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Lot of catching up to do…

12 Sep

Last post 15 feb… oh WOW update needed!



I suppose the big news is that I am NOT back playing LOTRO! But I did get to leave Argentina and take my family to Europe… I am now slowly sinking into Sweden… yeah it’s not been as easy as I expected and the Swedish bureaucracy has been much worse than I ever imagined. The last 2 years has literally overwhelmed Sweden with a tsunami of immigrants, which has not left much of a welcome for Tsuhelm n family. Me, EU citizen (Don’t get me started on the ominous BREXIT and the possible future ramifications!), with newly Britished sons and non EU wifey. Swedish friends have slapped their heads in disbelief that I chose to move to Malmo, which was the main entry point, and most affected city in Sweden. I just wanted to be close to my beloved Copenhagen; I also hoped that my network of friends would be there to smooth my return. Well they have certainly helped me but nothing has clicked into place so we have ended up in expensive accommodation, have only a limited right to remain in Sweden and I need a job like YESTERDAY. I did cheekily force the authorities to take my kids into the Swedish schooling system and my wife is busy studying Swedish everyday and wanting to kill me every other day for my unpreparedness… just another of the harsh realities of life of a EU jobseeker in Sweden.


Tsu and Sons in Malmo.

So you can maybe imagine that I have no time for gaming right? Well that would be way too sensible…



Still no working computer… we dismantled my wife’s old oft fixed computer and brought the harddrive along with the 100’s of gigabytes of family pics which we gave up trying to backup in the cloud. I had always promised myself a new gaming PC when I finally returned to Europe but jobless and living on the edge in Sweden maybe now is not that time. So the 10th anniversary has gone, Turbine has become Standing Stones Gaming – with all the pipe weed in game its surely should be Standing Stoned Gaming. I just hope they do a good job as the vociferous fanbase will Stand (them up and) stone (them for spoiling their) gaming… Little snippets of news that have reached me have indicated that it’s still going… and indeed one can simply walk into Mordor… or not!

Do I still play with my COC…

Yes I am still playing… I have been super close to packing it in at times and yet again another clan has slowly died… we are hanging on just and hoping that after the long absent leader popped up and handed over the reins that we may be able to turn it around. But does anyone really care?

I have reached th10 and boy if I thought upgrading walls at the end of th9 was slow this is downright tedious. I cant be bothered to grind out the farming for wall upgrades so I just slowly plod along. The introduction of a new base to build and slightly skewed raid dynamic offered a brief respite but that has now sunk into even more of a time sink. SUPERCELL still know how to introduce the occasional buzz into play with events and odd happenings (builder vanishing was great!) but overall does not remove that lingering stale taste in the mouth after you realize that you have spent years licking a time sink!

And BR?

Nope I quit… I didn’t rage quit, or decide to stop playing, it just stopped being opened, it is still installed… Nr2 son was massively into CR and I left my big active clan (Supreme Cream – WOOT!) to make a family clan with him. We plodded along slowly, we LOVED the 2vs2 which they removed… then added back and then removed. And I notice it’s back again! But for fucks sake make your mind up! I think the 2vs2 mode is a proto Bridge. It plays so well this way, getting to know your partner and his playstyle and then factor in the opponents and their game. Maybe with the massive amount of permutations now available BR’s complexity becomes its undoing. I was enjoying myself so much that I was on the verge of recommending friends (non-gamers) to come and play with me… but the effort (or cash!) required to build up decks is just too much and I simply fell off the cliffs named ‘NOT BOTHERED.’ Now I don’t even miss it.


OK not really my addiction, but my nr2 son’s favourite game and his skills just keep growing. He constantly amazes me and I can see that he isn’t cheating, he’s not copying from YouTube vids. He really creates his own amazing structures. Our new apartment in Sweden weirdly came with an Xbox 360 and the State library rents outs games for free. I have had to rent out Minecraft continually (I keep trying out LEGO games, so far nothing has beaten the LEGO movie game.) and I will keep doing so until I find a cheap second hand version somewhere or until I start earning again and then I will buy a new version. Both boys love playing together, something they were not able to do with the PE edition on their ipads (without getting Microsoft accounts!) And do I play? Well of course I get sucked in every now and then. And boy does this game suck you in … I once spent 2 days working out how to get pistons and redstone to manipulate lava flows over a secret cave… why? The mind boggles! I built a waterslide to bedrock to speed up mining for my son who promptly found diamonds and was over the moon for days! I then installed a water lift with signs and airpockets to quickly rise back up again, which my son ignores as he prefers his own staircase!

