a-long this morning, couple of Tuckys, couple of Strike at Dennenglore and an icy crevice. I ended up in the Galtrev skirmish camp checking out jewelry, but didn’t find any replacements…will keep looking!

I did though check out my virtues/traits and having not messed with them for ages…really these have been slotted I think since HD!


Most of the RK virtue/trait guides I found are ridiculously outdated, from post U14 LOTRO changed a lot of stat effects in combat and I remember reading that mitigations became important, but could not find any evidence of this…

I did find on the forums an old recommendation for RK’s to slot: Justice, Fidelity, Zeal, Idealism and Loyalty. 1 outta 5 ain’t bad!

I found a very useful full guide to Virtues and Traits on the LOTRO WIKI


And finally, and lastly, I found out why everytime I tried to move my traits I got the deed pop up or  LOTRO store…it was driving me nuts and I thought it may be bugged BUT HaleElven had the answer on LOTRO forum:

‘Just in case there’s anyone else out there who is having trouble with equipping Virtue traits… Back when Helm’s Deep went live, and the process of equipping Virtues went from having to visit a Bard to being able to equip them in the Traits panel this has been a problem.

We have been trained to left click, drag and drop. However, doing this will open up the LotRO Store to buy more of the Virtue, or open your Deed log.  So, if you want to drag/drop, you have to manually close down those windows without releasing the left click (Ctrl+S and Shift+L, respectively).

Alternatively, one can forgo left clicking and simply right click. Right clicking an unequipped Virtue will automatically assign it to the first unequipped Virtue slot, and right clicking an equipped virtue will unequip it.’

So yet more stuff to play around with this weekend…

PLEASE if you have an opinion or advice about which traits/virtues Tsukuld should be using please add a comment below…

LOTRO: Tsukuld lv75 Rune Keeper: Stats and Equipment!

26 Mar

Well Tsukuld is actually lv76 already not from ROHAN but from skirmishing…after wrapping up misdeeds and being uninspired by mounted combat (YES it is very early days!) I decided to check equipment and have some obvious changes to be made:

Cosmetic Actual

There is not so much discussion to be found nowadays about lv75 RK’s but an old Forum thread, from 2011 so old versions of LOTRO (when the max was 75!)…pre game changing stat and combat changes in HD…


‘I am about halfway “done” but my goals are:
20000 offense
5500 crit
8000 morale
5000 finesse’

Only in crit and finesse am I there and my offense and morale is way off…

I have obvious changes to be made with my equipment as its simply too old (in regards to level!)



‘Counselour’ should be ‘Counselor!’

And the following table is a bit small so click on it to read the actual stat gains from each item.TSUTABEQ

So my aim is to get RK level 75 gear for my RK which has turned out quite costly in terms of MARKS and MEDS…

I can just about afford 1 more item and will grind away for another this weekend to get the 4 piece set bonus 🙂

But I will also beg, borrow and steal some replacements for some of my weaker gear…

LOTRO: General Tímurzgrat too tough for RK!

19 Jan

Continuing my OP tour of Mirkwood, Tsukuld was taking Thangúlhad quests 1 batch at a time…

Orc shocked!


Symbols of Conquest: banners to be found…confused at first as I didn’t realize that some of them were hidden away at the top of platforms… Orcs and Wargs killed all around…


Death from Below:…indeed…with my two dwarf chums we dealt it out to all n sundry!


The death dealer Tímurzgrat!

Commander Athdurub was gone but General Tímurzgrat whole other kettle of fish! Spiky bugger kept killing me…over and over and over…even went away from game and came back later to try again!

Now in the old days I would have stuck it out and not progressed until I passed this guy, even if it meant retreating and grinding up a few levels…but am so OP otherwise this was not really an option… quests like this when they appear are the bugbears of such an old game as LOTRO… sometimes(ever!) it is not possible to get an on level fellowship together so calling in a friend is overkill which really removes the challenge…once upon a time this quest would have been fun but nowadays it becomes tedious and frustrating but also surrounded by such EAZE it become plain incongruous!

I managed to fit in 30 mins extra LOTRO in the afternoon and rather than try kill the sod I did a quick skirm: Strike Against Dannenglor…nice n easy! How can a lv73 skirm in the same area be easier than a small fellowship quest at lv65?


Back to General Thingy-me-jig! And Dead again…even after a short but good nights rest, still cannot find a way through this guy solo with my RK (I suspect that is the major issue here as I have read online of Wardens, Champs and Captains solo’ing him on level!)

