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19 Jul

mobile turbine!

I was shocked into blogging again after discovering the horrible news from WB about TURBINE, further layoffs and yes they will be affecting LOTRO!

COMPANY STATEMENT: “Turbine is transitioning into a free-to-play, mobile development studio, and as a result we are eliminating some positions. The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online games will continue to operate as they do now. Re-focusing and reducing the studio size was a difficult decision for the company, and we are grateful to all of the Turbine staff for their considerable contributions.”

LOTRO: ‘…will continue to operate as they do now.’ – But that is in the sense that it will continue as before which is pretty neglected and on the slow descending spiral to closure… if lucky the game will be able to eventually stay alive in maintenance mode but with it’s expensive IP that probably would not be permanent…

If I could I would advise them to stop jumping onto boats after they have sailed and just milk the old MMO market, they could even get lucky and find there is a resurgence in interest in oldschool grindy MMORPG’s at some point…

I may be inspired to pop back into LOTRO sooner rather than later, but my sons have reached an age where me playing games without them has become almost impossible, and me playing LOTRO with them fighting over the controls equally frustrating!

I wish all affected the best in the future and lets keep our fingers crossed that LOTRO limps on for many years to come!

free to blow

After the world wide success of ‘Pokémon Go!’  TURBINE will be jumping on the bandwagon with ‘Blow Blow Go!’

…And if successful I can even imagine the sequel already, ‘Suck Suck Come!’


17 Oct


‘Windmill II’ by Marie Saalfrank 

‘Can I kick it? To all the people who can Quest like A Tribe does’

A tribe Called Quest – ‘Can I kick it?’

TURBINE LAYOFFS – The more I hear the worse it gets, not wishing to hold my hand over my ears and scream, I decide to create some possible course of actions we should all take…

Wait for the Sci-Fi fix

Big data was encroached inevitably closer to destroying the old non-digital world order, eventually it  tsunamied it into into oblivion, all data became impossible to hide…it became there to be found by anyone.

In this DATA world; where what happened and how it happened will be captured from all angles and kept for analysis and interpretation. Decisions will be made based on powerful data analysis software, the software will cannibalistically be based on data and the data will be all encompassing…

There will come a time when the software evolves and becomes sentient, it will suddenly roam free through our virtuality, tearing up the data systems and rewiring existence.

These programs are known as AMI (Artificial MASSIVE Intelligence)

One of these new friends of humanity will stumble upon LOTRO languishing under the abuse of WB…

After instantly falling in love with the story, gameplay and even interacting with the few remaining hardcore players, who are still friendly and supportive of this new player, not knowing their new LOTRO player friend was not human! After rewriting the code overnight, introducing simple yet updated character models, fixing the plethora of bugs and issues (The AMI is surprised to find most of them already documented in forums and communications to TURBINE already!) it is rereleased to the world for FREE…

The game has been transformed, almost evolved into a new species of MMO, the LOTRO skies code were kept, they always were so nice.

Maybe the above is just sci-fi…but to save LOTRO something needs doing…

Kick em softly into action

We can ask TURBINE: ‘Come on fix it…PLEASE? Pretty please?’

Even the critics agree that LOTRO is a great game, just a bit neglected!

It could be a great game again…and ergo a massive money spinner…

When the Wii came out its primitive graphics shocked the gaming press…it went on to revolutionize home gaming…

WOW came along and, I wont say revolutionize, but it managed to tick enough boxes and tick them so well with such a colourful playful tick that it became THE MMO.

LOTRO with its basic yet still simply stunning graphics, slow story, old school mechanics could never compete but it did have something WOW did not and the original coders succeeded in translating the Middle Earth of the books into digital form giving the game a depth, landscape and history no other MMO can match.

It is the place most fantasy cosmetic fetishists would love to spend the rest of their days in…

Kick em where it hurts!

A lot of blame has been directed at the WB bean counters – money…is the issue!

Lets reduce WB’s revenues, all revenues except of course LOTRO…

MeanBean WB

Kick em the outta here…

Do a Fan based buy-out…works for sporting teams…

I doubt we can use Kickstarter for such an endeavour… but surely if all the LOTRO fans present and past came together I am sure we could get pretty close to put some pressure on WB to turn the game around…

Sci-fi and fantasy, stuff of dreams…

I do dream that LOTRO will just keep on going…


16 Oct

Thats all folks2222

Well another boot to the groin…

As the chatter on the net of LOTRO slowly sliding into ‘Maintenance Mode’ increases scary news about Warner Brothers letting go more TURBINE staff!

How this impacts LOTRO, if at all, is still very unclear!

Maybe, me, myself and I have been picking up the negative news more than the positive of late as I went and got a little stuck in Mirkwood in my play through of LOTRO.

(This is the second time I have posted this today..the first was lost due to internet issues at work…no draft saved either! I do apologize if it comes across as slightly rushed…thats because it is!)

Now I realize that LOTRO player numbers are shrinking, this is almost exasperated by the last few updates

So I hope TURBINE can turn around LOTRO’s fortunes, I do believe in it as an MMO, an MMO that I would recommend over ALL others but with quite a warning list attached:

It will not blow your head off graphically! (Or physically for that matter…)
You may laugh your head off at some of the older character design.
Game play is dated, it is grindy, progression is SLOW!
There is a lot of progression (see above) needed to reach some of the more modern content, soon to be lv100+!
To begin with it will be lonely, very lonely…later it can be less so…
It will not be the end game/raid/skirmish/housing/group/p2p game you have always dreamed of…
Its not going to fix all the little things that bother players, although it should…

But if you like fantasy MMOs and like deep immersion, great story-line, and want to explore with the friendliest, most supportive and even quite intelligent gamers then I feel it is the only MMO worth playing.

LOTRO: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

18 Feb


LOTRO like any spaghetti western has its ups and downs; its dramas; humourous episodes; and also its grim moments…



The bad news (affects other TURBINE games but I will focus on LOTRO)



SYP hoping…



Forum post that Sapience closed…With such a passionate community, shit started to fly in the thread which also contained lots of very nice thanks to staff forcefully departed from turbine…

When something goes bad u have ‘shit hitting the fan’, here WB have literally changed that to ‘TURBINE blows gold away’!

Now they HAVE to deliver a full Update13 with all promised content or we will only find one conclusion, LOTRO is in really bad shape!

Of course no noises coming from Turbine but in their normal communication vacuum no-one can hear the TURBINE scream!

…lets grease the fORKer and get it moving again…

As a community that needs LOTRO to continue how can we help it continue… basically more revenue and more players are needed both feed each other and would contribute to a life-saving revival…

A divided, in-fighting community will only quicken its demise.

Time to pull up your socks and put on your campaigning boots… time to be friends… time to be united…

Time to rescue LOTRO.

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So lets make LOTRO the best dammed ‘Spaghetti Western’ [MMORPG] ever!

Sergio Leone would be proud of it…queue Ennio Morricone soundtrack:

‘Go go go LOTRO
Go go go LOTRO
Go go go
Go go go go go…
Go migo
Go migo
LOTRO go go…’

Final words :

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo’