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LOTRO: Misdeed 10, WORMSIGN!

12 Mar

‘Usul, We have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen.’

DUNE quote

Tsukuld rushed over to Sálgaitë, obviously Middle-Earth’s number one vacation spa for worms, lounging in the sun or bathing the salty waters, tis a proverbial infestation! Great place to complete the worm slayer deed.


Feeding time…

Hotty Tsukuld, with LI bonuses is much better for tough opponents but cannot fire skills off on the move. I had 44 mins of my slayer deed left so changed to pikachu mode and proceeded to zap away at all and sundry. In zap-zap mode am not one-shotting but can run around and gather a nice flock of worms to take out together, Vivid Imagery and Essence of Winter AoE skills adding the finishing touch, and wrapping up leftovers with the nice n spectacular Static Charge. I wish I had enough skill points to get a Volcanic Runestone from the fire-line, as I would just drop one of those and let that finish the pack off while running off to get more worms. And I regret not having leveled an LI to boost pikachu, my ‘Teslacles’ are still undeveloped, maybe with a good pair I could really start to one shot kill everything!

Angmar Metadeed completed, time to unpack bags and travel to the Misty Mountains.

When checking in-game post discovered that Tsukuld was starting to get crafting mats returned to him from alts…so spent next 30 mins shuffling and sorting out posts and items…on 2 alts only, 3 more to sort out!

Strange tradition in LOTRO before travelling to a new destination you must UNPACK!