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LOTRO: 2 Liebster again!

5 Aug


Haffle from Level Up Haffle (formally the Malaysian Gamer blog) has liebered me …it’s no hassle so I’ll hustle some answers!

Tsuhelm/TsuEveCreative, quirky, fun and entertaining with everything Lotro and Eve, Tsu’s brilliant mind will be suited for this!’

WOW if I ever write a book I want that on the cover! THX 🙂

The Questions

How did you get into blogging?

I had tried to blog at its height when I was out travelling: 2 years Spain, Europe tour and then South America. But I was uninspired and soon stopped. After settling down in Argentina, bored at work, I had just started to get into LOTRO big time, I decided to start a gaming blog, this time I simply couldn’t get the dammed top back on and my madness has been pouring out ever since… surely a mismanagement of time at work but I do not regret a single word blogged!

Describe yourself using a song…

FIRESTARTER – Prodigy…all punky and spiky on the outside but inside am just a big old soft pop kinda guy!

Favourite video game character and why.

Oh this is gonna be a tough one, historically would be Sonic cos it was the first ever gaming character that caught my imagination in game and without!

What was the first video game you played?

Probably space invaders…

My top 15 games, chronologically ordered: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/lotro-how-the-hell-did-i-get-here/

Favorite snack while gaming?

Beer…or whiskey… not really a snacker more of a glugger!

If there was one video game out there that you’d like to see made into a movie (that isn’t already a movie or in production), what would it be and why?

Vagrant Story cos I just want to see more of the twisted world of Valendia, and if they made a movie they may even make another game!!!

Describe your perfect holiday.

Beach, waves, surf, beer, frisbee, happy kids n wife, good food, good weather (but not so good that it removes the waves!) and friends. FUN! Maybe a good book or some portable gaming. Throw in a great pub and a pool table, a swimming pool and I am pretty much in heaven.

Beer, wine, liquor or alcohol free?

Beer (although I have cut back to only on special occasions), so nowadays its wine, wine, and wine. I do have rather good taste in cocktails too… I find nothing wrong in drinking a well-crafted cosmopolitan! Oh and a nice single malt is a luxury I rather like from time to time, the closest I can afford in Argentina is a glass of JD every so often!

If you could work at a game company/developer of your choice, which would it be and why?

SEGA or SQUARE … cos I am not WORTHY! I would be a willing door mat for them!

What was in your opinion, the worst video game you’ve ever played?

Too many to list, way too many!

Kindle or books?

BOOKS! Pages were invented for turning…My fav books post

Ikeas Bookbook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOXQo7nURs0

The wrap…

If you think you are suffering from deja-vu you are not:


OK Haffle I am not gonna pass around the liebstick but as you are now going to be blogging about your other gaming interests as well, how about sharing your TOP ALL-TIME 15 GAMES… I wonder if it resurrects this old doozy!



15 Aug


Well I suppose he is in his own way!

Loved Sonic The Hedgehog on the MegaDrive, 1 & 2.

I also found this little comic from 2010 (gotta love google image search!)


Link to original posting:


Here is hoping the company I found today can do a supersonic fast job of fixing my wife’s computer…

Maybe LOTRO this weekend!

LOTRO: How The Hell Did I Get Here?

25 Mar

Tsu’s Top 15 Games…

OK you are correct this is slightly OFF topic…have been busy at work and have too much of a proper LOTRO blog backlog so was inspired to do this instead….

The Ancient Gaming Noob

Lvling life

Kitty Kitty Boom Boom!


Space invaders


Trips to the swimming pool were to play this afterwards…and before and sometime we just didn’t get wet!

Star Wars – Arcade

Vector graphics…simply could not believe my eyes…the trench shot was something I dreamed about for years!

Star Wars

Atari 2600, taking down AT-ATs was never so much fun…and the graphics rocked…I remember thinking that!


The first game I ever completed Atari 2600, no camera to take a screenshot and win promo prize but was an awesome feeling…I just got into the zone and surprised everyone…

Dragon’s Lair

Arcade…Is it a cartoon or game…I don’t know but mind blowing for this chap and too expensive if I remember …


Dragon 32! Oops dad just because the dragon is connected with Wales I think. I wonder how my life would have differed if he had got me the spectrum with the easy coding! (and loads more games…) But anyway I spent a lot of time playing this game…in the end I used to play with one shot only avoiding all the asteroids while zooming around…I got bloody good!


Joe, a friend in London introduced me to this game (BBC)…I was crap…he had a joystick that did NOT center…
Never-the-less I tried and tried and didn’t tire of watching him play. Got into it again at Uni, friend had an Amiga version, I got plus version on my first borrowed PC and still dream of trying out the Acorn version…New Elite coming soon! Oh so Dangerous!

Sonic the Hedgehog

At Uni I laughed when I first saw this…then I played it and then I was hooked!

Phantasy Star

Same friend introduced me to this beauty of a game…pity I could never get enough time to play on his MD to complete it! Didn’t like the guy that much at the time but you would have thought we were lovers…just had to get back onto his MD!

