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LOTRO: The adventures of Opopa: Bingo, COVER

23 Jul



Opopa – One legged hobbit burglar (wooden leg, you could never tell if you didn’t know!)

Bingo Boffin –  a hobbit who wants to PARTY!

Sid – a barstool

An annoying Elf with no name…
A hobbit librarian…
A spoiled pie makes a guest appearance!

Chapter 1 starts tomorrow…


Lets go play BINGO!


LOTRO: Slowly calming down, swift to anger done!

17 Apr

OH YEAH…still waiting for GM to get in touch!

Tsuchump in North Downs: At last Swift to Anger deed done…finally completed class 1 deed! Had to complete in RED DPS which slowed my warg grinding slightly…


…but only slightly!


…soon after…

And other news, MadTsu in the SHIRE: wrapped up ALL SHIRE meta deed 🙂


…is that a pie? You must be mad MadTsu McMad!

Oh yeah...tis confirmed!

Oh yeah…tis confirmed!

AND back in Bree, Tsukuld did anniversary stuff:



And LANDY, in the Trollshaws?


Giant, Tsudryt and Archer the Archer!


LOTRO: Mad Tsu Shire part 3

9 Apr

Madtsu almost wrapped up the Shire… The mad shire part 1 will never ‘be’ unfortunately as I was so excited about getting to the shire I must have forgotten to take any screenies! So no pics of Madtsu going mad chopping up wolves, flies and bandits in the Shire…

But anyway… Madtsu is going mad running back and forth at the whim of hobbits of the shire… hating those pies!


Mad spider chopping!


Mad goblin makes the chop!


Last bag of post on its way!

Not much left until metadeed :) But still 6 pies to go :(

Not much left until metadeed 🙂 But still 6 pies to go 😦

I managed to finally get Madtsu to be a living Bounder! At times it felt like I would never complete 75 quests…with 6 pies left to go it looks like Madtsu has been too helpful!

LOTRO: Mad TP grind Shire Part 2

8 Apr


Madtsu is running the Shire for TP, yes this is part 2 as am missing the screenshots for the part 1 (Buckland to Shire, wolves and flies deeds)… This is no speedy TP run as I am trying to grab every single TP possible which means doing quests, and hobbit quests are to be honest rather irritating! I didn’t intend to, when I started, but I will try to finally try to complete a Pie deed run, I have never ever completed it on any char during 3 years of play and I think I have  about 15 alts (4 servers) all over level 20! I must be mad…well this char is MadTsu McMad!


Finds stage plays with big firework!


Slug slaying: honest more buzzing flies r killed than slugs!


Kneel down before me evil dwarves!


Oh silly Sally dilly dallying around. Such a silly billy although not a goat but a sow!

U16 has pet sheep, here practice of having a pet pig…

With TP generated in Bree and Ered Luin finally bought Forochel, now trying to get 1 more quest pack while the 20% sale is on in the store…

The grind continues..maybe I bring you part 1 tomorrow and also part 3 if your really lucky!



13 Nov

Twice this week so far, and we are only 4 days in, I have managed to actually PLAY LOTRO rather than log in and collect hobbit presents!


From my days at UPS this is a horrible wall of boxes, where are the 'T's?

From my days at UPS this is a horrible wall of boxes, where are the ‘T’s?

So Ilcaptanotsu and Marimere have now wrapped up Ered Luin TP grind and are now wandering around Goblin infested Rath Teraig…daunting in that I always miss one site (which one I am unsure of…) and end up doubling over my tracks…wasting time…all but 2 found and META DEED of Ered Luin close to completion, but ran out of time this morning.

So pseudo multi box continues…playing my Hunter in Huntman mode, theoretically to keep things moving but keep having to stop myself from stopping and firing… Captain is in follow mode and his Herald of War, Fred is set to aggressive…So my mauling threesome is tearing through the area: Huntress is lv17, Cappytsu lv19 so working together landscape content is super EASY! I plan to do some skirmishes to see if I can work on some proper 2 player ‘cappy/huntress n Fred’ strategies!

Other than that this weekend back to BREE and wrap up TP stuff there before heading off to scary HARD Shire TP run… MORE CAKEWALK, may even use the park and farm technique so derided by many… i.e. leave chars in slayer deed area and let herald do the mopping up!


