LOTRO: Gettin INTO LOTRO again…

26 Apr

Exploring a new area with my RK GREAT RIVER has not turned out to be such a good idea, yes I do suffer from bouts of completionitis so now that I have begun I will continue… well until the grey mobs and lack of challenge, same same same rotations ad infinitum and, generic questing make me look elsewhere or yet again take another LOTRO break!

I enjoyed a couple of the quests, there are always some gem lines and moments that entertain. But they are few and far between. Instead of immersive play the questing reinforces your rail-like progression, the lack of choice and minimal impact you have. The lack of choice is simply shocking and I had not really given it much thought of late. There are no instances where making a decision will branch the story in any shape or form. The eventual outcome is always the same. The order of events can sometimes be altered but again it all comes together in a planned denouement that is inevitable.

NPC cannot be interacted with unless as part of the design, there is no idle conversation, no snippets of irrelevant gossip, no red herrings. Questing can be a brain dead exercise in ring chasing, NPC conversation can be glanced over and frequently completely ignored. The quest chains are generally linear in nature, minor branches add fluff but lead nowhere.

Orc camps are orc camps they have orcs in to be killed, they react as all NPC’s have reacted since Bree. Oh look a cave, I bet I go there and do something and upon completion I will be sent back in to do something else!

I cannot toast the obvious traitor the first time I meet him and save a 2 hour detour, making a mistake and toasting an obvious traitor that turns out to be innocent does not lead to being chased out of town and having to earn forgiveness to enter, whereas not toasting would have been quicker you miss out on some quests. There are not multiple ways to follow a quest line with multiple endings depending on your choices.

There are no real surprises and the hand holding of the quest narratives can be quite demeaning!

I don’t want to pick any more flowers on the hills, I want to be able to bake the NPC a cake or donate a weapon instead, and depending on how much the NPC appreciates my gift I can expect differing quests with differing rewards.


It all simply drives me to despair… Tsukuld ends up harvesting grass… now where is his pipe!

6 Responses to “LOTRO: Gettin INTO LOTRO again…”

  1. Haffle April 27, 2016 at 00:53 #

    Great read Tsu. I must say I do feel this way most times in the last two years, as I’ve been spoiled by awesome RPG games and newer MMOs that allows freedom, sandbox and decisions. Kind of why I like PVP I guess. You do what you want to who you want when you want and feel good about it.

    • tsuhelm April 27, 2016 at 08:04 #

      Whats ur fav MMO at the mo? Whenever I get my hands on a ‘new’ gaming pc I will give it a shot, I am technically limited to LOTRO at the moment and although it pains me I will keep going… I ran some of the 9th anniversary event today and the old grind habits simply refuse to die… I enjoyed the familiarity of it 🙂

      • Haffle April 27, 2016 at 11:17 #

        Oh man, I’ve been juggling a whole lot of games for reviews and stuff. The Secret World and Elder Scrolls Online are staples, throw in some Ark Survival Evolved, Dragon Age Inquisition and I’m looking to finally start Witcher 3 and Divinity Original Sin! Some Star Wars the Old Republic as well since most of my Lotro buddies ended up there of late.

        I’ll continue to slowly chip away at Lotro too. Want to be there when the ring goes kaput.

      • tsuhelm April 27, 2016 at 12:47 #

        Wow u r busy! Well at least it now looks as if LOTRO wont go kaput before the ring does 🙂

  2. NaktiesKarys April 27, 2016 at 03:06 #

    You could want to use Stone of Tortoise (xp disabler). My Vytautaz uses and will use for long time.
    You have two good moments in Great River:
    1) Limlight Gorge (a real challenge, sometimes even for lvl.100 toons);
    2) my toons that would always help you with any slayer deed.

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