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LOTRO: Misdeeds Mountains, 12!

16 Mar

Tsukuld continued the wrap up of misdeeds in the Misty Mountains


Small creatures in Misty Mountains…

Giants in the Giant Halls were hunted down, slightly confusing at times but Giants are hard to miss!


Like a puppet on a string!


Dead giant…

Then it was time for bears, back and forth between Lornstone, to Giants Needle to Southern part of Iorbar was wandered over again and again.


Amazing what length you will go to to scratch an itchy arse…


Bear in the air!


Bear angle…


Getting under the skin…literally!


My wife always complains that I miss her head of photos as well!


Then it was time for trolling…Imlad Norm was run again and again.


New sport, flaming ball chasing!


Its my ball!


U dropped your flaming ball!


Dead Troll!

And finally worms in the Writhenbores area, in one entrance, down and around and out the other entrance. Walk back to 1st entrance, killing yet more worms and repeat.


Dead worm (dragon)!

So deathtoll for this slaughterous weekend were 100+ Giants , 200+ Bears 240+ Trolls, and 240+ Worms… without any deed boosts… was tedious at times but job is now done…

I woke up late this morning, alarm was set for 5 not 4! So had little time to slay wargs, I did get the last locations for the Forbidding Heights Deed, including the Starkath warg area, but the wargs were thin on the ground, I would prefer to wrap them up at Caldwell Pool

Next Goblin Town exploration and Bilbo’s Buttons deeds…


LOTRO: Misdeeds Se7en Ele7en

9 Mar

I had a nightmare weekend for LOTRO, with so many misdeeds yet to do I had hoped to get some long LOTRO sessions in, instead I slept in (6am!) both Saturday and Sunday and wife n kids compounded the lack of game play by rising early (8am and 7am!) 😦

Tsukuld started with a ‘quick’ run around the Circle of Despair for the last outstanding exploration deed. It always amazes me that there are so many elite grey mobs in LOTRO, they could have made this deed challenging, trying to avoid the lichs, giants and super powered undead that saturate the area East of the Witch King’s palace, but instead they just ignored. Whoops immersion goes out the window! After wrapping up the deed I tried my hand taking down some beefy undead wights and gaunt men…30+ k morale and found to my surprise that they didn’t pose too much of a problem 1 or 2 at a time.

Tsukuld slew Angmarim and Trolls around this alien artifact that had landed in the heart of Carn Dûm…


Trolls standing around waiting for their dismissal:

ScreenShot00063ScreenShot00067 ScreenShot00066  ScreenShot00064  ScreenShot00062

By Monday it was the turn of Wargs to be dealt a fiery death, in Hi-res! In an effort to put off the tedium I was playing in 1st person view!

ScreenShot00093 ScreenShot00095 ScreenShot00092 ScreenShot00083 ScreenShot00086 ScreenShot00081 ScreenShot00079

Now just 3 slayer deeds outstanding:

slayer deeds ang

Orcs are almost done already…Uruks and Worms may take a little longer…


LOTRO: Trolls, Elves & Banners all going DOWN!

26 Jan

Tsukuld traveled through thick thin terrain to Thangúlhad twas time to totally trash three trolls, takes two to tango, three to tap, toe to toe to toe, though tough, triumphant, tables turned, tea time!

ScreenShot00001 ScreenShot00005ScreenShot00010

So the troll threesome was endured: Folkár, Durflágit and Trínash were defeated and with the help of Dr.Quinn it was not that tricky at all.

Tsukuld crushed the CRUSHING FORCE!

So back to Haunted Inn, time to continue the Epic Quest:

EPIC: Volume II, Book 9: Fortress of the Nazgûl


The Choice of Ways

Oh lord I thought I had done these… So back to Scouting Emyn Lûm to hide behind stones and listen in on 2 orc guards (no killing!), Scouting the Scuttledells (Oh great back again, picked up silken strands quest for another 40k LI xp) more venom samples needed, Scouting Taur Morvith , aha not been here before…(more quests opened up to be done) but for sure Tsukuld assessed the camps and rescued yet another elf in the wrong place…wise folk these elves?

TAUR MORVITH: Iavassúl’s Watch


A Banner Day: more banners to be destroyed, King of the Hill: place a banner and defend it…do NOT leave the vicinity…I jumped off the battlements for fun and had to redo!

A Poke in the Eye: kill scouts, A Head Shorter: kill lieutenants and The Barbed Lash: kill the leader.

Dogs of War: collect doggie collars!


The Narrow Way: rescue elf’s sister…

Tsukuld didn’t struggle but was getting to the point of wondering if would ever finish and be able to get back to the EPIC quests…

Back to the Haunted Inn

Chapter 7: On Edge: calm down little elves…just calm down!

Chapter 8: Mazog in the Web: let us run Mazog through the Scuttledells….what could go wrong? Well what a surprise…more spiders…and not only does 1 elf get bitten but Mazog himself…what no poison resist orc?

Chapter 9: Coursing Venom: Sent off back to collect venom sacs in Scuttledells…what really! AGAIN! Oh and a flower….


And afterwards to create the antidote you must head up into the sky, my 4 year old son made me proud when he spotted the ramp to start the climb!



Must get to the other side for Master Ascender Deed!

(It reminded me that I can get a deed here. And boy do I want to get there: TweakLOTRO Master Ascender Deed)

Chapter 10: The Exchange



Broin saves the day! Twice! Another elf bites the dust…can someone please explain how these elves ever get to be 5000 years old?

Chapter 11: The Approach to Dol Guldur: Oh yeah back to Thangúlhad…

Chapter 12: The Armies of Gathbúrz: So what a surprise Tsukuld took all the repeatable quests except the Attack from below…

Badges of Dishonour (repeatable)… Sign of the Malledhrim Scouting in Force, Symbols of Conquest: banners, they put them up and I burn em down, An Eye on the Enemy and finally Scouting in Force. Of course rescued that silly elf in An Ally in Need, still being bothered by those 2 wargs!

Killed the commanders and found the battle plans…

I think finally moving on in Mirkwood, Tsukuld now at lv74 finds it very GREY…


but was cheered to bump into Marthona…


A family member in Mirkwood, lv100 catching up on Epic quests…strange to see anyone here let alone someone I know.

And to wrap up a long weekend some fun in the Shire with more kinnies:

ScreenShot00024 ScreenShot00021 ScreenShot00022 ScreenShot00017


LOTRO: Angmar ‘Llamekcuf’

7 Oct

BAck to angmar!

Another poor weekend for LOTRO…

Started well enough in that I woke up, got Tsukuld out of Angmar, moved him to Lothlorien, completed a couple of quests outstanding to find rest sealed as my VIP status had finally expired!

So hopped back to Bree to do some crafting, Tsukuld raised his prospecting skill (on all that ancient iron ore, the main reason I went to Angmar!) and he can now harvest Khazad ore so can now collect resources while levelling again!

Kids up and eldest insists on playing his games…

Saturday morning gone…

Sunday morning back to Lothlorien… So I asked kinnies for directions of how to get to Mirkwood, hopped back to Lothlorien, eventually managed to get myself to the docks to Mirkwood (I swam most of the way down the Celebrant!)

Here to find I could not get on board without speaking to an NPC first, fortunately not too far away!

Then the kids got up and decided they preferred taking Tsukuld swimming again.

Weekend wrapped

Monday morning…

I forgot to set my 1st work alarm (better described as a LOTRO alarm as it gives me about an hour of LOTRO before I have to leave!), so I had only enough time to grab my hobbit presents…

SO what to do next…

While checking out screenshots I realized that I still had messages of Carn Dum in my bag, am I really gonna go back to Angmar?

Probably! Need the space!

I was looking for my Carn Dum Instance Screenies from 2 weeks ago… maybe on the guest log in! Indeed found, only a couple usable! Thanks to Nakts in advance 🙂

Clutterealloren lm Golodir n stormystormy helpehwaht...that woamn did what!  horse on a hill

I should say bye to a Pole Turner and have some unfinished business with a Troll in Urugarth while there…then Into Mirkwood!

Not to be confused with Under Milk Wood…listen to part 1: here

Play by Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas:

“The sloeback, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat bobbing sea…”

Based In the village of Llameggub

Terry Pratchett wrote about Llamedos

And now I say Llamekcuf…being half Welsh no offence is meant!

Welsh Dragon

Tsukuld is on his way back to wrap up Angmar (again!) and then Into Mirkwood!

But first I must find some time to play!

Back to Angmar I

Back to Angmar II

Back to Angmar III


I wish I had a time machine…

LOTRO: Turtle Power In Angmar

16 Sep


Tsukuld was nicely surprised to be able to bring in some reinforcements to stomp out Trolls in West Angmar. Typically for LOTRO they are greyed out landscape mobs which are able, occasionally, to kick his little ass! They are meant to be dealt with on level in a fellowship but here I am cleaning up in Angmar and running into Trolls that are in my way…

Turtle Power

So who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?…No just one really pissed off mummy turtle!


T&T…used to play that!

Gaeruan is a turtle with attitude…by nicking an egg from its nest and placing it close to the campfire in the center of the Troll and Orc camp ‘she’ (why cannot daddy turtle appear?) turns up and creates mayhem! Now, Tsukuld did this 2 times as both times his AOE attacks pissed the turtle off and she decided to take it out on him! Well it was him that stole and started to bake her egg after all!

It was fun and I felt in the end that these kind of treats would be better if they were not hidden within quests…and were repeatable, maybe on countdown as not to spoil game balance too much!

Pick up an item and place it somewhere to trigger ‘special’ events.

Carry a banner from orc camp into skirmish camp to trigger an event where the normally idle NPC’s kick some Orc ass!

Auroch skull in North Downs (East of Esteldin) could be placed in various camps to trigger various conflicts…how about hillmen vs Earth Kin or even Troll vs earth kin.

Or just by placing items found in landscape near a NPC an event will occur…lost kitten, npc runs up hugs character and leaves with kitten…

Does LOTRO do this anywhere?

After restoring the peace…

Pease picking restoring the peas

I decided it was time for pizza (not really!) so with a huge scream of “Cowabunga” I ran off for work!

LOTRO: Characters Grinding Carrots for TP

29 Nov

Digression WARNING:

My mind is want to wander and it sure does in this blog which is actually about my ALTS grinding TP points to buy LOTRO expansions and areas…it is NOT about rawhide, cowboys, Clint Eastwood, blues brothers, carrots, trolling and or trolls, Google ngram statistical analysis, the fellowship of the ring, and finally the idiom, “Stick and Carrot”, BUT all are mentioned. Maybe more stick needs to be applied a bit more forcefully and I may have avoided all these digressions and we would all be happy bunny rabbits chewing on our carrots!

‘Grindin’ Grindin’ Grindin’
Keep earnin’, earnin’, earnin’,
Though they’re disapprovin’,
Keep them alts earnin’ TP!
Don’t try to understand ’em,
Just rope and throw and grab ’em,
Soon we’ll be living high and wide.
Boy my heart’s calculatin’
My true love will be waitin’,
be waiting at the end of my ride.
Move ’em on, head ’em up,
Head ’em up, move ’em out,
Move ’em on, head ’em out TP!
Set ’em out, ride ’em in
Ride ’em in, let ’em out,
Cut ’em out, ride ’em in TP.
Grindin’, grindin’, grindin’
Grindin’, grindin’, grindin’
Grindin’, grindin’, grindin’
Grindin’, grindin’, grindin’

Rawhide theme song’s lyrics were written by Ned Washington in 1958. It was composed by Dimitri Tiomkin and sung by pop singer Frankie Laine.’

I had forgotten Clint Eastwood came to fame in this show!

My favourite version is the blues brother version…embedded here for your amusement!

TP grindin’

I was inspired to create a little shopping list by an LOTRO PLAYERS article on this weeks LOTRO store sales.

Wrapping up Moria with Tsudryt and suddenly it dawned on me that I had no where to go afterwards…Have worked out that I will need expansions: Milkwood (695TP) and Isenguard (1495TP); and areas: Lothlórien (695TP) and Enedwaith(695TP); so I hope they come on sale soon…so am saving and grinding TP like crazy…

So I have set all my characters to earn TP…I log into one until they earn some TP or if on a roll lots of TP 🙂


Tsuhelm lv44 hunter

Trolling* in Lone Lands…then Trollshaws’ deeds

Dyort lv42 Champion

Barrow downs

Arwynneth lv35 Champion – ELF

The Shire

Wawynn lv24 Warden

Barrow Downs

Tordy lv22 Lore Master

Bree exploration wrap up and then Orcs

Tsureptpbunny1(does not exist)

Bree adventurer 1…then eat as many carrots** as possible…think I will try a minstrel?


Tsudryt lv60 Captain

Barrow downs –wrapped up this week! Now concentrating on crafting , taking over AH duties from Tsuhhere. Is on a diet of Council of the North carrots**

Tsuhhere lv22 Champion

Bree wrap up…

Sunngiffu lv12 Hunter (RP…lite!)

Bree wrap up (all of Archet cleared…)

Tsureptpbunny2 (does not exist)

As above this bunny will also eat lots of carrots**….


Luflaf lv35 Champion

Lone Lands …to start

Llucyd lv18 Champion

Bree wrap up and Barrow Downs almost done the basics (great XP)


Tsukuld lv22 Rune Keeper –DWARF

Wrapped up Ered Luin and is progressing well in The Shire


Opopa lv14 Burgler – HOBBIT

The Shire – this little fellow is wealthy…doing (almost) nothing but opening presents has really paid off!

*Troll: Urban dictionary says: ‘Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it’s the internet and, hey, you can.’

Longman’s Dictionary says: ‘troll [intransitive and transitive]         American English

1              to try to remove something from a river, ocean etc by pulling a rope, line etc through the water:

2              to try to obtain something by searching, asking people etc [= trawl British English]

troll (something) for something’

In Middle Earth:

‘Melkor created Trolls before the First Age. Trolls were very strong, but they turned to stone in sunlight. Many Trolls died in the War of Wrath, but some survived and joined the forces of Sauron, the greatest surviving servant of Morgoth. In the Second Age and Third Age, Trolls were among Sauron’s most dangerous warriors. He created the Olog-hai, which were more powerful than earlier breeds of Trolls. While most Trolls cannot bear exposure to sunlight without turning to stone, the Olog-hai apparently could; this attribute was mentioned in The Return of the King as making them particularly dangerous.’

