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LOTRO: Misdeeds Mountains, 12!

16 Mar

Tsukuld continued the wrap up of misdeeds in the Misty Mountains


Small creatures in Misty Mountains…

Giants in the Giant Halls were hunted down, slightly confusing at times but Giants are hard to miss!


Like a puppet on a string!


Dead giant…

Then it was time for bears, back and forth between Lornstone, to Giants Needle to Southern part of Iorbar was wandered over again and again.


Amazing what length you will go to to scratch an itchy arse…


Bear in the air!


Bear angle…


Getting under the skin…literally!


My wife always complains that I miss her head of photos as well!


Then it was time for trolling…Imlad Norm was run again and again.


New sport, flaming ball chasing!


Its my ball!


U dropped your flaming ball!


Dead Troll!

And finally worms in the Writhenbores area, in one entrance, down and around and out the other entrance. Walk back to 1st entrance, killing yet more worms and repeat.


Dead worm (dragon)!

So deathtoll for this slaughterous weekend were 100+ Giants , 200+ Bears 240+ Trolls, and 240+ Worms… without any deed boosts… was tedious at times but job is now done…

I woke up late this morning, alarm was set for 5 not 4! So had little time to slay wargs, I did get the last locations for the Forbidding Heights Deed, including the Starkath warg area, but the wargs were thin on the ground, I would prefer to wrap them up at Caldwell Pool

Next Goblin Town exploration and Bilbo’s Buttons deeds…


LOTRO: Wrapping Up Moria With RK Pt.1.5

31 Jul

So to continue where part 1 left off…and start with my MORIA deed slayer plans…

As stated in pt 1 Nakt helped me with some Nameless, Globsnaga and Troll slaying in the Foundations of Stone:

Thats Nakts Mini in the foreground...er...was just trying to get a good shot! HONEST!

Thats Nakt’s Mini in the foreground…er…was just trying to get a good shot! HONEST!

And I have also wrapped up Spider and Morroval deeds

Hopefully the last time I have to kill Bat-girl!

Hopefully the last time I have to kill Bat-girl!

SO what remain?

Moria Slayer Deeds


And while digging up research for these deeds from Ten ton hammer (outdated me thinks) and LOTRO wiki  I remembered to look up the following Deed that I was chatting about with some kinnies over the weekend:

THE PITS OF MORIA (you will probably need to click on image to see it full size!)

Pits of Moria


This is something I would love to do in a fellowship or even mass Kin outing…

Family lemming expedition to the pits of Moria….