So time to take advantage of outside help…SOS sent via kinchat and first come first served (well hand taken…) and Ethaliond turns up with his Warden and makes short work of the poor General…moves on and kills a super elite Troll… admits he struggled on level to solo this guy so OK. I suspect he did not struggle at all… and I am 8 levels over on level… 😦

So get to back to Thangúlhad, hand in quests and take new quests…


Now troll threesome to endure: Folkár, Durflágit and Trínash to be defeated (one of them I saw squashed earlier but of course it doesn’t count!)

Get an invite to the Great Stairs


6 kinnies …fun run…missed 1 boss Nardûr the Shield…10 mins time limit ran out getting to him 😦

(people used to solo this …wonder what level I could…with an RK???? Bearing in mind I cannot even take down the general in Mirkwood!)

Fun but confusing…I want more strategy in group play…not just pile in and destroy…which works and is amusing but better communication and well-timed skill use would somehow be more rewarding and being able to see all the action would be great, not just one big scrum of action with multiply special effects going off simultaneously!

Need to do it a few times more to complete DEEDS…so maybe It will get less confusing…

Back to Ost Galadh for Vault and shared inventory, also picked up some quests to be done in the Scuttledells:

So off to Scuttledells

My biggest fear was getting lost but I found it not that tricky at all, I was expecting something worse than ‘Old Forest.’ My main complaint with the area was the dull palette the whole area has been sprayed in! Dull dull dull!

The Hunt for Gollum: …and still looking…

Silken Strands (Mirkwood): all spiders in Scuttle drop these and there are quite a few…so will hand in tonight before repeating tomorrow 🙂

EPIC: Chapter 6:The Choice of Ways: Scouting the Scuttledells…I think…I need to check as I can’t remember reading any quests from NPC’s pertaining to this…


Found 3 elf NPCs camped out for yet more quests:

Black Venom I: black poison glands only from cave dwelling spiders the outside version must have a different hue as none dropped from them…

Entangled Elves: actually last to complete…silly elves…thousands of years old and still getting caught in spiders webs like flies!

Innocence in Peril: little hobbit lost presumed dead… torn n bloodied backpack…uh oh never been here before… c’mon the watcher can take a dwarf in front of you and he turns up alive…this hobbit is surely ok!

Black Wings: kill crows…’not a winter is coming’ reference…but a simple task of blowing away crows…easy peasy!

Whence the Dead: look glowing stones…better have a look-see…engraved as well…

Wiki says only Black Dogs patrol around these parts but plenty of Crows and Spiders too!

Also lots of squirrels…they shouldn’t pose too much of a risk…at least I hope not to have to call in more reinforcements for them…

LOTRO: keeping going…destination MIRKWOOD!

1 Dec

mirkwood lotro

Yes that’s is where I am heading at the moment, my RK, Tsukuld is already in Mirkwood, waiting for the content to be unlocked…

That’s why I am TP grinding at the moment…slowly with a multiboxed huntress…or 3 extra bags to fill (the idea being she will help future TPgrinds with some of the more tedious slayer deeds)…so grinding may be slightly misleading… but even with major computer issues all weekend I have managed finally to get to the Barrow downs…indeed with the help of NAKT brood hunter part 1 completed…now only 300 more for adv to go and not started on the barrow wardens and barrow spirits in the other  ‘Great Barrows’…but am building a nice supply of Bree rep items, and still have Bree exploration deeds in hand to be completed so can quickly get the Mirkwood expansion if it comes up in a sale soon…or I will get it when I reach the full price total…695TP…not too far away.

And what will I get for that (other than the last missing LOTRO expansion):


When LOTRO art was AWESOME!

Answer the Call of War!

‘Head into the region of Mirkwood, where the Elvish forces of Celeborn and Galadriel rely on your aid as they battle enormous armies of fearsome Orcs. Risk all against the epic new monsters that stalk the dread forest, led by Sauron’s elite trolls, the brutal Olog-hai. Penetrate the deadly fortress of Dol Guldur, and brave the power of its dread lord! Over 150 quests designed to support player levels 60 – 65.’

Raid the Fortress!

‘Strike a blow against Sauron’s forces in intense 3-person instances. Infiltrate the Dungeons of Dol Guldur, the deadly Sword-halls, and the savage Warg-Pens of Dol Guldur, dread fortress of the Ringwraiths. Join a party of 6 to assail the Sorcerer of Dol Guldur within Sauron’s Sancturary of Sammath Gûl. Call upon your fellows to risk the most daring 12-person raid ever devised, and face the ultimate challenge—the Nazgûl Lord, Lieutenant of Dol Guldur.’