Herzog Zwei

And again…friend with MD used to kick my arse in this game (maybe why I didn’t like him that much…) but I did fall for it big time…indeed I have bought this cartridge twice! Now must get a MD again!

Star Wars – Pinball

OK not a computer game but it did have a LED backdrop game so will include…50p never stretched so far…was job hunting and this game enabled me to spend the afternoons constructively…er…well cheaply!


Borrowed a PC for graphics stuff…sure yeah! Doom was free at the moment and I played and played.

Streetfighters II: Champ edition

Eventually got A MD with a friend and we started to play this…a LOT! Chunli then Ken….

Sonic The Hedghog 2

On my GF’s MD at her student flat in Leeds…got up on my bday and completed with all crystals in 1 sitting…Super Sonic almost had me screaming around the house in delight! What a surprise! Was a great day!


In the Arcades I used to get all sweaty playing this…really! Was quite a work out…never did get really good!

Secret of Mana

MD given away with my 1st Herzog cart so was going to get new MD but oh look at those cute super deformed mango characters…what is that…OMG! This is an action version of Phantasy Star…and living with my GF’s brother in Leamington Spa we rocked it again and again!

And the opening music is sublime.


OK this Fxchip powered SNES cart also contributed to my defection from SONIC land!*


On SNES simply mind blowing…ON GC cool and on Wii great, still stuck on GB, but the SNES was the best!

Wipeout 2097

I can’t drive (truly I suck at driving games!) but I can sure fly a hover car! Convinced me to buy a PlayStation… Wipeout 3 was conquered as well.

Final Fantasy vii

All time fav game…so much to talk about just play it!

Full soundtrack here: 4 and half hours of music!

Vandal Hearts

Progidy on the stereo day would be lost playing this, collecting all the hidden bits…(FAQs from internet were appearing!) replayed over and over with different strategies …

Tomb Raider 2

OK I was a late arrival and embarrassed by the heroine’s assets but the game was simply amazing.

The Classical Theme from Training Area:

Resident Evil 2

Again late to party but this game sucked me in and spat me out …normally dead…FINISHED over and over.

Vagrant Story

PLAY IT! So much could be taken from this and turned into a great MMO! They say a sequel will never appear 😦 Never say never…

Battle Zone

Free with my first proper PC, gift from my mum newly moved to Denmark with Danish GF. Flying tanks (oxymoronic!) and RTS in one…Wow! This managed to suck my time away from my PS. BZII was cool as well.


Yet again late to the party – friend installed counter strike for me after building me a new PC and he was amazed I didn’t have Half-life! Never finished but so many moments engrained in my brain.


OK can you see the theme here…


The MMO Fond memories of being killed by a goblin…and chopping worms in first area… comp dies and went back to console gaming.


I fall in love with a game I cannot play as I get to rotate my TV! Looks cool but boy do I suck at SHMUPS…I do love em…in this period I also revisit R-type…the PS version…never do finish…

Phantasy Star Online

Dream Cast with memory card that needs a battery…who thought of that! The game is awesome though but could never connect to play online 😦 Played II on gamecube later.

Metroid Prime

Got a GC for this game…awesome…(played on SNES and GB too..)


Just bizarre…but played until the end!


Loved this game on Game Cube…when dancing and in ZONE…FLUID!

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Tomb raider on Speed with H2H fighting and wall running.


I was simply blown-away by is…level design so good…and game balance almost perfect.

Shadow of Colossus

Never had a game been reduced to just bosses and here is how to do it….

Command and Conquer

Played this 1 vs 1 with best mate in Denmark…in fact a whole Xmas day was blown away doing so…but after he moved to Korea he got hooked with C&C: Generals we blew loads of time with him trying to teach me to play properly…I can kick most basic players arse but I know that online and with him I am simple standing in the way!  PC dead and am on the road…got a power book that could run this…so if no internet I would play this…


OK my 2nd MMO experience and it hooked me completely…could play with shitty internet connections almost anywhere helped as I was in transit for nearly 3 years. 3 years of Dofus… I miss my Sac…the first TsuKate, Grafted Heart the guild when it lived before I took over the reins on its last legs when it died completely…I blame beer, pool and sex…yeah I met my wife to be and that stopped all of my gaming for about a year…


And here we are…3+ years into family life in Argentina.

*Many years later I visited the temple of Sonic: SEGA world in Tokyo bay and prayed for forgiveness…is this trip to Japan a pilgrimage that all gameheads of my generation want to make…!

weird mix of japanese toys

A list of 38 should be 15… Interesting that 21 of these were actually finished (BLUE)…some more times than others…and some are open ended…

Let’s highlight and order into a top 15…


Vagrant Story




ICO/Shadow of Colossus


Super Metroid

Phantasy Star


Herzog Zwei




Odd that LOTRO only just makes it onto my top 15…it is not the greatest game in the world that keeps me coming back it is the LOTR, the people and the lack of ability to play anything else. I do love it though.

UPDATE 28 Mar 2014

Other Bloggers have now created their top 15: