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LOTRO: LOTRO Players VIP Membership Giveaway!

1 Jun



Taking a leaf from Red Hot Chili Peppers who gave it away in 1991, to celebrate 2 years of LOTRO Players they are giving away 1 YEAR VIP!

Enter the giveaway by posting a comment on the giveaway page on their site:

AWESOME…thanks for the chance to WIN!

ENDS: June 15, 2015!

(You can still win 5000TP as well

ENDS JUNE 11, 2015!)

But win or lose these internet giveaways put a little buzz into the community and


LOTRO: VIP, Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More

22 Apr

 VIP free trial #7


‘Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our English dead!
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger.’
William Shakespeare, Henry V

I am VIP for 3 months more…


I forgot to cancel the subscription and more amazingly my wife had credit left so billing went through!

Did I want to?…NO

Am I happy actually? Yeah!


I really don’t think that TURBINE deserve my subscription for VIP as it stands…but it does make life much easier.

No TP spending on traits, riding skills…extra xp each day in form of rest XP…

Hobbit presents : gold on the whole worse than silver…and only once per week!

More character slots not needed as yet.

In Landscape mail opening…not used once..I always forget and head to town to open.

Swift travel, yeah I do use but not extensively …I know with my higher character I use it more but of late on Withy hardly at all!

Content: No effect I own ALL the early areas…

Skirmish: I own all the skirmishes I skirm (and I don’t skirm that much!)

But I am still happy…

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York;
…Our dreadful marches to delightful measures.
Grim-visaged war hath smooth’d his wrinkled front;
And now, instead of mounting barded steeds
To fright the souls of fearful adversaries,
He capers nimbly in a lady’s chamber
To the lascivious pleasing of a lute…’
‘…Into this breathing world, scarce half made up…’

William Shakespeare, Richard III


LOTRO: The end is the beginning..of VIP!

30 Dec

VIP free trial #6


Day 12 to 14

Well managed to play quite a bit of LOTRO over the so called festive period…Wrapped up Ered Luin

elf archi

Gotta love the Elf Architecture…unless you fall off a stairwell!

hendy slayer

Yep 90 handies have met their maker!

feeding lynx

Great quest…little baby lynx…to sick mum…ignoring the fact that you will be killing them by the drove in the Lone Lands!

I didn’t manage to keep record of my progression, my enthusiasm for timing Gullorodspiseret’s TP run ran out!

But am still having fun with Jean Luc…

loot box contents

Loot box that gives you back a sturdy key! Love it!


And still pretty well tooled up!

Finally done the introduction to skirmishes: mainly so could use the traders for a might cloak and some jewellery!

skirm painting

Jean Luc is pointing in this ‘painting’!

smart soldier

Er would you trust this soldier? Will be swapping him for an archer ASAP!

1310 TP total…295 to begin with and 500 from VIP so managed to grind out 515 TP, surely no way near 50TP per hour and there are more to come as even though Tordy has over 100GP in the nank for some reason Windfola has gone really quiet and the AH simply does not have enough ‘Rep Carrots’ for sale to create fast rep TP!

Jean Luc has only gotten half way through most of his class deeds…and has yet to wrap up Barrow downs and Old Forest before moving on to Lone Lands and Evendim…

The TP will flow…some more…and will I ever be able to delete this char…maybe rename the poor Captain!

When is a captain not captain? When he is a champion that looks like a captain!



As predicted I ‘forgot’ to cancel my ‘free’ trial and am now VIP…30USD + charges that the Argentinian Government will hammer us with is yet to be coped with but am sure we will not starve…

So final thoughts:

Free Riding skill is great, just a silly race against the clock around Hengstecer’s farm at lv20 (I failed 4 times as I couldn’t find gate 9!)

Free XP: makes levelling too fast! I out levelled Ered Luin while running Ered Luin with only the most minimal of XP to be earnt!

Traits: all slots are available as earnt simply fantastic J

All areas available…well for now…and I didn’t really use that feature as I was basically grinding a lowbie!

All skirmishes available: this is better and a real seller: will play around a lot more J

30 slots in AH has been very useful (I had 15 beforehand!)

Currency and bags were already maxed…

Training Intro skip-able: great but a huge time saving would be to be able to jump to lv5…I now is Veteran Status available from LOTRO STORE…but how about making free of permanent for VIP?

Gold Hobbit Present: only once was it better than my silver hobbit present and they are nothing to rave about!