Both my Cappy and Huntress were started after my VIP ran out so having to spend TP on traits was a slight shock to the system after the easy VIP times…worst and most needed spend were the skill traits earned in the skill tree… unlocking these will be a pain but I will probably do it. My newbie huntress is restricted to 3 bags, currency cap and so many other restrictions being a new account that I am not surprised that NEWBs to LOTRO quickly pack it in… GENEROSITY is not the first word they will be associating with TURBINE …


I love hummous and hummous wrap sounds great :)

I love hummus and hummus wrap sounds great 🙂

So an easy weekend ahead and 300 TP short of Mirkwood… but lots still to collect and I have yet to start on rep items in my shared folder… 🙂

LOTRO: With Yee Family!

21 Apr

Chump change, TP and grinding axes!

It has all been Withy and Family: Tsukuld has moved onto ‘artisan tailor guild crafting reputation grind’ which takes longer to write than to do: he crafts a small pattern everyday and a medium pattern every 3 days, now for both expert and artisan so slowly picking up pace…other than opening Hobbit present not doing much but with 1 week left of festival will start to grind some anniversary tokens on all my withy chars as I realised that lots of maps are available for the ‘cartographer deeds’ – more TP.


They do put those invitations in the strangest of places...

They do put those invitations in the strangest of places…

(More on maps a later post!)

Tsucan has a huge stockpile of scholar supplies in shared storage but is relaxing around Bree.

Tsuchump the new kid on the block is roaring along nicely…indeed too nicely, it is simply fun to dash up and destroy 7 or 8 mobs at once…(not as easy as it used to be that is for sure but when it works it is a joy!) With the help of Nakties champ (lv95!) we blasted through most of the Barrow Downs – even bumping into fellow Family members running Haudh Iarchith in a super OP group – we joined briefly just while Fergandir re-spawned to be stomped on again…for Executioner of the Wicked Deed.

In a hole waiting for spawn...lets dance on the fittings!

In a hole waiting for spawn…lets dance on the fittings!

Tsuchump also explored the Old Forest: New Meta Deed for Bree needs it to be explored for completion, so flowers and areas found, only got a little lost but have done this loads of times! and the only area I struggle on is around the Weaver’s Den where I always get in but can’t get out again!

Spooky going ons in the Old Forst (ok laggy as hell but cool!)

Spooky going ons in the Old Forest (ok laggy as hell but cool!)

Popped over to Ered Luin and for the first time ever I wrapped the whole of the area in 1 day (lots of sittings..I have wife n kids!), meta deed 2 completed. So time for the Shire…n pies…sobs

Lots of differences to spot...after relogging...main one being the availability of horses and travel options!

Lots of differences to spot…after re-logging…main one being the availability of horses and travel options!

Spids in Ered Luin, plus 1 I had never seen before:

Spids in Ered Luin, plus 1 I had never seen before…

Or go back to barrow downs to kill spiders in Taradon’s Tomb…which I always enjoy!

Tarp just hanging around outside of Bree!

Tarp just hanging around outside of Bree!

Reached lv25 and new swords were procured from Naktie…weapon-smith extraordinaire only to be superseded by axes from Taltoz: both with Might.

New for me the goods were handed over via skirmish meet…CLEVER. I also learned this week after over 3 years of play how to log into Global Chat…I wanted to find an on level party for the Great Barrow…no one replied and suddenly my chat window was flooded with chat…oh I enjoyed the silence of kin and regional…this was too much! I turned it off again!

And that is how my week (plus Easter) ended… I am having fun in LOTRO just need more time to play but have a life and work as well!

Final shots of Tsuchump posing:

cloud painting have at ya chop2xp


And I was really lucky to catch this momentous occasion, if this was FFVII I would be invincible:


777…take that copper deposit!




LOTRO: Internal Clock ALL Messed Up

25 Feb

Well I have been reading more LOTRO than playing of late…my worst weekend of LOTRO play that I can remember and I think it may be due to my wifey’s new plan to stop me getting up too early each day…basically I will try to alternate late n early so get to play LOTRO each day but not always at the crack of dawn…

This new regime is playing havoc with my internal clock…new phone with my alarm has also contributed to missing a few sessions and a poisonous barbeque seriously shortened my Sunday session to a log in for hobbit presents before running for the bathroom! Surely that was not what she intended, ‘more time with hubby to watch Netflix’ :(… If I ever manage to get a proper evening session of LOTRO I will be over the moon as it makes such a refreshing change to be able to talk to people…

Another poem read on LOTRO Players News 35: Ladies Night… my stupidities reaching a wider audience…LOL!

Opopa was the only character to achieve anything since last week: wrapped up the basic and advanced Shire spider slayer deed and being a hobbit got the spider enmity 1 thrown in as well! This burgler is 1 tough cookie…was going toe to toe with 4 or 5 spids and walking away! Gulroderspiseret ate lots of carrots but failed to level any reputation factions but getting close to quite a few…Tordy is his supplier of his daily fix of carrots and is snapping up many bargains on the AH… also generating some revenue by buying and selling Moria rep items…as is Tsudryt on Landroval: finally started selling more than he was buying… please no-one destroy the market again…had over a month or really low prices…all those post HD’ers rolling new characters going through Moria me thinks! Tsukuld on withy was having fun in barrow downs.

Tsuhelm back in Moria with intention of at least wrapping Epics…just…need…to...PLAY!

LOTRO: Chilling, Loving and Hopping

18 Feb



Back from vacation: and as predicted less LOTRO than I would have wished.

I was not in the pool the whole time as it is the wettest summer in recent Argentinian history…

For my birthday my wife took me back to Gibralter the ‘English’ pub in San Telmo, Buenos Aires where we met! So a few games of pool later and quite a few pints of beer and I was quite happy…but no LOTRO.

I did still manage to TP grind enough to get the Isengard expansion with the 25% off all in your basket sale…

Created a champion on Landroval to eat Moria rep items, my Windy version continues to move onward slowly.

Both Captain Tsudryt and Tsuhelm the hunter have stalled at lv60 in Moria, both are outside playing around…Tsudryt finally maxed out his Weaponsmith Guild Crafting and Tsudryt has started to wrap up missed deeds in Trollshaws…

Spent quite a bit of time running around on a very weak Tsukuld, my Rune Keeper on Withywindle who had not wrapped up Bree!


Tsukuld relaxing with bandit,,,,scared…nah!

Opopa my RP hobbit burglar on Laurelin almost wrapped the shire half a year after starting…almost…another few months and will be done!

rejected vday

Fell in love with a Bandit, heart was broken! It ended badly for her!

Frog hops

Opopa! With a bad leg you should not be hopping around!

I of course found out late in the day that Turbine had laid off staff…it really spoiled the last day of my vacation…or was it the thought of coming back to work?

But back at work can blog again…so that’s cool!

Time for home 🙂

LOTRO: The end is the beginning..of VIP!

30 Dec

VIP free trial #6


Day 12 to 14

Well managed to play quite a bit of LOTRO over the so called festive period…Wrapped up Ered Luin

elf archi

Gotta love the Elf Architecture…unless you fall off a stairwell!

hendy slayer

Yep 90 handies have met their maker!

feeding lynx

Great quest…little baby lynx…to sick mum…ignoring the fact that you will be killing them by the drove in the Lone Lands!

I didn’t manage to keep record of my progression, my enthusiasm for timing Gullorodspiseret’s TP run ran out!

But am still having fun with Jean Luc…

loot box contents

Loot box that gives you back a sturdy key! Love it!


And still pretty well tooled up!

Finally done the introduction to skirmishes: mainly so could use the traders for a might cloak and some jewellery!

skirm painting

Jean Luc is pointing in this ‘painting’!

smart soldier

Er would you trust this soldier? Will be swapping him for an archer ASAP!

1310 TP total…295 to begin with and 500 from VIP so managed to grind out 515 TP, surely no way near 50TP per hour and there are more to come as even though Tordy has over 100GP in the nank for some reason Windfola has gone really quiet and the AH simply does not have enough ‘Rep Carrots’ for sale to create fast rep TP!

Jean Luc has only gotten half way through most of his class deeds…and has yet to wrap up Barrow downs and Old Forest before moving on to Lone Lands and Evendim…

The TP will flow…some more…and will I ever be able to delete this char…maybe rename the poor Captain!

When is a captain not captain? When he is a champion that looks like a captain!



As predicted I ‘forgot’ to cancel my ‘free’ trial and am now VIP…30USD + charges that the Argentinian Government will hammer us with is yet to be coped with but am sure we will not starve…

So final thoughts:

Free Riding skill is great, just a silly race against the clock around Hengstecer’s farm at lv20 (I failed 4 times as I couldn’t find gate 9!)

Free XP: makes levelling too fast! I out levelled Ered Luin while running Ered Luin with only the most minimal of XP to be earnt!

Traits: all slots are available as earnt simply fantastic J

All areas available…well for now…and I didn’t really use that feature as I was basically grinding a lowbie!

All skirmishes available: this is better and a real seller: will play around a lot more J

30 slots in AH has been very useful (I had 15 beforehand!)

Currency and bags were already maxed…

Training Intro skip-able: great but a huge time saving would be to be able to jump to lv5…I now is Veteran Status available from LOTRO STORE…but how about making free of permanent for VIP?

Gold Hobbit Present: only once was it better than my silver hobbit present and they are nothing to rave about!

Wardrobe: great managed to free up loads of space

Swift Travel: actually not really used…mind I found it most irritating in Evendim…so let’s get there and be able to take the boat!

2 more char slots: ok these will be used J

Destiny Points…have been told not to forget and guess what I forgot, still no experience of using these…must check to see how many I have!

Monster Classes: er didn’t try…although wolf or spider?

All Crafting guilds: er 3 month goal get there with all chars!!!

Log in: priority, really?

Support: odd this that VIP get it while Premium only for 30 days after purchase and F2P none…silly I would think all players should get full support and that should be a top goal for TURBINE!

Checking to see if I missed anything and found this forum thread: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?377885-What-happens-if-answers-about-the-account-types it basically explains the ups and downs of different play types and what changes when you change…


LOTRO: Living On The Edge of VIP

24 Dec

VIP free trial #5


‘If you can judge a wise man

By the color of his skin

Then mister you’re a better man than I


Livin’ on the edge

You can’t help yourself from fallin’

Livin’ on the edge

You can’t help yourself at all

Livin’ on the edge

You can’t stop yourself from fallin’

Livin’ on the edge’

Aerosmith – Living On The Edge

Day7 pt2

Oh wonders will never cease…actually did get to play some LOTRO this night, just an hour but enough time to basically wrap up preparation for planned TP grind to start over the Weekend.

Day8 pt1

As quickly as possible I logged in and out on all  chars for Hobbit presents, Tsudryt did a little bit of buying and selling and weaponsmith guild rep crafting!

Then…the long awaited day had arrived…it was 5Am on 21st December 2013 time to create a NEW TP grinder…

…too exciting…

Gullorodspiseret was created.

1min 10secs used on creation: Human Champ Random..#1 ugly, #2 ugly #3…that is Captain Jean Luc Picard!

Captain Jean Luc Picard (left) and Gullerodspiseret (right)

Captain Jean Luc Picard (left) and Gullerodspiseret (right)

5 mins was used setting up UI and options on this new char!

41mins 1 sec and I finally start the instance to end the Archet area.

46 mins finished instance, hurrah am now in the real world…er real game world of LOTRO!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a  mini gift of Valar that jumped you past this (VIP can jump the ultra basic intro quest already!) Fellow blogger, Pasduil, pointed out that there is, its called the Veteran Status. 100Tp single use per CHar..oh..as I grind max 50TP an hour this would be a loss but useful to know! (Read his adventures with a champ and using the Gift of Valar here.)

Guide to be used:


1 hour: leave Archet area after minor exploration (picking up Brownes’ Folly, Blackwold’s Roost (and Ancient Cairn therein)


1.05  straight to Combe and horse to Bree and run into the Auction House

1.09 using Shared Storage get most of equipment…then half equipped log off to log on to Waywynn my Armourer…

1.24 Shared across armour for lv 7 and 10 as well as some overflowed jewellry. Back to Combe and off again. Picking up all quests and running into Chetwood.

In his new purple best!

In his new purple best!

1.31 killed a red squirrel by accident!

1.41 brigand deed pt1 tp5

1.56 lv10

er..looks the same...

er..looks the same…

2.05 handed in quests and received more in combe…back to Chetwood

2.20 bandit adv deed 10tp

2.35 Back to Combe..wrapped up alll quests (not epic…now off to Staddle)

2.38-Bree Land Adventurer Deed pt1 10Tp

2.42 Log out to resupply, need lv 12 and 15 gear. Cloaks and sword done up to lv15…missing swords for lv18 as no barrow iron!

2.49 Time to go to Real world, must clean a pool (TRY as pump was acting up!)

8AM er..25TP in 3hours…

Day8 pt2


Day9 pt1


Scaly armour…reminds me of roof slates…ugly! And the helmet, don’t get me started on the helmet!

5am more crafting done and we R off again

Tour of bree or not? …ok do IT!

0.14  2bandits in beggers back alley killed and crest found

0.19 tour done…back to Combe and bandits

0.40 pipeweed collected…deeper in to find statue and collect heirlooms (Bruner Stoutthrush on the E path into Bree also has an easy bandit related quest: Family Treasures.)

1.00 Breeland adv deed pt2 10TP

1.45 fly basic 5TP

1.50marsh queen killed…used to be much harder…separated boys n men…

1.54 spidy basic and advanced 15 tp

1.55 history dunadain 10tp

1.57 neeker pt1 5tp

2.05 purple goblin..lone lands…started gob deed! Sturdy key 🙂

2.23 Back to Combe completed all well that ends well…and bree adventurer…15tp

Now time to do the run around and wrap up…

Bree wrap up

2.57 lots of nr death …being chased by flocks of orange skelys missed bottom exp point had to go back! Satred prince pages deed…barrow down exp 5tp

3.05 realised I had forgotten 1 goblin to kill for champ lv15 quest..Far East on edge of Midgewater Marsh!…still trying to think how to get back there…

3.07ruins of bree 5tp

3.08 waypoint to combe…horse to bree..hop off in saddle…}

3.30 fly slayer pt2 10tp

3.35 neeker slayer pt2 10tp

8.35 AM: 3 n half hours, 90tp

Day9 pt2

Deed boost still running…now in the Shire

Shire wrap up

more spiders to the North between slugs n gobs!

0.03 swift to shire

0.10 wolve basic 5tp

0.18 wolf pt2 10 tp

0.30 spider 5tp

0.41 spider2 10tp

0.55 fly 5 tp

1.08 fly2 10tp

11pm: 1hour, 45TP

Day10 pt1

4.30am start…dashing around the shire…

4.35 farms 5 tp

14.00 brigand 5tp

23.00 brigand 10tp

26.00 willow …then stage! map is reversed!

0.35 wall…missed sights 5tp…

Home to thorins hall!

0.50 places of dwarves…5tp

Winds of storm 5tp…when?

5.20am (time to go to work!) 45mins, 35TP

23rd dec13

Day10 pt2

2100 45 mins of stupidity in Rath Teraig ..in Gondamon and though it would be a little short cut to Celondim…it was not!

…spiders done and most of goblins…got killed by elite gobs…my own stupidity. Nr 1 son should not enjoy killing spiders so much…he loved it!

10PM: 45mins, 20TP

Day11 pt1

0430AM ok normal Ered Luin guide being followed


13.00 wolf 5tp

25 ally of Ered Luin 10tp

33 gobs in the vineyard adv 10tp

5.15AM: 45 mins, 25TP

Am running this at level 17 but very close to level 18, most of mobs in this part of Ered Luin are now greyed out…which makes picking em all up and smashing them a bit slower… without the extra VIP XP would be slightly lower and maybe would actually be quicker.

Champ comment: my tree is all yellow


almost maxed Blade Damage, and am actually loving Raging Blade. The Sound is great and it simply decimates packs of low mobs…


Maybe I am not generating TP as fast as I would like but I am enjoying this run.

Living on the edge is great in LOTRO…

‘Something right with the world today

And everybody knows it’s wrong

But we can tell ’em no or we could let it go

But I’d would rather be a hanging on


Livin’ on the edge

Livin’ on the edge

Livin’ on the edge

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’

Aerosmith – Living On The Edge