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TSU minus LOTRO = unhappy TSU

29 Dec

I can’t remember the last time I played LOTRO…

I think we had just repaired my wife’s PC and I spent over a day to get it reinstalled, I had been busy over the anniversary event (Update: Gaming draggin! – 1st Jun) festival and thought life was going to be rosy but my disillusion with LOTRO quickly reappeared, I think I basically have lost my way and don’t know where I want to take my lv65RK.. I had taken him out of Rohan where to be honest he was enjoying himself (except for the ‘my-little-war-pony’ bits) for the anniversary event, after which in LOTRO: Gettin INTO LOTRO again… 26th APR I decided to go to Great River where the game quickly got boring again…

On the 29th of July (GAMING: Pokémon GOne?) I again tried to play LOTRO due to my nr1 son wanting to play… I even created an account for him but he is too young and even with my coaching and help he quickly lost interest… and that was that…half a year later I have not played again, not helped that for 5 month’s my wife’s computer has been out of action I blame the installation of MINECRAFT for the kids which I reckon has permanently damaged something in the motherboard as now every couple of weeks it just crashes again… and MINECRAFT itself is unplayable!

The MINECRAFT adventure was amazing though, I am a late comer to it, and the kids both got hooked straight away, I liked the more lethargic survival approach but found it got too easy too quickly with nothing to really keep me pushing forward… My nr2 son turns out to have the ability to create huge and complex houses… not bad for a 4 year-old! Nr1 son used it mainly to create ingenious machines he had seen on YT and indeed we have had to curtail their YT watching habits away from the same old MC videos… especially one episode of Lucky Blocks pistols…  which has 3.3+million views… which my wife and I felt were mainly from our 2 kids…

As the PC (when working) cannot run it anymore we installed it on the ipad and nr2 again started doing remarkable things, nr1 was quickly found to be sneaking back to YT all the time! Presently they are both fighting over the new Mario Run app (which is having problems with a lack of free content I gather…)… when not being banned from any access due to bad behavior…

So back to MY gaming… and my thoughts of coming back to LOTRO, somehow the news (I popped back to LOTROPLAYERS to check if true… LOTRO Players News Episode 182: What What Whaaaaat??) that LOTRO n DDO will be spinning off from TURBINE awoke this desire to play again…

I then stumbled on Malaysian Gamer’s YT video ’10 Reasons to play LOTRO’… and oh boy was desperate for my wife’s computer to be fixed… it has been and I am still itching to install LOTRO yet again… it will probably take a day… so maybe over the new year holiday (we got the 2nd of JAN free from work for some weird corporate reason!) …I just wonder how long it lives this time… surely 2017 must bring a new PC into the household?

Oh another nice YT video byThomas Huayra: ’10 lifehacks for LOTRO’, some stuff to try out here:) Also great to see Nakt is still LOTROing and blogging, and he mentioned our old clan leader Taltoz is still also in game 🙂

Undoubtedly if I start playing again I will probably start blogging again, you have been warned… TSU’s mad ramblings could be coming back soon… unsubscribe now… ur last chance to preserve your sanity.

So sans LOTRO what the hell have I been doing?

Now having moved back into Buenos Aires (6 blocks from Congress no less, sounds good it’s actually not that nice an area…) I have been swimming more than I did when I actually had my own pool, but am still not in body-surfing form… I ripped a calf muscle playing Frisbee with myself 😦 that didn’t help but hope to get back into chucking plastic again this summer, I walk to work most days now – 15 blocks so a little more activity and a HUGE saving in time. (I saw a BMX for sale yesterday…so tempted!) Work has been a huge focus for 2016 which contributed heavily to my blog’s demise, simply no time to spend at work in blogland! But 2017 looks very quiet, to the extent that my job (the whole department’s in fact) looks in danger which could  impact quite negatively on future gaming plans… touching wood it works out, although being made redundant in Argentina is quite a generous process and would easily fund my family’s return to Europe. But being jobless anywhere is not good at this time and OMG 2016 has been bad for politics and world travelers such as myself, especially as I am married to a non EU citizen 😦

Wife n aforementioned kids of course eat up lots n lots of my time, I have really enjoyed Stranger Things, Happy Valley, The Night Of, Game of Thrones, WESTWORLD, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Preacher and Star Wars Clone Wars (all episodes seen for first time :)) . I survived a plethora of others, notable mentions to How to get Away with Murder, Gotham, and Night Manager!  Started and gave up on quite a few too, the biggest disappointment being 2nd season of Mr. Robot.

I half-heartedly started a TSUISM project for blasts of creative madness, incorporating some of the LEAN culture work is attempting to instigate (I won’t go there…):


So no gaming then?

Computer basically out of action (so no EVE online either!) or in use by others so I continued my casual gaming on my phone(s*) in the shape of CoC, CR and MCOC. All of which I am submerged in to differing degrees.

*Why phonesI was always suspicious of geezers with more than 1 mobile, now I pack 2 myself (and I am not counting the ipad which is best for MCOC!) Now I have 1 phone for CoC, CR and phone calls and my wife’s old phone which runs MCOC, mine did not, it’s kinda laggy, a little too small and has a tendency for the screen to come off but it’s my fall back for when nothing else to do or I need to play MCOC and family ipad is in use.



th9… just before…


th 10 🙂


Backdoor is painful!


cmon get it front door!


2016 Xmas tree on my border 🙂


oh events 🙂

I left my dead Philippine clan and joined a British Clan. It’s super-active nowadays but unorganized and unsettled. The leader is permaAFK! So we have a constant stream of new recruits and we are struggling to maintain a core of good players; we had a huge fall out and lost 2 good factions – one of which is continually inviting me to follow. Funnily one of the newer members is also one of my best friends from GB who reached out over FB as a fellow CoC player and he decided to join the same clan :). Notice I start by talking about the alliance and other players, in the end the longevity of this (all?) casual game is about the people u play with not really the game itself…

I recently reached th10, always fun starting a new level, I should have kept levelling my walls n heroes but to be Frank (who I am not!) it was SIMPLY BORING! So th10 antics ahead… its early days as u can tell by the pics… not even done a new base design and my bastardized WAR base which was a Clash Tutor th9 thumper design is a truly weird beast. I am now nr1 base in WAR which is quite a daunting role as to be honest I am too casual a player to hold that position… but I suppose I am the most consistent donator so I get away with it 🙂



I have come so close to stopping playing this game… I got invited to Supreme Cream’s CR group and it made a huge difference initially with the then ‘NEW’ tournaments (which turned out to be crock!) and the constant donations of cards which still help a lot 🙂 But recently actually playing the game became a bore, there was simply no necessity to play… as a f2p player gold costs are too high to contemplate nothing less than monthly goals! Then during the last update SUPERCELL introduced the Clan Chest and suddenly the game came alive. There is a 2 week on off cycle but I missed the thrill of piling up crowns after only a day of rest… I even started to mess around with Mortars just cos I wanted to. I have used a cheap deck since day 1 and only really changed it recently with the addition of the Black Knight (Monty Python sketch)

So it goes, soon I will reach lv10, so tougher castles… maybe by end of 2017 I will have all my cards that I use raised to level 12… I doubt it but I suspect I may still be playing.


And last but not least the game that has consumed my idle moments to the ire of my wife! Our alliance has grown to full size and it’s become more stable but it’s such a DEMANDING MONSTER! It’s a casual game that sucks up your life… and of late for pitiful rewards… as the core mechanism for progress is the chance opening of hero crystals for better n better heroes (or using to improve those you already have) and in which I have had the longest streak of crap… so why is it such a TIMESINK…again it’s the people! Yes being in contact with 30 other players 24hrs a day in game and also via FB and now LINE, who are constantly pushing u to log in, do something, reach yet another target for another reward which may help gain another crystal… Can you tell I am close to my limit? It was fun and when I was busy at work it was actually useful, I was applying and practicing team building ideas which I could replicate as best I could in my workplace (My department works in 2 sites, one in Buenos Aires another in Manila, and the company is Global. The alliance has members in Europe, US and me in Argentina!)

But I do love beat em ups and I grew up on MARVEL so this game hits those buttons hard 🙂 When you do have a row of good fights (when the special button on teeny tiny touchscreen works!) the adrenalin kicks in and the RW simply vanishes – all focus is in the game, those are the sublime moments when you realize that you LOVE this game.

There is always something to do in game as well, it may be tedious and repetitive (aren’t all Beat Em Ups?) but each fight is practice and can lead to improvement, I have found that I can even win some fights without being able to see the screen… they recently introduced an AI mode for the most basic quest fights which does an OK job of removing some of the tedium. The main alliance focus is the Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars which have the biggest rewards (much of which is hidden behind shitty RNG) but working as a team is essential to attempt the harder maps(AQ) or beat the harder opponents (Wars). And the whole alliance is needed, all 30 players, to really make it work which is why it can get quite stress inducing 😦 Arguments flare up, no shows and wrong paths end in dissension, its all quite dramatic at times. Maybe too much so, and I am seriously questioning how much longer I can soldier on, I helped start the group up and the leader understands I have a wife n kids and a busy work life too so I do get by.

I reckon after the new year I may get some luck that should drive me onwards, if not a break could be coming… maybe a LOTRO break (not away from but BACK to!)

So TSU is back maybe for just this quiet end of year day at the office… I wish you all well in your lives be they real or virtual.



24 Aug


Once upon a time a long time ago, healers triggered air traps… before I played COC! Now they will again in the proposed changes coming soon…



I am surprised by this planned nerf…

claws off our healers.png

In a game where SPAM is coming to dominate the only real training for strategic play since you first get her is the HEALER. Yeah the QW is OP but in quite a different way to a SPAMMED bowler/miner army which is mindless OP! I like the variety the healer adds to the attack, a unit that has no attack herself… more of this kind of unit please!

But as many have pointed out the Queen Healer combination should still be doable, just not so OP, clever spacing of those air seeking mines to prevent QW! I was even thinking it may be possible to trigger them by sending out scouting minions… new nick name CHAFF!


Even if it does end up workable, here I is crossing my fingers, I still think it is a simplification of the game, another lurch to the dumbing down of COC… I am finding as I progress in the game (now on the road to maxing th9) that it drags and drags, if I hadn’t changed to a more active clan I would seriously be slowly letting my COC fall off!

FINAL WORD: SPAM is still the order of the day!



CoC: Sillies…

18 Sep

So still no computer at home… I am hoping that I will be able to hop onto LOTRO on the fixed computer after work today…

So until then some more CoC stupidities:

barbi biyatch

Still waiting for TH7… 3 more days so will not be ready for ClanWar this weekend 😦 I did find out my firework air defence unit was still able to be upgraded, so that now has 5 days of being offline while it gets hammered into shape 😦

The app upgrade yesterday cost me half a day of coffee break attacks while working as I couldn’t get a fast enough connection to download it! But I did have a string of great attacks on the way home from work… my Barbi (25ish), Archer(35ish), Giant(14), WallBreaker (7or8) Wizard (1 or 2) backed up with 1 or 2 healing spells: all at level III Tot E cost: is 60-80k… and I was making about 70k (profit!) an attack… This morning for some reason I was having a bad patch and I started losing 40k per attack… I will eventually get my balloon research to level III, which leaves only my neglected Goblins at level II.

LOTRO: LPN and Beer Brains!

6 May


LOTRO PLAYER NEWS will soon have its 100th episode! The new hosts have settled in well and a very good fun dynamic has now developed. Go listen to them having fun…


Episode 95 led to a comment from myself which was commented upon in episode 96 which I have since commented upon again…leading to this posting…TSU is never one to simplify life!

IN ep95 Pineleaf suggested that Orks were to blame for the deforestation of Mirkwood…

I blame TURBINE myself for not growing enough trees in the first place…

Pineleaf suggested:
‘That orks chopped trees.’
Ork on a Fork in denial,
Pines and leaves…

I gave the team all a beer (see below) but this led to confusion, really from me…HA HA!

Beer name explanations fit inducing?

Tsu word play is odd I must admit
Beer names explained would induce a fit
Don’t search for sense in senselessness
Don’t seek inebriation in normalness
But merriment and enlightenment
Can be found in Lotro Player a’news’ment…


Useful links:



Arathaert Ale

Like an arrow to the heart: powerful brew.