Wardrobe: great managed to free up loads of space

Swift Travel: actually not really used…mind I found it most irritating in Evendim…so let’s get there and be able to take the boat!

2 more char slots: ok these will be used J

Destiny Points…have been told not to forget and guess what I forgot, still no experience of using these…must check to see how many I have!

Monster Classes: er didn’t try…although wolf or spider?

All Crafting guilds: er 3 month goal get there with all chars!!!

Log in: priority, really?

Support: odd this that VIP get it while Premium only for 30 days after purchase and F2P none…silly I would think all players should get full support and that should be a top goal for TURBINE!

Checking to see if I missed anything and found this forum thread: it basically explains the ups and downs of different play types and what changes when you change…


LOTRO: Living On The Edge of VIP

24 Dec

VIP free trial #5


‘If you can judge a wise man

By the color of his skin

Then mister you’re a better man than I


Livin’ on the edge

You can’t help yourself from fallin’

Livin’ on the edge

You can’t help yourself at all

Livin’ on the edge

You can’t stop yourself from fallin’

Livin’ on the edge’

Aerosmith – Living On The Edge

Day7 pt2

Oh wonders will never cease…actually did get to play some LOTRO this night, just an hour but enough time to basically wrap up preparation for planned TP grind to start over the Weekend.

Day8 pt1

As quickly as possible I logged in and out on all  chars for Hobbit presents, Tsudryt did a little bit of buying and selling and weaponsmith guild rep crafting!

Then…the long awaited day had arrived…it was 5Am on 21st December 2013 time to create a NEW TP grinder…

…too exciting…

Gullorodspiseret was created.

1min 10secs used on creation: Human Champ Random..#1 ugly, #2 ugly #3…that is Captain Jean Luc Picard!

Captain Jean Luc Picard (left) and Gullerodspiseret (right)

Captain Jean Luc Picard (left) and Gullerodspiseret (right)

5 mins was used setting up UI and options on this new char!

41mins 1 sec and I finally start the instance to end the Archet area.

46 mins finished instance, hurrah am now in the real world…er real game world of LOTRO!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a  mini gift of Valar that jumped you past this (VIP can jump the ultra basic intro quest already!) Fellow blogger, Pasduil, pointed out that there is, its called the Veteran Status. 100Tp single use per I grind max 50TP an hour this would be a loss but useful to know! (Read his adventures with a champ and using the Gift of Valar here.)

Guide to be used:


1 hour: leave Archet area after minor exploration (picking up Brownes’ Folly, Blackwold’s Roost (and Ancient Cairn therein)


1.05  straight to Combe and horse to Bree and run into the Auction House

1.09 using Shared Storage get most of equipment…then half equipped log off to log on to Waywynn my Armourer…

1.24 Shared across armour for lv 7 and 10 as well as some overflowed jewellry. Back to Combe and off again. Picking up all quests and running into Chetwood.

In his new purple best!

In his new purple best!

1.31 killed a red squirrel by accident!

1.41 brigand deed pt1 tp5

1.56 lv10

er..looks the same...

er..looks the same…

2.05 handed in quests and received more in combe…back to Chetwood

2.20 bandit adv deed 10tp

2.35 Back to Combe..wrapped up alll quests (not epic…now off to Staddle)

2.38-Bree Land Adventurer Deed pt1 10Tp

2.42 Log out to resupply, need lv 12 and 15 gear. Cloaks and sword done up to lv15…missing swords for lv18 as no barrow iron!

2.49 Time to go to Real world, must clean a pool (TRY as pump was acting up!)

8AM er..25TP in 3hours…

Day8 pt2


Day9 pt1


Scaly armour…reminds me of roof slates…ugly! And the helmet, don’t get me started on the helmet!

5am more crafting done and we R off again

Tour of bree or not? …ok do IT!

0.14  2bandits in beggers back alley killed and crest found

0.19 tour done…back to Combe and bandits

0.40 pipeweed collected…deeper in to find statue and collect heirlooms (Bruner Stoutthrush on the E path into Bree also has an easy bandit related quest: Family Treasures.)

