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LOTRO: Swallowing the bitter pill of disappointment…roar…

26 Oct


Well I had installed Bullroarer LOTRO to my wife’s computer earlier in the week but was dismayed to see that it began patching at 10 AM in the morning… 7/8 hours pre TEST and TP giveaway… And of course it didn’t finish patching until 8 o’clock at night after TEST/giveaway had ended.

After checking forums I could see that even those with up to date clients couldn’t get on to BULLROARER. Compounding my bitterness was the fact that those that did get in are entered into the giveaway, they also had a lot of fun!

So my comeback to LOTRO left a very bitter pill indeed, if a slight desire to play LOTRO.

So even 2 days later and still bitterer than a bit of bitten bitter bitter thing! I actually took my lv13 champion on Laurelin for a quick spin, but this only reminded me than I created him to level up and head off East of Esteldin to farm Sturdy Leathers for my Hobbit Burglar to level Tailor to get some improved armour to level himself up to enable me to engage in some more creative storytelling in the Adventures of Opopa. All of which adds to my little bite of bitter bitten bit of a very bitter thing…especially as the rapid bitterness bites home that, after the server merge of Withy to Laurelin, I will have oodles of sturdies, tons of GP and a whole friendly kin to insta craft such stuff! Then I can continue my Adventures of Opopa and even keep levelling Tsukuld to lv100.

And the server mergers, slow as they are, are presently on hold until the new servers are up and running…

‘More bitter than death!’ Well, death may be slightly more so…

A hard and bitter pill to swallow, a pill of Picraena Excelsa, intensely bitter…bitten in a tent, ten bites of, attempting to remove the vile after-taste of the fact I cannot play LOTRO the way I want to… but swallowed it is an aperitif, an appetizer and aid to digestion of the fact I must wait, I will wait, until the server mergers and then once again I can get my daily fix of sweet and stimulating LOTRO.

The Bullroaring didn’t go to plan but it has wet my palate, even if that palate has a lingering bitterness to it!

LOTRO: Server Status!

4 Aug

So Bingo arrived and I have been focusing a lot on Opopa, my hobbit burglar on Laurelin, I have been neglecting this poor hobbit for an age… and now I have started the Adventures of Opopa fan-fiction I have ideas that require me to get him moving…so there will be more OPOPA stuff in the future which can only be a good thing…keep reading… I created an index page: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/the-adventures-of-opopa/

adventures of opopa

The wonder of doing an ‘e-book’ is you can change the cover from moment to moment!

Opopa will not so lonely any more…as Tsukuld will probably be moving with his kin to Laurelin due to server mergers. Or closures as some pedantic commentators persist in calling it…why not call a glass half full of lovely beer a dirty smelly glass of disgusting evil liquid…why don’t ya…? Negative trolls you are all! Tsukuld has started exploring the Eaves of Fanghorn, and as all forests should be he keeps losing his bearing, exacerbated by not spending more time there…


Who is that geezer?

Tsudryt wrapped up the Trollshaws wolf slayer deed on Landy: 14’ish wolves a day and finished 1 day earlier than predicted.


Good job Tsudryt and Harold!


Crawlers next…

My original char Tsuhelm (and his extensive support staff!) on Windfola will have to move to one of the remaining US servers… as yet I am clueless as to which I will choose…as all he does is collect Hobbit Presents at the moment there is no rush!


Tsuhelm the carefree hippy!

LOTRO: BEWARE Shrew droppings!

15 Jul


The introduction of Giant shrew pet obviously has its downsides! Unfortunately for Tsukuld not a very pleasant downside!

Tsukuld had been busy wrapping up Thornhope in Entwash, only Unbridled Wrath left to do when I decided it was time to dump some of the junk that had collected in his bags… which led to tasks been handed in and an LI being deconstructed and finally to checking out the post box, I have been away from LOTRO playing EVE the last month and a half and wow my alts have been returning unopened mail by the cart load! So it was time to start the old inventory shuffle, best place for that is crafting hall in Bree…

And then it was time for work…not exactly exciting but needed.

Oh and THX for Taltoz’s small parcel of relics…always find a use for them.

LOTRO: Field of Rings

13 Jul


Tsukuld decided to head off into town… Thornhope

Ok let’s go into an occupied, small burnt down village  choka with Orks, Uruks and Goblins and find survivors! REALLY? And yes there ARE survivors to be found! I was most shocked to find a small girl and NOT have to escort her out! Really: ‘OK girl, I found ya…now run along …don’t worry you’ll be OK..Cheerio!”


Ninja RK moves while treading water!

Tsukuld took a fancy to frying pan woman…


It just goes to show if you venture forth they will come: a field full of flying gold rings!

A field of dreams…


24 Jun


My extended stay in EVE Online has delayed my return to LOTRO, it’s been a refreshing break but I am getting LOTRO withdrawal symptoms so I will be needing to organize at least 1 day a week for some serious LOTRO’ing soon!

Tsukuld looking up at the stars…somewhere out there Thursday TSU is flying around!

LOTRO: popping in before EVE!

17 Jun


“What you doing here?” asks the surprised NPC of Tsukuld. Withywindle adventures in East Rohan will continue soon…


WOW! more piles of silver!

Tsudryt, the orange cappy on Landy, is now trying to do one of the slowest slayer deeds even slower than ever before… a Bog slayer a day… 120 days to go!


I can see you… (killed 3 today…oh no I may finish too fast!)


Tsuhelm on Windfola… waiting for mail! Will no-one ever write?


For a one legged hobbit burglar the road ahead is long…. poor Opopa on Laurelin!

OK now time to head off into outer space again… Tsu’s EVE N Thorizon

LOTRO: Gold ring hunting!

2 Jun

Now the Reeve has it…


U got it…


now u got it…


u got it back….!


So busy chasing the ring impales self on spear!

Wrapping up Eaworth with the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse was a simple game of chasing golden rings around the small settlement! Ended up in a very challenging Orc raid in which the NPCs outnumbered the attackers!

Wasted some time deconstructing LI’s for no other reason than they are ready to be deconstructed… relics into the bank and unwanted legacies into the bin!

Almost done…





LOTRO: My Invisible Little Pony!

1 Jun

I did not get much LOTRO play, my hoped for afternoon of gaming came to nought so managed to get a late Saturday night of gaming which my early bird mentality couldn’t handle, I was passing out at the keyboard… so 1 n half hours of LOTRO in 3 days and I am pretty sure my wife owes me at least 3 hours of game time but I am also quite sure she does not see it that way. Will keep my fingers crossed that I get an evening this week to catch up big time…

Tsukuld continued wrapping up in Eaworth, in the mead hall he got to parley with the Reeve before stealing his throne for lunch:

ScreenShot00031 ScreenShot00034 ScreenShot00033

After lunch it was time to ride out and kill some Orcs… it was some time since Tsukuld had been mounted on his little war pony but he was not expecting them to turn invisible:


No strategy was needed to dispatch Mounted Orcs around the camp, luckily as Tsukuld flailed around hopelessly on his mount…Then the action was taken into the Orc camp on foot, again quite easy… all said and done back into camp and after handing in some tasks dinged level 84:



Then to visit the Reeve’s son, who was injured in the action, you can tell this NPC was under the weather his golden ring was halved:


And I left the action with the arrival of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse:


LOTRO: PORTAL found! Its in the Game!