I always wondered why all the troll in Trollshaws didn’t die when the sun was out unlike Tom, Bert, and William (Bill) Huggins… [is it even possible to digress any more….?]


Google Ngram for troll: basically the use in books by year…


Leading onto interesting ngrams on LOTR names and how on earth to get this data into excel…crack open the source code…rip-out the ‘var data’  ‘convert text to columns’ and then remove some text elements……copy and pasted while translating to vertical from horizontal, …formula created to pair up entry with date, ””blank cells removed…data again moved to final table….would macro if I had time, I don’t!…this needs an app! Why it is not included in the Google Ngram page is beyond me!


Fellowship names…OK Sam is a common name, Merry is happily used alot and Pippin was once upon a time a name…(Meriadoc was not found…so I removed from the chart!)

**Carrot: Reputation Item…dropped from mobs or bought (and sold) at AH. Do not help you see in the dark but:

‘Orange carrots are a great source of beta-carotene. Carrots contain a group of plant pigments called carotenoids, and beta-carotene is a member of this group. These plant pigments were first identified in carrots and therefore their name was derived from the word carrot.’

‘Our bodies turn beta-carotene into vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for good health…’

‘Carrots have a higher natural sugar content than all other vegetables with the exception of beets. This is why they make a wonderful snack when eaten raw and make a tasty addition to a variety of cooked dishes.’

‘Purple carrots contain purple pigments called anthocyanins, which act as anti-oxidants that protect the body.’


‘A medium-size carrot has 25 calories, 6 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of fiber. The veggie is an excellent source of vitamin A, providing more than 200% of your daily requirement in just one carrot.  Carrots also are loaded with beta-carotene, a compound that is naturally converted to vitamin A when consumed. The deeper orange the carrot, the more beta-carotene you’re getting.’

‘Carrots were first grown as medicine, not food, for a variety of ailments.’


‘Carrots are one of the rare vegetables which are more nutritious cooked than raw, find out why here.’


‘The average person will consume 10,866 carrots in a lifetime.’

‘Carrots were the first vegetable to be canned commercially. Napoleon!’


‘Carrot and Stick Approach (also “carrot or stick approach”) is an idiom that refers to a policy of offering a combination of rewards and punishment to induce behavior. It is named in reference to a cart driver dangling a carrot in front of a mule and holding a stick behind it. The mule would move towards the carrot because it wants the reward of food, while also moving away from the stick behind it, since it does not want the punishment of pain, thus drawing the cart.’

‘The earliest citation of this expression recorded by the Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary is to The Economist magazine in the December 11, 1948, issue.’


From LOTRO forum: great places to grate carrots…sorry grind rep items

So as I started I will finish…

‘Grindin’, grindin’, grindin’
Though the streams are swollen
Keep them alts grindin’
Rain and wind and weather
Hell-bent for leather
Wishin’ my gal was by my side.
All the things I’m missin’,
Good carrots, love, and kissin’,
Are waiting at the end of my ride
Move ’em on, head ’em up
Head ’em up, move ’em on
Move ’em on, head ’em up
Count ’em out, ride ’em in,
Ride ’em in, count ’em out,
Count ’em out, ride ’em in
Keep earnin’, earnin’, earnin’
Though they’re disapprovin’
Keep them alts earnin’

Don’t try to understand ’em
Just rope, throw, and brand ’em
Soon we’ll be living high and wide.
My hearts calculatin’
My true love will be waitin’,
Be waitin’ at the end of my ride.

Trollshaws 2 – 1 Tsuhelm

1 Nov

2 days without power… but finally logged in this morning.

Continued my harvesting run in Trollshaws, since leveling to 36 all the mobs are now blue which is actually irritating as now cannot tell which will give me pristine hides at a glance…I can always sell the extra sturdies…

I managed to take down a troll today, I had to trap it with a set of 3 traps and then another trap, pew pew until half health and it was still a close run thing…I tried 1 more later and it squashed me….so Trollshaws 2 – 1 Tsuhelm…

After this I forgot to ‘activate my sense wood skill’ I was really thinking that someone was harvesting faster than me in the area!

Due to running out of time before work, Tsuhelm got back to Esteldin to craft then bree to AH to sell, Dyort only had time to craft and make a quick trip to AH, Arwynneth was forgotten today…

But the great news as reported before Tsuhelm had been struggling to find Steel Plates…today there were 12 on sale, 100sp/3…I bought em all! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Thank you Sherisong)

Hopefully checking out a new club tonight!