And boy do I want to get there: saw this today on WP: TweakLOTRO Master Ascender Deed

This looks fun as long as you are not scared of heights!

This week I actually checked into the LOTRO official FORUMS, and found a couple of interesting posts about RK’s which have partly fueled my desire to get Tsukuld back into action:

ZAP ZAP no more….the kiting, death dealing Van de Graaff on legs is simply no more…a pity I miss him…


lv100 fire rotations: some ideas to use but basically Tsukuld is doing this already…


And 1 cappy post: Cappy Love…make em tough, I make mine mighty…


Then I found a list of RAID challanges: not just any raid but T2C RAIDS!

Terminator 2: CRUMBS difficulty I presume having never run a RAID on super easy peasy but looks interesting:

So if you have no challenges left in LOTRO: check out this post: lucks like fun 🙂


Instances already completed in T2C:

Erebor: Iobar’s Peak Thrifkori, Hanndrod; Kinship: Beria I Gwenn
Erebor: Seat of the Great Goblin Thrifkori, Hanndrod, Evolusha; Kinship: Beria I Gwenn, Nightowls
Erebor: Webs of the Scuttledells We Got This – Nimrodel
Erebor: Bells of Dale Thrifkori, Antallia, Dratro, Hanndrod, Aykanaro, Wiedo; Kinship: Nightowls, Beria I Gwenn
Erebor: Fires of Smaug We Got This – Nimrodel
Erebor: Battle for Erebor We Got This – Nimrodel
ITA: Northcotton Farm Thrifkori, Hanndrod; Kinship: Beria I Gwenn
ITA: Stoneheight Thrifkori, Hanndrod; Kinship: Beria I Gwenn
ITA: Lost Temple Perundel, Avramm, Mrfigglesworth, Leiawynn, Wardenman, Elronir
ITA: Sari-Surma Perundel, Avramm, Nighquille, Aarodir, Kleptes, Elronir
ITA: Ost Dunhoth – Disease We Got This – Nimrodel
ITA: Ost Dunhoth – Poison We Got This – Nimrodel
ITA: Ost Dunhoth – Wound We Got This – Nimrodel
ITA: Ost Dunhoth – Fear We Got This – Nimrodel
ITA: Ost Dunhoth – Ivar We Got This – Nimrodel
ITA: Ost Dunhoth – Gortheron We Got This – Nimrodel
Dol Guldur: Sword-hall Beolf, Thrifkori, Hanndrod; Kinship: Beria I Gwenn, Ordo Palantiri
Dol Guldur: Warg Pens Beolf, Thrifkori, Hanndred; Kinship: Beria I Gwenn, Ordo Palantiri
Dol Guldur: Sammath Gul Kinship: Order of Justice
Dol Guldur: BG – Durchest We Got This – Nimrodel, The Lord of the Drinks EU and friends, on Eldar
Dol Guldur: BG – Twins We Got This – Nimrodel, The Lord of the Drinks EU and friends, on Eldar
Dol Guldur: BG – Lieutenant We Got This – Nimrodel
Fornost: Water Thrifkori, Hanndred, Litmara, Drato, Erolont; Kinship: Beria I Gwenn
Fornost: Earth Posted by Andracy, on Snowbourne
Fornost: Fire We Got This – Nimrodel
Fornost: Shadow Jebbs, Aarodir, Nighquille, Elronir, Nilmade, Pekkatir
Halls of Night Thrifkori, Hanndred; Kinship: Beria I Gwenn
Inn of the Forsaken Raenrha, Candamir, Maharani; Kinship: Faithless, Dawn Bringers

Instances not yet completed in T2C:
Erebor: Flight to the Lonely Mountain
Dol Guldur: Dungeons

Which leads nicely into HEALING THE MASSES’ link dead radio:

And here the frustrations of leveling and end game in Modern MMO


I was replying to one post linked but it needed my Google login so was lost!

Basically to surmise:

I used to play JRPGS : I would play at min level through game and I would max level after I had finished a game and most of all I would ENJOY doing this.

Today in LOTRO I am struggling to level my chars to follow the story, explore (and play) new areas and get to game features…mounted combat, big battles, raids…

Leads me to 3 questions:

AM I too old?

IS my RW life too time limiting?

Does the fault lie within the GAME?

I am loath to admit it is probably the latter… with the other 2 factors exacerbating the problem!