Ara                         = arrow

Heart                     = heart 🙂

Karvett Stout

Pour this beer on your collar: a truly distinctive beer

Karvatt                 = cravat (forerunner of the modern tie, a band of material wrapped around the neck)

= caveat – ‘a warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations.’

Maven Beer

A hearty beer that hits one in the stomach quite expertly

Maven                  = maven (MAY-vin), from Yiddish, means a super-enthusiastic expert/fan/connoisseur.

Mave                    = stomach in Danish…

Teriadwyn Ale

A pale ale which requires bravery to drink

Wyn Derived from Welsh ‘gwyn’ meaning “blessed, white, fair”.

And closest Welsh name I could find: Terrwyn means brave.

Pineleaf Lager

Piney with a fresh yet sharp hint of forest that prickles the tongue.

Pine                       = piney, associate with forest… pine leaves in a drink would tickle the tongue…

Andang Ale

A red ale, almost flaming beer, with a spicy finish.

Andang I think from CSTM where it was explained that it was Malay for flame… and spicy is just indicative of burn induced…finish is ‘Finish’ The sense and perception of the beer after swallowing.

Lilikate Lager

A beer with melodic mix of italian grappa and london gin overtones, and a tricky tinki hidden in the background.

Melodic                = she likes her music, Italian and London flavours due to her links to Italy and GB, and of course where does tinki come from…


Drac elA

A bloody punch in the face of a beer

Ela                          = ale reversed and

Drac’e’la              = drac’u’la ,

Braxwolf Porter

A dark ale which imparts the beneficial qualities of the hair of the wolf that bit you the night before, before making you run off to howl at the moon!

Hair of the dog is a hangover remedy where the guilty party(beer) is imbued again to remove after effects of too much consumption the night before…oh and wolves howl at moons!

Ethelros Ale

A brainy beer from Wales, not a pale imitation. Made from coals in da valleys!

Brains is a popular beer in Wales, sponsors the Walsh Rugby team. Coal industry was once a mainstay in the valleys of Wales! Made from Coals in da valleys is a play on ‘Made from girders by Barrs’ for Iron Bru, a Scottish soft drink!


Tsu Ale

A complex dark ale, hoppy and cloying yet zesty!

Cloying A beer with a sticky or sickly sweet character that is not balanced. Often associated with too much malt or not enough hops to balance

Hoppy Having the character of hops. It can refer to high hop aroma, flavor and bitterness. Hop aromas can range from flowery to fruity, to herbal, but aromas should be clean and fragrant. Hop Flavors have a wide range as well. Bitterness should be clear, clean and sharp

Zesty A beer with noticeable active carbonation.

Complex A beer that gives a perception of being multi-layered in terms of flavors and aromas.

Basically TSU is sticky(cant get rid of easily), hoppy (all over the place), zesty (full of life) and complex (yeah it will mess wit ya heads it will!)

Tsu’s previous beer posts




LOTRO: Dali for a day!

5 May


Thanks to THINKING PLAY for nominating me for the CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD:

‘If there’s any such thing as a creative blogger it has to be Tsu, the Salvador Dali of LOTRO blogging’

WOW I just got compared to Dali and that dropped me to the floor!

‘Dalí was highly imaginative, and also enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork, to the dismay of those who held his work in high esteem, and to the irritation of his critics.’


‘TSU is highly imaginative, and also enjoys indulging in LOTRO and blogging behavior. His eccentric manner and mind bending postings sometimes draw more attention than his gaming content, to the dismay of those who hold his work in some kind of esteem, and to the irritation of critics…’

And to be honest I am easily distracted, and over stimulated and with no-one to please but myself… leads many times to blogging anarchism… and can be messy and off topic…even weird… I don’t think I can stop doing it though 🙂Surreal Elephants

I wonder what Dali would have made of all this digital decadence?


AND how does this award work, trivia this time then more chain lettering…

Five Possibly Interesting Facts About Me

1 I do not drive!

Which is strange. My dad was a car fanatic! At age of 10 I had two and a half years on a farm in Scotland and I learnt to ride a scrambler over hills, as well as an Argocat (similar steering to a tank I have been told) and fork lifter! Outboard driven boats and under strict supervision the speedboat too! But when offered to drive the Land Rover around the field I was scared shitless and always declined… in later life I always managed to live in big cities with good (ish) public transport… now my wife keeps suggesting I learn (get a licence) and yet for some reason I do not want to! I am not a big fan of driving games, but I surprised mates when I did really well in a go-cart competition entered in jest: I spun off in the final!

