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LOTRO: TP Grind for Quest Pack DONE!

10 Apr

Thanks to a 1 legged hobbit on RP server Laurelin, Opopa in Breeland, saved the day and did enough slaying of spiders, bandits and orcs (all completed including ADV); as well as basic deeds for wights and barghests; ruins, dunedain and barrow down exploration; and finally Bree rep. I was able to get Lothlorien Quest pack in the 20% sale at 556 tp with 1tp left over!

Burglar play was quite fun…especially liked that he looks like he runs as if on speed – is that the hobbit run animation? Not helped by useless daggers (lv10!) and was amazed to see how expensive a busy server AH is! 7gp for lv20 cyan jewelry! And it may be busy but no lv20-30 daggers on sale!


If you can help my poor helpless 1 legged hobbit on Laurie give him a PM, even better invite him into a nice kin! I am sorry he is a bit of a lazy beggar, a drunk and a thief… a true RP hobbit burglar!

quest packs

Only 4 more packs to go at the moment… Next up will probably be Wildermore and Gondor so can finally get to level cap with my RK…lingering in Rohan at the moment at lv77! Obviously will probably distract myself by wandering off and doing something else before then… TP grinding sounds useful… but also have Forochel and now Lothlorien to explore…

Oh wonderful LOTRO distractions…

LOTRO Quickie

23 Aug

Man no time to write up my huge post about my new Role play char on Landroval….coming soon…

100% xp weekend…will be concentrating on getting Captain Tsudryt over lv40!

Shared Wardrobe on sale in LOTRO store …WANT big time! 300TP to go…

Tsuhelm playing with wood.

Tordy buying and selling rep items on AH…as well as woods and rich iron.

Waywnn was taken out for a spin in Barrow Downs to grab some quick TP…wow I have forgotten every move he has…Warden Gambits…Love em or Hate em?

Have a great XP filled weekend! Ciao