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12 Aug

gamers love!

KABAM! make MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS which is sucking in more and more of my free time… The CEO of Kabam, Kevin Chou, wrote about ‘Traditional Retention Metrics in Mobile Gaming’ in an article for VENTURE BEAT  (VentureBeat describes itself as, ‘the leading source for news & perspective on tech innovation.’ )

With regards to retention:

‘We now think exclusively in terms of years — not days, weeks, or months.’

And words to make any gamer’s heart melt:

‘The simple fact is this: if optimization and monetization are the driving focus behind a game’s development, that game is set up for failure. ‘Today, mobile gamers need developers who passionately create games that people who love games love playing.’

Well I hope he truly does practice what he preaches because I really think THE MCOC formula really works for me… MARVEL SUPER HEROES, BEAT EM UP MECHANICS and ever more complicated ALLIANCE related BATTLING.

And that social pull of helping one’s fellow gamer, your teammate that really sticks. At WORK I am struggling to create better bonds with our Manila office, in GAME I am now trying to foster connections over half a planet with total strangers and then help communicate instructions in the heat of battle! Putting into place lines of communication, getting to know all the members and creating standard operating procedures…

I am not sure which is harder, but both are helping develop skills that are quite interchangeable between both worlds of WORK and PLAY!



LOTRO: Access Denied 2 Network At Work!

23 Jun

access denied

Due to technical issues at work I could not blog last week… they even implemented back up procedure of working from home which enabled me to play more LOTRO but not blog 😦

Then nr.2 son fell ill, we spent all Wednesday in the hospital, Thursday a visit to his Doctor…so it was a stressful week.

Son much better me back at work so can blog again…after I catch up with lots of work from last week 😦

Life in LOTRO: MORIA is good Tsukuld progresses well…more soon 🙂