2 Crime in Spain OR Stupid Drunk Person!

I love SPAIN and I would willingly get blindly drunk again after celebrating my return to Cadiz, after a trip to the Mediterranean, after falling asleep (with almost all travel possessions) on a park bench in the middle of the night to wake up with a lighter burden to carry and an incredible hangover! (Macbook, camera, Gameboy DS, passport, and clean clothes, including a very nice designer cream jacket all donated to the Spanish underworld!)

(A long time ago, drunk again in a bar in CPH I put my new tailored ¾ length Armani Coat on a pretty Greenlander girl, it walked away cutely into the night…  pockets contained an iplayer and canon ixus!)

I drink only wine in moderation these days!

3 I burnt down my parents bookcase at the age of 4!

Playing with matches is dangerous and my parents suspected me of becoming a pyromaniac at an early age. The enflamed bookcase was close to killing us all! Toasted sandwiches on homemade bonfire on an expensive afghan rug at a friend’s house didn’t help. I have so far managed to resist my firebug tendencies, although I love a good bonfire and learnt very quickly how to get the ‘parilla’ (Argentinian barbeque) going: although cooking on it is a skill I have yet to master!

4 Impaled on scissors!

I once fell off a wall carrying a pair of scissors: I managed to jam the scissors so hard into my jaw (through my cheek) the doctor was too scared to pull them out… I have a small scar inside my cheek!

5 Fifteen seconds of Fame…

I was quizzed as part of an Argentinian TV show on the way home from work: my crap Spanish didn’t pass so an attractive assistant was called in to question me in English, only adding to my embarrassment… I had no clue to the answer and this worked out well as the contestant won more money because of it!


Avaruussuo: Finnish and very creative blogging, lots of Photo stuff but important to me, every so often chucks out some landscape screenies that amaze…must be the photographic eye!

The Wandering Tales has gone really quiet of late and I really miss the super colourful screenies so if an influx of readers wants to incentivize… I will be more than happy 🙂

The Last Huntress of The Dreadward Tribunal and In the World Lived a woman: (2 for the price of 1!) I must admit in my busy RW life I do not always get the chance to read all of the great LOTRO fan fiction here but I love it just the same …and the screenies are cool too!

Wandering around Arda will always get my vote for being creative, creative with costuming in LOTRO as well as screenshotting the awesome results. Maybe a little elfy at times but always ideas to steal 🙂

Ding!: A recent find of mine and a general gaming blog that struck me as very professional from the outset, layout clean, appropriate visuals and good writing: so creative got picked up to write online…I hope the blog keeps going as well

LOTRO: Oliphaunt Chanting!

9 Apr



Grey as a mouse,
Big as a house,
Nose like a snake,
I make the earth shake,
As I tramp through the grass;
Trees crack as I pass.
With horns in my mouth
I walk in the South,
Flapping big ears.
Beyond count of years
I stump round and round,
Never lie on the ground,
Not even to die.
Oliphaunt am I,
Biggest of all,
Huge, old, and tall.
If ever you’d met me
You wouldn’t forget me.
If you never do,
You won’t think I’m true;
But old Oliphaunt am I,
And I never lie.

J.R.R. Tolkien 



Oli Oli Oli!
Oi Oi Oi!
Oli Oli Oli!
Oi Oi Oi!
Oli Oli Oli!
Oi Oi Oi!

Football Chant – Great Britain (Oggy Oggy Oggy to be authentic)

(I suppose Chelsea fans could quite easily chant Oligarch instead of Oggy!)

Tsu Elephant Shorts I

Tsk,  Tsk!
Naughty pachyderm


Tsu Elephant Shorts II

Ivory trade: Ivorice, putting the ‘I’ into avarice!

Tsu Elephant Shorts III

Hear, hear!
Ear, ear!


Tsu Elephant Shorts IV

Elephant time is truncated time.