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LOTRO: The adventures of Opopa: Bingo, COVER

23 Jul



Opopa – One legged hobbit burglar (wooden leg, you could never tell if you didn’t know!)

Bingo Boffin –  a hobbit who wants to PARTY!

Sid – a barstool

An annoying Elf with no name…
A hobbit librarian…
A spoiled pie makes a guest appearance!

Chapter 1 starts tomorrow…


Lets go play BINGO!


Day 1 LOTRO RP: Late for the Party

29 Aug

Day 1

The Fellowship of the Secret Fire

Late for the Party

Sunngiffu had had a rough day…

Having escaped from bandits in Archet she had managed to find her way to Bree via Combe.

She had woken up in that cell, cold and naked, in the sense that her precious furs and leather had been removed from her, her daggers and bow as well. Her lucky rabbits foot was gone…well maybe it was not so lucky anymore and it was time for a new one.

Dressed in rags and assorted items of armour that she has since picked up, a real hotch potch…how she misses her warm fur cloak! The last bow she picked up is a definite improvement, stronger and less warped than that first bow scavenged from a bandit. For killing some piglets a farmer gave her a new short sword, basic but sharp and she also relieved a bandit of a nice dagger, too fine for him and passable for her.

Upon arriving in Combe she had sold some hides she had collected off wolves and boars that had dared to cross her path, she had not seen any trace of rabbits. With these silver and copper coins in her pocket she took a quick horse to Bree as at this moment Su wanted to think…to think she needed to drink and in Bree there was the Prancing Pony.

From the southern stable Su walked through Bree, past market traders and hurrying adventurers, some roaring by on horses other running as if their lives depended on it.

Twas a quiet night in the Pony which was strange, but then it was mid week and no bands were playing. The house minstrel was twanging only occasionally! A small group of impressively armoured adventurers were in front of the bar, Su squeezed by and quietly asked for a whiskey. 

She was instantly drawn into a polite conversation with two of the adventurers, a huge armoured captain sort and a fine and elegant lady, both sported huge glowing weapons. The ‘captain’ was drinking water to the amusement of others and the ‘lady’ a mug of tea , which after it had cooled was thrown behind the bar with surprising nonchalance…strange people. Su, after trying to drink her whiskey before having being handed itmade her excuses, oddly tongue tied as if chatting was difficult for her! She headed into the back where instead of sitting on one of the benches chose to sit on the floor next to one.

The conversation was quiet and muted, she heard speak of a group of adventurers having been in earlier who were up to something, trying to organize some event, or quest. Su’s instincts latched onto this talk and she instantly decided that she would wait here in the Pony in the hope one or more of this group returned…

That and she needed to think…and to think she needed to drink and in the Pony there was a lot to drink!