What a game!

And yet more MCOC

Yeah I have come close to packing this in as well, especially when the original alliance I was in, started to die. An in game friend introduced me to his new alliance and they accepted me, and I have been there ever since. For a game that sucks in so much time, they are surprisingly undemanding. I mean they want you to meet targets but they do not demand arena grinding or full participation in all events, which I imagine would quickly suck in every minute of every day. It is that GRINDY!

I keep promising myself and alliance mates to get better at fighting but it’s slow (for me at least!) I cannot justify perfecting MCOC while looking for work, I do try by explaining it away (to non gamer wifey) as stress relief but to be honest if my work drought continues I may well have to let it go. I am already letting ride the daily arena grind (just for milestone prizes) and it shows in that I struggle to earn enough to level champions. Talking of which MCOC has done a great job at maintaining the MARVEL universe throughout, It manages to hit every long dormant MARVEL nerve I have ever had and it keeps them lit and throbbing for more.

My roster is continually growing… now 5 five star champions, and a plethora of 4 stars too… some of them maxing out. Next year 6 stars will be introduced, as the power creep sets in, surely without new gameplay this may be the first death knell sounding.


Like every cash gobbling mobile game MCOC has an interesting back story Korean giant Netmarble bought out Kabam in February and it has been far from smooth sailing since. A couple of fluffed updates has managed to introduce fractures into a once solid group of hardcore players. Update 12 was a costly fiasco and even the latest update introduced changes that were clearly not well thought out. A bug got passed quality checking that has managed to corrupt in game gold for many players. Interesting read here.


Nr1 get a JOB

Nr2 get a gaming PC and catch up on a lot of gaming…er LOTRO!

Nr3 get a PS3 and 4 (yes both) as I have missed out on some amazing games… Dark Souls, I offer you my still pulsating heart to chomp on and spit out!

Nr4 start surfing and swimming again (maybe swim then surf is safer option.)

Nr5 if non of above kill me (or wifey) I hope to start blogging again… let’s see what the 2nd half of 2017 brings Tsu’s way.

LOTRO: Server Status!

4 Aug

So Bingo arrived and I have been focusing a lot on Opopa, my hobbit burglar on Laurelin, I have been neglecting this poor hobbit for an age… and now I have started the Adventures of Opopa fan-fiction I have ideas that require me to get him moving…so there will be more OPOPA stuff in the future which can only be a good thing…keep reading… I created an index page: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/the-adventures-of-opopa/

adventures of opopa

The wonder of doing an ‘e-book’ is you can change the cover from moment to moment!

Opopa will not so lonely any more…as Tsukuld will probably be moving with his kin to Laurelin due to server mergers. Or closures as some pedantic commentators persist in calling it…why not call a glass half full of lovely beer a dirty smelly glass of disgusting evil liquid…why don’t ya…? Negative trolls you are all! Tsukuld has started exploring the Eaves of Fanghorn, and as all forests should be he keeps losing his bearing, exacerbated by not spending more time there…


Who is that geezer?

Tsudryt wrapped up the Trollshaws wolf slayer deed on Landy: 14’ish wolves a day and finished 1 day earlier than predicted.


Good job Tsudryt and Harold!


Crawlers next…

My original char Tsuhelm (and his extensive support staff!) on Windfola will have to move to one of the remaining US servers… as yet I am clueless as to which I will choose…as all he does is collect Hobbit Presents at the moment there is no rush!


Tsuhelm the carefree hippy!