28 May


Tsukuld is back and continues his thorough exploration of Rohan… oddly since arriving in Entwash Vale I don’t think he has even mounted his little war pony once…

SO Tsukuld arrived in Eaworth  – which in my mind of being brought up with EA games sounds like EA worth, and a jingly ‘its in the game ‘floats through my head…

Tsukuld chases down the floating golden rings over NPCs for their diverse quests and while chasing a toy sword, that’s eaten by a dog, stolen by an orc and seemingly eaten by a drake! So obviously time to explore Wyrmdelf, unexplained yellow treasure hunter that cannot be attacked is just inside whereas his mates are paired up throughout the lair and are quite kill-able, indeed Tsukuld always likes for his enemies to be standing close together, so he can throw a flaming rock there way, followed up with a cloud of fire and ice grenade before going into his normal rotation…

Landscape quests were picked up to to kill 8 drakes and break 15 eggs, and a deed was rewarded for finding all hatcheries. Getting to the top of Wyrmdelf, exits onto Fang Tor (for the where evil dwells deed) and Tsukuld got to take down the Wyrm-father!

Ok back to EAworth…or not, end up entering the Wódfen…landscape quest for killing salamanders and crebain, there are plenty of crebain to be quickly taken out in small flocks. Finally an undead dungeon to explore… another deed to find 13 rooms, I missed 3 and spent quite some time floating around to find it. Another point of interest are the ‘Locked Chests’ (creatures) not an ode to FF’s Mimics, which are killed for XP! They also mess up TAB targeting… but why the hell are they here?


I wonder how dangerous that chest is?


Target the Draug not the chest…IDIOT!

There is also a PORTAL at the end of the dungeon that does…er NOTHING…


Wonders where it goes…or what comes through it…from the stains I am guessing purple people eaters!

I found out later when I got back to EAworth to find my LOOT overflow full of Dark Talismans…an item which when used starts a quest…also a dagger quest item that requires Tsukuld to head back to the Wyrmdelf!

No time for backtracking…yet…onwards ever onwards…the end for East Rohan is still far away…

But first ..time to continue helping out EA Worth…

Its in the Game!

LOTRO: Defense of Faldham

19 May


Tsukuld got to defend Faldham, he had to do this on the back of his little war pony and the challenge was non existent…

The lyrics ‘Turn Around’ popped into my head as this was basically Tsukuld’s mounted combat strategy…

TSU – Total Eclipse of the Eye of Sauron

(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit pissed off cos I can’t find the mounted orcs
And they’re never coming around….
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit tired
Of listening to the sound of mounted foes in the distance out of sight
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit nervous
That the best of mounted combat is missing me by
(Turn around)
Every now and then I get a little bit terrified
And then I see the mounted orcs coming back
(Turn Around, look mounted orcs in the eyes)
Every now and then I fall apart (dismounted!)
(Turn Around, look more mounted orcs in the eyes!)
Every now and then
I fall apart (dismounted again!)
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit restless
And I dream of some wild mounted combat
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit helpless
And I am back in a res circle
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit angry
And I know I’ve got to summon my little war pony
(Turn around)
Every now and then
I get a little bit terrified
And then I see the mounted mobs
(Turn Around, look mounted orcs in the eyes)
Every now and then
I fall apart, get dismounted
Turn around, look more mounted orcs in the eyes
Every now and then
I fall apart, get dismounted again!
And I need my little war pony
And I need him more than ever
And if I hold on tight
I’ll be holding on forever
And I’ll only be doing it right
‘Cos I’ll never be doing it wrong…
Together we can take down the line of mounted orcs
Mounted combat in the shadow of Mordor all of the time
(All of the time)
I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark
Living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
I really need you my little war pony
Forever in Rohan gonna start now
(Forever in Rohan is gonna end one day…)
A total eclipse of the Eye of Sauron
A total eclipse of the Eye of Sauron
(Turn Around, Saurons’ Eye)
(Turn Around, Sauron’s Eye)
(Turn around)


Bonnie Tyler – “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”

OR for more stupidity yet still apt have a listen to:

Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round  (Like a Record)

BUT BEWARE the video contains 80’s HAIR!


To the victor the spoils…


after task items handed in…

All that singing and spinning and turning around and Tsukuld ended up dinging level 83

Yet another step closer to completing Rohan, and a step closer to level cap!