The Adventures of Opopa

Opopa is a one legged hobbit burglar on Laurelin: The oh so pure RP server… you gotta be pulling the other one, well you do, as the wooden one would fall off! It is HARD work to RP ALL THE TIME I understand I am NOT CRITICIZING it 🙂 indeed I prefer it that way!

This endeavour is to create a fan-fiction narrative that follows the Bingo Boffin quest line, weekly episodic content that started in July 2015. I try my best to read out loud and ad-lib quite a lot as well, I try to have one of my kids present while playing this content as it adds to the narrative element!

I do apologize for my terrible British English, and odd mental proclivities…

Chapter 1: BINGO


The adventure begins… Intro to Opopa: one legged burglar, Sid the bar stool, and Bingo Boffin appears eventually.

Musical Accompaniment:  Manu Chau – ‘Bongo Bong


Chapter 2: Cross Country

cross country

Opopa, on horseback, Librarian, Bingo and a Rude Elf. And introducing a brown talking rabbit!

Musical Accompaniment: The Osmonds – ‘Crazy Horses


Chapter 3: ‘The likelyhood’ of being’ – provisional





Chapter 4: ” – provisional

Weight Lifting




Chapter 5: ” – provisional





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