LOTRO: Tsu’s Yule Festival Guide

13 Jan


Just in time I have managed to find time to put together my YULE GUIDE! OK it is the last day but I will eat Tsukuld’s virtual hat if the 2015 Yule guide is much changed from this one…

So in the beginning you need to get to Frostbluff (Winter Home or as I call it, winter wonderland!), you can use the stable (seasonal only) in Bree, Thorins Hall or Michel Delving or use a Yule festival travel scroll. Once there you need to do the introductory quest which is very straight forward. The Yule Celebration of Winter-Home

Now you are ready to do the Yule festivities: to earn TP to BARTER for rewards and/or to earn XP to level characters…

This year Tsukuld was the only one who did most of the quests each day, my other alts on Withy also did the minimun required to get the daily sack of presents… I also did this super fast on Tsuhelm on Windfola, Tsudyrt on Landy and Opopa on Laury.


Each Day Mara Sandydowns will give out a Sack of Presents (also 2 tokens and some XP :)) The Quest is automatically granted when you enter Winter Wonderland, or upon login if you are there already! This year there were some great gifts, although I mainly won Marks. I was hoping for a Hobby Horse…I didn’t get one this year 😦



Run to Basil Wyndham (sitting down on steps in main party area)…run up steps until end and turn right to find big oven and 3 large wooden kegs of beer, get close and click on a keg to pick it up…run back the way you came but check in case a WATCHER is there (or approaching) other wise run to the messy table and jump up and over the wall to the left to land facing the drunk on top of a keg who is needing a refill, DONE…run back to Basil to complete the quest and be rewarded with XP and 4 tokens, now run back to Mara Sandydowns (hobbit in festive red near the bonfire at the northern entrance)



And some diverse Keg running shots:

ScreenShot00009 ScreenShot00084 ScreenShot00094 ScreenShot00096 ScreenShot00100 ScreenShot00104 ScreenShot00105 ScreenShot00107 ScreenShot00108


Opopa forget to deliver the keg of beer…or did he?


FIREWORKS is the next quickest quest to do, when I have done the keg run but for whatever reason missed the daily present I relogged and did this. Gareth Rust sends you off to distract wealthy party goers with fireworks so you can pick their pockets…oddly not very YULE!

ScreenShot00067 ScreenShot00068

MOVING ON BEGGARS is also quite heart wrenching but quite quick to do, basically after talking to Guard Kember you must tell the Beggars to ‘Move on’…

ScreenShot00065 ScreenShot00064 ScreenShot00087 ScreenShot00062 ScreenShot00063

TIDYING UP is also fairly simple, you have to tidy up the mess that the eating contest is creating; DIRTY DISHES, LIQUID SPILLS, and REEKING GARBAGE, 3 of each can be found at, on or around each TABLE, Basil (of KEG fame) is responsible for this task.

ScreenShot00074 ScreenShot00076

The final relatively quick quest is the EATING CHALLANGE(s), but it can be frustrating, even waiting for the restart cooldown can be too much at times! Ona Kay will tell you to start and you get to eat 5 items from the table, each item takes a different time to eat. Berries fast, Mushrooms slightly less fast and Eggs manageable, avoid bread and pies…and grab the mystery drink when you can…after completing a table collect reward BUT dont stop YET! Jump on a mount to the next table and you get to do it again and again and again and AGAIN! 5 tables to be consumed…Do not be surprised if status effects start to blur the monitor as there is a downside to such binge eating. Tsukuld found that table 2 sometimes didn’t refresh with fast foods but other than that this was a good way of getting quite a lot of tokens 🙂


Tsukuld is still pretty new to Theater life and only managed to join in once, but if you have friends and an active kinship can be a very good yule quest to do.




The rest of the Yule quests all fit in quite nicely together:

Next to Basil is Mabel, she offers 2 quests; one Stuffing the Stuffed, which requires you to make Bread (next to Kegs), pick up Eggs (er from chickens!), Pick Berries and Mushrooms;

ScreenShot00078 ScreenShot00130 ScreenShot00142 ScreenShot00146

…and the other is Unwilling Firewood where you kill grumpy wood trolls for firewood!


On the way you can build a snowman, there are 5 different types to build, each requiring various items to be found. The broken snowman needs just a piece of coal (next to the kegs) and some sticks (near snowmen).

ScreenShot00090ScreenShot00037 mitt dest

Daley Utteridge, close to Mr Mischief(Gareth Rust), sends you out Cold as Ice, to kill 4 Wintery Weather elementals… look VERY similar to the cosmetic pet GRIMS…


Guard Kembar not only doesn’t like Beggars but he also has a thing about annoying Abominable Snowmen…so you get to wake up (by cheering!) and move on yetis as well! I realized near the end of the festival that you can mash the cheer and complete the quest straight away!