1.00 Breeland adv deed pt2 10TP

1.45 fly basic 5TP

1.50marsh queen killed…used to be much harder…separated boys n men…

1.54 spidy basic and advanced 15 tp

1.55 history dunadain 10tp

1.57 neeker pt1 5tp

2.05 purple goblin..lone lands…started gob deed! Sturdy key 🙂

2.23 Back to Combe completed all well that ends well…and bree adventurer…15tp

Now time to do the run around and wrap up…

Bree wrap up

2.57 lots of nr death …being chased by flocks of orange skelys missed bottom exp point had to go back! Satred prince pages deed…barrow down exp 5tp

3.05 realised I had forgotten 1 goblin to kill for champ lv15 quest..Far East on edge of Midgewater Marsh!…still trying to think how to get back there…

3.07ruins of bree 5tp

3.08 waypoint to combe…horse to bree..hop off in saddle…}

3.30 fly slayer pt2 10tp

3.35 neeker slayer pt2 10tp

8.35 AM: 3 n half hours, 90tp

Day9 pt2

Deed boost still running…now in the Shire

Shire wrap up

more spiders to the North between slugs n gobs!

0.03 swift to shire

0.10 wolve basic 5tp

0.18 wolf pt2 10 tp

0.30 spider 5tp

0.41 spider2 10tp

0.55 fly 5 tp

1.08 fly2 10tp

11pm: 1hour, 45TP

Day10 pt1

4.30am start…dashing around the shire…

4.35 farms 5 tp

14.00 brigand 5tp

23.00 brigand 10tp

26.00 willow …then stage! map is reversed!

0.35 wall…missed sights 5tp…

Home to thorins hall!

0.50 places of dwarves…5tp

Winds of storm 5tp…when?

5.20am (time to go to work!) 45mins, 35TP

23rd dec13

Day10 pt2

2100 45 mins of stupidity in Rath Teraig Gondamon and though it would be a little short cut to Celondim…it was not!

…spiders done and most of goblins…got killed by elite gobs…my own stupidity. Nr 1 son should not enjoy killing spiders so much…he loved it!

10PM: 45mins, 20TP

Day11 pt1

0430AM ok normal Ered Luin guide being followed


13.00 wolf 5tp

25 ally of Ered Luin 10tp

33 gobs in the vineyard adv 10tp

5.15AM: 45 mins, 25TP

Am running this at level 17 but very close to level 18, most of mobs in this part of Ered Luin are now greyed out…which makes picking em all up and smashing them a bit slower… without the extra VIP XP would be slightly lower and maybe would actually be quicker.

Champ comment: my tree is all yellow


almost maxed Blade Damage, and am actually loving Raging Blade. The Sound is great and it simply decimates packs of low mobs…


Maybe I am not generating TP as fast as I would like but I am enjoying this run.

Living on the edge is great in LOTRO…

‘Something right with the world today

And everybody knows it’s wrong

But we can tell ’em no or we could let it go

But I’d would rather be a hanging on


Livin’ on the edge

Livin’ on the edge

Livin’ on the edge

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’

Aerosmith – Living On The Edge

LOTRO: VIP Fools Gold

20 Dec

VIP free trial #



Day6 pt2

After failing to be able to suck pool bottom clean – simply too dirty for the crappy pump to handle, 2 huge fir trees are to blame! I spent a further half an hour swimming down to the bottom and manually picking up handfuls of pine needles and diverse tree fodder before giving up and calling it a day. New pump needed or we are going to have to empty pool for Christmas which will be a personal disaster…where else will I be able to take my Humbug ness to other than the bottom of the pool…

Oh Luc Besson’s BIG BLUE springs to mind…(Oh and if you havn’t seen his SUBWAY…see it now!)

Back to LOTRO…er I didn’t get to play again…I fell asleep at 2000 to the chagrin of my wife!

Day7 pt 1

Managed to get up with my first alarm! SO early start to open Hobbit presents…as a VIP I get a weekly gold gift…OH SO EXCITED!

duh…a rejuvanation potion…you gotta be kidding!

I generally get better gifts from the silver than I have had from any Gold gift so far, definitely not a reason to remain VIP! Mind I am not a big fan of the silver hobbit presents although I always try to open them all!

Tsudryt finally reached Artisan standing with the Guild of Weaponsmiths…can craft ‘CRAFTED RELIC’s for LI’s…and even craft LI’s…er want to get to LV65 to get new sword :). Equipped Great Sword LI and Emblem had mysteriously levelled to 50 each so needed reforging…nothing amazing here…I added another target to my Pressing attack so can now hit 4 mobs at a time…er why not! Psuedo Champ…

Opopa nearly died after I logged in, a harvest fly nearly had the better of him…

Tsukuld went off North in Lone Lands to find that Ranger and kill some Orcs…

Tsuhelm send pocket money to Tordy…22gp to add to his rep item selling fortune of 90gp, sum total 112gp the most ever I have had on 1 character (Tsudryt would be close if he could sell all his Moria rep items…). Tordy is going to help out by buying Rep Carrots for TP grinding run this weekend.