But saying that I am presently itching to get that next TP to get that next expansion to LEVEL up my RK in MIRKWOOD to move him to ROHAN and a step closer to LEVEL CAP and END GAME… and then I will probably take an ALT for a spin in a unexplored area of LOTRO, preferably with some friends and die horribly over and over while laughing!

I love this game I hate this game…I love this game…

LOTRO: Tsukuld the Bogeyman

23 Jul

Fungus vs Tsukuld


Tsukuld my RK getting the bogeyman treatment…


LOTRO: Glass Spider vs RK & Mini!

18 Jul

mini helps out in Moria


This is a shout out to NAKT hopefully he can get his mini to help out my RK in Moria this weekend…

(Last time Tsukuld got too excited and ran off a cliff, plummeting to his death!)

LOTRO: Swan Exploding Malphunksion & MORE!

24 Jun

拉普山小種 #17

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)


Healing the Masses 2 great blogs this week (er last week…recently?)

The Quest for Quests

Discussion on how we play MMO’s…leveling is it worth it? Group or Solo?

mamushka lotr

Links to links

a mamushka doll of gaming links

Linked to Braxwolf who has been playing with LEGO

which led me to listening to the LEGO movie song…

Yeah ‘Everything is Awesome’ in LOTRO too…(forgetting LI mistakes…)

Bow feathers

Wandering in Arda great costume with a bow with feathers…rather than the more normal arrows with feathers…

Rune Keeper

Very helpful guide to RK and giving me some ideas…

LOTRO PLAYERS NEWS – Swansploision!

episode 51 mention my Orc congrats comment I left on episode 50!

More importantly a great discussion of the LOTRO F2P  system…thought provoking…indeed I has so many thoughts I will be creating a blog post in the near future….


Sock it 2 me

U14 gonna introduce some new customizable equipment…ever seen pimp my ride?

Produktion Malphunktion

New Live producer better than a dead one I suppose! Really welcomed a producer starting a dialogue with the FORUM audience…risky…


LOTRO: Oops Deconstructing LI’s!

24 Jun

‘Baby, you’ve been going so crazy
Lately, nothing seems to be going right
Solo, why do you have to get so low
You’re so…
You’ve been waiting in the sun too long’

Travis – ‘Sing’

Tsukuld continues to storm Moria…

Goblin Graffitti

Goblin Graffiti…

Level 55 and no break in leveling in sight…in Moria the XP comes in thick and fast, indeed it gets difficult to take a break, yesterday morning in a rush and very tired I messed up my LI construction process …UTTERLY!

It was one of those moments in game when you reach for the reset and reload only to remember that this is an MMO… I cannot undo my stupidity.

My main LI weapon had been deconstructed whereas I wanted to deconstruct my LI bag! To make matters worse I had invested the XP rune from the weapon deconstruction into my new second age bag already! I also used a relic removal scroll on it…*sobs*

SO what to do?

Today I re-investigated my options…I chose the best LI rune-stone pairing I had and invested my best available relics…although now way off level…found I had a fire damage relic tier 4 which was a nice surprise…pity the LI does not give me a fate bonus and I am desperate for some crafted relics...(Nakt and Talt are you reading this?)

A half-dwarf completes the training hall...

A half-dwarf completes the training hall…

I took Tsukuld for a spin down the training hall and followed up with a trip to free the mithril slaves (by killing them! Suppose they are now free from their labors…map coming soon). OK it functions…Tsukuld is still kicking arse, slightly less effectively than before…need to get my LI bag up to lv31 deconstruct and equip the new second age bag… Oh yeah thanks to Shey for passing that along 🙂 Also realized that my lv30 riffler needs changing…(Talt…LOL!)

OK I do it daily nice XP :)

OK I do it daily nice XP 🙂

So I managed to find a way to take a break from the Moria run….will have to sing to cheer myself up…

‘But if you sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing
For the love you bring won’t mean a thing
Unless you sing, sing, sing, sing’

Travis – ‘Sing’

LOTRO: Hollin’s Gate Not Just Another Hole In The Wall!

11 Jun

‘Let’s go baby to the hole in the wall
I’ve had my best time y’all at the hole in the wall’
Mel Waiters – Hole in the wall

hollins gate

Almost there…just need to level this LI:


Not much point in my eyes to level DPS of a rune stone as I hardly ever use the attacks…or do I?

Moria has never been described as:

‘Smoke filled room
Whiskey and chicken wings
People dancin’ and drinkin’
And no one wants to leave’
Mel Waiters – Hole in the wall

(Southern Soul…have a listen)