 Snowball fight: Not done as yet!






9 Jan


Whether the BUZZ generated has a negative or positive spin is as yet unknown…?

LOTRO PLAYERS reported that ‘a number of servers to close‘, SERVER MERGERS are coming, Vyvyanne has suggested that some kind of FREE server transfer system will be in place beforehand and that no FORCED transfers will take place. I think inevitably some players will be forced to leave some servers, which is regretful.

Talk of MERGING SERVERS is a hugely negative subject in the MMO gaming zone because of the perceived dying nature of associated game…but rather than taking a negative view a more positive standpoint could be taken in that to get LOTRO back on its feet it really needs to consolidate its player base onto a more healthy playing field.

Where LESS is MORE


Fusion (also called synthesis) is the process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole.

Fusion power is the energy generated by nuclear fusion processes. In fusion reactions, two light atomic nuclei fuse to form a heavier nucleus (in contrast with fission power). In doing so they release a comparatively large amount of energy arising from the binding energy due to the strong nuclear force that is manifested as an increase in temperature of the reactants. Fusion power is a primary area of research in plasma physics.

Fusion of deuterium with tritium creating helium-4, freeing a neutron, and releasing 17.59 MeV of energy, as an appropriate amount of mass changing forms to appear as the kinetic energy of the products, in agreement with kinetic E = Δmc2, where Δm is the change in rest mass of particles.

ASIDE: LOCKHEED-MARTIN claim they are a fey years from creating functioning FUSION GENERATORS! This VIDEO explains it: its mentioned that heat exchangers are used instead of TURBINEs…

Some servers will go…some servers will grow…

As BRAX on LP and other in the Forums had suggested it now looks like we will be able to freely choose where we want to move our characters…so we can choose which servers to place them onto…which is good.

On withy I will obviously follow my Kin to its new home if needed…Landy and Laurie are surely safe…leaving my Silverlode which I dont really ever play and Tsuhelm on Windy… which I will move almost anywhere as required.

It will not be a painless experience but I think for the good of the game it needs to be done. I just hope the backlash of negativity is not too great and LOTRO can ride out the changes well!

‘You feel pain
You feel pleasure
Tend to stray from decision
Get your way, get your focus
Move ahead, take some measures
Start by present fire
And eternal heat
Fusion and pressing
Elemental state
Start by present fire
And eternal heat
Fusion and pressing
Elemental state
Take now the final steps
Reach out, take effect
Clear way for your path
Give thanks to what you have’

PRONG – ‘Eternal Heat’


LOTRO: Mirkwood Yules!

24 Dec


Haunted Inn  

So Finally able to continue onward into Mirkwood after getting to grips with my little RK’s skill rotations, and it was not really necessary as at lv70 am a little OP for the sparsely mobbed mirkwood…after the initial introduction I was expecting a little bit more action but Tsukuld is now wandering through the aftermath of the battle, burnt out fortifications and camps…weak survivors and the such.

Eventually arrive at the Haunted Inn and off we go again, seek, explore, do and return… 2 or 3 times in each area (dead village, spider den, woods and merrevail infested ruins)…nothing spectacular…

ScreenShot00008 ScreenShot00010ScreenShot00013


Those female Merrevail are control freaks!


Then completed some more EPIC


I suppose in the context of the Epic story of getting Mazog to the exchange for prisoners held… I don’t really get the logic behind the exchange from Saurons side..surely his leaders would be expendable!  During one silly instance where the free running arms bound Mazog gets to pass step by step through a swamp in which Raddir dies in a cliché, “Oh I bet we have a traitor moment!”... and an even more stupid race through the swamp at the end …you have to get to destination before Mazog…I was distracted, away from the computer arguing with my son when Mazog ran off and I still got to the end before him!