A little bit of investigation in AH and Rep items sell (on Windfola) at about 1sp/pt! That works out as 85gp per kindred in a faction…Now that is expensive…luckily Tordy also has a vault full of Cardolan Trinkets(Bree) and First Age Relics(Thorins Hall)…

Have my checklists, my maps (Bree and Shire) to follow, this weekend I will run Gullerodderspiseret (if LOTRO accepts this name) and see how long it takes…and how much TP I get…and see if anything interesting happens!

Well the weekend is coming…

Time to dive in…

LOTRO: VIP TP Grind Prep

19 Dec

VIP free trial #3 



‘You’re the real thing
Yeah the real thing
You’re the real thing
Even better than the real thing

Give me one last chance
And I’m gonna make you sing
Give me half a chance
To ride on the waves that you bring’

U2 – Even better than the real thing


I was interested to find a forum post about FAST TP grinding: here

And I have in the past tried to optimise my own little TP grinding run…


I start a human champ on a new server, get to 15 in Bree area, go to Ered Luin, then run the shire then return to Bree, wrap up bree, pop into Barrow downs – eat all those nice rep carrots for Bree and then clean up any unfinished exploration deeds…and go to Lone Lands…by this time I do not want to delete any chars!

So at work I started thinking, dangerous and not conducive to good work, when the thoughts are LOTRO related! I pulled up all my old TP run checklists and looked them over…

They are all based on the Kaldy TP Run…he was the first and original, I have yet to see a better one…Kaldy we salute you. He is not playing LOTRO anymore but does reply to posts on his blog: here.

Here is my updated Bree checklist



OOPS mised off the TP earnt:

Dunedain 10
Ruins 5
Barrow Downs 5
Lore of Cardolan 5
Bree land adventurer 45
Barghest 15
Neekers 15
Flies 15
Orcs 15
Wight 15
Enmity of DeadII 10
Bandits 15
Spiders 15
Total 185

and my Ered Luin Checklist:



185+140 = 325 then I do the shire!

I can’t remember where I got this guide from…[when find out will credit]



Farm 5
wolf 15
slug 15
goblin 15
spider 15
fly 15
brigand 15

Thats 425 TP folks not including Class Deeds…but this monster run is always so spread out that it cannot really be called a ‘TP run’

I have never tried to do it in 1 continuous run through.

And looking at it I do not want to!

What I want to do is speed it up, drop some of the adv slayer stuff or even completely avoid some slayer deeds…

The plan is forming but first I need to prepare…

Day5 pt2

No pool cleaning 🙂 Just lots of Gardening 😦

Finally get on to LOTRO about 2230: So I collected missed hobbit presents from the morning and then started my TP run preperation…I want lv7. 10, and 12 (even 15 if have mats) equipment…only on Windfola do I have crafting ability to cover all requirements but I have 3 empty char slots… so my speedy TP grind runners can be born here. I spent an hour and half bringing back chars to crafting positions and creating all  but heavy armour. Decided that I would fall asleep with wife instead of computer tonight so called it a night!

Day6 pt1

(OH actually day7, I could tell as I had a gold hobbit present again! I had forgotten that I signed up and was unable to log in due to RW tasks…ergo losing a day :(, but this is day 6 of actually playing LOTRO VIP)

Amazingly I woke up with my alarm 🙂 Got cracking making Heavy Armour lv 7 and 10 (NEW since HD!…Heavy Armour can be worn from the get go!)…12 and 15 will have to wait. I am finding this preparation work a bit time consuming…

Mind you with the blue ‘rest’ xp all the crafting helped to level my chars 🙂

Other VIP benefit today was that I was able to free 20 slots of vault storage by dumping cosmetic stuff into Wardrobe 🙂

‘Take me higher
Take me higher
You take me higher
You take me higher

You’re the real thing
Yeah the real thing
You’re the real thing
Even better than the real thing
Even better than the real thing
Even better than the real thing’

U2 – Even better than the real thing

LOTRO: VIP Trial Blowing Away, It Sucks!

18 Dec

VIP free trial #2 



1 [intransitive and transitive] to take air, liquid etc into your mouth by making your lips form a small hole and using the muscles of your mouth to pull it in

suck something in

2 [intransitive and transitive] to hold something in your mouth and pull on it with your tongue and lips:

3 [transitive] to pull someone or something with great power and force into or out of a particular place

4 something sucks spoken not polite used when you dislike something very much or think something is very bad:

5 suck it and see British English informal to use something or do something for a short time, to find out if it works, if you like it etc.

Blow past tense blew past participle blown

1 wind moving [intransitive and transitive] if the wind or a current of air blows, it moves:

2 wind moving something [intransitive,transitive usually + adverb/preposition] to move or to move something by the force of the wind or a current of air:

3 air from your mouth [intransitive,transitive always + adverb/preposition] to send air out from your mouth blow (something) into/onto/out etc.

4 make a noise [intransitive and transitive] to make a sound by passing air through a whistle, horn etc.

5 violence [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to damage or destroy something violently with an explosion or by shooting

7  waste money [transitive] informal to spend a lot of money in a careless way, especially on one thing:

13 surprise/annoyance blow/blow me/blow it etc British English spoken said to show annoyance or surprise:

14 tell a secret [transitive] to make known something that was meant to be a secret:

15 blow somebody’s mind spoken to make you feel very surprised and excited by something:


Syphon British English [countable]

1 a bent tube used for getting liquid out of a container, used by holding one end of the tube at a lower level than the end in the container


RW insists on butting in with my VIP trial…

Day4 pt2 

As predicted was spent trying to get the pool clean. The old pump was used to get, the excess of water that we put in, out! Thankfully I did not have to SUCK it out (via a syphon). That was the easy bit.  Then I used every combination of pump setting in an attempt to get the bottom sucker to work…I almost gave up when I had a HOUSE moment and realised that the cover for the ‘sump’ was not just to keep stuff falling in but also to create a vacuum so that the 1 of the 2 inlets could be forced to suck…I even worked out how to switch between them!

After dinner, gardening, then showering of nr1 and 2 sons, then falling asleep with nr 1 while waiting for nr2 to finish showering…I woke up alone to my bemused wife’s non-amusement! So she did the kid sleeping and I got to shower then play LOTRO…ok here we go….

Opopa ran some quests around Budgeford, wolf slayer deed adv completed (as well as enmity :)), 2 stage of life of bounder wrapped and started on harvest fly slayer deed..realised something was wrong as I had nodded off mid game and couldn’t find that Yale height..time to log off and was only 2300!

Day5 pt1

Again I turned my alarm off and only by miracle woke up in time to log in for Tsudryt to get a hobbit present and nearly get to Artisan Weaponsmith Guild Craft level…tomorrow will be the day…if I wake up! Claimed a hobbit present for Opopa while tying shoelaces and then off to work…

Its a blow that RW is blowing away the mind blowing experience that is being VIP!

But I have not blown any money in this, at least I do not need to syphon off my beer money, after all this is a suck it and see experiment.

The wind is blowing favourably that things will improve, I strike my fist down and land blow after blow on the computer defiantly.

Sucking in air, I blow my self up to full grandeur, before blowing out all the hot air, whistling and a wailing it blows out, as if I am blowing at a bagpipe.

It sucks that I don’t have more time, but I better not blow up about it.

Its a breath of fresh air I gladly suck in, blown by a turbine.




17 Dec


VIP free trial #2 

‘You’re the real thing
Yeah the real thing
You’re the real thing
Even better than the real thing’
U2-Even better than the real thing

Day3 pt2: One played zero LOTRO

Home from work, 35°C, new shoes tearing holes into heel of feet making 7 block walk a torture, straight into screaming Nr1 Son, who had just received 3 nasty insect bites on back of leg and a nasty looking bite on the back from Nr2 Son! Calming of kids required, but first shoes from hell removed, wife suggests I entertain them in the pool, entices me into action with a cold glass of beer (she knows me quite well :)). Wife quickly gets attacked by ant…they are nasty here…WAIT!

This is a LOTRO blog!

Suffice to say after kids entertained, failing to suck pool bottom clean(faulty equipment!), feeding of kids and parents, the odd DIY quick task, and finally getting the kids to sleep I DIDN”T get to play LOTRO.

Instead, unwinding on sofa with wife,  watched first 3 OR 4 episodes of Jericho on Netflix…



REBUS help:(highlight to read)line 1(easy): You to can be 

REBUS help:(highlight to read)line 2(hard): viper miners ore = viper minus or OR as in this case er = vip, 3 of em = free vip


Being VIP doesn’t make me less stupid!

I had forgotten that there was an update and instead of running the update before retiring for the night I spent half of my morning LOTRO time watching small green bars, there was even a couple of minutes of mounting tension that maybe it had STUCK, but it completed and I could log in to collect some of yesterday’s hobbit presents before continuing to collect today’s hobbit presents. (The switch over here in Argentina being 5am at the moment, I must leave by 0515 so any missed are collected tomorrow…yeah it confuses me too!)

Tsudryt did his weaponsmith guild crafting items, almost getting to Artisan of the Guild…so can craft legendary relics! He then got into a little chat about Captain Tree’s, weirdly there were 2 other players online from my kinship (The Secret Council of Fire), all Captains; Eosh (lv85), Ulvic (lv50) and yours truly (lv60).[must check names…lol] I found out that I have been running a really weird experimental build of Leader of Men with 20 pts in Lead the Charge…Red+Yellow=ORANGE…perfect as that is Tsudryt’s colour 🙂 I thought I was is much more safe Lead the Charge all the way! Better RED than Dead!

Then checked postbox for AH sales and expired returns…happily some worn dwarf stuff had shifted…hope it continues…Oh dear…no more time…time to go to work 😦

While getting properly dressed I collected the rest of the hobbit presents (only Tsukuld was left outstanding…)

Day4 pt2 prediction

Pool bottom still to be sucked clean…faffing around with pumps and tubing…gonna be stressful 😦

Lawn needs mowing…outdoor extension cable needs wiring up to reach end of the back lawn…10m cable enable me to do the first 2 meters…20 more to go!

A-frame swing needs building…lumber purchased…this will have to wait…

And including the basic kid and wifey tasks it is not looking promising for LOTRO…

Being VIP is great but surely the package should also include a gardener, pool boy, nanny for the kids, for the wife, well she can pick between the gardener or pool boy (ONLY JOKING!), and consequently I can get down to some serious LOTRO’ing!


‘Take me higher
Take me higher
You take me higher
You take me higher
You’re the real thing
Yeah the real thing
You’re the real thing
Even better than the real thing’
U2 – Even better than the real thing


16 Dec

VIP free trial #1

Day 1

All pumped…playing LOTRO as a VIP…

log in to Tsukuld…wrapping up SHIRE TP run …er its the same…

Oh look I have Blue extra XP in my XP bar so will earn XP quicker…er ok! Woot!

Aha! A gold present…I claim it and get same rubbish I normally get from normal hobbit gift! And this is a weekly gift…so will get 1 more possible 2 while ‘3 VIP’ is running…

Tsudryt in AH uses full 30 AH slots to sell Moria rep items..still overflowing with worn dwarf carvings…buying them up in hope that they become rarer later…hope I do not get my fingers burnt with em…

Tsuhelm wrapped up troll slayer in Lone Lands and moved onto Bog slayers in Agamaur.

Day 2

OK back to grinding TP on all alts…

Tsukuld has finally completed the Shire and is now back in the Lone Lands, ready to start levelling again!

I realise after logging into LufLaf who is collecting hobbit presents each day as he runs from Bree to Forsaken Inn that as a VIP I could get riding skill for free…From LOTRO WIKI:

‘Proving Your Quality, from Éogar, son of Hadorgar, Horse-master, at the Hengstacer Farm in northern Bree-fields’

Makes me think I am going to have to do this with all alts while I am VIP… Intend to create at least 4 alts from scratch so that is a lot of levelling …er…maybe next week! Luflaf arrived at Forsaken Inn by foot…riding skill will have to wait…

Took Tsudryt to Weathertop Skirmish (Stand at Amon Sul) (While writing this I Found a guide by Lotro Players resident Skirm expert over on CTSM…pretty good stuff!) He will add this to his AH duties and Weaponsmith guild crafting as needs Eglain rep…until he wanders back to complete Agamaur.

Day 3 

I overslept this morning and was only able to log in to collect hobbit gifts for 2 chars…while tying shoe laces on my new shoes(thanks wifey!), I ran out of the door and still managed to be on time to work!

So far VIP is pretty much same… I suppose I am not really doing much at the moment…need TP for Isenguard!

VIP’ish things to do:

Riding skill all chars…

Level alts in craft guilds…at least some of them…

Check all chars traits are filled…

Use wardrobe! I suppose I will lose this after trial…lets see if I need it (I suspect once I start to use it I will NEED it!)

erm…more stuff to come…