At the haunted inn you get to do the Strike Against Dannenglor skirmish which was tricky in its newness but all fell before me except one encounter with a flaming elite which was too much for my flaming RK to handle…

And afterwards sent scouting in Chapter 6: The Choice of Ways

Emyn Lûm and Ost Galadh

Tsukuld  arrived at Emyn Lûm and Ost Galadh 

and was planning to continue onwards but got distracted completing all the quests…Oh well…

Still encountering no troubling mobs… and for some reason I decided it was time to change out one of his Legendary runestones…it has been maxed for some time, as is his satchel but its replacement is still some way off being leveled enough to replace it! So starting the process by collecting all the LI scrolls in my vault that I had been collecting for this moment and oh wow yet another disappointment of the LI system…my scrolls were too low a level to be added to my lv65 second age replacements! Really WTF! What is the point of removing the skills if at some point it will be necessary to level the skills on another LI to be added to a higher level legendary…

OK so needed some Legacy upgrades…bought some empowerment scrolls in skirmish camp…no more marks, used shards and now almost no more shards…so used some of the 100’s of LI tokens in my wallet to get more relics…bought stacks of fused copper relics, deconstructed, combined 250 t1 relics…to 80 t2 relics to 40 t3 relics etc etc…ended up with 3 t9 relics and I think I had 1 remaining already…luckily 1 was for will and the other fortune…:)

Next I removed the equipped relics from my old LI, oh another 2 t9 will and fortune, who is complaining, t6 deflection, and a crafted fate relic for an additional 20 fate, could just afford to buy a fate legacy with shards to change out one of the duff silver legacies on my new 2nd age…and hey preasto Tsukuld has some new rocks to bang! Hot stuff…will be missing my essence of flame legacy though! Have started grinding a new one (boosted to lv57 with xp rune from deconstructing my old LI!) so soon will have it back 🙂

No damage type, so hopped to Moria and did all the LI quests at Dolven View for scroll of Dwarven Damage among others (was all very simple at lv70, ignored strategies,  just rushed in and killed everything!)

BUT what a DRAG!




Time to try out the new Legendary Second Age Lv65, will be needing more marks soon so did some skirmishes… TUCKY my old fav…yeah well OK.  Nothing too special! So did TUCKY runs with 100% mark scroll used free from hobbit present methinks,  and now another  Strike Against Dannenglor, easy and helps with the merrevail slayer deed.

Then back to Mirkwood proper, all the way back at the beachhead (I had forgotten to save at a waypoint in Mirkwood!) found 2 more quests to be done! Left them and instead headed off to:

Yule Festival


My first time here and as always it is so confusing to begin with…

Too much to do and do not know how to do it!

I spent half an hour running around getting my bearings, at this stage you cannot join in the festivities until you have done the silly intro quest, that done I started taking all quests as encountered, there are a lot and the NPC’s with gold rings get a wee bit confusing. I managed to work out 2 or three of the quests but have yet to work out a daily routine as I have in other festivals… watch this space I will share but until then these guides were useful:




LOTRO: Happy Crisp Mouse!

23 Dec


Inspired by Family member Torpelo’s chat stupidity: ‘I have a Moose I called it Chris!’

Serious Eats: in Vietnam, where they were served mouse…‘However, to be honest, just about any creature doused in a garlicky five-spice sauce would be tasty.’  

And if you like the pic you can buy your own cross stich pattern 🙂


…indeed only you Meep 🙂

LOTRO: Ursa Major

5 Nov

Ursa major

So its the 5th of November…I remembered…

Bonfire Night in Britain…fireworks and burning effigies of Guy Fawkes

UPDATE 15 has arrived and finally an in game pic from TURBINE


Uninspiring to the max 😦

Installation hic-ups aside, and there have been few of those of late thankfully, tonight in this land far away from incendiary madness, I hope to be able to enjoy an updated LOTRO. I am looking forward to the patch notes and am hoping for some updates that will better my LOTRO experience…of late I find my time in game less and less enjoyable…I have simply lost the ‘fire’…


Boo! -Tsuhelm having some fun on Windfola…not cashing in tokens!

The Fall festival ended with none of my characters bothering to cash in the fall tokens…

Tsukuld my RK is waiting to experience Mirkwood…

I have a cappy and hunter about to start dwarf bandit butchery in the port of Kheledûl…(TP run for Tsukuld…)

So I wont be getting a beorning just yet…1000Tp needed.

Ursa major will just have to wait until I have finished playing my RK…

But I did learn 1 fact today that may actually be useful in RW:


How to find the north star…by following the line that bisects Ursa major, and ergo how to identify the Ursa minor constellation; The North star is the end of the handle of the little pan…er little bear!

LOTRO: Ork Log Blok’d Blog

24 Oct

Tsuhelm a LOTRO BLOK!

Having a really frustrating week in RW (work), RW (health) and RW(life well wife!), and that is feeding back into my motivation to play LOTRO…

The fall festival is falling and as I love the haunted burrow it is sucking up the LOTRO time I do get…

And that is dripping down into my blog….which has become a bit blocked…

I have tried throwing chemicals and hot water at the problem…caffeine in hot coffee!

I have used brute force… but only hurt my head.

Now I am just writing…. hope that it doesn’t just add to the blockage!


Ork bloking my blog
A bloke blogging from York (not as yet…)
Maybe the ork blocked the bog with a log!
Must flog that ork who left log
Whats this, a fog?
Cant tell a frog from a log let alone an ork from a fork.
Lest the ork test my jest…
Zesty pork talk clogging my blog

Still blork’in mad…

Got a Blork’d blog?
Who you gonna call?

Spiderpig lotro

The weekend is almost here… I obviously need it!

So hope to get some good LOTRO gaming in, aim to earn lots of TP, Ilcaptanotsu to wrap up Bree and head off to Ered Luin with my archer multibox, Marimere, in tow…why?…why not!

Have a great weekend fellow bloggers, be careful out there and don’t let the orks log your blog!


LOTRO: Mum Breaks LOTRO!

7 May

LOTRO: Mum Breaks LOTRO!

OK my Mum is visiting and other than Hobbit presents have been unable to play 😦

She is sleeping next to the computer so early morning and late nights are OUT!

LOTRO: Fun Fireworks Bree

30 Apr

‘To begin at the beginning:

It is Spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black, the cobblestreets silent and the hunched, courters’-and- rabbits’ wood limping invisible down to the sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat-bobbing sea. The houses are blind as moles (though moles see fine to-night in the snouting, velvet dingles) or blind as Captain Cat there in the muffled middle by the pump and the town clock, the shops in mourning, the Welfare Hall in widows’ weeds. And all the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are sleeping now.’

Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood

Anniversary Event is over, 7 years of LOTRO festivities passed.

I was late to start, only partially partook during the first week but was very busy with it with the little time for LOTRO available during the last week. Due to the generous XP rewards for some fairly basic quests I was able to level Tsuhelm and Tsudryt to 62 and 61 respectively! Both languishing in final stages of Moria. Isengard purchased and Mirkwood easily purchasable, just enjoying myself too much in the family on Withywindle.


Not a firework…but pretty! Tsuhelm Lv62!


Safety distance not observed, smoke in face quite deserved!


2 fireworks at a time…what a cracker!

Indeed Tsuhelm was able to wrap up Moria cartographer deed during this festival and is very close with the other but Tsukuld, Tsuchump and Tsucan also completed that deed and got a good start completing the other from scratch and still had quite a few anniversary tokens to use…steel tokens as well to be converted to marks!


Indeed drinking to that!


Tsuchump looking cool in a cloud of smoke (I think its smoke!)


Centre stage and fans to entertain…er 3 of em!


Godefrank didn’t know what hit him!

Opopa my hobbit joined in on the last day to level to 18 and had some fun…hopped around Bree he did…after a heavy last night of celebrating…1 or 2 too many beers in the pony he woke up on empty firework plain…in the rain. It was not plain what to do next!


A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush… So a firework in a bush is better than losing a hand!


Indeed I am at a loss at the moment of how to proceed…was having fun with Champ, and RK poised to enter Moria. Now after the intense (and sometimes in tents) festival I am unsure who to take where… I’m sure I will get prodded in some weird and surprising direction this long weekend (national holiday from May 1st until Monday in Argentina.

My Mum is also visiting and will be sleeping in the room with the computer so will have an impact…must be good and not get up too early…

‘We are not wholly bad or good, who live our lives under Milk Wood.’

Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood